Bigg Boss OTT 12th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Moose leaves the house

Bigg Boss OTT 12th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karan welcomes everyone. He says you are all connected to the show. This week Bigg Boss broke all the connections and everyone is free now. Now they are all free to play on their own. Let’s see how Saturday ended.

Day 35 8 AM
Everyone wakes up dancing. Neha comes to Pratik. He hugs her and says good morning.
Nishant says to Moose you got too emotional. I thought you would come to save both of us. Neha bit me. Moose laughs. Nishant says Neha is fun. Moose says you keep saying that. It makes me feel bad. HE says there’s no comparison. You will always be my first. If you call me and she calls me as well I will ditch her and come to you. But I like Neha. She says stop saying that. I don’t know how to feel. Nishant says let me clear. Nishant says you want your two boys to only chill with you.

12:15 PM
Raqesh does arti. Everyone joins him.

12:30 PM
Moose says arti is done. Pratik says really? It’s okay. Moose says go and chance. Pratik says to Neha we cleaned, did breakfast. That doesn’t mean you will do arti without us. No one called us. Should I fight for pooja too now?? Neha says leave it.

2:15 PM
Pratik and Neha do the arti. Nishant and Moose do the arti. Neha sings bhajan. Divya and Raqesh take out the idol. Everyone says thank you Ganpati for blessing us all. Neha says it feels like a friend is leaving. Raqesh takes the idol to the drum.

2:45 PM
Neha asks Raqesh what’s the scene? He says what? She says you wanted to talk. He says I said everything. She says why do you run away from talking? He says I am a little reserve these days. If you’re talking about me and Shamita, I lived life my way. Not by other people asking me how to live my life. Neha says you have to stand for yourself too. Raqesh says I do. He says I don’t like shouting and noises. I lose my words. I tell Shamita the same. She shouts and overreacts so much. Neha says you both are on different wavelengths. Just have a word outside. He says I
will. I really like her but she also needs to understand the boundaries. She says then you both should move on. You both have different expectations from life. He says I can’t change myself. It’s important for both people to be happy.

4 PM
Shamita says he didn’t even defend me in the conversation with Divya. When I bluntly asked? He says you have also done the same. I asked who did it first? He said I don’t remember. Don’t put me down in front of another person if you find me special. Anyway, I am trying to find my peace.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says you all should choose two people who deserve punishment based on their behavior in the last 5 weeks. And two inmates who did the best. You’re given time to discuss and come up with a mutual agreement. Pratik says I think Divya and Raqesh. Divya has fought about duties, tasks. And I don’t get Raqesh. The best would be Nishant because he speaks up and myself. I say things the way I want. Nishant says my name is Shamita. She doesn’t put in any effort and she doesn’t put forward her opinions. The second name is Divya. She didn’t get a chance to prove herself. So she didn’t have a part in the game. The second reason is that she has strong points but she forgets them. The best would be me, I have given my best. The second name is Pratik. He stood out from the beginning. Shamita says I have worked way more than anyone in this house. I have been vocal about my points. Pratik says let’s just take names and not defend. Divya says I want to defend myself. Pratik says don’t shout. she says it’s better if you listen. Divya says the duty part was just one day. Pratik says no it happened many times. Divya says if you don’t let me speak I won’t agree on anything. Nishant says let her speak. Divya says the last time on punishment I said there are no such thing as hard and fast duties and after that, I have worked a lot. If I couldn’t perform it’s not my mistake. I don’t deserve a punishment. Nishant says it was your choice. Divya says what Zeeshan did was his fault. Divya says I proved myself whenever I got a chance.

Divya takes Pratik and Neha’s names of the worst players. Divya says better players are Raqesh and me. Raqesh because he is very calm but smart. He doesn’t shout but he played well. The second name is me. Even though I didn’t get a lot of chances, I played alone and fought alone. I stood alone and faced everything alone. Moose says my best names are Nishant and Pratik. The worst is Shamita and Raqesh. Raqesh doesn’t perform as such. Same with Shamita. They are moody with everything. Nishant and Praitk are very focused. Shamita says I have been nominated every week.. Still, I am here. The best names here are me and Neha. The worst are Moose and Divya. Moose hasn’t contributed much. And Divya because she hasn’t been consistent. Divya says now you will decide my personality? Your personality is very consistently snobbish. Pratik says don’t get personal.

Raqesh says the worst names are Pratik. Because of him two tasks were discarded. Pratik says one task. Shamita says let him speak. Pratik says you didn’t even let us do the pooja. You have no thoughtfulness. He didn’t let me do pooja. Nishant says you could come yourself. Raqesh says the next name is Moose. She’s weaker than Nishant. Nishant says we are not a connection anymore. Why are you comparing? Raqesh says best are me and Divya. Neha says my worst names are Divya. She instigates people. She has emotionally harmed me a lot. Neha says the other name is Moose.

Neha says Moose hasn’t given a lot of contribution. And she has emotionally hurt me. Best names are Shamita. She gives her opinions. Nishant says as per convenience. Shamita says why would she say that? He says it’s my opinion. Neha says she is a strong person. The second name is me. I have given a good contribution. Pratik says bigg boss there will be no mutual agreement. Everyone counts who got the most bad names. Divya doesn’t agree. Nishant says this isn’t right. You guys always ruin tasks. You were mad when others did the same? She says it’s not a nomination. Nishant says we have to come to a mutual decision. Divya says then who decides that? Nishant and Divya argue. She says I won’t agree to this. Neha says let it go one time Divya. She says no. Pratik says she won’t ever agree.

Raqesh says everyone is playing a game. Moose goes inside. Pratik says to Moose I don’t agree for your name. I didn’t even take your name. Moose says it’s fine. Why do you want me to agree with you? He says I can take the punishment. She says why would you? Pratik says it’s not a big deal for me.

5:30 PM
Nishant says we have to come with a solution. We will look like losers. Neha says Bigg Boss gives everyone punishment. Divya says if I get punishment, so will Pratik. Shamita says Divya your name was taken the most. Divya says you have insecurity towards me. Shamita says you are not making sense. Divya says you control your friend. You are so immature. You are so insecure. Shamita says I don’t even care. Shamita says what you are doing is immature. Nishant says we need to finalize it. Divya says I am not here to share the trophy. Neha says Bigg Boss.. Pratik says no. There’s no mutual agreement. Neha says let me speak. Neha says Divya and Praitk to be punished. The best ones aren’t decided.

5:45 PM
Bigg Boss says every time we give you a chance to maturely agree on something. We are always disappointed. Now the decision would be on majority. Pratik says okay I am not even taking the punishment. Nishant says Pratik and I have 3 3 for the best. Pratik says I will take Moose’s punishment. Moose comes. Neha says let her decide. Moose says it’s okay. Nishant says let her do her thing. She says give me the punishment. Shamita says so moose and Divya for worst. And best are Pratik and Nishant. Pratik claps. Divya says yo are so irritating. Pratik kisses Neha’s cheek.

Moose comes to Nishant. She says on one hand you say you’re proud of me and then this. Do you think I have done less than you? He says no. She says you’re more experienced than me. I did justice.

Shamita says to Pratik when you start shouting the point is gone. You start shouting. He says she pisses me off. Shamita says she gets sarcastic and you end up looking like a good.
Raqesh says to Divya, he wants everything. Divya says and Nishant is here and there. Raqesh says if the audience chooses Pratik I will lose all faith.

6 PM
Nishant reads there are black and whiteboard. Divya and Moose will write forgive me please. You will wipe it from the other board and write again. You will keep doing this punishment until the punishment is over by Bigg Boss.

6:15 Pm
Raqesh hugs Divya and says chill. She cries. She says it’s so bad. Shamita says see how he is. Divya says this is not write. Neha says she is such a drama. Shamita says Raqesh flipped so bad. Nishant says yeah. Shamita says I saw a completely different Raqesh. Moose and Divya keep writing and wiping.

6:30 PM
Shamita says to Raqesh what has happened to you? He says speak in Hindi. She says I feel like you’re very lost. Raqesh says I am concentrating on myself. Divya says well played Nishant. Impress everyone, be here and there. He says okay whatever. Raqesh says to Shamita I have been there for you. but I don’t like being forced. We are too broken people. Shamita says I have not been in a relationship for a very long time. He says why do you react so hard. She says I have to work on it. Shamita says I always had to defend myself. It became a natural process for me. I grew up mostly with my dad. Mom was traveling with Shilpa because she was very young. I felt like I faced a lot on my own. I lost my first boyfriend at the age of 18, he passed away. Emotionally it changed me over a night. I joined the industry, too many comparisons. It’s not been easy. When I feel attacked or misunderstood, I get reactive. I am not perfect. I have this instinct in me of taking care.

7:45 PM
Shamita asks Neha, is Divya playing a better game than all of us? Neha says Raqesh we were asked who played it better. Raqesh says she plays good. Neha says she has no friends here and then she cries that she doesn’t have friends. Raqesh says she plays good game. Shamita says so I don’t play well? Neha says no one pressed a buzzer for her. If she was so well, people would have chosen her.

8:15 PM
Moose says to Nishant, it’s my fault. No one has 100% sureity on me. I am here for no reason. You don’t give me my 100%. Divya says let us do the task. Bigg Boss says the punishment is over. Nishant says thank you Bigg Boss. Raqesh hugs Divya. Nishant says you doubt me unnecessarily. Moose hugs him.

8:45 PM
Divya says I have two friends here, Raqesh. He didn’t speak to me the entire journey and now he’s close. And you Nishant. You have always been there. At least value that friendship. I didn’t feel bad. I can’t be blamed for not having a connection. We can’t be friends if you keep doing this. He says that’s your choice. Moose says calm down for now. Nishant says I am the way I am. You can’t ignore other things. Divya says you become friends with everyone. I am being very true. If I become friends I do it with all my heart.

9 PM
Shamita reads, congrats Nishant and Pratik on being the best players. You get a special meal. They go in and pick the meals. Bigg Boss says time for today’s report card. The audience is happy with today’s performance. Neha says to Shamita I don’t like talking to anyone right nowhere. Shamita says keep a little distance. You get into it a lot. He has nothing to lose. But you are not carefree outside. It shouldn’t be misconstrued. Neha says he doesn’t think that way. Shamita says there’s no distraction here. You have to step back a little. Raqesh comes. He asks is the show not going well outside? She says we screwed everything and even then the show won’t work? Don’t know if we have a family, husband, career anything left or not? What else do they want? So many fights, flashes. Shamita laughs. Shamita says we have flashed everything. Shamita says when Divya spilled oil we should have done the same. Raqesh says don’t say that about my Divya. They laugh. Shamita says I feel like she has something for you. He says a lot of people have a soft corner for me. Deal with it. She says so do people for me. He says I deal with it very nicely. She says yeah right Pratik? Divya goes extra mile for you and so does she. I would back off in the outside world.

1:30 AM
Pratik says come here. Neha says no. He says is our friendship over? She says no. He says get me water. She says fill my bottle too. Pratik says what’s your problem? Neha says I won’t talk to you. He says it’s getting a lot. Neha says don’t touch me. Pratik says let me help you. She says let me go inside. She says go sleep on your bed. I don’t wanna talk to you. She says you are irritating me.

Weekend ka vaar
Karan says now these solo players will see each other in the next week. They will stop each other. Karan says the last week is starting and let’s see who wins Bigg Boss OTT. He goes inside the house. Karan says hello. They wish each other Ganesh Chaturthi. Karan asks Nishant what’s special? Nishant says we prepared something for you. I hope you and the audience would like it. Karan says start then.

Shamita starts the act with Divya. Raqesh comes. Neha and Moose dance. They all perform together.
Karan says well done. That was amazing. There was so much coordination. I thought you must have gotten used to solo performance. Karan says we always said the connection would take you forward but Divya proved us wrong and Bigg Boss had to break connections. Divya says only the tag is gone. He says so they are still connected? She says a lot more. He says maybe you didn’t listen to a lot of things audience did. Raqesh.. Everyone laughs. Karan says I didn’t say anything. Karan asks Raqesh what’s going on? Raqesh says nothing sir. Karan asks Raqesh to bring sweets.

Raqesh says it’s modak. Raaqesh makes everyone eat it. Karan asks Nishant who was most difficult to choreograph? He says Pratik. Karan says but he did well. Nishant says I have learned to polish the stones. Karan says I will show you one more sweet thing and you will create history with it. He shows them the trophy. Everyone says nice. He says Divya.. you’re doing pooja? She says yes I am praying. He says in 6 days one of you will win it. you have to take out your killer instinct. Just play and think for yourself. Only solo. Only Divya is playing solo in this house and the rest of you are still in your comfort zone. You can pay for it. One of you will get the trophy and others won’t. Divya, Shamita, Moose, Neha, and Pratik are nominated today. We will find out who’s leaving the house today. I want to talk about the immunity chance. You all were so careless about it. It was a mess.

Karan says I don’t want to talk about the tasks because they always upset me. I want to talk about the discussion between Nishant and Raqesh before the rickshaw task. Nishant who’s the priority for you in this house? Two people? He says Pratik and Moose. He asks Raqesh. He says Shamita and Divya. Karan says Neha what are your thoughts on this? You are suddenly not a priority to him? Neha says people change here. Raqesh thinks Divya is a better player. He says it’s not about playing and about how you are as a person. But now he thinks different. I thought Nishant would save Pratik but he chose Moose. He says aren’t your shocked that Raqesh changed? She says I said that to him. He says it’s a shock for the audience. Neha says for me, people who were important for me here were Raqesh, Pratik and Shamita. It remained the same with me. Karan says the conversation Raqesh had with you, he took Divya’s name.

Raqesh says first I said Pratik and Moose. But the conversation was getting very loud. I had to convince Nishant too. So I gave a lot of names. Then we went ahead with what we thought was right. Karan asks except for Shamita who was your priority in that moment? He says I was contemplating to save Neha. He said Divya. So we decided Divya, because she hasn’t proven herself a chance. So let’s get her a fair chance to play. Karan says fair chance? Nishant says it’s not about fair chance. Karan says I want to know from Raqesh. I heard your thoughts. Raqesh says she didn’t participate. Karan says that was her disadvantage. Raqesh says she’s a strong player so she could cope up. Karan says are you hearing yourself? It bothers me. He asks Shamita what do you have to say? Shamita smiles and says I really don’t know what to say. His thought process and priorities changed. I saw a different Raqesh first and now a very different me. Nishant kept telling me he isn’t like this outside. Raqesh kept saying this is who I am. Now I realize maybe this is him. Priorities changedand I don’t know why. How he has gotten so close to Divya and has a soft corner for her?

Karan says Raqesh you’re talking about a fair chance. You’re not getting it. She has been playing on her own and she’s here. She has it in her. Raqesh says I don’t remember a lot of it. I am confused. Karan says you always forget things conveniently. When Shamita asked who initiated the fights? You said i don’t remember. Raqesh says I don’t remember such things. What can I do? It’s a problem. Karan says we are talking about 5 weeks not 5 years. Raqesh says so much happens in this house, I can’t remember everything.

Shamita says you remember Pratik’s things from day 1 but very conveniently, he forgot what Divya did to me? Karan says I am not talking about you and Divya. The confusion is with Raqesh. So we are talking about him. Karan asks Nishant did you feel he was confused? Nishant says I felt like his thoughts were not clear. Karan says that’s confusion? Are you trying to be polite because he’s your friend? Nishant says no. He was clear that he had to save Shamita. Karan says obviously. Pratik says he said girls are weak. Nishant says the topic went somewhere else. He didn’t mean how it came off as. Definitely there was a confusion. Karan says you are being very careful here. Nishant says when agreement thing starts, they give up. They don’t value people who did well. Karan says that’s why I want to know what happened in his mind? The audience was confused.

Karan says Raqesh this isn’t my opinion. Raqesh says so many names popped up. Nishant says I said we shouldn’t add Divya. Nishant says Raqesh wanted Pratik. So I said let’s add Neha then. Pratik says his priority was Divya not Neha. Nishant says we both didn’t add Divya’s name. Karan says Raqesh it’s critical. When you gave Shamita advantage can you cal tell why? He says she’s worked a lot in this house. Karan says what did you exactly say? He says I said I want pratik in disadvantage. Shamita was injured. He says now you’re talking about an injury. Then Neha had been here with a leg injury? Raqesh says I said let’s not take Neha’s name because of her injury. Nishant says if there was injury, he must have seen everyone’s health. Karan says Shamita wasn’t helpless. Raqesh says I wanted to give her advantage. Karan says you didn’t even know the task. He says it could be anything. I wanted to save her. Karan says we are not playing fear factor. Karan says I didn’t want to put anyone in a situation. I was taking it as an overview. Taking decisions is very critical in this house.

Karan asks Nishant you said Pratik is your priority. Then how easily you took his name? Nishant says I said Shamita. He said Pratik and Moose. He said Pratik is strong. Shamita is weak. He was ready to do disagree and nominate. So I said let’s go with one name. Karan says you just gave up? Nishant says the agreement was more important for me at that time. I did what I could. I think about myself. Karan says it gets confusing. You claim to be friends. Karan asks Raqesh the whole world wants to know what you meant when you called women weak. He says let me explain. When people shout, I fumble. I can’t make clear sentences. When the situation cleans, I talk. This is my nature. Karan says you are contradicting your own self. You were saying anything. You could offend women. Raqesh says my priority was to convince Nishant. Karan says only Nishant was there. Raqesh says even he was so loud. Pratik being the only man in that task, I thought.. Karan says I am sorry to say that was just s*xist. Pratik says exactly. Karan says I have to call it out. Raqesh says let me explain. Karan says the next day you were proud and you said see this is what I meant. Raqesh says I didn’t mean it in a s*xist way. He shoved her. Karan says Divya and Shamita can kick you. He says I was talking about the game. I was protecting something. Karan says I have called people out, Akshara. we are living in 2021 we can’t say things like that. Reflect on it. He says I know what it is. What strength is and where it comes from. I know Sir. At that moment, Karan says it continued the next day. Raqesh says he pushed. Moose says maybe he didn’t mean it but then he repeated the same thing the next day. Pratik and I walked out because it was s*xist. Moose says I told Raqesh, strengths don’t come from gender. They are of different built. I am havier than men. If those are your thoughts portray them that way. I don’t understand it now.

Karan asks Shamita did you digest girls are weaker? She says I didn’t agree. His intention could be something else. Pratik played intelligently and I lost track. That was it. Karan says I don’t wanna be part of the cancel culture. Because you will never really change if you don’t understand what’s wrong with it. Men tell me I am not men enough. These things are hurtful. I don’t wanna cancel those people. Because that means they won’t learn. I want you to learn through this show. You accept it and move on that it’s wrong. You wanted an easy way out. Shamita says you are an escapist. Men are stronger, then the other easy way out, she’s not well. You could openly say you wanted to save Shamita. It’s really time to wake up. Get some coffee. My confusion isn’t clear yet. He says Raqesh get up. He says it is being said everywhere. I transport what people feel.

Karan says Shamita the fight between you two is getting very annoying to the viewers. Shamita says the thing is what I am doing here with my feelings towards him, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Doing it in front of the camera is alien to me. I had a connection with him, I liked him. He also said things as he likes me. People called him and spineless and that he’s not opening his eyes and because of that he has become very arrogant towards me. I keep telling him to come out of his shell. He just locks me out. Karan says has he broken your heart? She says yes but he doesn’t understand that he’s the only one who can mend it. He thinks being away is better. That for me is escapist for me. Karan says Neha had been hinting that he only wants out. Shamita says I wanted to a couple of days ago. Karan says he can’t say it openly. Shamita says he did. He said I came to him and all. Karan says maybe he doesn’t want all this? You guys can talk and end this chapter? This is getting very annoying for people. Shamita says I said to Neha that I am done. I said I wanted to go out and talk to my friends and family. Karan says you said you want someone to slap you for this. You went it and you became a romcom heroine. Neha says I did. She says I have my heart on my shoulder and that’s my stupidity. I would have a lot of distractions outside. Insensitively he hurts me. Karan says it’s your personal matter. Shamita says I will take into account what you said.

Karan takes audience calls. A girl says all the best everyone. She asks Neha you said you can leave this show for Pratik. You even called the show bad things. I really didn’t like it. Don’t you value the show or the fans? Who like you and watch you. Don’t you wanna win for your fans? Are you here because of Pratik only? She says I am sorry for using those words. I got angry. I am not justifying my anger. I am sorry. I want to win the show and your hearts more. I realize every day that I left my career and house here. It’s a new environment here. I keep my anger inside me, which is not who I am outside. I had to prove that our connection isn’t fake. It isn’t like I won’t play my game. Karan asks the girl are you okay with her answer? She says yes.

Karan asks Pratik you get so involved in the tasks and then if the result doesn’t go in your favor. You lose your mind, you break things. The autorickshaw task was discarded because of Neha. You didn’t even say anything to her. Normally you don’t accept things. He says I got mad and she got scared. What Moose did was really hurting me. The things that she said, were in my mind. I was sitting silently. Karan says your reactions are contradictory and convenient. Pratik says I played fair in the ticket to finale task. Karan says watch it when you’re out and see how unfair you were. Your reaction was convenient. Karan says Pratik you are a spoilt brat. He says okay sir. Everyone laughs. Karan says you can’t react to everything so strongly. He asks Moose Pratik’s reaction to Neha was very light? She says we kept saying please sit. No one sat. Even Shamita doesn’t. Karan says you said they make you uncomfortable. She says I said it makes me cringe. When he broke Akshara’s heart, I told him the same I don’t understand their friendship. Firstly I believe I think I was being judgemental. Karan says whatever is between them isn’t your problem? Raqesh also said something. Raqesh says yes. Karan says I don’t judge or don’t let people judge others. Karan asks Neha and Pratik what do you want to say? Neha says only Shamita stood up for me. other people only accuse. Whatever it is, we are friends. Pratik took care of me when I was sick. I want to stay friends with him. If it’s the same for Moose and Nishant, it’s not being judged. It’s sad if Moose said it. Raqesh says I spoke to Neha. Neha says I believe I should be out more as an individual. Pratik says Raqesh tries to pollute her mind. Karan says you have to win individually.

Karan says now I want to ask something. I will take a shortcut. Nishant what you said you won’t take shortcut and you surrendered that round. Was the overconfidence audience will save me? or that you’re so great. Nishant says you know my journey. I don’t like taking shortcuts. I take the long way. I did every task seriously. I wanted to live that journey of going there. Nishant says this platform is important for me. I want to live every moment. Karan says, you a martyr. He laughs. Karan says it was a task, not a shortcut. Karan says it auto task you gave advantage wasn’t that shortcut? He says it was the strategy. Karan says so convenient. It’s a game, play it. He says okay sir. I am sorry. Karan says let’s do who does sixer in the next 6 days.

Karan says to Shamita that’s what I told you. shamita says it’s very insulting for me to hear it on national TV. He says that’s why I tell you let’s go out and see it. She says I need clarity. He’s right. It looks like I am a weak woman. I look desperate. He says don’t say that. She says then you need to be more vocal. You have to be expressive about what you feel. She says what would my family be thinking? I don’t want any more fights. Raqesh says I get it.

Karan comes back. Ashika and Akshay come. Karan welcomes them. Karan asks if they see the show? Ashika says I like Pratik. Karan says s*xy choice. Akshay says my fav are Divya and Shamita. Karan says poles apart. They dance and perform on Bolay churiyan. They go inside the house. Everyone says hi to them. Pratik and Nishant bring something from the store. Ashika says you have to create a catchy hook step on a song that is different from the movie. Akshay says today only one person will play solo and that is Nishant. Pratik and Shamita have to perform on disco dewanay. They dance. Everyone claps. Next are Neha and moose. Divya and Raqesh perform on the same song. Karan says what chemistry. Nishant comes alone. Karan asks Ashika and Akshay. Akshay says they all performed very well. Karan thanks them for coming.

Karan welcomes Neha Kakkar and her brother. They dance. Karan says you both have changed the world with your music. Neha says we will have so much fun inside. Karan says let’s go in. Everyone welcomes them. Karan says two singers Nehas are here. Neha K says we have everything same. she says we will sing popular songs. You have to dedicate it to someone. First song is Tony says mein khilaadi tu anadari. Nishant says Raqesh is a player and the rest are anari. Karan says you are also safe. You are a khiladi too. Karan says maa sa laadla. Everyone says Pratik. Neha ask Moose? She says Pratik. Neha asks Pratik which girl do you find beautiful? He says Neha is beautiful and she messes up my mind. Tony says asi velay. Divya says the biggest vela is Raqesh. Tony asks Raqesh aik ladki. He says Shamita. Neha asks Shamita who keeps shedding tears. She says it’s me or Moose. Karan says Moose cries more than you. She sleeps in bed and talks to the camera.

Karan says Neha and Tony you are here to put pricks. Neha says as you know our song is kaanta laga. Everything we will do will be related to pricks. She asks Nishant to bring kaantay (pricks). Karan says you have to tell which things hit you like a prick. And you have to out it in their hairband. Divya puts one in Nishant’s band. she says he keeps calling me wrong and it pricks my heart. He gave my name for the punishment. I call him my friend. Next is Shamita. She thinks I am insecure about her. Why would I be? Shamita says you call me insecure.

Raqesh puts one in Pratik. He says his words emotionally hurt people. He puts next in Nishant’s head and says we are friends but he says a lot of things that don’t settle here. Raqesh says my words were misconstrued. NIshant says keep it with you. Shamita puts hers on Divya. Shamita says I hope this chapter clears. I am not insecure I don’t trust her. I have to protect myself. Neha puts in Raqesh’s head and says sometimes you don’t get me. I am who I am. She puts one on Divya and says you say things that hurt people. You take out wrong intentions out of things. Pratik puts one in Raqesh’s head and says he is never clear. He twists words. Pratik says next is for Divya. She has to go against me all the time. Nishant puts in Shamita’s head. He says she abused me in second week and it must have hurt my parents. Karan asks who is a chamcha? Spoon? Divya says Raqesh is Shamita’s chamcha. Moose has two chamchas. Pratik and Nishant. Neha also has Nishant and Pratik. Nishant says we are everyone’s chamachs. Karan sees off Neha and Tony.

Karan says it’s the most difficult moment of Sunday ka vaar. One of you will be evicted. I would like congratulate Nishant and Raqesh for getting into finale week. Well done. We will soon know who will have to leave the house. Before that I want to tell you who is saved. The ones are who are going to finale week are Shamita. Everyone claps. Karan says Divya. Divya says thank you, everyone. Karan says there’s another name that’s going to finale. Karan says congratulations to Pratik. Neha hugs him. Pratik cries. Shamita says it’s not done yet. Neha says buck up. Karan says congrats to everyone who went to finale week. Two contestants are in danger zone. Pratik cries and says I am close to both of them. Karan asks Moose and Neha to wear the bombs. He says you both are in dangerzone. Each bomb has wires. Rest of the inmates have to cut wires of the person they want to save. For some it might not be very easy. Neha says it’s okay we love you all. Neha hugs Moose. Shamita cuts Neha’s wire. She says I am sorry Moose. Shamita says Neha always stands up for right. Nishant cuts Moose’s. He says she has always be part of the crux and she did her best. She is here on her own. She deserves to be in finale. Divya says I don’t have a lot of friends here and I trust them. Divya cuts Moose’s and says she has always been amazing. Karan says no Pratik. Pratik comes and says they are both very strong to me. Karan says you have to make one choice. Pratik cries. Pratik cuts Neha’s wire. Moose cries. He says ever since we made a connection she had been unconditional with me. The love from her is unconditional. She was ready to walk out of this show because of me. Karan says Raqesh you have to make the final call. You are the decider. You will decide who goes to finale week. Is it Neha or Moose?

Raqesh comes. Karan says the decision is only in Raqesh’s hands. Raqesh says both of you are extremely strong players. Neha you are very entertaining. If you weren’t here it would have been boring. And Moose we had our differences but I know your soul is pure. You shine bright. You have a great future ahead of you. We all love you. It is very difficult. Raqesh looks at Shamita and says sorry guys. He cuts Neha’s wire and hugs her. Everyone cries. Raqesh hugs Moose. Karan says I am really sorry Moose. You have been outstanding. Nishant cries. Karan says the inmates want to see Neha in the finale. So, Moose, your journey ends here. I am really sorry. Moose says thank you to everyone. You all have shown so much love. She hugs Nishant. Moose hugs Pratik. He says I am sorry. Neha hugs Moose. Karan says more power to you. The world loves you. Divya hugs Moose. Karan says now you all give your 100% and win the next Saturday.

Raqesh hugs Moose and says I am really sorry. Please forgive me. She says I am not upset with you. Everyone hugs Moose. Pratik hugs Moose and cries. She says don’t cry. Divya says take him. Moose says you will be fine. Pratik cries. The door shuts. Neha hugs Pratik.

Karan says Moose had to leave 6 days before the finale. Karan says Divya played alone. But today is a good day for her. Her real connection is coming today. He welcomes Varun Soud. He says Divya’s outside connection is here today. Karan asks how are you doing? He says great. Karan asks what are you feelings seeing Divya this way? He says I felt very bad when she didn’t have anyone to support her. Then I realized she doesn’t need anyone. She can fight alone. And she did. I feel she should have made more friends. She’s trusting more people. She shouldn’t trust Nishant a lot. He’s playing his game. He’s playing handsome. Karan asks whose game is weak? He says Neha. She’s playing for Pratik. Karan asks how are your emotions? Your gf is in there. You got mad when she fights? He says I have become calm. Life is good. We should chill. He says I used to love Pratik. he said a lot of things here. He has changed here. Karan asks who would be your top 3? He says Divya, Nishant and Pratik. I would say to Divya entertain people and give your best. Karan asks how did you come here? He says I felt bad about a few things that were said about Divya. I just want her to stay motivated. Karan says in this finale week a lot of people would go in. And Varun is starting it. Are you happy? Varun says I am very happy. She hasn’t seen for 35 days. I hope we don’t cry. Karan says all the best and have fun. Varun goes in. Karan says this week will be a festival. A lot guests would come. He says Rashmi and devolina will also go in and you will see the action live. He sees off. ‘

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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