Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Kaamna’s conspiracy targets Indu, Ritesh and Zoon


Bohot Pyaar Karte Hai 16th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Indu crying for help and says where are you my phuggi. Lawyer Jatin calls Kaamna and says you asked me to lie to Ritesh once, now he is calling him again and again. Kaamna asks him to leave the city immediately, and says she will send him money. She tells herself that she will fool Ritesh and Zoon will be in the Adoption centre for months and Indu will get rotten in jail. Rahul and Ritesh are in the car. Ritesh asks Rahul to inform at Indu’s home. Rahul says Vivek called many times. Ritesh says he is Indu’s friend, call and inform him. Vivek comes to Ritesh’s house. The guard asks him to keep the phone outside. Ritesh tells that he will go home, change the clothes and will go back to CAA. Rahul says tomorrow is the hectic day, and says nothing is going to change if you go there. Ritesh says I can’t be peaceful until Zoon comes home. He asks him to cancel all his shootings and meetings. rahul says he will handle Zoon matter. Ritesh says cancel all the shoots. Vivek comes inside. Kaamna scolds him. Vivek says Vivaan told Anjali about Indu and asks about Zoon. Kaamna says they are not interested in them and asks him to go, shouts calling security. Vivek says I thought you have humanity, but I was wrong. Sameer asks why did he come here? Kaamna says due to Vivaan.

Indu falls on the floor and cries reminiscing her moments with Zoon. sameer comes to Vivaan and scolds him for informing Anjali. He says if Indu or Zoon’s info reaches her, then nobody will be bad than me. Vivaan says ok. Indu worries for Zoon. Just then constable pushes food plate inside the lock up. Indu thinks Zoon is allergic to flour roti. She thinks I shall tell Ritesh that Zoon is allergic to it, else it will be a big problem. The CAA boss comes to Gita. Gita says Zoon is not having food and said that she wants to meet Moj. She asks shall I get something for her, as Ritesh said. The boss says we can’t differentiate among kids, when she will be hungry, she will eat.

Indu calls Inspector and constable and says help me. She asks the lady constable to help her once. The lady constable threatens to slap her and calls her thief. Indu insists to talk to Zoon and calls for help again and again. The lady constable gets inside the lock up. Indu says you must be having kids and can understand my helplessness. The lady constable asks her to finish the call before Manik Sir comes. Ritesh comes home. Indu thinks pick my call, if I tell you about Zoon’s allergy, then you will tell them. Ritesh sees the call from unknown number, but doesn’t pick the call. Indu looks on. Kaamna comes there and asks him to have food. Ritesh says I will wait in the CAA office, I can’t leave Zoon alone. I will wait in car. He says Zoon was so upset. Kaamna says her family didn’t come to meet her. Ritesh says they don’t know. Kaamna says Vivaan informed Anjali. Ritesh says I will ask Rahul to call them. Kaamna thinks Ritesh shall think that Zoon doesn’t care for them. She calls Sunita and says I need to talk about Zoon. She puts call on speaker. Zoon says let her be in hell, CAA shall lock her, I have no place in my house for that inauspicious girl. Ritesh is shocked and says I was regretting to separate Zoon with them. Kaamna says it seems Zoon is safe there and says she will get the salad packed. She says the guy who wanted to brought my husband on road, will sleep on road today.

Ritesh tells Rahul that he will drop him home and will go to CAA office. Rahul says he is also coming with him. Indu requests constable again and calls Ritesh. Ritesh tells Rahul that he got call from this number many times. Rahul picks the call. Indu says Ritesh, I am Indu. Ritesh says I don’t want to talk. Indu asks him not to cut the call and says she wants to tell about Zoon. She says Zoon is allergic to flour roti. The constable ends the call. Rahul calls on the number and the constable disconnects the call. Ritesh tells Rahul that they have to go to CAA office.

Vivek comes to the PS and asks if indu is in this PS. The Inspector comes and says nobody will say. Vivek asks him. Inspector says she is here, and tells that she has kept a girl in her house for 5 years without adoption and calls her child thief. Indu prays for Zoon. The lady constable asks her to have food. Indu says you are heartless. The lady constable says you will never meet your daughter, and says your love can’t withstand in front of Ritesh’s money and power. Ritesh and Rahul come to the CAA and asks Gita what Zoon had. She says Roti, dal and sabzi. Ritesh says she is allergic to roti and asks where is she? Gita says she is in her room. He goes to Zoon’s room.

Precap: Ritesh comes to meet Indu. Indu asks how is Zoon? she says I thought you care for Zoon, but I was foolish to believe you, you are selfish person. He says you have crossed all limits of evilness to take revenge on me. She says Zoon made you meet your mother again, and what you gave her, you snatched her motherly shelter from her head. She asks why did you do this, why you have come in our lives, why?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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