BREAKING THE SILENCE- PART 25 (IV) (no more silence)

Breaking the silence – part 25(iv)

“I heard what she said…” he said as soon as she cut the call blushing hard, “and actually she is right this tour can be said our Honeymoon,” he said aloud and she blushed layers of red.

“Sayyam….please stop.” she pulled him towards the park if her sister in law was cruel in teasing her husband too was no less.

“by the way, You really think she wanted the window seat for sightseeing?” he was amused as he recalled the hormonal girl who wanted to sit near the window beside him.

“yes…maybe it was her first time in a flight!” she said with obvious genuineness staring the little deer who were walking nonchalantly,not afraid of them.

“Krishna… don’t you get jealous?” honestly I expected you to react when I showed you Anu’s message that day but you failed me… now you two have even exchanged numbers.” he was wondering.

“i told you that day also and again saying we all have grown up when there is nothing like insecurity why to get jealous…besides, someday somebody promised me to keep their trust in this marriage.” she surprisingly teased her.

And both remembered the walk near the lake after their dinner date.

“You never asked what I needed in a marriage?” he asked out of the blue and she was back to the same question in some different timeline.

And she was alert “ why this question and this late?” she thought to turn it light, who knows he is again teasing.

“Cause you never heard my answer and I could never give you the answer, right after our marriage we without a word believed in this marriage but today when we talked this much about these many things I thought I should ask you.” He was not teasing or joking but a serious talk

“Ok, so what is your answer.” She was now looking directly to his face.

“My answer is ,I will try to keep this trust into our marriage all our life, also for me it wasn’t much necessary who I was going to marry and when I just believed Ma with that. And I guess she has done an amazing job.” He completed genuinely.

“whoa… someone isnt afraid of the strange eyes.” he teased her back.

And looking away she murmured, “ when those eyes promise to love for eternity why to get scared.”

“you said something,” he asked and she declined before pointing to the mother and child deer just in front of them.


The deer park, the spice gardens, coffee plantations and every place they visited were fun and though she didn’t like being clicked her husband took her thousand of pics in the name of memories. Deep down she was happy with the attention like every wife on earth does.

Now today they were spending their night in this beautiful bamboo cottage, a specialty of this island.

“Do you remember the girl I was talking with that day,you came to pick me up.” she suddenly recalled the moment and the girl.

“when?” he asked busy going through the little menu provided by the cottage keepers, they were already tired by the boating and all they needed was some good food.

“the last day before coming to Anupama’s wedding,”she answered setting their towels out of their luggage.

“would you like this Kodava curry with rice or our usual north Indian food?, but I think we should go with local cuisines,”he asked ignoring her.

“hmmm, it is good to taste local cuisines,”she replied ready to close the curtains.

“so who was the girl?” he inquired putting his phone aside.

“a strange but lovely girl, a bit troubled for she wasn’t getting the emergency room…”she was lost in her thoughts.

“then.” he was interested.

“then somebody helped her and when i was leaving for home she was consoling a little slum boy who had entered the hospital for some food or anything.” she told him with a smile already on her lips.

“but you generally don’t talk with strangers… he pointed out.

“yes, she came to me and I felt she was not okay.”she sat on one of the wooden chairs near him, her midnight blue sari swirling with cold air entering through the window.

“did she say anything…” he asked.

“ soon as I thought she was going to tell me anything you came and she saw you.”and Krishna smiled.

“you are smiling…why”? he was surprised by this sudden teasing smile.

“actually she said you were good looking… and”


“and wished us to be happy.”she completed picking up one of the magazines provided in the cottage.

“thats all…” he felt there was more to the story.

“yeah… by the way she had some strange name, I had thought to tell you about I, what was it…” she tried to remember the name.

“leave it if you don’t remember now.”he shrugged.

“Morusya… yeah, Morusya was her name, it was a unique name, .” she said again mystified by the name.

A few seconds of silence surrounded them where she tried to make a few assumptions about the strange girl when suddenly-

“Google says Morusya , a Russian name means someone with a Bitter Past…”he couldn’t help but search this unique name.

Before they could have talked more about it food came and talks were left in between because she was no one to them and in this lovely island they just needed their own time.

but far away from them, in some different city and different world the girl named Morusya thought about this couple and prayed they get enough strength to go through the different phases, life was going to give them when the time was coming, and she also wished them to stay stronger for the rest of their lives..


Hello all the Kriyyam fans, readers, silent readers and that every person who read them and went through this one-year-long journey of “Breaking the Silence” with me,I used to think how will I end it but then maybe this is the right time.

The last section might have brought you a little smile because of the little tactic I played but I tried to open a little about me…(it is okay if you didn’t get).

Now I shall be waiting for your response and do tell me how you liked it all this time, we will meet soon in other stories or one-shot I am writing in the future also i apologise for editing errors.

With love Morusya.

  1. Palak_55

    it was a beautiful journey with BTS and in every chapter something new and different concept , we get to read with the same couple…..intially I didn’t liked it much but afterwards again going through its few new updates, I started feeling attached to it….
    As a reader, I would appreciate ur efforts, u gave ur strength, ur dedication to it…and enliven a couple’s journey….both sometimes known, unknown things I got to read regarding a couple’s life…and all were beautiful….
    At a first glance, I find title of this, chapter a emotional one, but after reading whole of it, I can say it was the perfect one coz finally now she could have a eye contact with her love and express her feelings too, regarding their marrige.
    Many a times, I really amazed of ur ideas…and now this tym too u amazed me by including author itself in the story…..and u were right, this brought smile on readers face…i will wait sth next by u…

    1. Morusya51

      thank you so much Palak for this beautiful comment…i am happy you found it worth a read. aaaaaa, sorry for the attachment thing,i myself is finding it difficult to think it had already completed.
      yeah,this title was the first thing came to me as i thought to give a title cause finally the first chapter and my favorite morphology of human body EYES about a man had to make their grand entry so ???
      this tactic too was a planned thing. i will keep surprising you beautiful readers with such things in future too and now inshallah we are meeting in all those stories i ahve left mid way.
      thank you so much love for all the praises and support.

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