Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1`
Noor ask Dharma how does she know the cure of this ubtaan? Subrasi says doubting my dasi is like doubting me and i will not bear it, if her intention was to hurt Agni then why would she treat her? Agni says i have doubt on you Noor to destroy my skin before marriage, noor says enough, i know what happened was not good but that doesnt mean you can doubt me, remember one thing i am wife of Bindu and i dont have to act cheap, i called a special dasi to make this Ubtaan, helena ask where is that dasi? one starts running from there, Noor says yes she was the one, dasi tries to run but soldiers catches her, Helena says present her infront of Bindu then she will tell why she did this and on whose insistence.
Ashok is running towards final line and siamak is on his back, Siamak ask hm to take rest, Ashok says no, we cant stop now, else sunlight will go away, we cant make Sushim win, we will win over Sushim then your promise to your mother will be fulfilled, and my promise to my land will be fulfilled too, Siamak says one side is my brother who just for winning didnt stop from attacking me and otherside is Ashok who is thinking more about me than himself.
Acharaya Kita says we cant allow Siamak to move like this, his wound will get worse, what answer we will give to Bindu? aakramak says its students right to leave the competition or not, we cant force him to resign, Acharaya Shrist says that this competition is of intelligence and hardwork, this is fight against all odds to become winner and Ashok-Siamak are setting example.

Scene 2
The damcer bar manager is talking with other dancer, other dancer tells her that yesterday a hobbit came to me, he seemed new here, manager(who is secret agent of Chanakya), ask what was his name? dancer says dont know, dancer says he went away without telling anything, she ask dancer to send him to her next time.
Vrahmir is going from market, he recalls how Helena asked him t get arrested by Chanakya’s men, he says why? she says do what i am saying, he says hen assure me that you will release me, she says sure.
Manager informs chanakya about Vrahmir coming to other dancer, Chanakya says its weird how came out in open when he was hiding all these years, she ask what to do if he comesback? Chanakya gives her syrup and ask her to make him drink it, he will become unconscious and then call me.
Ashok is running with Siamak. he rcalls how Noor said to him that you have to win at any cost, he thinks what problem is this, one side is my mother’s hope and otherside is my friend’s difficulties, no i cant do this with Ashok, because of me he will lose opportunity to win and i cant let that happen, he shouts, Ashok stops and makes him sit down, Siamak says my foot is hurting, AShok starts massaging Siamak’s foot, Siamak sadly looks at him and says i need water, Ashok says i will bring it, he turns to go but Siamak rings his bell and announces his resignation, Ashok says no. Sushim listens this, indar says congrats Siamak is gone too, now you will win ony. Ashok says to Siamak why you did that, dont you trust me? Siamak says i have trust on you thats why i did it, one side is my brother, he didnt do anything for me, you made me learn the friendship and humanity then how can i be so selfish with you? i cant win over Sushim in this state, i want you to win, i cant see Chandrgupt’s sword in hand of person like Sushim, only you can win over him, you have to fulfill your promise to land, promise me that you will win over Sushim? AShok gets emotional, hugs Siamak, both cries, Ashok says i will win over him, i promise, Achrayas come, Siamak says to Ashok that i am taking bell from you so you cant resign from competition, my hopes are with you, Ashok says now when we meet, i wil have that sword in my hands, Ashok runs from there.

Scene 3
Ashok is running towards his goal, he passesby Subaho, Subaho says how did he come here so soon? Danda is stuck in net and ask Ashok to help him but Ashok doesnt stop, Danda says if he didnt help then who will do it? he resigns from competition. Indar says to Sushim that why all are going out of competition, Sushim is shocked seeing Ashok coming there at full speed, he ask Indar to stop Ashok at any cost and he will make him most rich person when he becomes Samrat, Indar says move forward without tension, Sushim smirks and leaves.
the Dasi is presented in court, Bindu ask who told you to do this, helena to tell name of person, Dasi looks at Noor, Justin also looks at Noor, Dasi says Kalinga, all are shocked, Bindu says kalinga? Dasi smirks at Noor, justin notices this, Noor says it is proved that i was not involved in all this but i was humiliated, Bindu says no one doubts on you, he ask Dasi what order you got? Dasi says i was asked to give pain to Agni so much that this marriage stops and relation of Magdh with Ujjain becomes severe again, Bindu gives her life sentence, soldiers take her away, Prime minister says i will investigate this matter, Khurasan says i will tighten security, Bindu says enemies can take advantage in marriage time so see security matters, Bindu ask Raj how is Agni now, Raj says i am thankful to that dasi who acted in time and saved Agni by making medicine and applying on Agni, Bindu ask to call that dasi, i will reward her, Subhrasi says she went to clinic with Agni, Bindu says you reward and says to her that i am thankful to her.
Ashok is running when Indar comes in his way, he has sword in his both hands, Indar says only Sushim have right to win, Ashok says competitions are won on basis of skills, Indar says he has skills, Ashok says if he had skills then he would have been here and the person who sacrifice his friend to win is not a friend, if you have trust on Sushim then leave from my way, Ashok says how can i forget he is Sushim’s friend so must be fool., indar says i will tell who is fool, he attacks Ashok with swords but AShok moves and defends himself nicely, he throws Indar on ground and ask if you surrender or not? Indar rings bell and resign from competition, Ashok starts running again.

PRECAP- Ashok is in jungle, when tiger comes there, he is about to attack Ashok.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nyc episode… Finally dharma is getting reward.. Thank u for the update..

  2. Very interesting, sushim is not even crowned as prince and he’s busy sharing positions, I wonder what will happen if his dream doesn’t come true.I think they should start building mental hospital for sushim instead of building fake palace for Justin and his so called wife Agni.

  3. Right hannah 😉 mental asylum.

  4. Waiting for Thursday’s episode when ashoka will get the sword…….

    1. Very anxious to see ashok taking chandragupta sword.

  5. Yap askaoka samrat good boy

  6. Subtitle pls colors do somthing pls pls pls

  7. Wonderful!!!
    Thanks for update..
    Tiger and ashok fight will be awesome… Waiting for tomo

  8. Thanks for update
    Very boring story. It is taking too long for Ashok to become Young.

  9. it was due to these skills, he was sent to ujjan to to take control

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