Bigg Boss Season 7 21st September 2013 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 7 21st September 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 21st September 2013 Written Update

Salman’s AV wakes up people. He says that they’re still sleeping. Today someone will get eliminated…and he’ll see them in a bit. Everyone gets up!

Salman dances on Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua Hai… Jalwa…and other songs.

He bids his dancers good-bye and says that these people started from the FIRST day only

Let’s go inside and trouble people!

He greets people and asks them how the week was. All of them say fine. He asks that in just one week!

He says everyone is looking FAB! Boys say Thank U. Salman smirks and says thats only for girls!

He asks Rajat wats written on his shirt, Rajat says “Fat and the Furious” He says that Bigg Boss is a chindichor…and doesn’t give enuf food.!!

Salman asks about the NEW ADDITION to the house. The Wardon. They tell him they call her, “HAANDU MADAM”

Salman Asks Kamya to describe her reaction for Haandu Madam…and Andy to give a face to that Handu Madam. They both complete their tasks.

Salman says that there is also one BUZZER addition. He asks Shilpa that she’s experienced and she can tell whats all this is about. Shilpa says that they will ask a question…and people who think she’s lying can press the buzzer!

He asks Pratyusha if Elli made the problem more than it actually was. Prats says yes…and she explains that her rapport with Armaan since first day was good and he would have insulted her but didn.t She says that Elli shouldn’t have said bad words for Armaan because he’s elder.

Salman asks if she ever said that. Prats says yes…she even has slapped people. She explains that Elli’s rapport with Armaan was always cordial…so there was always another way to say stuff.

Salman asks Elli to clear stuff with Armaan.

Salman asks Gauhar if she’s satisfied with the reason. Gauhar says she feels that Elli was alright. Because at any moment, this isn’t something a girl could have tolerated. But Armaan said sorry.

Next Question to Kushal, he asks if he’s looking alright. (wearing goggles) He asks that if someone becomes a star by wearing goggles…then why doesn’t goggles become a star. Why does he wear goggles when God has given him a good face. He’s already a star! Because…public has given him immense votes and he’s safe.

He says, He will be BACK SOON!

Salman says that there’s a different track b/w Elli. Lets See…


Yesterday 2:15 PM

Elli talking to Sangram about some team. Sangram says that his team members are NALAYAK. Elli asks the english.

Sangram quotes that a BEAUTIFUL picture is made from a negative in the dark, so if there’s darkness in your life…then be sure that He has a beautiful picture for u in your future. Everyone applauds

Salman enters the house again.

He asks if there’s any quote for Salman today. Sangram says that there is always good for everyone in life. He askss Elli to repeat Sangram’s quote in HIndi.

Rajat says she speaks South Indian hindi… Shilpa says all her words end with “NA” Salman teases her.

Salman says that a minute back Kushal was tensed…and now he isn’t. He says that that’s the value of a minute. He says Kushal can speak whatever he wants for a minute.

Kushal says that before the show, he knew only a few people…so whatever happened with Gauhar…she’s a girl…and she should be respected…so there wasn’t a need for shouting.

Armaan intervenes but Gauhar interrupts as well. Kushal says that they did the entire work(Apurva and him). Everyone was sleeping…and they were working. But he ends that all’s fine. Armaan says that everyone is a double-dhol. There’s no one correct! He’s misunderstood if he thinks…they’ve done the ENTIRE work!

Because if that was the case…the task wouldn’t have been successful. The worst thing in this world is bakwaas. Kushal intervenes…but Armaan ends with sarcasm that only KUSHAL did the entire work.


Salman welcomes back people…to Weekend ka WOW Mere Saath Saath. He says that let’s see what happened during our break.

Armaan says that there’s no one I need to prove. Everything is visible. Armaan says that if people want to patao girls…don’t blame people. Ratan says Kamya was always dominating. Armaan abuses Kushal and says he’s done just one TV show. Kushal comes and abuses him back. He asks him to respect. They started abusing and fighting. Gauhar butts in and Armaan bursts on her. Gauhar asks him to be in limits. She says he as no manners. Armaan is shouting and trying to prove his point. Prats try to butt in…even Shilpa does.

Gauhar asks Hazel to stay away…and being girls… but Armaan butts in and starts fighting. Gauhar says he’s wrong…and he has no right to tell anything about her because anyone. Rajat asks them to calm down. Armaan says that for him Gauhar doesn’t exist. Gauhar says he just took my name. He doesn’t have manners to behave with woman…and it can’t be taught…it comes by birth.

Salman enters.

Salman says that people should not take so much content so that the people start shrugging the show off…and the show shuts. He says that 6 were nominated out of which 5 are left… and says there names.

Its time to release someone’s tension. He says he’ll give hints…

She’s a girl.

She is an actor

…there’s a shock in the 3rd one…woh 100 % INDIAN hai…

Everyone says RATAN.

Gauhar says that she’s true Indian. Salman says she’s 100%…WRONG…

because the safe one is…

*He starts teasing people*

Kamya is baar KAMYAAB hui…

He asks Kamya if she wants to go out. Kamya says no not early. Salman says he wants to ask Elli about the Budget Task. He asks that even girls did work in this. And then he translates in Hindi. Salman starts doing his antics. He says girls did work…but no credit. “Thenga”

He asks what’s the word. “Pataya” and hints at Armaan. He says that his explanation went a bit topsy-turvy. He wants to say that girls did all mehnat so…one of them should have gone to JANNAT. Not Armaan… Apurva explains her.

Elli says that if not Armaan, Hazel should have gone to Heaven.

He asks Kamya if who could they bring back to Hell in place of Armaan, she says Shilpa…because Apurva is here. Salman asks if this was from heart…because audience knows everything…

Time for Vodafone Caller of the Week

Mehjabeen from Bombay. And says that she’s a big Salman fan. Salman thanks her. He teases her if she has called for him. She says that yes for him first and then Apurva.

She asks, “When heaven went to hell…and hell went to Armaan…u gave Armaan’s name but you weren’t happy…why so?”

Apurva says that they were sleepless and hungry…and he also said…that whatever happened they would have taken Armaan’s name because of his seniority. Salman asks if they think he’s old. Apurva says that even age-wise…and also industry-wise…he’s senior.

Salman thanks her and cuts the call.

Salman says that there’s no need to feel guilty Armaan, because u deserved to be here…and he deserved to be out for a break.

He says that in BB house…no one works… see how..

Rajat-Sangram-Armaan talking…laughing and chatting… Rajat says… someone else is sweeping…cleaning utensils…and doing stuff…except for Anita aunty…and even Tanisha is lazy. Sangram smirks if she’s even lazier than Armaan. Armaan makes a plan for work distribution.

Salman comes back.

He comes to talk about Captaincy.

He congratulates Tanisha…and asks what’s happening in her work-time. He asks about the fights happening. Tanisha says she’ll try to solve it out next time. He asks how’s captaincy. Tanisha says no…there are different type of people…people don’t know about each other… and they will fight in a serious manner after this…

Salman asks Armaan what he should have changed in his captaincy. He asks Tanisha who’s doing what.

Shilpa-Anita= Kitchen
Andy-Rajat-Armaan= Utensils
Sangram= Washroom

Salman asks Andy how he felt loosing Captaincy to Tanisha. He says that Jannat mein…people vote fairly…and now I feel happy he’s not a captain…and its not easy to handle Armaan-Kushal-Gauhar…

Salman asks who gave 1 vote to him. Andy says that someone told him…that he gave one vote. Salman asks Rajat what did he wish for. Rajat feels nostalgic. He says he got depressed and wanted to see his daughter. Salman asks if what that wasn’t possible…he said… Coffee…everyone laughs.

Salman makes him feel happy…and Rajat says that YES he will improve himself.

Salman asks Ratan how it feels to get nominated on Week 1. Ratan says she didn’t feel happy. Salman says why? Utensils are her fan. Ratan says how are they related to this…

Salman says that she’s SAFE!


Because of people’s votes… Ratan, Kamya and Kushal are safe.

He goes inside.

He asks Elli… what’s her most memorable moment of the week. Elli says the night they were doing the task, they did a lot of masti…they sang alot. She liked it alot. And the second one when Bigg Boss sent her a towel. He asks Prats how’s she feeling as nominated.

She says that there must be some problem in approach. Salman asks if she felt that people felt that let’s get her out…as she might win.

He says one is safe…

Pratyusha is safe…

Salman says that out of Elli, Hazel…one will be out…and will have 2 minutes..and the one is…

Salman says Elli must come out and enjoy life outside. She has 2 minutes…to send Hazel out… and Elli is safe… and Hazel isn’t well…so she needs a BODYGUARD…

Everyone bids Hazel a good-bye.

Armaan blesses her. Rajat says they’ll meet soon. Ratan and Gauhar aren’t happy.

Salman says that Hazel will go back home…but tomorrow…they’ll her tomorrow… with Shahid and Ileana…

See YOU till tomorrow…

Till then…do whatever u want to

Shahid dancing on Salman’s songs. Bodyguard, Towel Dance. Salman wonders whose on stage. Shahid? Before Shahid takes over…let’s go…
Shahid imitates Salman’s dabangg dialogue. “Hum Yahaan Ke Robinhood Pandey Hai…tumme itne chhed karenge…ki tum confuse ho jaoge… hi saans kahaan se… and U know what I mean to say”

Update Credit to: BadtameezDil

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