Cezanne roped in to essay the lead in upcoming show Appnapan

Cezanne Khan, who was last seen in Shakti has been roped in to essay the lead in the upcoming social drama Appnapan. Appnapan will be based on the story of a husband-wife and their love for their children.

In a recent interview with BT, Cezanne talked about his role and shared, “The show is about how a father and mother should play an equal role in bringing up their children. My character is flamboyant, he is too busy with his career.”

The actor does not watch a lot of TV. He says, “I never get the time to watch TV shows. So, I can never comment on what’s good or bad on TV. Even when I did Kasauti Zindagi Kay many years ago, I wouldn’t watch TV shows. I know of shows like Anupamaa or Kundali Bhagya, but I would not know what the content is. I prefer watching English films for entertainment. TV soaps don’t interest me, though I act in them.”

When asked about his long break after Kasauti, he said, “After Kasauti got over, I did get offers but they were not meaty enough. Then there were other offers that did not work out. I was hoping to do something different, but then that kind of opportunity never came to me. So, I decided to lead my life in a different way. I stopped thinking of acting as a career and with Allah’s blessings, I focussed on my investments and traveled the world. I never stopped enjoying or living my life while I was not working or acting on the small screen. I enjoyed each day and with blessings, I didn’t have to face a situation where I needed to really work to keep things going. I am glad that when I decided to make a comeback, I was offered something interesting. I have always believed in living each day well. I don’t believe in running after things.”

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