Riddhima : What the hell means I won’t get salary ? Is this an office ?

Angrey : Shh!! Dheere bol ,Boss will hear it

Riddhima : I am not scared off him

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” Angrey ” . A man called him with a loud voice. Riddhima looked him in anger . He looked her keenly

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Riddhima ; Mr. Vansh Singhania, it’s been 4 months I haven’t got my salary. Can you give a valid reason for not giving salary ?

Vansh : This is company’s rule. Newly appointing staffs will get salary only after an year .

Riddhima : What kind of rule is this ? And if it was a rule then why you didn’t tell me when I joined here ?

Vansh : Zaruri nahi samjha .

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Riddhima : What ? Are you a man or a sadist ? You need slaves, not staffs. If you won’t give it then I will file complaint against you .

Vansh : Angrey, tell her that she already signed an agreement at which this rule was written at page 8 , paragraph 10, point 6.

Riddhima : Is it ? Where is it ?

Angrey gives the file

Riddhima checks and gets shocked

Riddhima : How can a person read all pages and pages while joining ?

Vansh : I asked you clearly do you read each sentence,each wording before joining and you nodded your head much confidentally.

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Riddhima : That was my necessity

Vansh ; And this is my company’s necessity. Now stop uttering and focus on work

Riddhima thought : It’s all my bad fate. I am helpless to do this job. But Vansh , beware of me . I will definitely seek revenge for doing this to me .

Next week 

Riddhima applied a leave application for attending a wedding. Vansh called her in cabin.

Vansh : You can’t take leave for this silly things

Riddhima : My cousin sister’s wedding is happening and I have to be there .

Vansh : You can’t took leave within these one year . Tell them to postpone wedding and what’s need of you there ? You are not the bride !!

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Riddhima : I wonder are you a human being or a beast who have no emotions at all . Everytime either anger or screaming one word ….Angrey…Angrey. Bechara , he is your P.A. But you are treating him as if he is your body guard for 24 hours.

Vansh :Riddhima !!!

AN ; Hello guys, This is the first time I am trying writing for Riansh,. The plot is not similar to the original show , this is just an imaginary story which is inspired from a Telugu movie Boss. But not the whole story will be like that movie, I have added changes on it. Keep reading and express your views in comments 

  1. Jasminerahul

    Oh no..what kind of agreement is this!no salary for one year.poor wonder that she got angry with vansh.but she has the guts to talk against her boss.for the cousin’s wedding also no leave.vansh telling riddhima to postpone the wedding was sarcastic and hilarious. Hope riddhima will be able to attend the wedding.if vansh too joins the wedding it will be cool.riddhima imitating how vansh calls angre and saying that he behaves as if angre is his bodyguard was funny.perfect pics.

    I am surprised that you started a riansh story.any reason for writing on riansh?

    I like the telugu movie I am happy that you are writing on this.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot, many people in Tu were asking why I am not writing for Riansh. That’s why just tried this one.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

  2. Interesting plot

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

  3. Ishita zoy

    Nice story. Vansh is really behaving mad..

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

  4. Post more pa .we need more update page. Well the update was super.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot

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