Can I fall in love, Episode 65

Day 3:
Suhani was adamant. She decided that she won’t go after him, she want him to come to her. But she was missing him.
Yuvani avoided each other completely. Yuvi drops her and leaves.
Things became better when she was there at her office, for she was with Kasyap. They had fun as usual, teased each other, laughed etc. Ria was thoroughly enjoying their childish behavior. She was being really affected by them and also attracted to them. She watched them when had sat for lunch, for they had lunch alone and didn’t want to spoil their privacy. She smiled.
Kasyap bought a dress for Ria that day.
When she reached home, Suhani unknowingly searched for Yuvi, he was Snoopy, and she saw them and then went away. Yuvi saw this and smiled.

After dinner Suhani went to terrace, she looked angry. Sharad smiled seeing her. He went to Yuvi.
Sh : How is she?
Yuvi : As expected, she is Miss stubborn.
He laughs.
Yuvi : Now she will only talk to me, if I go to her.
Sh : So are you going to her?
Yuvi : No, not this time, let us see till when she will tolerate…
Sh : Wow guru, you turned stubborn. I must say she changed you so much.
Yuvi : (smiling) True, she changed me a lot. Actually she taught me to live life in a better way. I started to enjoy every little things of life, in a way found true happiness. She is very innocent…… I became childish…. Stubborn too…
Sharad smiles.
Sh : I knew it, that you are the best for her and she for you. Do you miss her?
Yuvi : Not really…. I mean yes, I love spending time with her, but it is fun seeing her like this. She is so cute.
They smile.

Suhani was standing in terrace, in silence. She was very much angry; actually she was missing Yuvi too much.
Suh : What is his problem? Stupid, why can’t he come to me??
Yuvi : (from behind) Ok Madam, I am here.
She didn’t turn back, she was angry. Yuvi came to her and hugged her from behind. She closed her eyes.
Yuvi : Are you still angry with me?
She still didn’t say anything nor looked at him. He kissed her check. She smiles and open her eyes and looked at him. Only then she realized that it was her dream. She became sad. She was missing him way too much. She wanted to be with him, but she was adamant. She thought of her moments with him and smiled and then became furious again.
Suhani spent some more time there, and finally when she felt sleepy, she came in.
When she came in, Suhani saw Yuvi sleeping peacefully, he slept turning to her opposite side.. She frowned seeing him.
Suh : (thinking) How dare you??? You spoiled my sleep and you are sleeping peacefully??
She came to bed and sat beside him. She fumed at him and mimed like she was going to kill him. Her frustration was visible in her face.
Suh : Mr Yuvraj Birla, I know you are playing with me for a reason which I am not aware of. But let me tell you, I am nothing less, if you want to avoid me, do it, I don’t care. Let us see who can stay away from the other for more time, (proudly) it is challenge and no one alive can’t beat Suhani Birla in a challenge.
She turns and sleeps. Yuvi opens his eyes and smiles.
Yuvi : (thinking) Challenge accepted, but I am sorry Mrs. Suhani Yuvraj Birla, this time you won’t win and that is a promise.
He smiles and sleeps.

Day 4:
Suhani was missing Yuvi very much. She turned dull.
At breakfast:
Gauri : Suhani Bhabhi, are you fine, you look dull.
Suhani looks up.
Suh : N, n nothing Gauri, some tension is going in office, that’s all. I am fine.
Suhani smiles and Gauri smiles seeing her. Sharad and Yuvi winks at each other.

Suhani’s office :
Kasyap notices that Suhani is dull, and that she was trying to hide it, because of Ria. He felt that she was successful in it, because Ria didn’t notice anything. He tried to talk to her during lunch, but they had to hurry because of a meeting.
Suhani didn’t speak a word till they reached mall. Kasyap thought of buying a watch for Ria. He was selecting watches and she looked here and there without any interest. She saw Saurab there, but he didn’t see her and goes out.
Suh : (thinking) Saurab Bhaiya came back, wow cool, I think he forgot to buy gift for bhabhi, wow, it would be fun to tease him, luckily he didn’t see me.
Kasyap selects a watch and they come out.
Kas : Now tell me, what is troubling you?
She tells him everything. He held his head.
Kas : Are you a five year old kid or what?
Suh : It was not me, it is he who started it!!
Kas : Really, great!! I hope you are enjoying this.
She fumes at him.
Kas : Then why?? What is wrong with you, why are behaving so?
Suh : I want him to end it!!
Kas : (angrily) Just look at yourself, you are missing him damn it!!
Suh : I know, but I don’t want to lose.
Kas : What??? Grow up for heaven’s sake. This is not a war to win and lose. Man you love him, what will happen if you just let go your pride? Now stop all these non sense and talk to him, you are not going fail by doing so.
She looks at him.

Suhani misses Yuvi and cries.

  1. Awe just awesome sis.this ff is very cute.very nice friendship bonding and love story.i like especially todays episode very much.ur doing very well sis.keep rocking like this.

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you dear

  2. Wooo amazing…suhani kithna miss kartha he yuvi ko….yuvi suhani maza letha he..ab zaroor suhani samjenkiii yuvi ko…or I hope next episode me un donoka patch up hogii…plz jaldi upload karooo next episode..

    1. Yuvani

      wait a bit dear,
      Thank you

  3. Wow awesome episode……….. I like it very much……… But yuvani miss each other very much the way u express their feelings excellent … Update next asap….

  4. really really jus fantastic n waiting for nxt epi on how suhani is going to talk to yuvraj

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    awesome episode…..

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