Bringing Back The Light ~ A Twinj Story (Chapter 3)

Life Is A Mess…

Kunj reached the hospital all messed up. No one could ever guess it’s the same Kunj Sarna, who always has that positive smile on his face which can make anyone smile.

As soon as he reached the hospital, he straight away sprinted towards the reception, scaring the little lady sitting there.

” Ms. Sara Raichand was brought here a while ago. She was in an accident.. ” He barely whispered, as the receptionist checked through the database.

 ” Yes sir. She’s in the OT right now! Her case is being handled by Dr. Rajesh Sharma. The OT is in the left corridor.”

” I want to meet your head, Dr. Khanna, right away. “

” I’m sorry sir, but Dr. Khanna is on leave today. “

” I don’t give a damn about it!!! I want him here in 30 minutes. Call him and tell him that Dr. Sarna wants to meet him right this instant!! ” Kunj roared, frightening the poor girl, as she nodded and hurriedly called the doctor.

” Kunj… ” Someone tapped his shoulder.

He quickly turned around, ready to pounce at the person who was interrupting him at this time, but controlled himself on finding a red-eyed, dishevelled Akash. One look at him, and he knew right away that the situation was far more serious than he had actually thought.

” Kunj, Dr. Rajesh wants to talk. And yeah, the police is here too. “

” Excuse me, Dr. Khanna will be here shortly. ” The receptionist informed, as Akash nodded, and dragged Kunj away.

Both of them were standing outside the OT, impatiently waiting for the doctor to come out. Finally after what felt like an eternity, Dr. Rajesh came out with a sombre face.

” Dr. Sarna, Dr. Singhania, I don’t know how to say this in a better way but, please don’t get your hopes high. It is a very crucial case. Me and my team are trying our level best, but I don’t want to give you any false hope. Her backbone has got quite a damage, while her right hand is severely injured. And due to heavy blood loss and such sudden pressure on her whole body, her heart is not responding much. I… I can’t say anything else right now, as we still have to get some tests done. Now, if you’d excuse me.. “

The doctor went away, leaving behind two souls in great turmoil. Both were rooted at their places, trying to register those words. Their minds had gone blank long back, it was only the heart which was beating. And with every beat, the pain was only increasing. It is rightly said, that it hurts the most when you see your loved ones in immense pain, and you can’t do anything to lessen it. All you can do is see them going through it all, and feel helpless.

” Mr. Sarna! ” Their trance was broken by a bold male voice, as both turned around to see a young man in police uniform.

“Hello. I’m inspector Vivek and I’m the one handling this case. ” The guy introduced himself, followed by the duo.

After the introduction was done, Akash finally asked the question which was lingering in his and Kunj’s mind since a long time.

” Officer, did you catch the one responsible for Sara’s condition. And yes, we would also like to know what exactly happened there. “

” Yes. Miss Raichand’s car broke down in the middle of the road, so she was waiting for a cab, when a car at a very high speed came and banged into her. She was sent flying metres away, and one of the people in the crowd called for us. The driver of that car is with us only. She got a bit hurt too, so the nurse is tending to her wounds right now. After that, we’ll start with the proceedings. So it was totally the other car’s fault, and Miss Raichand is innocent. We got a bit late in informing you, as she didn’t have her mobile with her. As soon as we got to know her address, we called at her home, and the rest you both know. ” The inspector ended the story, as Kunj’s blood boiled.

” Who the hell is that person who did this ? And you said ‘she’. So it’s a woman. I want to meet that lady right away, inspector! “

” I’m sorry Mr. Sarna, but you can’t meet her now. “

Now even Akash was enraged, knowing that the person responsible for all of this was in the same hospital, but they were not letting them both meet her.

” Officer, it’s a request. Please.. Let us meet her. ” Akash tried to request calmly. Keyword : tried.

The officer denied, yet again, and that was it for the boys! Akash quickly charged towards Vivek, ready to punch the living daylights out of him, but was stopped dead in his tracks by a shout.

” Aahhhhh!!! ” Both were on high alert, as they heard Sara scream.

” How is this even possible ?! For God’s sake, she must have been given some sedatives! Then how is she awake ?? ” Kunj questioned no one, as the trio ran towards the doctor, who himself was in a shocked state.

” Doctor! What the hell is going on here ?!! “

” I’m sorry Dr. Sarna, but I can’t say anything right now. I’ll see you in some time. ” Before they could even object, the doctor had already moved inside.


It had been 3 hours since they had heard Sara’s heart-shattering scream. Both of them  had not moved an inch since then, just sitting outside the OT like two soulless bodies, while the officer had gone to meet the eye-witnesses of the accident. They were shattered, broken and what not! It felt like life had ended for them both. It hurt so much that not they were immune to all the hurt, and the pain. All they were thinking was, how just in some hours their lives have turned upside down.

Kunj’s mind was again and again replaying the previous night’ conversation he had with Sara, tormenting his very soul. It hurt him to no extent to know that the same girl whom he was teasing some 20 hours ago was now trying to fight for her life. And he, couldn’t do any damn thing to help her!! So much helpless he was! All he could do was pray, pray to the Almighty to save his chhoti!

Akash was totally shattered, his heart was breaking, his mind had stopped working the moment he got that call. His tears had dried long back, all what was left was, his aching heart. He never knew what relation he shared with that girl, that one girl who got successful in affecting Akash Singhania to that extent that now it was impossible for him to ignore her even for a second. The moment he saw her in Kunj’s cabin that day, his heart jumped in joy! He didn’t know what it was, but whatever it was, it was just so heart-warming. And now, it felt like someone was squeezing his heart, with no mercy at all, as he thought about what Sara might be going through.

” Dr. Singhania! ” Both the guys looked up to see doctor Rajesh looking at them with a bit of sadness and…. guilt ?

” Umm… I’m sorry but… the scream that you heard sometime ago was because of our own mistake. Actually, the nurse didn’t give her the needed amount of anesthesia. So that’s why her senses started working and her brain got overloaded with the immense pain… But now she’s fine..” And that was the limit for both the angry hulks!

Kunj leapt up at the doctor, grabbing his collar, and scaring the shit out of him.

” And you call yourself a doctor ?! What type of staff do you have ? That is plainly idiotic! This kind of behaviour is not at all acceptable!! Now before I break your bones and get you admitted in your own hospital, just get the hell out of here! And if this happens one more time Dr. Rajesh, I swear, you’ll regret the day you decided to become a doctor! ” His voice was so promising that even Akash got frightened for a second.

” I.. I’m sorry.. This won’t happen a.. again, Dr. Sa.. Sarna! ” And before he could get anymore threatening promises, the stuttering doctor left from there, leaving the two boys to their own company.

” Kunj, I guess we should talk to the senior doctors. And Dr. Khanna also wanted to meet us after checking the reports. “

” No. First I want to meet that person who is responsible for all this! I’m not gonna spare that lady! ” Akash was taken aback with the hatres in Kunj’s voice for that woman, the person who was the sole reason of them being here in this situation. If that woman had been careful, they would have been enjoying their late night conversations right now! But, somethings are just meant to happen, right ?!

” Mr. Sarna, Mr. Singhania!! ” Both looked around to find Vivek running hurriedly towards them.

” What happened officer ? “

” That lady, she’s been discharged. And, her lawyer has got her bailed. We can’t arrest her now! “

Both closed their fists, trying their best to control the anger which was slowly building up inside them. They didn’t want to burst out on the innocent officer, now did they ?

” What the hell ?! How is it possible ? They can’t do this! ” Akash yelled, awakening half of the hospital. The volcano could burst any moment now!

” I’m sorry sir, but it’s totally legal and now we can’t arrest her. ” Vivek looked down, with helplessness clearly evident in his eyes!

Akash clearly looked like he wanted to fight that, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He turned around, only to get a big shock.

This Kunj Sarna was nowhere near the Kunj he had known since childhood. This Kunj was totally different. His red eyes, stiff body, and that emotionless face. It was scary for even Akash to see this Kunj. But the most scariest thing was that there were no tears in his eyes. No sadness, no tears, nothing! There was just a hollowness, a hollowness enough to make anyone shiver in fear. Kunj was bottling it all up inside him, and now if he’d burst, it’ll be the worst outburst!

No words came out of his mouth for a while, as Akash and Vivek continued to stare at him, before he finally said those words.

” We want to meet that lady, inspector. Right now! “


Both the boys were standing at the reception of the hospital, waiting for Vivek to bring that woman to meet them both. Both knew that they were ready to kill that person right that instant, no matter who the person is! But unknown to them, they were about to get shocked out of their wits!

” Excuse me! ” Both looked towards the source of the voice, to see Vivek standing there with a lady. The lady had her back turned towards them, as she continued to talk with her lawyer. It took all the self-control that they had dinner themselves to not go and kill that lady right there and then!

” She’s the one! ” And as soon as those words left Vivek’s mouth, the lady turned around, as Akash gasped loudly. Her eyes widened too, shocked to see them. While Kunj, on the other hand, was standing there totally motionless.

” Twin…kle… ?! ” Akash stuttered, his mouth agape, unable to think straight! He didn’t know what to do. All he knew was, his life was a total mess!

Best friends are people who make your problems their problems, just so you don’t have to go through the them alone ~


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