Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanakya ask Dharma arent you happy? you were waiting for this moment from years and now when it coming you are not happy? you, Ashok and Bindu will become one, you must be waiting for this, Dharma says i was waiting for it but i am tensed how Ashok will behave when he will know truth, also living in palace, i have got to know the mentality of queens, i have seen their egos, their selfishness, they can do anything to make their son king, if Ashok comes in their way then they can kill him, i wanna see AShok safe and sound.
Prime minister says to Bindu that Sushim have won the competition, Bindu says he has made me proud, he is great warrior, start preparing for his welcome, its time to take important decision.
sushim is going towards palace and is imagining himself sitting on crown, hugging Ahenkara as king, horse gets out of control, Sushim falls from him, Ashok comes and says when truth came out you fell in dust? AShok looks at sword which fell from Sushim’s hand, Sushim takes it, Ashok says you are so much insecure even after winning, Sushim says you lost the competition, you should be ashamed, leave from my way else i wil kill you, AShok says i saved you from tiger, Sushim ask which tiger? nobody have seen you saving me, nobody will believe you, all will think that you are making stories after winning, truth is that i have sword in my hand, i have passed the finish line first and you lost to me, this is truth, you have to blieve it as you dont have other option, he pushes away AShok from way, sit on his horse, he ask Ashok why you are stunned? you should be used to it as after becoming heir, i will behave with you like this, AShok says you cant become heir, i will stop you, sushim laughs and says see i have become great warrior and you cant do anything, i am not fool like you to help others and remain behind, he leaves.

Scene 2
Chanakya says to Dharma why you are worried about Ashok? remember when you gave birth to him, he was surrounded by fire, you have witnessed that whenever problems have come in Ashok’s life, it has made him more strong, he is Vanraj, he has throne in his fate, you cant stop him from becoming great warrior, Dharma says i am not stopping him from becoming warrior but i dont want him to kill his own people to become great, Chanakya says when he will take over enemies only then he will be called great, Dharma says we can win enemies hearts too, Chankaya says those who doesnt have hearts, what about them? when pricks starts pinning you then you should throw them away, this AShok have to do and this is fate, we can try as much as we want we can never go against fate, AShok will have problems you know why? because he has ability to fight wth them and this will make him great Samrat, he needs your blessing for all this, they find Sushim going from there with sword, they are stunned, Dharma says you were right, we cant fight with his fate but i am happy he is safe from your plans, she ask where AShok must be.
Sushim enters palace with sword, he is given warm welcome in court, Bindu smiles to him, Charu, Ahenkara smiles, Siamak is sad, Noor fumes, Helena congratulate Charu, Subhrasi says we are proud of Sushim, Agni says i knew Sushim will win, now he will called heir, Noor says it doesnt depend on competition, Bindu will decide it, Helena says there is no doubt about what Bindu’s decision will be, Sushim have proved his skills, Sushim comes to Bindu and takes his blessing, Bindu says you won for third time, its great, charu says to Sushim that you have not disappointed me, Helena and Subhrasi blesses him, he comes to noor and greets her, Noor congratulate him, Drupat congratulate him, he comes to Siamak, he congratulate him too, Sushim ask are you fine? there was a time when i thought you wil win then i came to know that you resigned from competition, he comes to aakramak, Aakramak says i hope you always remember your mistakes, Shrist says this is not end but start of problems, you have to fight with problems, he comes to Agni, she congratulate him, Ahenkara congratulate him too, Nicator says i have not seen a warrior like you, keep winning, Bindu says you have made us proud by becoming great warrior, you have royal sword in your hands that proves you are great Maurya, you have proved that you are most deserving Mauryavanshi to get this sword, Chanakya comes and says its not enough to get sword only, Sushim thinks if AShok told everything to Chanakya, Chanakya says its more important to keep up the respect of this sword then winning the competition, this sword should be used for for safety and this will happen only when he respect this sword, he ask Sushim to promise to respect this sword always and if you dont do it then sword will taken back from you, Sushim thinks Ashok didnt tell him anything, Sushim takes his blessing, he says i will not do anything which will make this sword away from me, Chanakya says i pray God give you strength to decide things nicely, Bindu says i wanna announce something important, after this win i have no doubt that only Sushim have guts to serve nation so i announce Sushim as my heir.

PRECAP- Bindu says i Samrat Bindu announce my elder son Sushim as my heir, the court is adjourned.. Ashok comes and says stop Samrat, before you finish the session, i wanna tell you something related to this competition, Sushim gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Oh no,so finally sushim won and not Ashoka. How on earth can lies win over truth,deceit over honesty,hate over love? This is pathetic and very disappointing indeed.

  2. bade bade desho me choti choti batein hoti rahti hi….

  3. bade bade desho me choti choti batein hoti rahti hi….
    history knows every one.

  4. I wish this time ashok tells everything to bindusar
    But will bindusar agree to him
    every father first look for his own son then others
    Lets hope for best

  5. If ashok tells bindusar everything, then ofcourse bindu will punish susheem because bindu is not an ordinary father but a samrat.but i dont think ashok will say something because he doesn’t have anything to prove himself.but y darma want ashok to be backed up? how is she planning to make the father and son meet or doesnt she want that to happend at all???

  6. Its horrible.. Sushim won..

  7. Dont make this a saas bahu serial. Make the story short and original.

  8. Sreereshmi ashok still has one proof of which he is also unaware
    What if subahoo open his mouth ???

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