Bin Kuch Kahe 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kohli Family Forgives Akshay

Bin Kuch Kahe 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer’s mother Simone enjoys tea with Sudha and Mandy and says she learnt Punjabi dishes in her husband’s love. Mandy asks which dish did she prepare first. Kabeer’s father JM says butter chicken. Mandy says wow, Sudha prepared moong daal first time. Sudha gets irked. JM says tomorrow is sangeet let us go and prepare now. Simone asks Sudha not to worry, function will be A1. JM calls Kabeer and asks if he wants to have breakfast also here. Kabeer and Myra walk down towards main door when they see Akshay. Myra asks why did he come here. Akshay apologizes her and says he was wrong. Myra says he troubled them so much. Kabeer says let us forgive him, he is repenting by heart, they are starting a new life and let us focus on that. Mrya says alright captain Akshay Sharma, she forgave him. Kabeer hugs Akshay. Akshay says let us meet again. Kabeer asks where is he going. Akshay says he is going back to military camp as parents have gone to America to stay with Riya and Nikhil. Kabeer asks him to congratulate Sudha first. He walks towards Sudha. Sudha angrily asks what is he doing here. Myra says he is repenting and let us forgive him. Sudha says she cannot. Myra requests. Abha also requests. Akshay requests Sudha to forgive him and scold like she used to. Sudha says she will if he helps them in wedding arrangements. He touches her feet and hugs.

Next day, Akshay takes care of wedding arrangements. He clashes with Sudha and apologizes. She asks to stop apologizing and gives sweet shop bill to get sweets. She leaves. Priya comes and clashes with him. He holds her. Flowers fall on them. Tu nazm nazm…song..plays in the background. She asks him to leave her. He drops her and she falls and shouts what the hell, who is he. He says captain Akshay Sharma. She asks comic book’s or cricket’s. He says Indian Army’s. Abha comes and introduces Akshay and says everyone forgave him. Priya says this smarty pants will never change. Abha says he has and will help them inn wedding arrangements. Priya gives her Rukku’s gift. Sandy calls her. Priya and Abha taunt if Sandy got his kiss and sing song. Abha gets shy.

Kabeer and Sandy try to enter house, but Akshay stops them and says they are not allowed till evening. Priya enters. Sandy says even she is from groom’s side. Akshay says she got special permission from aunty and shuts door. Kabeer and Sandy think they have to wait till evening. Akshay and Priya’s nok jhok starts. Priya holds her stomach. Akshay gives her tablet. She says she got headache seeing him around. She goes to Abha’s room and practices dance. Akshay reaches there. Their nok jhok continues. In the evening, Priya and Akshay get ready for sangeet ceremony. Sudha asks themto take care of sangeet and see if everyone is ready. Their nok jhok starts again. He kisses her cheek. She stands in a shock.

In the evening, Myra and Abha get mehandi on their hands. Priya comes. Myra asks where was she. She says she was with Akshay as they are doing anchoring. Akshay comes and joins her. Myra pulls their legs.

Precap: Kabeer and Myra dance romantically on Rang de tu Mohe Gerua.

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