A call changed our life (Chapter 5)

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After that incident swara resigned her job veer tried to contact her but in vain she even blocked his number veer felt really bad

2 weeks passed


Veer- tomorrow is kabir’s birthday  in this day his parents left him in hospital and ran away (veer felt really bad) he would have so much worries but he never showed to me since childhood this birthday should be one of his memorable birthday

(Veer and Kabir are in rented appartment)

Just then Kabir entered veer’s room

Kabir- what bro seems you are in deep thoughts

Veer- nothing bro I am thinking about your birthday

KABIR- tomorrow is my birthday I don’t even remember

Veer- every time on this day you see to celebrate in grand manner right

Kabir- not tomorrow

Veer- I know nowadays you see disturbed I can’t see you in that state and I know which made you like that

Kabir- it’s all my fault because of me swara left you

Veer- it’s ok I have faith one day she will be back . But there is my mistake also because of me you have broken one girl heart did you ask sorry to her

Kabir- no yaar we were in hurry so i just sent a letter

Veer- you did wrong tomorrow is your birthday I don’t want to feel you hurt in that day so say your sorry to that girl you will feel better you have her number right

Kabir- yes but

Veer- no buts you will feel better it will be a new beginning of your life

Kabir- ok then

Veer- and don’t stay awake all night  tomorrow is a important day our company head is going to announce the new manager

Kabir- i am excited goodnight bro

(Kabir went to his room)

Kabir can we call her nooo it’s already late but tomorrow should be new start  .what if she cut my call(enough you are overthinking Kabir  )

Kabir- ok let’s call

Ring ring ring ring ( why she is not taking her phone may be she is sleeping) ring ring

Sanchi -hello

Kabir- I am Kabir you remember me right

Sanchi- hmmm

Kabir-  (narrated the whole story) I am really sorry for what I did will you forgive me this all happened because of some misunderstanding


Kabir-  if you really forgive me we can be friends


Kabir- I am really sorry Bittu pls say something thing

The clock strike 12:00am

Sanchi- happy birthday

Kabir- Kabir saw the clock it was 12:00am

Kabir- this means you forgave me

Sanchi- yes we will be friends I know you really worried about me so only you asked sorry ok let’s start fresh friends

Kabir- thank u Bittu thank u so much you made my birthday memorable I have I doubt how you know today is my birthday

Sanchi- you remember our first talk you said your company name so I checked your company blog that’s it

Kabir- so smart anyway thank u for your wishes if i again get a chance to go Munnar I will surely meet you

Sanchi- ok bye I am feeling sleepy

Kabir- sorry for disturbing you bye bittu

Call ended

Kabir felt relieved

Sanchi- I know Kabir you are really happy tomorrow will be your unforgettable day


Veer- happy birthday bro is everything alright

Kabir- yeah bro ofcourse I spoke to her she accepted my apology we are again friends

Veer- good we will be getting late come

Both reached office

Veer- what ya our company is fully decorated

Kabir- I think they know today is my birthday so they made these arrangements

Veer- no way veer started to laugh we were working here for three years they didn’t celebrate your birthday you think today they will celebrate it?

Kabir gave deathly glare

Veer-ok yar let’s ask peon

Kabir- bhai why this decoration

Peon- today they are going to announce new manager na so that our head told to do this decoration ( I have many works pending I have to complete it)

Peon went

Veer- I am sure you are going to be the new manager because you impressed our all the guest in the birthday party by arranging good food

Kabir- may be but all praised your decoration skills na may be you will be the manager

All employees talking among themselves that they will be the manager

Veer and Kabir both at the same time said however that idiot went and laughed

Kabir- ok I will call Bittu and get wishes from her afterall she is also my friend

Sanchi- hello Kabir once again happy birthday I hope you doing well

Kabir- of course ya today they are going to select the next manager I have chances of becoming next manager

Sanchi- all the best i am sure you will be the new manager

Kabir- tq Bittu I think our head came bye

Sanchi- bye

The head of event management company came


Head- I know you all excited about this day today i am going to announce the new manager

All employees are eagerly waiting for the answer

Suddenly a white car came in the front door

A girl with blue crop top ,white jeans ,lose hair,long hearings and white heels came out of the car

Her face is relieved she is Sanchi she was looking gorgeous in that look all were mesmerized seeing her even Kabir

Head- let me announce the new manager  ms. Sanchi Mishraall applauded

Some staff welcomed  her with boquet

Veer- they told they will select one among us I didn’t even think they will do like this

Kabir was smiling

Veer is shocked to see him

Head- ok guys I have a important work hope your new manager will be very supportive and lead our company to the success

Sanchi- hi guys I am your new manager i hope we will make wonderful events and I need to change few things. first of all a need some rest so I will meet you guys after 1 hour she went to her cabin.

Kabir phone rang he attended the call

Bittu- Kabir congratulations

Kabir- for what

Bittu- you told me na you are going to become new  manager so congratulations

KABIR- I am not the manager my head came and announce d a girl as a new manager her name is Sanchi Mishra

Sanchi- I am sorry

Kabir- no need

Sanchi- without knowing that I congratulate d you

Kabir- it’s ok Bittu she is really beautiful

Ok Bittu I want see her I will speak to u later

Bittu- ok bye

Sanchi was seeing some files in her cabin

Kabir knocked the door

Sanchi – come in

Kabir- hi mam I am Kabir

Sanchi- anything else

Kabir- no mam I thought to introduce myself

Sanchi- ok now go don’t disturb me

Kabir- ok mam if you want anything you can call me

Kabir went

Sanchi saw him going

Sanchi- this is the beginning you did a mistake by messing with my life Kabir. You r going to pay for this very soon.


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