Bin Kuch Kahe 9th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Myra in a Dilemma to Accept Kabeer’s Love Or Not

Bin Kuch Kahe 9th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha greets Sudha in the morning. Sudha asks where are Aryan and Myra, if they are still sleeping. Abha says Myra is still sleeping as she was tensed whole night thinking about Kabeer’s proposal. Sudha says they both make a good pair, what is confusion in it. Abha says Myra is stil confused. Sudha says she will speak to Myra. She goes to Myra’s room and says she came to clear her confusion, Kabeer is a best match for her. Myra says she does not want to talk about it for sometime. Sudha says she has to take decision. Myra says she is tired of taking care of family, she got used to Riya’s tantrums so much that she does not people taunting her, she took care of Aryan when she herself was a kid, she forgot her own life. Sudha says she should think like her father and take her own decision with clear mind. Myra thinks even Kabeer said same.

Kabeer meets Shekhawath and informs that he is going back to Brazil forever and joining his father’s business. Shekhawath says then they will lose international journalist. Kabeer says he can think of freelancing. Shekhawath says then there is a hope. Myra comes and Shekhawath says Kabeer is returning to Brazil forever, let us give him a farewell party and asks her to book a restaurant. Kabeer says it is ok. Shekhawath insists and asks Myra to book restaurant for 3 of them.

Myra goes to Kabeer’s room and asks why is he packing bags so soon. He says is getting ready beforehand. She asks can’t he go after sometime. He says doc gave him the date and he has to return to his father on time, why should he stay anyways she has not accepted his proposal. She tries to speak, but leaves.

Myra then goes to Abha’s restaurant and asks Sandy were is didi. He says she has gone to meet amma. She asks why can’t Kabeer go late. Sandy says he had promised his father to return and because of that, Abha could get back her cafeteria, a man’s promise cannot be broken. She sits thinking.

Kabeer goes to Sudha and Mandy and says he needs to speak. They are busy watching TV. Kabeer says it is important and says he is thankful that she took care of him like a family member. Sudha says he is her family member. Kabeer says he got more love than his family. Mandy asks not to go then. He says he has to and leaves. Mandy says let us prepare Kabeer’s favorite dishes today. Myra comes to his room and says she realized how much he helped her family and she is thankful to him. He says he considers them as his extended family and there is no need for thanks. She leaves. After sometime, Kabeer goes to Myra’s room and says he was busy when she came, so he could not speak properly. He gives her photos. She asks when did he click them. He says when she was busy in her life and he thought they will see them together later, but that won’t happen. He walks away while she looks at pics.

After dinner, Kabeer sits with Kohli family having dessert and thanks Sudha for his favorite food. Sudha says he will remember them because of food. He says he will anyways and invites them for a Brazil holiday. Mandy says she does not about them, she will come though. Myra gets angry and says she does not want to have it and leaves. Abha asks Kabeer what is their problem. Kabeer says he does not think Myra loves him, he tried his best to convince her, but she did not.

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Precap: Abha asks Myra why she is so rude to Kabeer. Myra asks what did she do. Abha says she should realize her love for Kabeer and express it to him, if he loves her, he will help her.
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  1. amazing serial… it’s unfortunate that it’s ending…

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  3. Please post 10 August 2017 update. I am depending on you to keep me abr*ast of my favorite serial. Thank you.

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