Bv+kyy:Baal Veer and kyy (Magic And Life: Natkhat Pari in danger)

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Nandini entered her house still drenched from head to toe, she still felt anger boiling up inside her. She ran upstairs to her room as no one was present in her house. ‘What does he thinks of himself? He will do anything he wants? I will slap and kick him so much that his giant body won’t exist anymore, idiot,’ she blabbered while going upstairs and directly took her clothes and towel and went to washroom to clean herself. She came out after a long shower and sat on the bed sighing. Her eyes widened as she realized something.

‘Shoot! I forgot about Navya, she was also there, what to do? Oh God? Think Nanz think, yes, I will go as a fairy to rescue her but no one will be able to see me, not even her,’ she said and dried her hair really fast and closed her eyes vanishing into air. In Space, Navya was running away from fab5 as they chased her. Nandini appeared in her invisible form and aimed her magic wand at fab5 and they fell on the floor above each other. She bursted out laughing. Hearing them fall, Navya too turned and started laughing.

She ran away taking advantage of the situation, Nandini aimed her magic wands at them and their faces turned funny. Manik had white hair instead of black, he even had a white beard. Aliya had became bald and her dress was now a nightgown and she looked more like a bimbo than fashion diva. Mukti had big ears like dwarves and a big mole on her face. Cabir had large gray beard and a top hat on his head. Dhruv had a joker’s look. As they looked at each other, they became shocked and the people who passed by, took pictures and videos pulling out their phones.

Daityani watched her laugh from the magical water and fumed. ‘Laugh as much as you want because this is your last laughter, tchtchtch,’ she said. Nandini saw Baal Veer a few distance away from her. She went towards him but till then he vanished, she too vanished. They both went to Pari lok. ‘Rani Pari, why did you call me here? Is everything OK?’, Baal Veer asked. ‘Natkhat Pari wants to show something to all of us,’ Rani Pari replied. Natkhat Pari aimed her magic wand towards the front and a big mirror with two sides appeared.

‘By rotating this mirror to the right, it swaps two people with one another, the person on the outside will be swapped but the inside will be the same,’ Natkhat Pari explained. ‘Hasmukh Pari, please come, time to get swapped with you,’ she said and they both stood on the either sides of the mirror. She aimed her magic wand at the mirror and it rotated to the right swapping both of them. ‘Wow,’ Nandini said while smiling. ‘Thank God that this trial got successful in first attempt only, else every trial of yours take at least five to six attempts,’ Vijhdaar Pari said and laughed along with Atkati Pari.

‘Vijhdaar Pari, was this my praise or a taunt?’, Natkhat Pari said annoyingly. ‘Relax, it was a joke,’ Atkati Pari said still laughing. Daityani comes there with her poisonous arrow ready in her hand. ‘OK now, I m swapping both of us to our normal selves,’ Natkhat Pari (as Nandini) said and everyone nodded. She aimed her magic wand at the mirror and Daityani aimed her poisonous arrow at Natkhat Pari as she was still swapped with Nandini/Hasmukh Pari. The mirror rotated and Daityani left the arrow and it went towards Natkhat Pari.

The arrow went towards Natkhat Pari and pierced her stomach. She changed in her normal form as soon as the arrow pierced her body and pain shot through her body. Everyone watched in horror as she gasped in pain and screamed in agony. ‘Natkhat Pari!’, Hasmukh Pari/Nandini shouted as she fell on the floor. Baal Pari went towards her and supported her back pulling out the arrow from her stomach. ‘Aahhhh!’, she screamed as more pain enveloped her body. Daityani who was laughing evilly stopped laughing as her target was Nandini and not Hasmukh Pari.

‘How did this happen? How did Nandini changed into Natkhat Pari? Arrgggghh,’ she said completely annoyed and vanished into thin air before anyone could see her. ‘Take her to her kaksh (room) directly,’ Rani Pari said and she was taken there. Tears spilled out of Nandini’s eyes as she watched her in pain. ‘Everything happened because of me, the one who attacked actually wanted to attack me but as she was swapped with me, she got attacked instead and the attacker assumed her as me,’ Nandini told the fairies crying vigorously. ‘I am…I am sorry.’

‘Its not your fault, it is the attacker’s fault,’ Baal Veer assured her. Natkhat Pari panted heavily as her neck and hand started turning blue. She was deeply unconscious. ‘What’s happening?’, Vijhdaar Pari asked cryingly. ‘The poison is spreading throughout her body, we should call Maha Maai, she knows about every poison,’ Rani Pari said and called her. She appeared within seconds. Rani Pari told the whole matter. ‘The herbs of herb lok can cure her, but the one who goes there should be very careful, because the big flowers on that land are very thorny and can prick anyone’s flesh, and magical powers will work only for ten minutes,’ she said after listening.

‘I will go,’ Nandini and Baal Veer said in unison. ‘No, I will be enough,’ Baal Veer said. ‘I also want to help you as whatever problem comes, we should face together, please don’t say no,’ she pleaded. ‘Ok, Baal Pari, give me that arrow so that it reminds me of Natkhat Pari and I do my work faster,’ Baal Veer said and she handed him the arrow, he caressed it and recalled Natkhat Pari’s pain. ‘I promise, nothing will happen to her,’Baal Veer said.

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    It’s awesome as always ?? I hope nothing will happen to her ? this Daityani is too much ? hope Baal veer gets the herb soon or else shell be in danger ??

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