Bitti Business Wali 21st June 2018 Written Episode Update: Goons attack Bitti on Someone’s orders

Bitti Business Wali 21st June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahi telling his mum that he will not marry house wife, but….His mum asks then what kind of a girl you like. Mahi asks Gajendra to note down about his idea of a life partner. He says she shall be responsible and take care of everyone, courageous, shall be beautiful, shall be ready to face troubles and likes gardening. Gajendra says all qualities can’t be in one girl. Mahi says such girl is here. His mum asks where? Mahi says he wants to say that he wants a girl who do business. His mum opposes. Akshata says he wants a working wife. Mahi says this is new era, both husband and wife earn here.

Gayatri comes home. Virender tells him that Laddo Singh came to shop and sat infront of shop. Gayatri asks if Laddo ji do something. Bitti says no and tells that he was praising me for opening a pan shop. Virender says people was teasing about pan shop.Gayatri says they just want to return Laddo Singh’s money and says if we don’t have money then it is everyone’s problem. He suggests that they shall mortgage the house to pay Laddo’s loan.

Dadi refuses to mortgage the loan. Virender says house is of everyone and says where we will live. Gayatri says we are in problem. Virender says we are humiliated in public and says Bitti will not open pan shop. Gayatri shouts and says she will open pan shop. Virender goes to his room and packs his stuff. He asks Pavitra to come with him. Jogi tries to stop him. Dadi says this is your house and you will not go from here. Bitti says Pan shop is not my aim, I am opening it because of helplessness. She says where you want to go, we will also come with you. Bitti asks her father not to get angry. He says it is good that your mum is not alive and says he is tired of Virender’s taunts. He asks from where did she get money to open the shop. She says she took money from Manohar. Shaurya comes and asks Gayatri to come with him. Bitti says she will close the door and come. Just then she sees a man outside her house with his face covered. He throws a stone on her and runs away. She shouts. She opens the chit covering the stone and sees the threatening message. Everyone come out and ask what happened? Bitti tells her that someone was standing here. Gayatri asks where is Virender and Dadi. Pavitra says he went outside. Bitti couldn’t get sleep and thinks who could be the man. She reads the message your game is over. ‘

Laddo and his family are going to Banaras. They all leave except Kashi. Kashi gives them money and asks them to watch film. Bitti comes to the shop while the mysterious man keep eye on her. She goes to bring tea. Man signs his goons to threaten Bitti. The goons come to her and ask her to close her shop. Bitti says she is doing everything in limits and asks them to go to Police if they have complaints. Goon spits pan on her face. They try to remove her dupatta. A shop owner tries to fight with them and gets beaten by goons. Bitti fights with them. They run away. Bitti gets sad.

Kashi is with his lover in his love. Everyone return home and see him with the woman. Laddo Singh’s wife slaps him and asks him to apologize to Prema.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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