Born for u….living for u (epi 14)

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Hai guys thanks for the support….

Swasan reached Kolkata..snaky closes his eyes and feels a cool breath of Kolkata..swara keeps on looking at him..
Swara: sanky what happened…
Sanky: I feel so close to her feels amazing to be back here..this place has my childhood..
Swara smiles..: you love her a lot naaa
Sanky: she is my life shona….how can I not love myself…..ladoo iam coming..ur bablu is coming..

Some servents release yuvi and sumi
Yuvi: damit..(in anger)
Sumi:yuvi do something we have to get her at any cost otherwise I’ll lose everything..
Yuvi: don’t worry bua…she wont be able to escape my clutches…
Sumi: stop praising ur self and find her as soon as possible..yuvi leaves

Swara: are u sure this is the house..
Sanky: yeah come lets go..
Sumi opens the door..
Sanky clenches his fist in anger seeing her..
Sumi: what u want..
Swara: wo shekhar ji..?
Sumi: who r u?
Sanky: u didn’t recognize me right..well I am sanskar Maheshwari…future son in law of this house..
Sumi is shocked to hear this..
Sumi: voh..voh..bablu..
Sanskar shows his hand to stop her
Sanky: listen I didn’t came to listen to ur talks lladoo..
Sumi gives a evil smile

Sumi (fa king concern): ladoo..she is not here..see ur so great..u came for ur love. But that girl shee forgot everything and eloped with another guy..such a shameless girl I tell u..
Sanky shouts..: not a word against my ladoo..i know she can’t do this..(he felt his blood boiling)
Sumi:truth is always bitter sanskar but u have to digest..she really eloped with some guy..because of the shock..shekhar had a heart attack and he left me…(fakes crying)..
Sanky stands like lifeless body..
Swara senses his anger and takes him from there..
Swara: what r u going to do now..
Sanky: find her..
Swara: what ..she eloped with someone sanky….try to understand..
Sanky: u believed that lady..she is a fox ladoo wont do this… u know ..she loves me more than myself..something happened to her I have to find her..
Swara: what if she is right
.sanky: shona.don’t ever say that..i cant even bear the thought..
Swara: but
Sanky: even if she did it then I’ll make sure that she is happy with him…
Swara: u wont hate her?
Sanky (gives snort) : my love doesn’t expect anything from her..i just want her to be smiling ..I’ll do anything for that..
Swara gives afake smile..

@laksh’s house
Ragini is thinking about that incident..pari observes this and comes close to her..
Pari: ragini..r u ok?
Ragini: haa bhabhi..i am fine..
Pari: don’t stress too much have some rest u will be fine..
Ragini: bhabhi..can u take me to temple please…I want to go plz…
Laksh comes there..
Laksh: no ragu u cant go..yuvi is searching for u..its dangerous..
Ragini: plz lucky..i wnt to be peacefull for sometime please..
Lucky: but..
Pari: its okay and aadarsh will go with her..
Lucky: fine bhabhi..

Now swara and sanky are also in the same temple and unfortunately yuvi is also present there ..
Ragini: why god why are u testing me so much..u took everything from me..i didn’t complain..first maa, then bablu and now papa..i should have died long back..but it’s a hope that oneday..bablu will come for me that is keeping me alive.. please god..i can’t bear it anymore..
she feels a hand on her need to look back she recognizes the touch..a terror engulfs her as she looks into the eyes of her devil..
ragini is about to shout..for aadarsh and pari who r still closing their eyes praying.. but yuvi closes her mouth and picks her and takes her from there ragini is struggling in his arms…but his hold is strong for her…she finally succeeds in pushing him down and runs from there..she hides hind a pillar.
Ragini: god please save me..
Suddenly a strong breeze blows ..the bells start ringing tahts when she sees him..sanskar..her savior…
She feels thousands elephants strength beside her..she runs and hugs him from behind..swasan are shocked to find someone hugging him..sanky turns around and swasan is surprised to see her..

Without telling anything he understood that she needs him..he immediately hugged her back
Sanky: don’t worry I am there na..tell me what happened..
Swara: ragini bolo ..
Ragini: yuvi..sanskar help me please..
Yuvi comes there and sanky looks in his direction..sanky don’t know why but looking at ragini’s helplessness and the wounds on her body..he feels hius blood boiling..he want to kill that person who gave her this pain..
Yuvi: leave her..
Sanky: never …until I am alive u cant touch her…
Yuvi: what r u… a hero..just go from here
Sanky: u know wait …same advice to u too..
Yuvi gets angry and comes to take her …

Ragini hides behind sanky in fear..
Yuvi is about to touch her but sanky holds his hand and gives a tight punch on his face..yuvi falls down…sanky stylishly jerks his hand.and pushes ragini lightly behind himself more protecting her.. and both have a fight..(guys sorry I am not a action lover so cant describe a fight..sorry)but ultimatelly hero wins and yuvi is not left with other option other than running…meanwhile Aadarsh and pari come looking for ragini..
Pari: sanky ,shone u here in Kolkata
Sanky: dii it’s a long story..
Ragini goes to aadarsh and hugs him..
aadarsh: thanks sanky…come lets go…
epi ends

precap:ragsan moments

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    Amazing superb please clear my one confusion sanky is babloo and lado is ragini sanky knows that ragini is lado but ragini doesn’t know that sanky is her babloo?? Please do clear my confusion

    1. No sandy does not know rag is lado and rag not know San is babu. ?

    2. Shrilatha

      thanks shivanya..neither sanky nor ragini knows about eachother..they love each other as ladoo and bablu but know each other as ragsan

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