Not every love story is a fairy tale!!!!! – Chapter 1

Chap 1

I met her for the first time during my elder brother Lakshya’s wedding. My grandmother introduced me to her and it was a magical moment for me. She was standing in front of me I felt as if my heart started beating after seeing her. Her big beautiful green eyes, thick and curly eyelashes, perfect nose and tempting lips. AH! I fell in love with at the very first sight, love at first sight. In a fraction of second I lost my heart to someone else. I felt as if I came on this earth for her. I thought my love story will be as romantic as I am always portrayed onscreen. SORRY!!!!!!!!! I forgot to introduce myself. Myself Sanskar Maheshwari, I am an actor. Basically I am a superstar. But lets come back to my story. Against all my expectations my love story was full of comedy, drama, action and last love, my one sided love which almost took 2 and half years to become two sided. “Itne papad bele hai na maine apni love story mein ki main apni papad ki factory khol sakta hoon”. Jokes apart, not continuing my stupid talks further, let me tell you how I met her for the first time.

It was 2 days before my brothers wedding and I had recieved strict warning from my Maa and grandmother, Biji, as I call her, to be present by that day.”Marta kya na karta” I had to obey their order. On that day before I left for Delhi I had to shoot for 1 week in advance because I was on leave for the folllowing week. While shooting I was late and much to my dismay I had to board the flight in my costume. By god’s grace I was playing the role of Lord Krishna in the show. Well, I left for Delhi in that get up because if I took to change my get up then for sure I would ahve missed my flight and my maa and biji would have eaten me raw if I did so. You see I had no other option. everyone on the airport looked at me as “main koi zoo se bhaga hua junglee janwaar hoon”.

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