Bin Kuch Kahe 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Myra Accepts Kabeer’s Proposal

Bin Kuch Kahe 11th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Myra gets out of taxi and runs towards airport to stop Kabeer. Mat jaaa re mat jaa in the background. She sees a man and happily holds him thinking him as Kabeer. Man turns and she says I am sorry. She walks back crying. She then sits on a chair and cries reminiscing Kabeer leaving home. Mat jaa She remember pigeon shit falling on her and a man telling it a good sign and she will get good news. Kabeer comes and gives her kerchief. She happily hugs him and says I love you. He says she spoilt his shirt. He dorns ring on her finger and kneels down showing diamond ring and asks will you marry me. She nods yes and says whole world tried to make her realize, but a pigeon shit did its trick. She nods yes and asks where was he. He says he was feeling hungry, so got down to get Rawat’s kachoris. She says what..He asks to fix ring in his finger now. She says not now.

Kabeer and Myra reach home. Kabeer informs Sudha that he wants to marry Myra. Myra also says even she wants to marry Kabeer. Sudha hugs them both. Myra returns ring and says her family accepted him, but don’t know if his family will accept her. Kabeer requests Sudha if he can take Myra to Brazil to meet his family. Sudha asks when he is going. Kabeer says tomorrow. Sudha permits.

Abha asks Myra if her packing is done. Myra says Kabeer did her packing, she can ask him. Rukku enters calling Shanno/Sudha. Sudha asks why she calls her Shanno. Rukku says she is groom’s mother and can call her anything. Abha touches her feet and takes blessings. Rukku says she and Sudha have surprise for them all. Sudha says today they will finish Abha/Sandy and Kabeer/Myra’s engagement. Sudha gets out ring. Abha asks when did she bring it. Sudha asks if she thought she went to bring vegetables. Abha and Sandy exchange engagement rings. Kabeer tells Myra that she accepted his proposal in the morning and in the evening they are getting engaged. Sudha performs their roka/engagement and gives gift to Kabeer. Kabeer asks what is it. Sudha says it is a token to book him officially.

Next day, Kabeer and Myra get ready to leave for Brazil and start their nok jhok. Mandy says they both fight like perfect husband wife. Kabeer gives his house’s do’s and don’t list. Myra tears it and says it will be her house, so it will be her rule. Abha asks Kabeer to take care of Myra. Famly drama continues. Kabeer and Myra leave greeting whole family.

Precap: Sudha gets a call and sits in a shock saying it cannot be true. Family asks what happened. Sudha says Miranda’s flight has gone missing.

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