Breaking the silence – part 23

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Part 22


Breaking the Silence – part 23

“Ma, don’t you think a few people here are a little too happy?” Yuvani said spooning the pistachio flavored custard and meanwhile eyeing the couple before her.

“Hun… We are actually happy that you are leaving finally.” Sayyam said as he kept his empty bowl on the table.

“You two will never grow up,” saying that their mother left the table and table was left with the three of them.

“Oh really, I thought someone helped you ease your tensions because I think…. And Yuvani waited to add the extra spice.

“I think there is something on your neck… what Krishna, we left you two alone for a few days and now you will display your love before everyone.” And she smiled on her triumph cause in no time the couple turned stern.

“It’s okay, it happens…. Help him Krishna, anyways it was you who marked him there or should I say your lipstick.” And she winked to them as she took her plate and left the table.

“But I never wear lipstick at home,” she said to herself and realization hit her. Her naughty sister in law was teasing them again.

“You will learn to get her jokes gradually.” He said as he shifted his chair back.

“By the way brother, I think you two should go somewhere together as in you never enjoyed a honeymoon.” Yuvani was back.

“So tell me my dear sister where should we be going?” he asked as he encircled her shoulder.

“well, Krishna has better plans, ask her.” she replied and turned to Krishna finding her already gone cause last she wanted was one more heated joke.

“Come lets go to the roof little girl, it looks we haven’t talked from ages, I will be back in a moment.” He said as he turned to wash his hands.


“Nivi was saying lately issues have been arising in her brother’s marriage.” She said as they sipped the cold soft drink something they always did in late nights when they were up for some them-time.

“Why, is there some big issue?” Sayyam asked thinking about the stylish and fast forward girl Anirudh, Nivi’s brother was married to.

“Actually now after their first baby they think they were not the right choice for one another, they are filing for divorce.” Yuvani recalled Nivi’s terrified voice.

“So this was the reason, Shashi aunty wanted mom and dad to visit them?” he asked.

“Yeah, they are now thinking to intervene cause now the life of little baby is in question.”

“So they are accepting both of them back.”

“If everything goes well and they succeed to stop the divorce then yes.”

‘Well, it is a good thing then.”

“Yeah it is.”

“So you aren’t planning to take her somewhere? She enquired. “I thought you were romantic brother.”

“I will plan sometime later; right now we both are busy.” He sipped the last drop before putting the glass in the side.

“Yeah, but don’t get too busy brother, she won’t say anything or fight back but she is so quiet she may feel alone.

“And from when you started knowing her this well,” he asked dramatically.

‘Well when we became friends.’ She replied in the same tone.

“By the way tomorrow I am dragging your wife to beauty parlors, she needs a little pampering.”

“Whatever… I don’t have a say in your departments but don’t force her for anything.”

“Please brother, now don’t make me look like a sadist.” She said and they both smiled on it.


She had been searching something from the way every cupboard and drawer was open and to see the matter he entered without making a sound and closed the door latch.

“Are we staying awake this night?” he asked as he rested on the long wooden chair.

“No… I was searching some papers?” she replied looking between her neatly folded clothes in the cupboard.

“Do you need my help,” and he smirked knowing she won’t take his help finally she got to know something was missing.

“No I think I put that along with my bag in the store room, I will search tomorrow morning,” she said closing the slight ajar door of drawers.

Turning behind she looked at him, “give me a moment, I will put all this away.” Pointing all the scattered stuff on the bed she said.

And suddenly winds became violent, the curtains roared with the force… “I think there is a storm coming this night.” He said getting up to close the balcony glass.

“It is not coming, it has come… would you mind joining me in balcony?” she said with an exotic happiness closing the windows. And here he thought who the hell got happy for the dusty storms that would cover you with the dirt and mud.

“Are you seriously going in those dusty winds?” he asked thinking she was joking but she rarely joked.

“Yes, I like them.” she answered as she opened the door and entered inside without waiting for him.

“Aren’t girls afraid of dust and winds?” asking to himself he went behind her and dusty but chilly winds welcomed him suggesting rains were near or were already pouring somewhere near.

And here she stood clutching the railings strongly to withstand the powerful winds and her hairs flew backwards from the front facing winds.

“Are you sure, it is what you like?” he shouted to get her attention.

“Yeah, I love these winds….they are so cold.” She said with a childlike innocence.

“Now don’t tell me you love picking the little mangoes too in these kinds of storm?” he joked as he stood resting his back on the railings to face her.

“Well no, but I would love to.” And yet again she surprised him.

If he was the city grown wild soul she was the nature grown calmness and she loved her roots too much that was evident with her acts often.

And the first rains of the late spring touched them with ease, winds started getting mild as the drops took the power and suddenly she pulled him inside.

“Why what happened, don’t you love rains?” he asked.

“I love but not now…. And she waited for him to get her point and he got.

“Okay, but we should not let go this rain with the drought still fresh…he said with some raw emotions and the poetic words didn’t go down her brain.

“Don’t think too much, no matter how tempting the moment is I will content myself with this only…” and he pulled them to the room and with the cool air scissoring them and wild drops touching them as little drizzle he sealed their lips.

Affections and Expression of love don’t need an I LOVE YOU, they are understanding one another, almost leaving the ego and most importantly being patient with tempts and emotions.

(The soft music and soft winds swinging one’s hair is the really lovely kind of romantic moment, but a moment is a moment and it becomes the best any time; romance happens on its own, in any moment and  by the way storms too come with romance ?)


Hey everyone… my heartiest apologies for being this late but I am really suffocating for time and sorry to say but it will be this way at least for a few months.

 Now this third last chapter has some hints, let’s see who can guess ? I will disclose them in coming chapters or maybe in last chapter itself.

And talking about last chapter i really get sad but I will try making it really up to you all’s expectations.

Hope you enjoy it and as usual I will wait for your response. And take care everyone until next time.

p.s. – as i was submitting this chapter i felt it was so long since i last wrote them.

With love Morusya.

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      again apologizing dear for being late, i myself was impatient but was stuck with many things… but i am happy now and more for you loved it. thank you so much Sravya for the constant love.❤❤❤

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    Hey dear…was waiting for u with an wonderful update and here u r with that.
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      awww… again i was really nervous cause one i was very late and second it was a stormy night for them 😉 but now i am at ease that you and others too liked it . thank you so much Muniya for the encouragement always.?
      yes.. romance is a feeling and not the words and certainly not some special moment but yes i agree sometimes words too are necessary.
      and if you are free go update your stories.. there are so less Kriyyam ffs here and everyone misses them 🙂 dont make them wait anymore and love you dear❤❤❤❤

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    So Romantic Romantic episode it was!!!
    Husband wife conversation was superb dear…..u portray krishna’s emotions so well….really a great one dear
    and about hints of next chapter, i cant say anything coz everytime u comeup with new and different things, so its better to wait for next one….

    1. Morusya51

      yeah you said right , my hints change drastically everytime but this time i assure you in the coming chapters the 2 or i think 3 hints will play the …..ummmm,should i say TWIST :).
      and husband and wife convo – well , i love portraying Romance or the winds of Romance whether they are the Disappearing winds are the permanent winds 😉
      thank you so much sweetheart for loving it, love you too❤

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    Hi…. Morusya…I was quite late…..To comments as always ??

    This one really nice…. Convo between bro-sis and hus-wife…Both natural nothing added… You’re writing skills always made me spellbound… Yes you’re right about love… It’s just happens when there won’t be any reason..But still…We felt it… It wont always need “I love you” sometimes an assurance of movement of eye lids are enough… Sometimes a kind words….That proves him he is not needed an explanation…

    Waiting eagerly for next… If you can please update MTS too….

    1. Morusya51

      late in comments but always the one to surprise me when i am not expecting?awww, i am happy you liked it :)… yeah love moments are so phenomenal -happens anytime and actually every feeling is phenomenal. and you are so right sometimes just a movement of eyelid is enough..
      actually as i told i am stuck with a few things and thats the reason for the irregularities but as you asked about MTS …i am thinking to start it after BTS completes. but i will see… thank you Fidato for the love and support,love you❤

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      by the way if you are following Bepannah show and interested then i have done two One Shots on them so if you like you can go through them 🙂
      p.s.- the first one is more lovely as i feel 😉

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      Really loved them Aditya and Zoya… I love Jennifer so much….

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