hii guyz here is the grand finale of bb dosti ka khel…..
Aliya bhatt comes on stage and performs on aaahiq surrender hua song from badri nath ki dulhania……
Aliya – hii guyz, welcome to grand finale of bb dosti ka khel(Everyone claps…….). according to me all r winners but this is a show ,we have to announce the winners.let’s meet the constants through tv.
Aliya – how r u feelimg guyz, u all r in grand finale of bb dosti ka khel
Hm’s – awesome…………..
Aliya – so tell me ur favorite moments in bb dosti ka khel. let’s start with sonia
Sonia – when bb announces the first luxury budget task.i was very existed
Ft- when i got the chance to meet u and varun together
Aliya – awwwww ao sweet of u……..
shriya – when bb sends the first luxury budget items.
simran- when Rohan told me that i am his one of the favorite contestants, that moment was awesome…..
Ditya – when u said that no one will be eliminated in whole season
Kp – l enjoyed all the moments with my all frndz
preeti- i love all the Aliya ka vaar in bb dosti ka khel. u always gives us Lot’s of energies.
St – i will never forgot that fake fight with Ft
Gg- l have enjoyed bb ka sasural task a lot bcz kp was my khatarnak saas(everyone laughs)
Akashi- i love that moments when i sings my first poem in bb house that’s big thing for me bcz my frnd always appreciates my poems without any complaint haha
Aliya – so guyz i will meet after sometime…..
Aliya – All contestants are in suspense( bb interrupts ….)
bb- hii Aliya i am feeling sad
Aliya – why?
bb – it is the last epi.. of bb dasti ka khel. i will miss u
Aliya- i will miss u too. but bb my salary
bb- now i am going
Aliya- bb my salary……why r u not replying. u always ignore me when i ask u for my salary
( but bb didn’t reply…)

Aliya – so its time to invite our guests , the star cast of Philori Anushka sharma and Daljit dosanjh
(Anushka and daljit comes on stage…)
Aliya – hi Anushka , hi daljit,( Aliya meets both of them). so now Anushka and Daljit will enter in bb house to meet all the housemates (Anushka and Daljit enters in bb house and performs on naughty billo song and all housemates meets them.)
bb – bb wants to welcome Anushka sharma and Daljit dosanjh in bb house)
(everone claps…)
Anushka- so we r here to promote our new movie Philory, which is already released from 24th march
Daljit – u all r bb fan so u all know that a contestant can quit the show with prize money.
Hm’s – yess……
Anushka – As u all know this bb dosti ka khe is different.they have low budget they can’t afford prize money. u can win a date with bigg boss .
hm’s – noo…

Gg – i will never choose that option
preeti – sahi pakde hai….
simran- yess…….
Aakahi – we don’t even know who is bigg boss
Gg – yup…..
kp -haha i cant even think about it that i will go on date with bb
Ditya – hahahaha u r unlucky
ft – very unlucky….
st – i don’nt like it…….
shriya – i also dont like it……
Daljit – so u all have 60 seconds .choose ur option
(no- one pressed the buzzer)
Anushka- so u all r in finale. so its time to leave the bb house for us
( they leave the bb house…)

At stage
bb- Aliya o….Aliya i am feeling sad
Aliya – i know bcz it is last epi…
bb- bcz no one selected me. i am feeling rejected
Aliya- very Good
bb- what ?
Aliya – nothing! okk what about my salary
Bb – now i am going
Aliya- plz no………
Aliya – its time to reveal the winners. now i would like to invite all the contestant on stage
(all contestants comes on stage…)
Aliya – so winner is ………dhak dhak ….dhak dhak……..Simran
Simran – yayy…. i won . thank u guyz for voting for me. where isy prize money
Aliya – which prize money ! we dont have any prize money . u accept the offer to get date with bb
Simran – nooooooooooooo………( All housemates leaves the bb stage


Thank u guyz for appreciating the ff and thanx for voting for me…..hahaha
. u all r awesome guyz…….

  1. Prettypreeti

    Ohh god simu di i m still laughing..where is alia salary jaldi do..usse…and ya bigg boss ke sath date kaisi thi di..did u enjoued with 1 eye man…i hope it was delightfull.
    Aacha hua mai show nhi jeeti…
    Loved it di..
    And diljit ohh god my one of the fav pbi singer always….loved to meet him
    U rocked the epi..
    But feeling sad ur ff has end..where should we guys talk…i m thinking to go to bhabhi ji ghar par hai coz no one else comment there so privacy and secondly we all watch it.
    Will miss my bigg boss house..
    Aacha chalta hoon duaon mei jaad rakna…
    Love u allllllllllll….infinity….

  2. Simran99

    So sorry guys bb ki announcement me bcz no one seclected me instead of BC no one selected. Sorry mistake ho.gyi

  3. Oh brilliant ending simran am also laughing but feeling very happy that you went to date with bigg boss and feeling very sad also but preeti you are right we should talk there and kp bye i think we will talk soon after your exams
    i will miss all of you my friends but you all are fantastic guys simran kp preeti st ft sonia byeeeeeeeee and love you all…..

  4. Simran99

    Guyz ye epi Maine ek baar dobara post kiya hai abhi toh sabhi wahan karna yahan nhi okkkkk thank u

  5. Where is new epi simran? Why did you post again and pls tell me why did you say sorry bcz i dont know what is the meaning of BC

    1. What is this? Good girl are you out of your mind when she said it is mistake by mistake than why are you asking this idiotic question? She is matured girl i know her 100 times better than you so, again before posting chack out your comment ok gd girl and plz take it easy and i hope you will

    2. Simran99

      plz plz dont fight guyz…. guuz apne aap.hi correction ho gya i dont know kaise . its okk kp ho skta hai gg ko sach m kuch pta na ho. sach me thode time pahle mujhe bhi nhi pta tha . so chill guyz. u all r my frndz just enjoy the epi….ok guyz…….

    3. Yes kp my mistake and i take it easy bcs we are friends and you can advice me thank you very much for make me understand and simran you are wrong why are you saying to kp dont fight he is not doing fight very intelligent boy just saying me that dont do this again toh isme fight kya hai simran dont blame kp

    4. Simran99

      gg i am not blaming kp . i thought u will feel for that’s why i told u. nothing else . plzz don’t misunderstand me.

  6. Prettypreeti

    Hey simu di just chill.that was just a mistake..dont worry..

  7. Simran how are you? Wonderful epi and gd ending will miss bigg boss very much and simran you are genius and gentle girl and missing you very much bcz i haven’t talked to you for many days but i understand bcz am also die hard busy in study thats why late in comment but we will talk soon and study hard and get excellent marks in upcoming exams till than bye simran
    and preettyyyy my little friend how are you? Missing you also hahaha

    1. Simran99

      am fine kp ,thank u so much for the wishes and same to u

  8. I think simran di you , preeti and kp are angry with me but sach me mujhe nahi pata tha simran di sorry once again ok

    1. Prettypreeti

      Noo not at all sona di mai aapse naraaz kaise ho skti hoon..

  9. Let it go just talk with easy peasy not fight and preetti aapko pata hai bb nein mujhe ek secrat task diya tha aur bola tha kisiko nahi batana but aap logo ko bata deta hu
    bb- kp bb chahte hai ki aap confession room mein aaye
    kp- yeah bb bolo
    bb- kp aapko kaisa lag raha hai last paydan(position) pe aake bb k grand final mein kyuki ghar mein toh aapne kuch bhi nahi kiya chay tak nahi banai
    kp- superb bb hahaha
    bb- just shut up kp hahaha aur ek baat suno kisi ko mat btana bcz it is task secrat ok
    kp- ok bb tell me
    bb- yaar kp ek prob ho gayi actually winning girl prize money k bajay mere saath date pe jana hai but i have one eye so bb ko darr hai k ladki darr skti hai toh you have to go instead of me
    kp- but bb how could i go i have a exam on very next day
    bb- just shut up kp exam bada ya date chahe preeti and simran and gg se puch lena
    kp- date bb exam mein fail hua toh fir de lenge haha but jana kab hai but bb dont replied haha secrat task tha but maine dosti k karan bata diya hahaha

    1. Simran99

      han kp mujhe bhi bb ne ek task diya tha.
      bb – bb chahte hai simran confession room m aaye
      simran – yess bigg boss
      bb – Actally maine abhi abhi kp se kaha k winning girl k saath bb ko date pr jana hai but meri ek hi aankh hai isliye kp aap jaoge but abhi abhi mujhe rohan ka call aaya k wo meri jagah date pr ja skta hai to winner Rohan k sath date pr jayegi
      simran – oh really yayy…….
      so guyz meri rohan k sath secretly date ho chuki hai hahahahahahahahahahahah just joking……..

    2. Huuuuuuu ab yeh rohan kaha se aa gya simran hahahaha and bigg boss aapne mujhe bataya bhi nahi ki date ho chuki hai hahaha but its ok and gd girl dont worry i and my little friend my sis preeti will go now

    3. Hehehehahahaha am laughing very hard simran di very good ans to kp hehehaha now what about your secret task kp which gave bb to you are you going alone at date? hehehe and yes kp exam is important than date hehehehaha

    4. Prettypreeti

      Nooo nooo nooo kp bhai simu di is lying unki date nhi hoyi..actually na bigg boss ne mujhe bhi bulaya aur kaha…
      Bigg boss:preeti ji aap ko mai kuch bhut spcl btana chahati hoon.
      Preeti:kya bigg boss….
      Bb:actually na aapko pta hi hoga april fool aane wala hai..
      Preeti:ji ha
      Bb:toh maine kp ji aur winning girl ko april fool bna dia ko lgta hai woh simran ke sath date pr jayega aur simran ko lgta hai ki woh rohan ke sath jayegi maine unn dono ko secret task dia hai aur simran ko kaha hai ki agar koi pooche toh keh dena ki date ho gyi hai…
      Preeti:kya kya kya!!!
      Bb:ji haan actually simran ko one eye man ke sath hi date ko jana hoga 1 april ko aur jab unhe dakha lgega toh mai gaonga april fool bnaya tumko gussa aaya aur kp usko sirf study pr dyaan dena chahiye..
      Preeti:phir mujhe kya krna hai..
      Bb:actually na woh mera hass hass kr peth(stomach) dukhne lga toh maine socha ki aapke sath share krta hoon but aap kisi ko btana mat…give me pinky promise.
      Preeti:pinky promise..
      Guys vaise mai soch rhi hoon ki bb ka peth kaha hai jo dukhne lga???and mujhe btane ko mana kia tha but yeh dosti ka khel hai btana toh padhega..
      Sona di aap kp bhai aur simu di ki batao pr 1 percent bhi vishvas mt krna..bicharo ko april fool bnaya gaya hai

    5. Prettypreeti

      Sorry bigg boss maine aapka pinky promise thor diya

    6. Hehehehehe preeti my sis am laughing mujhe aap sab dost bohot hansa rahe ho kp yeh kya task bataya aapne mujhe bohot maza aa raha hai aapko pata hai mujhe bhi bb ne bulaya
      bb= gg swagat hai aapka
      gg= thanks bb boliye
      bb= actually gg maine aapke sbhi dosto ko april fool ki khani suna kar fool bana diya hai asli baat kisiko nahi pata
      gg= kya bb?
      bb= actually date per to aap aur rohan jane wale hai but unko mat batana
      gg= but bb wo kaise
      bb= wo aise ki kp and simran k to exams hai to wo dono kahi nahi jayenge unka baad me dekhenge abhi aap 1 april ko ready ho jana
      gg= okkkkk bb and thank you hehehe
      guys mujhse bhi raha nahi gaya maine bhi aapko sari sachai bata di sorry bb and sorry simran and kp am going to date hehehehe

    7. Oh my bigg boss yeh kya kiya aapne hum sab dosto ko april fool bana dala hahahaha but its ok
      preeti how are you? Actually meri ABVP mein meeting fix ho gayi hai so am coming to pau ludhiana at friday toh ek din hi rukunga university campus mein sat ko wapas but i dont know ki hum mil payenge ya nahi bcz am very busy but aap kabhi feroz gandhi market gayi ho university ferozepur road pe hi hai but you dont worry mai jab fir kabhi aaunga fursat mein tab milenge ok

    8. Kp bhai I know where pau is…but I wanna know when u come to ldh as u enter do u see a big ganesh ji murti..a huge one…won murti ke sath wala school that is green land is mine one..if u ever passed then just come there and the cutest girl u will see there will be me.mi hope u will find me..???

    9. Yeah preeti i have seen shree ganesh ji ki murti often whenever i came to ldh but i will have to come via barnala but dear yeh jo green land school hai wo bhi mil jayega but school mein to bahut saare bache hote hai so, how would i recognize you? Ok i will try my best to get free time for 1 hour and if i get the time than i will go to administrative office at the school aur bolunga ki harpuneet kaur ko bulaiye from 10th class the most cutest girl hahaha she is my sis than they will call you ok but aapko saturday ko school aana padega chutti mat kar lena hahaha

    10. Simran99

      oh! so preeti and kp aap log mil rhe ho. very good. toh kp aap preeti k school ja rhe ho . i think aspka school co -ed hoga. hamara clg toh girls clg hai . aise koi aa jaye toh bawal hi mach jaye ???? . but aapka school bhut acha hai . okk toh jab aap dono miloge toh kp aap meri traf se preeti ko namaskar bolana and preeti aap meri traf te kp ko satshriakal bolna

    11. Areh preeti and kp aapne mujhe aur simran di ko bataya to nahi ki aap mile k nahi aur mile to kya baatei ki hehehe

    12. prettypreeti

      Sona di kp bhai nahi aaye…????
      Koi batein nhi hoyi…mm???
      I think he is really busy..
      BTW how all of u r

    13. Nah gd girl and simran mai aur preeti nahi mile and sorry preeti actually pau ne hame 6 hours diye the jo hum kahi bhi ja skte hai toh hum sb bacho ne guru granth sahib gurudwasa nahi gaye the but maine puri koshish ki ki usme se mai 1 hour aap se milne k liye nikalu but nahi aa saka but jab mai fir aaunga toh jarur milenge ok
      and simran mai moga bhi gaya tha kyuki cu of punjab bhatinda me hai tog wahi se jana pdta hai and simran hame bhayankar dikkat hui moga aur amritsar me kyuki sb sign board pe punjabi likhi hui thi and hame punjabi padhni nahi aati hahaha

    14. Oh toh aap preeti se nahi mil paye its ok next time must meet to and preeti and simran di and preeti ab hum kaha baat karenge i mean konse serial ke written update pe batao

    15. Simran99

      hii everyone .chlo ab hum sab bhabhi g ghar par hai k written update pr baatein karenge. preeti maine twitter pr aapko msg kiya hai… check ur twitter ac

    16. I like it i like it simran di hehehehe thats ok we will talk there and i hope ki preeti and prateek dono behen bhai jinka naam ‘p’ se shuru hota hai hehehe aur hamare priya mittar bhi wahan pe comment karenge

  10. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wah Wah date with bigg boss ???
    And so sorry for late comment
    M really very busy these days

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