Bin Kuch Kahe 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Serial Bids Adieu With a Happy Ending

Bin Kuch Kahe 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abha and Sandy’s wedding rituals continue. Pandit teaches them what to do next. They do same and marriage completes. Aryan calls Abha and says he is demoted from man of the house designation, but to not worry appa/Sandy is taking over him. Abha gets emotional.

Next, Myra gets ready in a beautiful bridal gown. Abha says she is looking very beautiful like maa wanted. Myra asks if she is happy. Abha says a lot. Myra says Sandy loves her selflessly and their wedding went well. Abha says even Kabeer loves he selflessly.

Kabeer and Myra’s wedding ceremony starts. Kabeer comes in antique car to the wedding venue. Everyone dance with him. Mandy dorns garlands to Kabeer and his parents and does their aarti followed by Abha. Kabeer with parents stands in mantap waiting or Myra nervously. Abha says she will come and shows Myra coming with Sudha in a beautiful bridal dress. Host talks about rituals and asks Kaber to dorn garland on Myra’s neck. Sandy and Akshay lift Myra. Even Kabeer is lifted and he exchanges garland with Myra. Host says they will start gathbadhan ritual now. Abha does gatbhandhan and tells Myra that this bond will not break now. Sudha tells Kabeer that she is giving Myra’s hand in his hand. Host says now they will start saptapadi ritual and tells its importance and details. Myra and Kabeer look into each other’s eyes and walk 7 steps taking oaths. Host says she hopes they will follow their promise taking oath on agni dev. Kabeer repeats. Host says she hopes they will be together and will try to fulfill each other’s wishes. Host says their wedding is complete now.

Sudha is busy with guests and Shekhawath calls from Kailash mountain and congratulates her for Myra’s wedding. She asks why did not he attend wedding. He says he is fulfilling his wish of moksha in kailash mountain and soon will find Ganga’s starting point and bath in it. He continues flirting and Sudha disconnects call. Rajasthani folk dancers then dance. Kabeer’s father gives him envelope. Kabeer is surprised. Father says he was confused what he should gift his son, his mother suggested what he would like himself most, so he gifted him freedom. Sudha says they he gave gift to even them and now Kabeer and Myra will also stay with her along with Abha and Sandy.

Next day, Kohli family talks to Nikhil and Riya and congratulate them or their newborn girl. Sudha says babygirl is crying like Riya. Riya says like mamma, like daughter and says them bye. They chat again after 3 months. Family bonding continues. Kohli’s then dance in Kohli canteen together on Tara Ram Pam Pam and then at home. Sudha greets final goodbye, revealing serial’s happy ending.

Precap: Bhootu serial’s promo is seen. Bhootu asks Krishna will he let her meet to her mom. Krishna asks why she needs mom. She says even god needs mom, Krishna had do, when will he let her meet mom. He says he will.

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  1. The end was soo boring. They could have made the last episode interesting . Hate the last episode……… ??

  2. Halima Yahaya

    Going to miss this show

  3. I love this serial. Will miss it a lot. Thank you.

  4. I love this serial i will miss this serial

  5. I liked this serial,one of the few serials I have watched,short and crisp…

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