Bin Kuch Kahe 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kabeer Asks Myra Not To Care Of Him

Bin Kuch Kahe 8th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the morning, Myra gives medicine to Kabeer. Kabeer says he cannot have it empty stomach, so will have it later. She gives bread and jam for him. He says he needs fruit. She gets fruits. Myra then goes to Abha’s canteen and asks Sandy where is Abha. Sandy says she went to meet amma and says he wants to speak to her. After getting coffee, Myra asks if didi put up another condition. Sandy says no, he can handle her, he wants to talk about Myra and Kabeer, Kabeer know her very well, then why she is still adamant, it is hard to all 3 sisters. Myra asks what… Sandy says he is telling truth, so she should not ignore Kabeer.

At Kohli house, Sudha prepares brownies for Kabeer. Aryan insists to have some. Sudha says it is for Kabeer. Aryan insists and complains Sandy over phone. Sandy says he is on the way to his home and reaches with Myra. Aryan happily hugs him. Sandy asks Sudha why is she stopping her son from having good food. Sudha says he made her run all around. Aryan silently picks brownie and enjoys hiding. Abha comes and Sudha acts as complaining her. Abha says she will not interfere between father and son. Family nok jhok continues.

Myra asks Abha where she is going for honeymoon. Abha says nowhere as she tired of traveling. Myra says she used to travel a lot before marriage. Abha says she met Tej during thoe trips and her life changed for worse. Myra says we got Aryan because of that and they cannot imagine life without him. Abha says she saw whole India except South India, so she will go on South Indian honeymoon trip. They both walk out. Sandy asks what is happening. Myra says they are preparing bisibele bhath. Sandy says he senses black in daal. Myra says didi prepares black daal well, it will taste good with bisibele bhath. They both laugh and Sandy gets confused.

Sandy walks to Kabeer’s room and says he came to take him for doctor’s checkup. He gets Kabeer’s online report and says it is a hairline fracture and Kabeer will be able to enjoy wedding. Kabeer says he wants to return home on time. Sandy takes him to doctor’s appointment and returns him back to room. He passes via Sudha’s room and sees Sudha and Mandy fighting with pillows like kids. They stop seeing him. He asks Sudha if they want Myra and Kabeer together. Sudha says yes. Sandy asks if they have planned something for that. Sudha asks how does he know. Mandy says Abha must have told him. Sudha taunts already before marriage?

Myra takes food for Kabeer and asks what did doc say. Kabeer says it is a hairline fracture. Myra says good then, he will heal soon. Kabeer asks her not to take care of him so much, else it will be difficult for him to go from here, she is neither accepting his love. She angrily leaves and sits in living room. Abha asks what happened. Myra says Kabeer as always troubled her, he had proposed her many times, but she did not accept him. Abha asks to accept then. Myra says she accepted Akshay last time as mamma was happy, but now seeing all this, she is in a dilemma.

Precap: Myra angrily leaves while having dessert with family. Abha asks Kabeer what is their problem. Kabeer says he does not think Myra loves him and he tried everything to convince her, but she did not budge, so it is better for him to leave.

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