Bigg Boss OTT: Sofia Hayat slams Karan Johar; says, He is worse than Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 7 contestant Sofia Hayat, slammed Bigg Boss OTT host Karan Johar for promoting violence and nepotism. While many celebs and netizens are already raising their voice against KJo, Sofia too has called the host out.

Sodia said, “Karan is worse than Salman Khan! They are promoting violence and nepotism… if this show was on in the UK, they would take it off-air immediately because it incites violent behaviour and aggression. Karan is playing up to the old ways of insulting people to get high TRPs. It’s an old formula of Bigg Boss.”

Sofia, further adds, “India is the land of spirituality, where there is a religious dharma to not harm anyone. Karan and Bigg Boss are going against this dharma. They are insulting God’s will of peace and love and they are promoting violence, nepotism, swearing, and disrespect of humanity. They are laughing at people’s misfortune. I would never go on such a show again that encourages people to get angry and hurt people. They are creating a negative program that is being watched by Indians worldwide. How do you think the children of India will react? Children will learn such behavior from these shows. If this is the way Bigg Boss continues then please hold them all responsible for the future children of India who will be aggressive and violent. Please let India not lose its dharma to a show that is clearly doing the work of the devil.”

Earlier, Sofia had shared a post on her social media stating why she won’t share the stage with Salman Khan at the Bigg Boss 14 finale. In her long note she asked, “Isn’t it about time you cast a girl your own age to star opposite you? I myself chose not to appear on stage on BB final next to Salman because my morality and truth is stronger than my ego.”

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  1. Bigg Boss Show and its Bollywood families are nothing but hypocrites. Anything in the name of making money. And these losers can shell out poison but don’t have the guts to take it back when someone challenges them.

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