Broken Heart ( Ragini, Swara, Laksh, Sanskar) Chapter 31 by LovelyAliya

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Hey, guys How are you?

Leap of 5 years

A room filled with darkness is shown. Someone came and pull the curtains letting the sunray enter the room. A lady come over the bed and try to wake the person up.

Lady- Utho

Person- Sone do na ma

Lady- Nahi Laado, today you have to go back to India
( The person is none other our Ragini)

Ragini- Ma I know that’s why I don’t want to go

Janki- I understand your feeling

Ragini wakes up with moist eyes- how can I face him, he hates me, mama, I have lost my right on him

Janki- You did what you thought to be good, you cannot erase the past, but you can make a better future.

Ragini- I don’t know mama, my heart is saying that I did wrong, but my mind said I’m right, he has to support me, encourage me

Janki- You told him a lie, a big lie Laado. You are my child and as a mother, I cannot see you like this! From past five years you are like a dead body, but then you didn’t regret any of your act. I just don’t know how to console you, my dear!

Ragini crying- Mama, I don’t want to go

A phone beep and Ragini answer, it’s a video call- Di I hope you are not backing off from coming here

Ragini smile a bit- Chotte, why you want me to come there, I cannot face him

Viren- Di won’t you come to your brother’s shaadi? Won’t you come to your baby brother! It’s been five years, that I saw you…

Ragini- That’s not true chotte

Viren- Facetime or skype don’t work here, I didn’t hug you, talk to you, sleep in your laps! You cannot be selfish like this Ragini! If you don’t come here I won’t talk to you!
With that he cut the call, and Ragini was stunned to see his baby brither angry that too with her.

Ragini sight- Why cannot they understand me?

Janki keep a hand on her shoulder- Laado why you keep distancing yourself with your one? They didn’t do anything wrong, you cut all your relation with Swara, and everyone in Mahewari mansion. Because you and Sanskar is divorced you cannot forget the other relation, you have a sister, a friend, a brother, a best friend!

Ragini- I know but I think they hate me for what I did

Janki- How you will know being far to them? You are not in their head, maybe they understand you!

Ragini crying hard- The one who should understand me, hate me! He called me selfish woman, and much more!

Janki kneel down and take Ragini- He did all this in anger laado, he loves you a lot, and he felt that you betrayed him that’s all. He don’t hate you, he loves you a lot.

In India at Maheswari office

Woman- Sir, this is the file of Mr. Richards

Man- Thank you Anu

Woman- Sanskar be professional, please
( Yes the man is our hero Sanskar)

Sanskar- Are Anu you are my best friend, atleast I can call you by your nickname in my cabin, no one will hear us

Anu- I know Sanskar, but I’m not comfortable, you know I came here to make a name for myself, but because of Dad I cannot.
She pouts and Sanskar smile

Sanskar- You succeed my dear, see you came here and now you are my partner in a short time, I’m proud of you

Anu- Yeah now dad will tell me to marry, maybe it’s not a bad idea

Sanskar- Poor guy, who will marry you?

Anu glare at him- You are here for me, you will marry me!

Sanskar face change- Anu please, don’t talk to me about marriage, I hate this word

Anu comes to him and held his hand- No Sanskar, you don’t hate marriage, you just hate this woman, who destroy you

Anu ( in mind)- Since college, I love you Sanskar, I won’t let you be sad, I don’t know what happened with this girl, but I will heal you. It’s my promise, It’s your Anu promise, I will make you fall for me, you will always be happy.
Anu to Sanskar- I’m sorry, I shouldn’t mention this in front of you!
With that, she hugs him and he responds to the hug.

Sanskar- Thank you for coming back to my life

Anu- I told you before going, whenever you want me, you should call and will immediately come to you!

Sanskar- You are a true friend Anu!

Anu (in mind)- Kaash main tumse pyaar bane payi, but don’t worry Mr. Sanskar Maheswari, I will help you to recover from your past! I hope I won’t cross this woman way!

Sanskar- Anyways, how is your dad?

Anu- Hum, he is fine, he wants to come here

Sanskar- Missing you?

Anu- Yeah and because I’m missing him also

Sanskar- Papa ki chamchi

Anu smile- Wo to hai! he is my world, my first love, and my first friend! You know Sanskar, I want a husband like my dad, who understand my pain, whom I can share everything, who will bear my tantrum, who will love me unconditionally.

Sanskar- I got a perfect match for you

Anu look surprised- So soon? Kaun? Main jaanti ho unki?

Sanskar suppresses his laught- Ya you know him

Anu was now curious- Who?

Sanskar- Tyson?

Anu- Tyson? kaun? ( then reality strike her, her eyes pop up) Yuck, Sanskar how can you? Tyson is a dog! You are unbelievable

Sanskar laught and Anu was lost in his lost- Sanskar you very handsome when you smile, please smile like this always

Sanskar stops laughing and became serious, Anu senses this then tell- Don’t worry I have already found my would be husband!

Sanskar- Kaun? I know him?

Anu- Maybe, maybe not!

Sanskar- Please tell me, I will ask his hand for you!

Anu- I will tell you when the right time comes! For now, we have a meeting in 30 minutes.

Anu gets a message she read it- My darling, I have a surprise for you!

Anu reply- Handsome, do tell me what you are planning now?

Messager- You will know tomorrow!

Anu- Ok don’t tell me, will see tomorrow!

Anu smile and Sanskar just look at her- How innocent she is! She doesn’t know that love is useless, he just gives you pain, and here she wants to marry! Naive girl
Sanskar think about Ragini- Why Ragini? Why did you this to me? Why you betray me like this? What I did to you that you give me so much pain? I loved you a lot, maybe more than myself! I give you Kavitha’s place, you were like my angle who bring whiteness in my dark world! The same angle take the brightness and replace it by darkness! After two years of our divorce, Anu came and she makes me smile though my pain and tears! Whenever I’m thinking about you, she would hear me without uttering a word! Wish I found her before falling in love with you! I will never forgive you Ragini, main nafrat tumse! The same love I have for you, now I have more hatred toward you! I wish with all my heart to never see you again!

Anu saw that Sanskar is lost and understand that he is thinking about his ex-wife, she hesitates but then said- Sanskar, I know I told you I don’t want to know her nor her name, but please sambal ne tumko.

Sanskar smiles sadly- Anu can I ask you something?

Anu- Shoot

Sanskar- Why you don’t wish to know her?

Anu- Simple, the one who made my friend like a dead body is not worst for my attention! She is no one to me, she is just the ex-wife of my best friend. She is the one who gives you a lot of love and at the same time a lot of pain! How can I wish to know her? She is not worsted to be known!

Sanskar was sad and Anu said- You know Sanskar, you lost your wife, but think about Swara bhabhi, Pari bhabhi, and Laksh? Swara lost her sister, Pari lost another friend cum sister, and Laksh lost his best friend. Your mom and dad lost a daughter, I know she did a sin but atleast you shouldn’t throw her like this! You didn’t let her explain her, you didn’t know her POV! I agree, I don’t like her because of her deed, but you should atleast wait to get her explanation.

Sanskar with tears in his eyes and anger- Do you think I made a mistake by divorcing her? She knows how much I wait for this moment, but before my dreams come true she destroys it! Whatever her reason, she is two faced. And I’m warning you to not take her side!
With that, he storms out to his cabin and bangs the door.

Anu was stunned to see so much anger- I should be happy no, he hates his ex-wife, but why I’m feeling that’s it’s not right? Should I enquire? No, no it’s his past, so I should concentrate on the future, on our future.

Precap- Ragini coming to India, Anu and Ragini’s meeting. Maybe Ragsan face to face

Anuskha Singh- 24 years old- Positive- Mature but have a childish behavior- She is the only child of her parents- Her mom is dead and her dad is her pillar- She loves Sanskar, they are childhood friend, she herself don’t know when her friendship turn to love! When Sanskar proposes Kavitha she was devasted, but was happy that Sanskar is happy! So when Sanskar married Kavitha she leaves India with her dad and goes to the USA, and never contact Sanskar. She thinks she was moved on but when she came back and Saw Sanskar, she fell in love again.
She will be played by Krytel D’souza because, she one of my favorite actress before Tejaswini, Helly, and Sanaya. She will be positive not negative at all.

Guys, just want to tell you that I won’t be able to post any of my FF’s from now, because my exam will start soon, and then I’m going to India for holiday’s so won’t be able to update. I think I will restart to update in the middle of January! I know I’m often absent, but I’m sorry we have to live our life fully before we die, wo I’m enjoying my life with my family! Hope you guys understand me! Love you a lot <3 <3

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  1. Feeling bad for ragsan

  2. Asw

    Awesome episode ragsan meeting will be quite interesting aww I miss ur updates anyway enjoy ur life keep going

    1. LovelyAliya

      Hum yeah will be very interesting 😉

  3. Sindhura

    After do many days you posted

    1. LovelyAliya

      Yeah after so many day 😉

    1. LovelyAliya

      Thank you 🙂

  4. Hi i am confused withbur story far as I remembered it sanskar who loved swara so did she and ragini and laksh loved each other then ragini married sanskar because someone was blackmailing her and sandkar found out then swalak went to london became friends and had a dance group and rgasna went to london for honeymoon their family sent them what happened after that

    1. LovelyAliya

      Sanskar never love Swara in my story maybe you got confused because they is another story with the title broken heart ? here its a ragsan story

    2. LovelyAliya

      Sanskar never love Swara in my story maybe you got confused because they is another story with the title broken heart ? here its a ragsan story ?

    1. LovelyAliya

      Thank you 🙂

  5. LovelyAliya

    Thank you darling ?

  6. nice what happened plzz reveal

    1. LovelyAliya

      Thank you 🙂

    1. LovelyAliya

      Thank you 🙂

  7. Moni_ragz

    Feeling vry bad for ragsan… wt was the reason 4 their divorce.. hope their hate disappears nd love blossoms in them…

    1. LovelyAliya

      Hum Yeah will blossom soon because I will end it soon :p

    1. LovelyAliya

      Thank you 🙂

  8. Jazzy

    hmmm whats the reason heheheh maybe ragini was pregnant and got abortion done hehehheehhe my wild thoughts heheheh

    1. LovelyAliya

      Haan maybe, maybe not :p

  9. A.xx

    fab but will miss ur updates try to update in india if u can ,xx

    1. LovelyAliya

      Hum I won’t post on india forum now, because some technical issues 😉 When I will end broken heart, sacrifice and Ragini SS, I will continue the other one 😉 Thank you for missing my ffs 🙂

  10. Aditisyam

    Awesome yaar plzzzzz update sacrifice also plzzzzZ

    1. LovelyAliya

      I will try, sorry I forgot to reply your message 😉 and Thank you darling <3

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