Brother’s Love (part-3)

Recap: (part-2) Vincy gets job and she goes for a training. In there, Two trainers are there. Arjun and Ragul. Arjun is very friendly and Ragul is so strict. Ragul is asked everyone to introduce themselves. Vincy’s heartbeat is increasing and getting tension. Becoz she is so weak in English language. Finally, she also introduced herself and that 1st day training is went very well.



The next day morning, Vincy is wakingup and she is so tensed. Becoz she doesn’t want to go for the traning. She hates her trainer Ragul. Later, she gets happy. Becoz only two days he’ll be there here. So she is happily getting ready for going training.

(in a training building)

She reached her training building and she is smiling seeing her new friends.

The trainer started training.

Arjun: Hello guys, good morning. How r u all?

Employees: Good morning sir. We are fine.

Arjun: Guys, There are so many people here. So I am going to make as groups right now. It’ll be easy to learn everything.

Employees: ok sir

Arjun: ok, then I’ll count the people and make a group (he counts and made groups).

Ragul is arriving inside. All employees’ face became so sad.Vincy ges angry and thinking “oh my god…why this man came here. Who cried here for him for not coming here. I hate him. Again we stuck into the hell?”.

Ragul (to Arjun):  What are you doing ?

Arjun (to Rahul): sir, here I made them as groups. Becoz it’s very friendly, it’ll be easy to learn and for their good communication too. (Ragul nodes at him)

Ragul(to everyone): Hello everyone, today we are going to teach about the founder of our successful company and who runs this currently, where are the branches etc..

(he switched on the projector and Arjun and Ragul taught everything. All the employees write it down. But Vincy feel like sleeping .anyway she managed the sleeping by writing notes.

Suddenly,  Ragul ask some questions to one of the boys. He stand up and just standing. He didnt answer for his question. Ragul gets angry. He started questioning him more.

Ragul( to that boy): why u r not answering? Are you understanding what I am saying? Don’t you know English?

That guy gets upset and his face became sp sad. Vincy gets so sad about him. She forgot that guy’s name. He looks so poor and very poor family background. Silently she shouts that Ragul. Arjun and everyone get sad abt him.

Ragul (to that guy): what shirt it is? U r wearing half hand shirt and it looks like very old shirt. Don’t you iron this shirt? Don’t you know how to come for the work? Sit down (he told this angrily to that boy and that boy seated)

Vincy talks to everyone nicely. She geta new friends and so many brothers there. Vincy thinks to speak that guy. Becoz she is so sad about him. And he looks so innocent.

Lunch time comes and both the trainers goes outside to have lunch. All the employees are so happy. They started to have lunch. After finishing the lunch, Vincy goes to that guy to talk him.

Vincy: Hi!!! I am Vincy. Ur name?(with smiles)

That guy: My name is Rocky. I am good. You? (with smiling)

Vincy: I am good. But now I am not good. I hate that Ragul. He is very bad. And tok much. I hate him a lot.

Rocky: (with smiles nodes at her) hmmm…

Vincy: me , my younger bro, mom and dad are staying here. You? What about your family?

Rocky: I have my dad and me only. I am from village to get a job.and I don’t know about this city.

Vincy gets emotional and thinks, he is really poor. She understood that his mom is no more. So she didnt ask any question after that. Vincy and Rocky are different groups. So she goes to sit with her group. Rocky too.

Arjun enters inside and everyone stands . He asks everyone to be seated. Then he started talking.

Guys, there is some news. Everyone gets excited and asked what is that.

Arjun: guys, Actually , Ragul is not going to come here from tomorrow. He is going too early. Today is a last day for him.

Everyone gets happy. Vincy gets so much happiness. Rocky and Vincy looks at each other and smiles at each other.


The training is going on so funnily. All of them are so happy. Arjun brings some more new employees. Arjun says, they are also will join in the groups. So guys, which one you want for your group? Select them. Vincy gets irritated seeing that blue shirt.

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