Can love happen twice (#Riansh) Introduction

Vansh Rai Singhania
Number one business man under world don mafiya.he love a family lots especially two sisters…he can’t believe Love happen twice

Indrani rai Singhania
Vansh grand mother she love her family lots especially vansh…

Ishani & siya
Vansh cute sister. They also love vansh very much. Both are very cute and naughty

Vansh p.a & right hand not only pa he is also part of rai Singhania family vansh consider his brother

Kabir rai Singhania

Kabir is vansh Chachi son. Vansh and kabir r same age.he is frd of vansh, vyom and riddhima & he love riddhima very much but his love is one side only.

Kapoor family’s
She simple and elegant girl..she is naturally very beauty she love her family lots…she also not believe in  Love happen twice

Riddhima, sara and vyom ka mother.she love her family very much..

Riddhima elder sister very arrogant but cute person.she hate riddhima very much bcz she think riddhima is the reason for dad death

Vyom is riddhima & sara ka brother. He loves a sister’s very much especially riddhima

Riddhima close friend and bestie

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  1. Vansh apne ek tarfa pyaar ka aaachar dalega kya

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