Breaking the silence- part 25(iii)


“Sayyam… wait,” she mumbled In a low voice trying to stop the feathery kisses between the valley of her neck and shoulder.

“don’t you like this night…” came the unexpected question from the person who was in no mood to stop and only tightened his grip on her waist making her shiver.

“it is not like that… with the passing minutes and the sweet torture, she was already losing the will to not respond.

“i just need to wash my face…” she answered opening the arm around her.

“ohkay…” and with a sour mood which she sensed in his tone, he left her focusing on his sherwani buttons.

“do you want me to get wrinkles…. and outbursts… and all those things I don’t want” she whispered trying to get close to his ear from behind.

She sensed the stiffness and as expected his one arm pulled her in front of him and in the bright light which she never felt comfortable in such moments tamed her bolder self.

“oh, really?” he imitated like a very caring husband. “then I think you should go and wash all these chemicals you have put on.” and she was pushed into the attached washroom.

As the sound of water came he changed into his pajamas and stretched on the couch waiting for her. Thinking to talk with his mother he almost gave her a call but as soon as he saw the time he cut the call instead typed a message, “Everything went well Ma, we’ll be back by the weekend. talk to you in the morning.”

She thought it was just this wedding but he had already made the plan for week-long holidays and next he was booking their tickets for a place she was going to love.


“Sayyam… she called him as the room was dark with the midnight lamps glowing yellow and he wasn’t anywhere.

“i am missing the woofers we have in our room.” the voice came from the little balcony she assumed and made her way but stopped recalling something.

“would you like some hot chocolate?” she asked dialing the one key dialer for the room service and inside she was anticipating was it too late for the room service…

“order some pista ice ice-cream instead… for me.” and her thoughts lost the balance and the “hello” from the other side went unheard, putting the receiver down she asked again to confirm he wasn’t joking.

“yeah.. what happened? I want to have some cool ice cream then we can see the sunrise together and afterward we can do whatever you wish.” he winked confirming her suspicions.

she shouldn’t have thought about wrinkles and outbreaks earlier now she had to endure a sneezing session for the rest of the day.” she sighed dialing the room service.

“ sometimes it is important to do things that are …..sort of wild,” he said as she stood behind the chair pressing his shoulders lightly( a habit she has gotten from a few days).

“But who eats Ice cream at 3 in the morning,” and her bangles cluttered near his ears.

“Mr. And Mrs Sayyam… and in just a single second she was pulled on his lap.

“what we are going to tell our kids that we didn’t eat ice-cream from one spoon at 3 in morning,or we didn’t sit together in one chair because we thought it was childish,” he said in a thoughtful yet comic tone.

“of course not.”she went along.

“Sayyam, what are you doing…she exclaimed when the fingers who secured her tickled her sides.

“no one is going to see us, no one is going to say a thing if we woke up late, no one is going to just barge in… so all your terrors are not present here,” he said tickling more.

And she smiled in response adjusting to a comfortable position.

“you seem light, are you losing some weight?” he said noticing her and cocooned to his warmth she nodded in denial.

And started their silent session, where no one said a thing and they just stared the east direction right before their eyes.

Feeling safe in his arms she thought about all the chaos she went through in the last few days… all she wanted was this wedding to get over and now when it finally was it left her with a few good memories.

“what if she was at her place?” her heart suddenly asked her and after a few assumptions, she came to the conclusion she could have done that only..she was going to get what she deserved finally.

if he had a chance to hear her heartbeats he could have declared her nervous but thankfully only she was allowed to his calm heartbeats in this position.

Many moments passed in silence and them staring the starlit sky but someone had other plans and that someone knocked their doors.


After finishing the pistachio she thought to keep the tins aside…but something touched her exposed back and she shivered with the coolness it held.

After the ice-cream session they had turned cold, so cold and as they touched her neck she shivered and a low gasp left her.

Though she was just told she was light but the fact he had scooped her up was embarrassing for her.

“please close the latch because I cant.” he said and she nodded feeling numb and clueless all of a sudden with the shade of his eyes.

They were waiting for the morning sun but it seemed morning sun was forgotten;the dark room was all they needed in this moment.

Making her stand on her feet he took no time and returned to her lips.

The coldness it came with

Assured warmth for a lifetime

The shades of eyes kept changing

As the hundreds of motions.

The loose end of sari was pulled away exposing her to him, and she hugged him which only made him react fast.

Her tiny shelf marched with fire

To match the unreachable powers

The treasonous agony melted

Kindling their own wild.

The light green cotton shirt was nowhere in sight, rather his heartbeats which were running fast were visible to her, the light stubble grazed her skin and she walked down the ecstasy.

They ran through their own allies

Through their own castles

Where no one but ‘em

Were allowed.

Spent with the desires and content with the night he caressed her hairs and hugging her inside the thin sheet he whispered.“we are going Coorg this evening so you better sleep well.”

“hmmm.” she replied not really conscious about the fact that she had to write to her hospital to extend her leaves or other things like she hadn’t come with enough clothes or anything.

she had had a big day and a big night and so, for now, she was going to just sleep.


Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing good. Enjoy this chapter which I tried making every bit a romantic one.

I still can’t believe I wanted this to make a one-shot I am at the 28th part of this story????

with love Morusya.

  1. Beautifully portrayed epi… Loved it dear?

    1. Morusya51

      Thank you dear..i am happy you liked it, by the way is it same Muniya who i know?

    2. Muniya

      Yes dear… Didn’t login?

    3. Morusya51

      ohkay…it made me happy then❤

  2. Palak_55

    This is really a super Romantic one….and u succeed in making it romantic, in every way.
    Infact, I feel its not only romantic but humorous too, actually I felt it at some poins….which I like the most . And your poem dear, it was really enhancing the beauty of your fiction….and through your poem I feel your way of defining luv and romance is pure .

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much, Palak. you were one of that constant support as a reader to BTS and whose comment always made my day. it was humorous !! really? then i m happy you smiled as well, reading them.
      the poem was the last moment addition but i myself loved it and it should be one of my favorite chapter i have written so far… lots of love your way♥♥♥♥
      i am waiting for you to read the final chapter the soonest( a greedy writer that i am 🙂

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