Can I fall in love, Episode 116

Gauri’s rokha took place the next day and engagement was fixed after two days.
Everyone was happy.
Pandit: This muhurat is very auspicious; couple who unites at this muhurat will stay together for seven births.
Youngsters made fun of Adi and Gauri. They laugh.
Shavna went with Lata and Punkaj.

Everyone was busy with arrangements; Gauri was very anxious thinking about her engagement.
She went to her Dadi and Ma, but they both were busy, so does her Bhabhis. She went to Bhais and found Yuvi and Anuj busy.
Gauri: (thinking) Saurab Bhaiya? Where is he?
She went to Saurab’s room, and found him with kids. She smiles and got in.
Sau: Gauri?
Gauri: Yeah, no one is having time for me, everyone is busy.
Sau: Really, Madam they are busy for YOUR engagement.
He laughs.
Gauri: but,

Saurab smiles.
Sau: Tensed about engagement?
Gauri: Exactly?? Why is this difficult, Bhaiya I am feeling very odd tension, I can’t understand it, what is happening with me? Did you feel h same during your engagement?
Sau: (smiling) Almost, and what you feel is normal Gauri, listen this is new for you, and responsibilities too comes along, that is why you are feeling weird, but don’t worry, let the things be the way it is, everything will get fine, and if not then your Bhaiya is here.
She hugs him.
Gauri: So this is normal na.

He nodes. She smiles.
Sau: So now what?
Gauri: Don’t know I am getting very bored!
Sau: Then spent time with your nephews, boys, say Hi to Bhuva.
Kids smiles.
Brother and sister spend time with kids.

Similarly Adi was tensed. Bhavna went to him.
Bh: What happened Adi? Tensed?
Adi: Di, this is too early, I thought I will get some more time, but,
Bh: It is ok Adi, it is just and engagement, anyway now you got official permission to take my sil out,
She smirks.

Adi: yeah, I got official permission.
They laugh.

Day of engagement:
Everyone was happy, and the guest arrived.
Adi too came with his family.
Engagement was about to start, Suhani took Yuvi to side.
Yuvi: What are you doing?
Suhani keeps her finger on his mouth, and takes out two rings.

Yuvi: (confused) what with this?
Suh: Didn’t you hear what Pandit ji said, this Muhurat is really auspicious, if a couple becomes one today, they would be together for seven births.
Yuvi: (surprised) Su, Suhani you can’t be serious, I mean, you believe all these, really, and please don’t tell me that you want us to get engaged today.
Suh: Why? Can’t we get engaged again?

Yuvi: We can, but not for this stupid reason.
She fumes.
Yuvi: And from when did you started to believe all these?
She fumed more and didn’t say anything.
Yuvi: And if it true, I don’t want this to happen. Seven births!! That is really too much. I am not even able to mange for one birth. And seven!! Spare me.
She beats him angrily.
He smiles and forwards his hand.
Yuvi: Go on.

She kept both the rings on his hand.
Suh: I don’t want to.
She leaves form there angrily. He smiles and goes behind her.

Shavna made Gauri and Adi sit.
Suhani smiles, Yuvi stands besides her and smiled. She fumed at him.
Adi and Gauri exchanged and everyone clapped. Yuvi secretly took out the ring and made Suhani wear it.
She was surprised, and smiled, but then looked away thinking about hr making fun of her. He smiled.
Pratima told Suhani to get sweets; she nodded and went to kitchen. Yuvi smiles and followed her.
He held her hand.

Suh: What?
Yuvi: Jhansi ki rani, leave your anger.
Suh: (angrily) I am not angry.
Yuvi: Really? (Forwarding his hand again) Then go on.
Suh: Why??

He held her by waist and pulled her closer.
Yuvi: Because you want it.
Suh: but you don’t.
Yuvi: Who said I don’t, why else I made you wear the ring?
Suh: Then why did you make fun of me?
Yuvi: Suhani, really, what was the logic in what you said?
Suh: I don’t know.
She looked away.

Yuvi: Do you really believe this?
Suh: I don’t know, but,
Yuvi: I know, I know what you feel, so I made you wear the ring, now, you make we wear na.
She smiles, and put the ring on in hand.
They smile.
Suh: Let me go, sweets,

He kept finger on her mouth, and nodded no.
She smiles; they had a deep eye lock.
As Suhani wasn’t back, Pratima sent Anuj to look for her.
Anuj came to kitchen and saw Yuvani. He smirks and coughs.
Yuvani came back to senses, they were embarrassed, and Suhani immediately left with sweets.
Anuj laughs at Yuvi.
Yuvi: (irritated) you have a very bad timing.

He laughs harder.
Anuj: Sorry Bhai, but you are speaking as if you guys don’t spent time with each other.
Yuvi: Not that, your Bhabhi is not romantic, it was one rare occasion where she was romantic and you spoiled it.
Anuj: Sorry, but no worries, do one thing; take her a date after engagement.
Yuvi: Let me see.

Anuj: No, I will see it.
He smiles and they hug.

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