Can love happen twice – Episode 6

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last episode. And really sorry for not replying back. I know I promised to write in my vacations. I am really apologising for being so so late. But it was like I was kind of busy too much and I was also being sick from past few days. So I was not able to write. Its been 2 weeks I am in my bed. Not allowed to do anything. My phone got snatched as my mom said it harms eyes and I need complete rest. But anyways enough of blabering.

Episode 6

Next morning:
“I love you Krishna…….” Saiyam shouted.
“Saiyam….” Krishna was surprised.
“Yes Krishna I love you so much.”
He hugged her tightly. She pushed him apart.
“What happened don’t you love me?”
“No Saiyam I love someone else.”
“No……..” And he woke up realising it was just a dream.
Saiyam was confused. “What a shit was that?” He yelled.
Then only his phone ranged up. It was Sahil. He said,” Bro I really need your help. Please come as fast as you can”
Before Saiyam could ask anything he hanged up. He took a bath. Changed his clothes. Took the car key and left for Sahil’s house.
He reached his house. He saw Sahil standing in the corner of the room. He had a tensed look on his face. Yuvaani and Krishna were sitting and chatting. As soon Krishna saw Saiyam she was shocked. She didn’t expected him here. Saiyam passed a smile to her and went to Sahil.
He placed his one hand hand on his shoulder and said,”Hey bro. What happened? Everything alright?”
“No nothing Ok. I don’t know what to do? Please help me yaar” Sahil said.
“Oh come on now just shut up ok. Overacting” Yuvaani shouted from behind.” There’s nothing to get so much tensed” she added.
“Wait wait wait will someone tell me what’s the matter?” Saiyam said trying to calm both of them.
“Nothing yaar Saiyam. I told my parents about Sahil and they have called him on dinner tonight. They said they want to talk to him” Yuvaani explained.
“Only this much?” Saiyam asked.
“Yes only this much” Yuvaani said.
“Seriously Sahil you should be happy that finally you got chance to meet her parents. And if everything went well you both can get married bro. But you fool you’re getting tensed instead” Saiyam yelled at Sahil.

“That’s the thing no. If everything went well. If ok if. What if anything went wrong.” Sahil said defending himself.
“Don’t worry Sahil everything will be alright. I have met uncle and aunty. They are really very sweet. I am sure they will like you.” Krishna said assuring Sahil.
“So common guys, lets go for shopping. Sahil you have to look like a gentleman today. Your
loafer look will not work” Yuvaani said.
“What? Do I have such a bad dressing sense?” Sahil asked being angry at Yuvaani.
“Now stop arguing lets go” Krishna said. They left for the mall. They reached the mall. They started seeing clothes. Krishna was seeing a white suit was had a little embroidery on it with navy blue. She liked it too much. But its price was too high. She discarded the thought of buying it. Suddenly Saiyam came from behind,” It will look beautiful on you” Krishna became shocked.
“Yeah” she replied and left.
Saiyam was now quite irritated with her behaviour. He wanted to know the reason for her ignorance.
Krishna was there with Yuvaani and Sahil. Yuvahil(Yuvani and Sahil) moved forward.
Krishna too followed them. Suddenly she felt a pull. Someone pulled her into the dressing room and pinned her to the wall. She was about to shout but the man kept his hand on her mouth.
“Shhh shhh. Its me Krishna” Saiyam spoke trying to calm her down. She was shocked to see him. She removed his hand from her mouth. “Are you mad. What are you doing? I was so much scared.” She shouted at him.
“First of all you tell me what are you doing?” Saiyam asked.
“What do you mean what I am doing? What did I did” she asked confusingly.
“Ignoring Krishna you are ignoring me. Can I please know why?” He asked confusingly.
“No I am not ignoring you. Let me go” she pushed him aside and was going but Saiyam again pulled her and pinned to the wall.
“You can’t go without answering me Krishna.”

Precap: Saiyam: What happened to you? Why are you ignoring me?
Krishna: I am not
Saiyam: Yes you are.
He stepped forward. He came closer. He was about to kiss her when she pushed him
Krishna: You can’t do that again.
Saiyam: What?

Sorry again same precap. The episode was becoming too long so I gave the same precap.
And once again thank you to everyone who commented. Thank you for encouraging me to write. Even after I stopped writing after very few episodes. Thank you so much. Next episode too uploaded.


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