BV 2 Review: Excels in creating its own identity amid comparisons of its first edition

Balika Vadhu has been a cult concept for Hindi Television in India and on the renowned channel, Colors. The first edition of the show was iconic in all ways possible and had a strong effect on the minds of TV viewers. Child marriage, though is an issue that is not much heard of, especially in the vast urban land, this evil social still prevails in the rural sects. 

Well, the second edition of the supremely successful show only means that it will be harrowed with comparisons from the past in every phase of its tenure on TV. Certainly, Balika Vadhu when it came on air, was huge and had a strong script with great actors. 

But, I will not want to review the new edition of Balika Vadhu by keeping into context this comparison factor.

Let us understand that it is a huge challenge for the writing and creative teams involved in playing around with the same broad concept around child marriage, yet coming out having an identity of its own!! We are happy to tell you that Balika Vadhu 2 has successfully managed to have a skin and colour of its own in its initial look and feel and even with regards to its story build-up. 

Set in Gujarat, Balika Vadhu 2 starts off heralding the great understanding, friendship and bond between the best of friends Khimji (Anshul Trivedi) and Premji (Sunny Pancholi). The two of them can never shy away from giving their life for the other. While Premji was shown being saved from the clutches of the police by Khimji in the opening scene of the show, Premji has sacrificed a lot and has always prayed that his friend Khimji be blessed with a baby girl. 

The bond of friendship between Premji and Khimji has been beautifully encapsulated with sequences that provide goosebumps as well as tears of joy. Actors Anshul Trivedi and Sunny Pancholi are tailor-made for the roles they play. They are so natural in their emotions that viewers are sure to feel the strong bond of their love for each other. 

Actors Ridhi Shukla as Ratan, Anandi’s mother and Shiju Kataria as Sejal, Jigar’s mother provide great support to the men. 

I have promised that my review is in no way comparing the first edition with the second. But one aspect that we want to strongly point out is that even though Balika Vadhu in its first edition had a stronger cast, this one is not far behind. Balika Vadhu 2 might not have big names like Anup Soni, Surekha Sikri, Satyajit Sharma, Smita Bansal, but the actors who have been gotten on board are very natural performers, quite capable of stealing the limelight on the basis of their performances.

Adding more value to this statement that we have made, we tell you that one should watch out for the performance of Kumkum Das who has been an asset in Gujarati theatre and cinema. Her portrayal as Kadwi Baa will surely impress all the critics. 

Also, it is a revelation to see Rashmi Gupta, who was seen as a glam doll in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega coming up with such a de-glam, powerful role of Leela. She has certainly made many people notice her for the class act that she is here!! Shekhar Choudhary who plays Leela’s husband is good. 

The story in its first week has been pacey, with loads of twists and edge-of-the-seat drama. We are simply in love with the ambience and the look and feel of the village that has been set up. The opening scene wherein Premji attends a mass child marriage ceremony was a visual treat. 

The screenplay has been tight, with no loose ends left for the viewers to pick up their remote. The drama has been realistic, with the makers touching upon varied social evils in the very first week. 

While the act of child marriage has been clearly shown to be an offence, with the police constantly being there to stop the crime, the makers have also got into the women abuse issue too. Leela is humiliated and abused by her husband Bhavaan (Shekhar Choudhary) as she is not capable of becoming a mother. Also, the dowry system and how menacing this social evil can turn out to be, in a girl’s life has been shown with the death of Kadwi Baa’s granddaughter Sarita’s story. 

Melanie Pais who has always played the modern girl roles looks proficient in doctor Sharda’s role. 

The wedding scenes of Anandi and Jigar were shot realistically. It will be interesting to see how Shreya Patel and Vansh Sayani get into the skin of the roles of Anandi and Jigar. 

Overall, a very good start considering that there were too many expectations from this new season of the cult show Balika Vadhu 2. Sphere Origins has handled this concept really well in the past and is taking this phase ahead in the right direction. 

Last but not the least, kudos to the writing team; the dialogues are powerful and strong. 

If only the comparisons do not diminish the charm of the new product, Balika Vadhu 2 will shine on. Hope the makers keep the storytelling as different as chalk and cheese when compared to the earlier edition. 

According to me, I would like to give the show a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars. Thanks for reading my review. I hope you liked my review.

  1. This show is total bakwas and your review too…

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      She gave her opinion. Ur opinion is different from hers. Respect that.

  2. Meera S

    If you dont like the show, please dont watch it and most importantly pass bad comments on this review article. You must understand that not all have the same opinions.

  3. Well we all know what will happen in things will turn up..slight change are always their but all an all such now a days would be able to strike a cord with audience 😀

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