Chaahatein (Kundali Bhagya ff) Chapter 3

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Rishabh:So she is a physiotherapist….An unknown smile came on his face.

Preeta treats dadi …Rakhi likes Preeta’s way of treatment…. So she ask Rishabh to appoint Preeta for dadi.

Srishti :- no no….Di can’t treat her…she didn’t came here to work….she is

Preeta cuts off and accepted Rakhi’s offer .

Rakhi:- puttr where are you going ….

Preeta:- I m going back to my home.

Rakhi:- Areee aise kese ? Chai / coffee kuch to…

Preeta:- no no Ma’am actually I have to go …its urgent.

Karan came beck home n saw preeta in the hall

Karan:- you…bhai she is the same girl who didn’t recognized me.

Preeta:- kyu tum koi SRK ho ….sachin tendulkar ho….Gautam Gambhir ho …Jo tumhe sab phchane ge ….?

Rakhi n Rishabh chuckles.

Karan:- how dare you….I m THE KARAN LUTHRA.

Preeta:- so what?

Kareena:- what do you.mean by so what? He is a star…..n you a middle class girl is showing attitude to him.

Srishti:- excuse me she is not …

Preeta again interrupted.

Preeta:- sorry ma’am…. Actually I never seen him in the national team …that’s why I don’t know him…

She turns to leave….but Rishabh stops her.

Rishabh:- I m sorry for karan n bua’s behavior.

Preeta :- its OK…I don’t mind them.

Rishabh:- I will drop you ….

Preeta:- no no…..its OK

Preeta leaves n rishabh scold Karan .

At night

Srishti:- Di why didn’t you tell them that you are very rich…..that kareena aunty was saying so much n you ….you said nothing.

Preeta’- srish!!! I don’t like show- off ….n wese b ye sab luthra s ko suit krta hai….wese Mr. Rishabh Luthra is really nice person….so calm n so disciplined…

Srishti:- Yes..karan sir is also nice…vo bs thode tede hai….dil k bahut achhe hai…..

Preeta:- huh…achha …my foot.

Luthra house

Rishabh:- Karan you will not insult Preeta anymore…..if you say something to her…then I won’t talk to you

Karan:- Bhai….you are taking her side… How can you? She is not a sweetheart…..dekha nhi kese kaha k tum koi SRK Ho….huh

Rishabh:- karan….

Karan:- fine…

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  1. Y it is too short and for me it is far better than the original track of ” kundali bhagya ” and pls next time pls post the long one

  2. I again loved it and now I am waiting for your next chapter .
    Keep smiling

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