Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 3rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 3rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
All royal ladies are going to Mandir for ritual, Subhrasi says to Dharma that it is going to rain, why dont you come with us and do pooja here with us, Dharma agrees. Dharma does ritual of fast, Tum hi tou mere ho plays, Dharma ties thread around tree as per ritual, she says in all these years i kept crying to be alone but i didnt know my husband is fighting with so many enemies, he doesnt even know his enemies are so close to him, i pray for his protection, i was from him but was strong but now when he is close, my heart is melting, i want togetherness, i want his blessing today, if i dont get it then like every year my fast will not complete but this year i will take his blessing and will complete my fast.
A chess table is shown to Siamak, Sushim and Ashok. Aakramak says we plan and train our army, first we see who are our enemies, how will we attack them, how we know about their strength and weakness, we have to learn everything, Sushim thinks i will become Samrat and will finsh all enemies, Siamak thinks i will learn everything and will become good Samrat, Ashok thinks i have to leanr to read everyone’s thinking, i have to know what my army, what my ministers think when i become army head, Ashok looks at Radhagupt who is tensed.

Scene 2
Radha is trying to find Chanakya, he feels someone is following him, its Ashok who is behind him. Radha comes in secret place and finds all soldiers dead there, he is stunned, Ashok comes there and says i was following you, i felt something is wrong so came here, he finds deadbodies there and says i didnt know my doubt would be right, he ask what is all this, who did all this? Radha says they were secret agents of Chanakya, enemy killed them and we dont know about chanakya too, Radha says i am tensed, Ashok ask i wanna know whats all this, Radha says some conspiracy is going on against magdh, we got hobbit Vrahmir who knew about it, he was kept here but enemies killed our soldiers and took Vrahmir fro here, Radha says to ashok that this all shows Chanakya must have got to know some secret of enemy so magdh’s enemies have either kidnapped Chanakya or have killed him.. both get tensed at this thought.
All ladies comeback to palace, they come in Bindu’s roo, Charu says to Agni that you have fasted for Justin for first time so i have called him here to break your fast, Agni says thanks, you all were great support in my fast, now infront of you all, he will bless me, Noor thinks i will answer you back Agni soon.
Dharma touches dresses and jewelry, she recalls how Bindu proposed her. Subhrasi says to Agni that on this day, all wives wait for blessing of husband as it give us peace, Dharma thinks will i get Bindu’s blessing today? Charu comes to Noor and says it seems like storm is coming, its raining outside, Charu says Noor is most close to Bindu, she was called by him earlier too on Mahashivrati night, Noor recalls how she was with Justin that night, Noor says bindu was with you that night, Charu says no he was not with me, Charu says if he was not with you, not with me then.. subhrasi says no he was not with me too, i thought he will come to me, i waited for him but he didnt come, Agni says if he was not with you 3 then who is most favorite wife oh him? Dhara listens all this and recalls how Bindu said Dharma is most favorite wife of his, Agni says maybe Bindu loves someone else the most, Subhrasi finds Dharma in room, she ask Dharma what are you doing here? Noor says she ust be listening our talk, who are you? what you think we will accept this behavior, i dont like you and if you dont change then i will teach you lesson, leave from here, Dharma leaves sadly.

Scene 3
Ashok shows bangle of of Chanakya to Radha, Radha says this means he is kidnapped, Ashok says i was with him, Radha says someone must be hiding there and kidnapped him, Ashok says you are right, i was taking Chanakya to bindu, Radha ask did you tell anyone that Chanakya is going to meet bindu, Ashok says i told Helena, Nicator, Siamak and Subaho, Radha ask did you leave Chanakya for a while when you were going with him? Ashok recalls how he stopped to talk to Dharma, Ashok says i should have been ore careful, enemies took Chanakya infront of me and i couldnt do anything, he says i will tell bindu that Chanakya is being kidnapped, he leaves.

PRECAP- Dharma is litting diya to break her fast, Bindu who is passing by there sees her and is stunned, he says Dharma?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    In episode o 4th june of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat we will watch, Radhagupta running to Ashoka to make him aware of the trouble they might get into if Bindusara sends his best army to find Chanakya. Later, Ashoka decides he would do anything to find him. On the other hand, watch Bindusara’s reaction upon seeing Dharma standing right in front of him. Tune in to know what stops Bindusara from talking to Dharma!

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    dear no need to call didi nish is completely fine n ur real name somya only??,
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