Bigg Boss Season 7 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss Season 7 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Bigg Boss Season 7 21st November 2013 Written Update

With the time for the grand finale coming closer, all the housemates have started talking about winning this game of Bigg Boss rather than quitting it. Armaan who thinks the game has made him stronger seems confident about surviving till the end.

Day 67 in the Bigg Boss house starts with Andy suggesting Tanisha to maintain a distance with Armaan as all the other housemates are linking them as a couple. He also mentioned that Sofia is talking about it all the time. Tanisha contradicts it and says I am playing a smart game. Later she confronts Sofia and warns her to stop linking her up with Armaan as all the housemates have their own bonds.

Meanwhile, Armaan who is ailing, demands for a doctor while Tanisha holds his hand and tells him she will take care of him.

On the other side, Armaan called Sangram and advised him to play smart and keep his innocence aside. But ignoring Armaan’s advice Sangram says he can’t be fake.

Later Tanisha clarifies things with Andy who tells her that Sofia is playing dirty games from the very first day and creating miscommunications between the housemates in order to instigate them. Andy later tries to clarify things with Sofia but she refuses to listen to him. He gets upset by the way Sofia speaks to him and shouts back at her warning her to stop spreading false stories about the housemates. In contrast, Armaan calls Andy a liar and asks him to stop justifying himself. Meanwhile, things get further heated as Sofia tries to prove Andy wrong.

Bigg Boss announces the worst performers of the chor-police task where Kamya suggests Sangram and Elli’s name. Bigg Boss mentions that there will be a task between both of them and the one who wins will be saved from the nominations and other will get nominated for the next week.

Sangram is shocked about Kamya’s judgement and decides to compete with Ellie and declares her the winner. Best friend Elli gets upset about Sangram’s decision and tells him that she will never talk to him if he backs out from performing the task. Later Bigg Boss calls Elli and Sangram in the confession room and asks Sangram to participate with the true sportsman’s spirit. Sangram gets convinced and decides to participate.

Later the housemates are called to the activity room where they see two big poles placed in the centre of the room. Kamya reads out the task details where Sangram and Elli have to hold on to the poles for the maximum amount of time. After the buzzer rings, announcing the start of the task, Sangram and Elli climb up the poles and soon have to undergo multiple difficulties as they cling on to the poles even when bombarded with jets of icy water. Sangram couldn’t handle it as he falls on the ground.

Housemates congratulate Elli and feel that they both performed well. Later, Elli gets upset with Sangram as she feels he intentionally lost at the task. Sangram apologises to Bigg Boss as he wanted Elli to win the task.

Later in the night, while the housemates are busy with work, suddenly a song plays and the entry door moves. Gauahar and Kamya come running towards the garden area and housemates get an exciting surprise. But finally, Kushal enters and all the housemates are shocked.

Gauahar and Kamya jump in excitement and hug him tight. Even Armaan is happy that Kushal is back. Letting bygones be bygones, Kushal gives Andy and Tanisha a warm hug and also presents the contestants with gifts which he has carefully selected for them.

Update Credit to: TellyChakkar

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