Birthday special -RagLak OS for our prince Namii.!!part 2:final plot

“Ragini..!!am sorry for all will forgive me na..!!”he apologized holding her hands.
Ragini sighs “what” through eyes..!!
“oops..!!nothing..”he slowly tucked the strand of hairs behind her ear and fixed the ear aid properly.
{She lost her hearing sense in the bomb blast and taken to the same hospital where laksh is admitted.After operating,she gained conscious but couldn’t hear anything happening around her.She haven’t lost her confidence level due to the small flaw that came in the middle she wanted to lead a life independently so that she decides to leave the city after being recovered without having a thought of letting her parents to know about her because she got to know that gadodia’s and maheshwari’s mistook about her survival..!!She doesn’t want to disturb laksh’s life again that’s why she left the city and started working with dev’s company and later becomes his bestie..!!}
“oh am sorry dev..!!I fixed it but how did it fell down I don’t know..”
“that’s ok sweetheart..!!”he then offered her the ring to make him wear that.
She decorated his finger with that lovely diamond ring which shines even more brighter.
Dev looked into her eyes but Ragini bends her head down to avoid the eyelock.
“Ragu..!!”ishwari(dev’s mom) hugged her and took nazar for devgini..!!
Dev sighs something to ragini for which she smiles a little.
After the rituals.,they are free from friends and they are left alone..!!
Ragini is bending her head down while dev glanced around to confirm that no one is there.
After taking a deep sigh..,he hugged Ragini and thanked her..!!
“No need for that dev..!!”Ragini placed her hands on his and assured him..!!
Dev(chuckling):Ragini..!!did u watched it.,the way she ran away when I make u wore that ring..!!
Ragini:haan dev..!that clearly shows that still she loves u..!!don’t worry I have a plan..!!
Ragini shared her plan with dev and it is muted..!!dev gets excited a lot and hugged her immediately..!!
Dev:u know what Ragu..,u r really a fairy for me..!!thank u so much for everything..!!
Ragini:don’t worry dev..!!jealousy will go to any extent..!!sona is only for u..!!
{Ragini’s world frozen there for a moment when the word jealous reminded about her love..!!her laksh..}
Ragini(in mind):it’s been 4 years laksh but my heart is still thumping for you alone..!!even though it’s a fake marriage game I don’t want anyone to be in your place but I can’t refuse dev’s request bcz he have been with me in all the obstacles and been my support system..!!i wanna unite dev n sona that’s why I accepted for this marriage game..!!shit.,I have gone mad of thinking about you always but u will be happy with ur Kavya na..!!
Dev(shooking her):Oyiee..!!imagination..!!
Ragini(fake smile):u know na..!!i always used to stuck with his memories..!!nothing more than that..
Dev:Ragu..,I still can’t understand why can’t u move on in ur life..!!he betrayed u in the name of love but still u are loving him..!!
Ragini:it may be easy to say a word “move on” but in reality it’s not possible..!!it’s same in my case and it’s suits u too..!!you love sona from ur heart that’s why u can’t accept another girl in ur life..,that’s why me and you were here trying hard to make sonakshi accept her feelings..!!just like you I loved laksh and dreamed him as my life but he doesn’t love me..!!i understood that finally but i don’t want to pull him into the relationship forcedly like i did before.even today i can’t forget him after his betrayal dev.., because i love him..!!(she fell down on her knees weeping..!)
“Ragu..!!please don’t cry yaar..!order me now I will make him fall on ur knees”dev says..!!
Ragini looks up and asks “sachchi..!!”he nods..
“no I don’t want to see his face again..!!I hate him..”she stressed the last sentence..!!
“ok then..!!let’s chill outside with our friends..!”dev dragged her outside.Ragini wasn’t able to hear what he said right now she then reminisces something and sighs dev that she will come back within few minutes..!!She ran to the room where she lost it.
Dev was enjoying the party chit chatting with his friends and partners whereas his eyes got glued with her’s..!!
Yes..!!it’s Sonakshi..!
Her eyes were swollen and her face turned pale but still she looks beautiful like before.He took his steps forward towards her and purposely goes near her ear and says “Nutritious..”
She jerked..!!he makes up by repeating “The food is nutritious..!” by showing her a morsel..
Sonakshi turns away being irritated and gulps the dishes by stuffing it fastly..!!
Due to which hiccups resulted.she searched for water and drank it but still it’s not stopping.
Dev pulled her with full force towards him and confessed “I love you Sonakshi..!!”
World stops for her there itself and the hiccups too..!!
They shared a beautiful eyelock.,
“Pehle dafa hai..!!”plays in the bg making them to get drowned there itself but the plan flashed before his eyes.,he moved away and says”Ur Hiccups stopped..!!”
Sona looked him painfully and wiped her tears which touched her cheeks…!!
“Hello Mr.Dixit..!!”
“Mr.Maheshwari..u surprised me man..i thought u would be busy with our foreign collaboration project..!!”dev hugged him formally.
“but your engagement is more important to me na..!!”said laksh..!
“ofcourse ofcourse..!!”dev forwards a warm smile..!!
Laksh(pointing sona):so this is your girl..!!
Giving a naughty smirk to sona.,dev uttered “nope she is just my friend..come let me introduce my fiance..!!”
“sure..!!”said laksh and both walks past sona..
On their way.,dev got bumped with the waiter and the juice strained his shirt..!!
“Sorry sir..!!”waiter apologized for which dev nods positively..!!
“wait a minute Mr.Maheshwari..!!i will be back after using washroom..”
Laksh looks around and his legs travelled towards some random way unknowingly..!!
Ragini is searching her ear aid in that room but could not find it.
Laksh is waiting for dev near to the room where Ragini is searching her ear aid..!!
His phone rings..!!
“haan sanskar..bolo..!!”he casually turns towards the room and rushed inside immediately..!!
He pulled the girl whose back is shown towards him and due to the force she landed against his chest..!!
She gets shocked when some strands of the decorated lights fell down before her creating sparks.
“are u alright..!!”laksh sounds concerned..!!
Ragini who wasn’t able to hear anything stumbles due to the fear while laksh senses something when his hands touched her milky skin.
He could surely say that she is his ragini,his lady love..!!
Within a blink of moment,laksh twirled her towards him and was shocked,surprised and happy to see her heavenly face for which he is dying for..!!
Laksh’s eyes started welling up and the tear drop fell over her forehead when she lifted her head straight.
Now it’s the time for her..!she was shocked to the hell,the one she doesn’t want to face in her lifetime is standing before her holding her in his embrace.
Laksh drags her into the bone crushing hug and expressed his sorrows through the kisses he has craved for her since a long time.
Ragini who is not in her sense stands blankly without giving any response to his back to back action.
He then explained everything to her about Kavya and her drug and how his family supported him to come out from that and finally he confessed his love..!!
“I love u Ragini..!!u can’t even imagine the way i missed you and i craved for u..without u my life is waste Ragini..!!i love u Ragu..!!my heart always says that u aren’t dead and yes it was proved today..!!you are only for me and this laksh is for u alone..!!u r always laksh’s soul Ragini..!!i love u..!!”said laksh and again drags her towards him and at that moment ragini came back from the trance pushed him hard..!!
Laksh trembles due to her sudden change of behaviour holds the railing nearby..!!
“how dare you to touch me Mr.Maheshwari..!!”she roared like a lioness..
Laksh:Ragu..!!i know i did wrong but my love is are my true love ragu..won’t you forgive ur laksh..!!
Ragini could not hear anything right from his confession to till the moment because the ear machine gone missing but she could feel his love for her in his eyes.
Ragini remained silent and was not able to face his eyes which is pulling it’s other half like a magnet..!!
“hey you guys have met..!!”dev’s voice brought them to normal..!!
Dev:by the way Mr.Maheshwari..!!this is my fiance Ragini..!!
Dev wraps his hand around ragini’s shoulder when sonakshi walks past the room which pierced laksh’s heart into pieces.,he was shattered completely and hurt deep inside.He wanted to smash dev when he touched ragini’s shoulder,the anger is clearly sensed through his eyes which is unnoticed by dev who is busy taking sonakshi’s glances..!!
Ragini could feel laksh’s each and every reactions,her heart is bouncing faster making her to feel for him but her brain isn’t ready to accept him by forgiving his flaws more than that she is not ready to accept another heart break..!!
Ragini slowly jerks dev’s hand from her shoulder.
“La..!”Ragini was about to utter but she was cut by the scene..!!
Choti Ragini ran towards laksh and jumped over his arms and kissed his cheeks..!
Ragini stands dumbstruck even though she can’t hear anything it ached her heart because she knows lip reading.
The word “paapa” buried her under the ground..!!
She wasn’t able to control the tears which is getting ready to stream out.Without any excuses she left the place making dev to understand that something is wrong with her..!!
“excuse me..!!”dev ran behind her due to her weird behaviour.
Laksh looks at that direction where she vanished from his sight.
“Paapa..,woh aunty kaun..??”choti Ragini quizzed him which brought him out from his trance.
“Ragu..,she isn’t aunty..she is..she..she is our angel..!!”he said pulling her cheeks.
“Angel..will she bring me the stars..??will she take me to the fairy land..??will she make me float in the sky..??will she create a theme parks for me..??”she asked cutely with full of excitement mode..!!
Laksh(controlling his tears):haan beta..! she will light our life with happiness..!!she is our diya..!!
He sense that something is wrong so he asked his another friend to take care of choti and followed dev..!!
Ragini locks herself in her room and collapsed on the floor weeping badly..!!
She reminisces their marriage.,their closeness.,their sangeeth.,everything flashed before her stressing her brain to ground..!!
Dev knocks the door continuously but he doesn’t got any response in return,so he thought to broke the door..!!
He somehow opened the door and was shocked to see his bestie in such a devasted state..!!
“Ragu..!!”dev lifts her up and consoles her..!!
Ragini is crying continuously without taking laksh’s name because she knew that her friend won’t leave him that easily for her state..!!
“what happened Ragu..!!u ok..!!”dev asks while wiping her tears..!!
Ragini(fumbles):his memories are haunting me dev..!!
Dev wasn’t able to face her like this took her into his warm hug and tried to make her normal..!!
Laksh who trembles due to the slippery surface got hurt by the scene which is airing before him..!!
He was about to grab dev’s neck but before that ishwari ji came in search of them..!!
Ishwari:dev and Ragu..come everyone is waiting for u..!!
When Ragini heard ishwari’s voice she makes up the situation and went along with her without looking back at laksh who is drenching in pain.
After few rituals,the relatives got settled in their room to welcome their sleep..!!
Dev after convincing laksh to stay back for few days dozed off so soon due to the tiredness and also to spend time with sonakshi in his dreams..!!
Laksh who was sick because of his love starts drinking without any limits and was out of control..!!
He unconsciously wandered over the dixit mansion in search of Ragini and finally found her room with great difficulty..!!
Laksh due to the alcohol effect does some gymnastics while entering through the window and bolted it..!!
He found his sleeping beauty and her face clearly shows that she isn’t well.
He slowly cups her cheek and caresses it gently whispering “I love u Ragini..!!how could you do this to me.!!how could you marry that Eifel tower infront of me.!!no you are playing right..!!You’re doing this just to take a revenge from me right na Ragu..!!”
By saying this he lost his balance and his lips touched her cheek and he landed above her.
Ragini wakes up due to his weight on her body jerked but couldn’t move even an inch.She tried hard but failed miserably..!!
Laksh(cupping her face):shshh..!!can’t u be quite for a moment..!!
Ragini tried hard to push him away but he proceeds with full force and plucked her softy lips started tasting it passionately.She pushed him hard by hitting against his chest and the next moment he was on the floor.
Laksh stood up stumbling and says “why don’t you love me Ragini..!!why u aren’t accepting ur Laksh..??”
Ragini:just get lost from you aren’t in the state of listening..!!just get out..if dev comes then he won’t leave you alive..!!
Laksh:Ragini..,please I don’t wanna hear anybody’s name from ur mouth except mine..!!
Ragini:that won’t happen because u are noone to me..!!
Laksh:oh really..!!then why did you jerked when dev put his hand around ur shoulder infront of me and why did u ran away not able to look into my eyes..!!
“look Mr.Maheshwari..,I don’t have any feelings for u..!!what do you think that am i the same dumb girl who loves u unconditionally even after knowing that you are married to someone else..??am I that much weak..never I am Ragini Gadodia..!!I agree I loved you in my past but it vanished the moment when you played with my feelings..!!please Laksh I don’t want to see your face please leave from here and don’t interfere in my life it’s my request please leave..!!”she fell down on her knees and sobs..!!
She left the place can’t able to digest her tears..!!
The whole night gave them only pain and the sorrows..!!
Laksh wake up late due to the hangover and wasn’t remembering anything that happened the previous night..!!
When he closed his eyes he got the flashes of the kiss he moulded the last night..!!
He crushed his brain hardly to remember what exactly happened and was shocked when he realised the word said by ragini “u are married to someone else..!!”
“what the hell..!!”laksh anger reached its peak and he immediately left to ragini’s room..!!
He rolled the knob and slammed the door hard.Ragini who came out after getting ready for the mehndi shocked to see him..!!
Ragini:what now..??won’t you understand other’s feelings..why are you torturing me..!!
Laksh:I just came here to clear one thing.what did you meant by “u are married to someone else..!”
Ragini:don’t you understand what I meant..!!fine let me repeat..i meant u and Kavya’s relationship only and don’t you think u r cheap..!!how could you forgot about ur kid and try to romance another girl who is not yours..!!
Laksh(high pitch):stop it Ragini..!just stop it..!! (ragini’s eyes welled up with his words)don’t you heard properly what I confessed yesterday..!!have u lost your hearing sense or you have sold your brain for lease..??
“haan..!!i have lost it..what.,will you change it over..??no na..”she thrown the ear aid on the floor..!!
Laksh stands numb and the words got stucked in his throat..!
His head starts revolving to and fro making him to tremble.He pulled her towards his bone crushing hug and broke down completely..!!
Firstly she reciprocated the hug but later pushed him far and ran away leaving the shattered laksh alone..!!
“Ragini..!!”laksh followed her but she got mingled with the crowd and dev dragged him from behind.
They discussed about their joint collab but laksh’s concentration was not with the project but towards his Ragini..!!
“why Ragu..?why did you hid this from me..??I wanna talk to you right now..!!”laksh stood up and was about to leave but stands numb when he lost himself in her angelic beauty..!!
“dev..!!”she tried to talk sweetly with dev inorder to irritate laksh..!!
Dev:Ragu.,please yaar just 10 minutes..!!please..!!
Ragini:no way..!!u have to come with me orelse I will complain to mom..!!come come(she dragged him out purposely)
“Ragini..u ok..!!”dev whispers..
“shut up and do what I say..!!”Ragini winks..!!
“your order madam..!!”dev chuckles and the next moment ragini dragged him outside giving death glares to laksh..!!
Laksh crushed the file in anger and thrown at the ceiling..!!
The day went like Ragini is irritating laksh by being close with dev while laksh is consuming the alcohol continuously..!!
Nikki and ria(dev’s sisters) shaked their leg with jatin and balaji(devakshi’s frnds) for “radha song”
Eveyone did their performance and it’s the turn for the wedding couple..!!
Dev and Ragini dances for tere liye song..!!
“tenu itna mein pyaar karaan..!!”plays
Dev and Ragini makes side moves and twirls her back to back and makes her land against his chest giving a naughty smirk to sonakshi..!!
Sona wasn’t able to fight with her feelings moves far but gets dragged by Nikki and ria towards the floor..,laksh too joined them..!!
Now sona and laksh dances together,dev in possessiveness twirled ragini towards laksh and caught sona’s hand…pairs exchanged..!!
“Tere liye duniya chhod di hai”plays
Laksh holds Ragini by waist and makes side move.He is tightening his grip not letting her to move an inch..!!
“You are mine ragini..!!”he whispers and plants a soft kiss on her nose tip without letting others to watch..!!
“Clap sound..!!” disturbed them and makes them to move apart..!!
Ishwari took Ragini to her room and asked everyone to sleep earlier because tomorrow is a muhurth day..!!
Laksh tried every chance to reach Ragini and he had a plan of taking her with him to Kolkata secretly..!!
But he couldn’t reach her due to the security outside ishwari’s room and the night went with full of confusions for laksh.
He dozed off for so long and wakes up at afternoon..!!
“oh shit..!!it’s 2’o clock already..i have to do something..!!”laksh got freshen up and roamed over entire mansion but no use Ragini wasn’t there.Dev sent her to some hotel to get ready and she will arrive at the venue just half an hour before the wedding time.
Laksh is pacing to and fro in frustration and finally the time has come for the wedding..
Bride reached the venue and was surrounded by her friends and relatives..!!her face is covered with her pallu and she was dressed up gorgeously..!!
Laksh tried to use his smartness but before that security guards surrounded the bride and groom since it’s devrath’s wedding..!!
Varamala exchanged followed by kanyadhan where sonakshi’s parents did bride’s kanyadhan..!
Everyone enquired about Bose family’s presence in kanyadhan for which ishwari replied that sona’s parents consider Ragini as their child that’s why they are doing the ritual..!!
Now it’s the turn for muhurth.,laksh wasn’t able to execute any of his plan got broke down completely..!!
Groom adores mangalsutr around bride’s neck.
Laksh moves far away wiping his nose and the tears were gushing out continuously like it doesn’t have end..!!
He felt a sudden pull from the back and gets landed against the pillar..!!
“Shocked hai na..!!”
“Ragini..!!”his world stops there for a moment..!!
Ragini:the bride there with dev is sonakshi.,his love..!!i know what’s going on in your mind..,then why did me and dev got engaged right..!(laksh nods)it was a fake marriage plan just to make sona to confess her happened last night after sangeeth and ishwari aunty also agreed for the marriage..!!i wanted to leave from here after all this but i happened to meet Ragini.,our daughter..!!yeah laksh she makes me to talk with our family and swara said everything..!!am sorry laksh(she sobs)i misunderstood that was my sorry..!!
“Ra..!!”laksh was cut in half when Ragini threw her ear aid on the floor and dragged him into her embrace by pressing his rough lips with her’s.
“I don’t want to hear anything from you laksh..!!I love you laksh..!!”she blown back to back kisses all over his face making him to stand dumbstruck losing himself in her eyes..!!
“hello madam..we are here only..!!please have some shyness..!!”dev’s voice broke their cute eyelock..!!
Ragini hid her face on laksh’s chest while laksh ruffles his hair and was blushing..!!
“Paapa..!!”choti jumps into laksh arms and Ragini kissed her cheeks lovingly..!!
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAKSH..!!”Ragini whispers in his ear and gave a sweet peck to him when others proceeds towards the hall..!!
Laksh pulled her by waist and ruffles his nose with her’s and kissed her there..!!
Happy ending ..!!
How are my dear sweeties..??hope everything is fine at ur end..!!I missed you all which u can’t imagine..!!
From now on I will try to be regular..!!
Ufffo..!!this mnth is full of birthday’s..!!full tight..!!and in addition am preparing for my xams that’s why I wasn’t on online..!!sorry dearies..!!
And abt d plot ..,do tell me hwz it..!
Tc all..
With love

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