Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu says you both were not asked to take part. it isn’t a father’s wish also. It is an order. All the sons will take part. Ashoka gets angry. Why me? Bindu asks him if he isn’t his son. You will have to do as I say. Ashoka goes quiet. Vit shares that his father will read out the names of all the participants and of the characters of the play. He will decide who will be paired with whom. Bindu reads the list. Shakuntala’s friends will be Drishti (who is happy with the role), Ananta (she is also happy that she wont have to toil hard). Sushim will be Vishwamitra. Vit says now we will find out who gets the role of Devlok’s apsara’s Meneka. She was the one who distracted Guru Vishwamitra with her dance while he was doing tapasya. Chanda thinks she is no less than Meneka for Sushim. I will have to get this role to get Sushim. Charu also hopes the same whereas Sushim wishes Padmavati does this role. Bindu announces Chanda’s name for the role. She looks ecstatic. Everyone looks happy except Sushim. Bindu is about to read who will play Dushyant’s role but Charu interrupts him. Don’t say that it is Ashoka who will be Dushyant or we will feel its all pre planned. Bindu still takes Ashoka’s name which brings a smile on many people’s face. Vit congratulates his brother on the main role. Charu turns to Bindu. I guess Anindini should play Shakuntala’s role. Anindini gets happy. Ashoka looks at the last tray. Bindu reads the name on the paper. Kaurvaki / Padmavati will enact Shakuntala’s part. Sushim and Anindini look thoroughly upset and so does Ashoka. Vit thinks father is only doing the formality. It was pre planned as to who will play which role. Ashoka hears him. What did you say? Vit says I dint say anything. He turns his attention to Anindini. Only Princess Anindini dint get any role so she will act as Shakuntala’s mother. He teases her too by acting old. Bindu gives Rishi Durvasa’s role to Siamak who will separate the lovers in the play. Vit says I will play the role of the mediator that unites them. Sushim vows to punish Padmavati for choosing Ashoka over him.

Ashoka questions Kaurvaki as to why she is still here. You promised me. She says I remember my promise but I could not go. He still insists to know why she stayed back here. Dharma says she dint break her promise. I stopped her here. It is time for you to decide what you want – if you want to push those away from you who care about you or if you want to accept them fully. Ashoka asks her if she wishes it. Dharma points out that he has never been afraid to say it before. It is important to find out what you want. Ashoka laments that not all questions are so easy to answer. He leaves. Dharma tells Kaurvaki to let Ashoka find his answers on his own. He has to fight his inner battles to get you. He has to overcome all the obstacles which is why I kept this drama. I will make sure you become his Shakuntala. They share a hug.

Helena says we have to end his investigation. Siamak speaks of the crucial time. We cannot do anything as of now. Sushim too is helpless. Samrat will kill me if anything happens to Ashoka. Helena says what if we kill both Ashoka and Bindu together including Vit and Dharma too. They all like the idea. mahamatya asks her how it will be possible. Helena says tomorrow we will end the story of Bindu and Dharma at the threshold of the place where they will be weaving dreams of Ashoka’s marriage. Sushim says I will make sure we plan it all tonight itself.

Vit looks after the preps. Nayak sugegtss him to take some rest so he can be fresh tomorrow too. Vit nods. He notices two soldiers (of Sushim) helping them in carrying some stuff. He gets suspicious. They lie that they came to help them with the preps. Vit reminds Nayak they are getting late. I have to hear Takshshila’s story too. Nayak nods. He goes with Vit. The soldiers speak of the material inside the box. It is explosives. It will set everything on fire.

Everyone is getting ready for the play. Kaurvaki is happy that God’s tests are over. Ashoka will finally accept me as Kaurvaki. He will accept my real identity before everyone and will accept me as his life partner. The gajra breaks. She panics. It is a bad sign. What if things don’t go the way we wish them to? Devi tells her to be positive. It is your final test today. You have to overcome it to succeed.

Ashoka says it was a curse after which raja Dushyant forgot Shakuntala. I cannot forget you though, Kaurvaki. My life will lose its meaning the day I forget you. I will forget to live. I can never show my love to you. this is the second biggest reality of my life. Today will be the last milestone of our love. I will head to my destination afterwards while you will go away from me for forever to Kalinga.

Sushim says it will be sad as Padmavati will die. I had something else on my mind but the world should know that whoever goes against Sushim, dies. Ashoka and Padmavati’s love will also come to an end with the Lalitkala round.

Siamak too dresses up for the role. Bindu and his family will burn down today. I will get Sushim and CHaru out of my way with Rajmata’s help. My father and mother’s dream will come true today for which they had sacrificed their lives.

Helena too is eager to seek her revenge today with Bindu and his family’s death. Entire Maurya lineage will be finished today. my son’s death will be paid off. I will sit once again on the throne from where I was banished after being insulted.

All the family members take their place. Vit welcomes everyone. Bindu gives him permission to start the play. Vit introduces the play’s outline. Devraj Indra was scared that Maharishi Vishwamitra can ask for Indra Lok after the completion of his tapasya. Thereafter he sent his apsara Meneka on earth to break his tapasya. Meneka (Chanda) dances before Guru Vishwamitra (Sushim) so as to distract him. Charu is happy to see her son melting towards Chanda. Chanda and Sushim look at each other romantically. Meneka gives birth to a little girl. She hands her over to Mata Gautami (Anindini).

Charu asks mahamatya if everything has happened as per their plan. He nods. we have set explosives under the main stage. flashback shows the soldiers doing the same. we have used the best explosives. They will be set afire with one match. Charu warns him to make sure it happens in the end when Bindu and his family will be on stage. Sushim will get down from there. You will do it then. No one should know about it. Mahamatya assures her about it. Siamak has looked after it himself. Ashoka wont get out alive today. Nayak hears them.

Precap: Acharya RG says it is sure that they wish to harm Ashoka. If it is Helena’s plan then it will happen during the play only. Sushim looks at Kaurvaki as she happily plays veena. You wished to live and die with Ashoka. You chose him over me. You will die now, don’t worry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Devi

    Thx for the fast update Pooja. Sushim is insane, don’t you think?

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Devi 🙂 I think he is doing a fab job with his role…he is the perfect devil right now.

  2. Thank you for the update pooja di.

    1. Pooja

      You are most welcome Surya 🙂

  3. Today was a good episode siamak was really funny in the rishi dress

  4. Sudhakar Singh

    thank you pooja ji for update.

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 🙂

  5. oh pooja why ar u late today & happy to see u back wht hapen to u on fridy?would kauvaki leave her life?& ashoka mary devi?good epi.doing wel director.

    1. Pooja

      Serial ends after 9:30 these days so the update is posted then only 🙂 I had some work on Friday so I was unavailable..
      I like Ashoka and Kaurvaki together. She has really improved her acting and is doing a great job now.

  6. Hope ashoka catches helena alive this time, else its waste of showing return of ashoka more powerfully in magadh. If simak also gets caught n proved guilt, it wud help the show move faster. Now lets hope this new shakuntala drama ends soon without being dragged until the next week.

    1. hand on… in another 1 year thi may happen, the way the serial is moving, it will take another 1 month for swayamvar to get over, then marriage, internal politics etc etc… maybe in 2017 end you can see

  7. devaki ganesan

    Poojaji- what took you away.
    I want tolet you know it is Mohit Raina’s birthday on 14th Aug. Do you or colors have any plans? He is my favorite actor in the recent times.


    1. that day he will be given KELA award for acting in such a stupid serial, which has no relevance to actual history

    2. Pooja

      Some work kept me away Devaki…Hope you are doing good.
      I don’t have any clue about it as of now. But yes, he is indeed a good actor.

  8. good to know that in Ashoka time time, suck kind of difficult swayamvar were arranged. Adventure, cooking, fasting, lalit kala… only writer knows what all other obstacles are there in store for swayamvar, until the prince find the perfect bride. In swayamvar, every thing if pre planned by Dharma and her son, and they are doing cheating (in cooking competition and now in lalit kala). Story dragging as usual, according to writer and director wims and fantasy. Best thing was to seee shiamak dresseed as a rishi, it was really funny

  9. Pity, there is no secrecy in kingdom or charu and mahamatya are stupid… if they are planning an explosion, how come they caan talk about this openly in corridor so that anyone (nayak) could hear the conversation. Couldnt they discuss in their private room or in whispers

  10. guys can anyone tel me that hw to dwnold the new song of ashoka i.e., suryuday hone se kisne roka hain……..ashoka he ashoka!!! plz if any1 knows then tell me

    1. search for chakravartin ashoka samrat latest theme song ( mohit raina ) can see the available website to download the song

  11. very fast updates good job pooja, helena will not success this time too, BUT WHERE IS DHRUPAD? SMALLEST BROTHER OF ASHOKA?

    1. ashoka samrat

      dhrupad dies many days before. now his role is finish.

  12. ashoka samrat

    dhrupad has died since so many days before. his role is finished

  13. Madhu Narasimha

    Hi Abhay, Drupad died quite a few episodes ago…Rajmata Helena imports a tricky arrow from Greece. Her intention is to Ashoka to shoot the arrow, which is designed in such a way that it swerves during its path and misses the target. At the time another person from an hide out takes a shot at Bindusar so it all looks like Ashok’s arrow killed Bindusar but unfortunately Drupad takes a hit. You need to go couple of months back.

    Am wondering what happened to Rani Shubrashi …

    Hi Pooja, haven’t thanked you before for your regular on time updates. Thank you!
    The story is dragged very badly at times and the plot is totally lost. Such a shame the writers/director /producers haven’t tried taking a leaf out of successful serials Ramayan, Mahabharata and Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s Chanakya. Number episodes were less than 100 but didn’t fail an ounce to capture and present the essence of the story. Such a shame!
    But sincere thanks to you Pooja for the updates. Your work softens the disappointment of the story line.

    1. Pooja

      Thanks Madhu..that’s really sweet of you 🙂

  14. Why the director just stretching the story like Hindi serial?

  15. This week another good character of ashoka will die….Nayak will get killed in blasts…..


  16. I have always liked this serial Chakrawarti Samrat Ashoka. And to the producer and director of the show I specially want to convey this message that it is not Chakrawartin, rather correct word is ” Chakrawarti”! So please make it correct. Entire show is interesting. But pls do focus on main story too! We all want to see the history before our own eyes in interesting way!

  17. Where is Ahenkara rajkumari of ujjen ?
    ashoka childhood friend ?
    the role of ahenkara was short ?

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