Born for u….living for u (epi 15)

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Hai everyone thanks a lot for the support.i know that u want ragsan to know about eachother but in one or two epi they’ll know about each other….and a special thanks to my all the readers and silent readers as well..

@laksh house
Sanky is standing on the terrace when swara comes…
Sanky: how is ragini..
Swara: she is fine what r we going to do…I mean about ladoo?
Sanky: u guys leave to Mumbai..I’ll stay in Kolkata and search for her..
Swara: r u crazy…what about the competition?.. and moreover u don’t even know how ladoo r u going to recognize her..
Sanky: plz understand shona..i need to find her..this competition not that important for me..

Swara: and what about ragini..this competition is imp for her..and she has go out of Kolkata… u cant be selfish sanky
Sanky looks helplessly here and there crying and hugs her tightly..
Sanky: I don’t know shona ..i am turning crazy..i cant live without her..i need her shona…
Swara: u will find her sanky…
Ragini comes there and feels immense pain in her heart seeing them like that..meanwhile laksh also comes there..
Laksh: sorry I guess we came on wrong time…(teasing them)
Swasan move apart ..
Sanky: nothing like that laksh..
Ragini is quiet..
Swara: laksh tomorrow we will have to go to Mumbai…
Ragini: tomorrow..but I don’t have any clothes with me..
Laksh: no problem …we go shopping today..
Ragini:yeah ok..

@ shopping mall
They get into the lift but it is already full..but they squeeze in..on the next floor some more people come in because of which sanky falls on ragini but balances himself by placing his hands on the walls of lift on either side of ragini(guys u can imagine the position)..both share a romantic eyelock…but it is broken by the moving of people…ragini moves her head to one side to avoid sanky..but due to the crowd he come more closer to they are almost touching each other his hot breath can be felt on her neck…ragini unable to control herself moves her head towards him..and their lips touch…someone from back pushes sanky..and the kiss becomes more strong almost a passionate kiss..
They break from each other..and both come out of lift feeling embarresed…
Sanky:laksh and swara we’ll meet you upstairs u guys carry on…
Sanky looks towards ragini who is escaping his stare due to embarresment…
Sanky: ragini come lets go..
They get into other lift..which is empty..
Sanky: ek lift is full while other is empty…
Ragini is still avoiding him…

Sanky is looking at her …suddenly the lift stops with a thud due to which ragini hugs sanky in fear..
Ragini realizing the position immediately moves backwards and turns to other side..
Sanky thinks something ans smiles mischievously..he come close to her…ragini senses him and turns and is shocked to see him so close that her heart stops beating for a second..
Ragini: sann…sanky what r u doing..
Sanky: wahi jo ek ladke ko ek ladki ke saath karni cahiye..(
winks at her)

Ragini (more tensed now):kya..r u mad.I’ll shout..
Sanky: shout na…no one will be able to listen to us..
Ragini: no naaa sanky…leave na..(she makes puppy eyes)
Sanky feels like laughing looking at her face but controls it..
Sanky: kya ragini..see how romantic it is…how can I leave a beautiful girl like u ..see hum tum ek kamre mein band hai aur chabi kho jaye..see na…he comes very close now…
Ragini closes her eyes in fear…

Ragini(in mind): sanky cant do like this..and why am I not crying now..waise when yuvi does this I cry a lot ..but sanky…why am I feeling like ..wait..) she opens her eyes slowly and finds him smirking..he doesn’t notice that she is looking at him..
Ragini(in mind) : damnit I knew I was right …now see what happens..
Ragini looks at sanky and sanky is looking at her intensly trying to control his laughter but he did not do anything as ragini’s next steps leaves him spell bound..she takes a step closer to him..the distance between them now closes … their bodies r now touching…he feels tensed now..and tries to go back…
But ragini hold him and turns him to the other side such that he is pinned to the wall and she blocks his way..
Sanky:Raa..ragini what r u doing…
Ragini: wahi jo ek ladke ko ek ladki ke saath karni cahiye..but tum sirf bateein kar rahe ho that’s why I have to do it(winks at him)

Sanky:r..r. u crazy..please leave me..
Ragini (goes very close to him now )how can I darling (in his ear)u r so hot..
Sanky:I’ll shout….
Ragini now cant control herself anf burst out laughing looking at him face..
Sanky is confused..
Ragini: oh my god sanky…..u r worse than a girl…
Sanky: u were kidding..ragini.. I was scared to death…

Ragini: what u thought only u can play prank..haan
Sanky: how u knew it…
Ragini: I saw u smirking…why did u do this..
Sanky : vo actually jab se mila hu..i have seen emotional ragini,cryng ragini,loving ragini,smiling ragini,helping ragini..but not angry ragini so I thought ki iss innocent face mein god ne angry package nahi to check I did this..
Ragini : hmmm… so did u get her?
Sanky: no instead I got naughty ragini ..see now also ur not angry..
Ragini: mujhe apno par ghussa nahi aata…
Sanky is on cloud nine to listen apna word from her…
Epi ends with smiling face of sanky

Precap: ragini’s accident

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  1. Zoya

    nice srilatha
    r u frm andhra

    1. Shrilatha

      thank u zoya..born and bought up in maharashtra but mother tongue is telugu….

      1. Zoya

        ohhh kk actually the story is similar to one movie in telugu so i askd like that

  2. Akankshanna

    Oosssmmmmmm……lolzzz yaar….too much gud…….. how u pupil imagine this??

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks Akankshanna…glad u loved it

    2. Shrilatha

      thanks dear glad u loved it

  3. A.xx

    Amazing cc

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      thanks dear

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  4. amazing episode

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    Supersomaziiiggggg….loved it…?

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  6. Superbbbbbb when sanky will know about RAGINI?

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      thanks Sa ..very soon

  7. Amazing

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      thanks lovely

  8. plzzzz sanky to know rag is ladoo than we can get ragsan scene plzzzz next part soon don’t be late plzz be regular

    1. Shrilatha

      thanks for reading nikky ..I’ll try

  9. Keerthu

    Amazing dr………………

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    Nice keep going

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    awesome dear….loved it..lift scene superbbb…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

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  14. A12345

    Plz plz plz make ragsan know abt eachother….and ragini u r so naughty..

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