Bigg Boss 9 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

4 days to go for Grand Finale
Day 100
Its the time to disco plays. Inmates wake up and dance.

A bird comes in house, Mandana asks her to go away. bird goes in vase. Rishab brngs vase in garden, bird flies away.

Bigg boss gives task to inmates “silent disco”, in this task, there will be party in house in which atleast two inmates should be wearing headphones and dancing in garden area till song plays, then other two will replace them. Bizzer plays, Task starts Mandana and Keith starts dancing.

Song is still playing, Mandana and Keith are dancing, Mandana hits on Keith’s bum, they dance funnily. Buzzer plays, its time to change inmates. Prince and Rochelle comes to dance.

Prince and Keith are dancing. Yuvika comes in house, all are happy. Keith hugs her tightly, Yuvika laughs. Prince hugs her, Rishab hugs her too. Prince and Keith are dancing, Rishab teases Prince. Yuvika says to Rishab that you played like gentleman, i mean you did have fights but still you behaved nicely, Rishab says what about Prince? Yuvika says he said that he wll not give attention to Nora as he likes someone else. Buzzer plays, Rochelle and Mandana goes to dance.
Prince comes to Yuvika and hugs her, Rishab says stay away. Yuvika says to Keith that you are coming out very down, under Rochelle’s shadow.

Rishab says to Yuvika that i wanna dance with you in finale, Yuvika says i will tell Prince, he says its not about him, i just wanna dance with him, people are underestimating me, Keith says nothing like that. Yuvika says you said that your jaws hurt as i smile so much, he says i said that, also i said that i wanna dance with you in finale, Yuvika says why Yuvika only? he says it doesnt matter, i want to know you. Keith says Yuvika you are lucky girl, two boys behind you, Yuvika says in fun i said that i would date Rishab and marry Prince, she laughs.

Yuvika asks Prince if proposing me was part of game? he says no, Yuvika says why you talked about my family? there was nothing like that, i take time to respond, Prince says i thought that i maybe forcing you thats why i moved away. Yuvika says then i saw Nora’s thing, Prince says Nora appreciated me so much, Yuvika says people were asking me what is Prince doing with Nora and all. Prince says if i had time then we would have talked about us, Yuvika says if i had time then i would have responded to you.

Rishab teases Prince, Yuvika says to Prince that you even said you like Nora, your and her jodi is nice, Rishab teases Prince that now there is no chance with Yuvika.

Nora comes in house, Prince is dancing with Yuvika. Nora says to Prince that dont dance with me, she greets and hugs Yuvika. Nora says to Rishab that you have positive feedback, your new hairstyle is cool. Prince hugs Nora, Nora says i am miffed with you, he says i should be miffed with you.

Nora says to Rishab that we both were wrong, maybe because of hunger, we went overboard, i am sorry for any fight, Rishab says i never commented about your career, you pointed out my capacity, Rishab says i cant comment about someone else capacity when i havent achieved anything myself.
Yuvika teases Prince that Nora is with Prince. Prince says it doesnt matter, if someone meets me nicely then i will otherwise i dont care.
Rishab asks Nora to break Prince’s heart, she says he broke my heart.

Prince says to Nora that i got angry on your behavior when you came in house and ignored me. Nora says whats happening? you are juggling between me and Yuvika, its fine with me but not with people, its like you are talking about me one day and talking about Yuvika otherday, i know this is normal feeling but you have clear things. Prince says i am clear about you, Nora says this is ridiculous, i am not kid. Prince says Yuvika is my friend and will remain friend, i liked her but nothing more than that, Nora says people exaggerated it.

Nora says to Madnana that now game is done between you and me. Infact Kishwar is done with you. Mandana says we did things in tasks, we had crazy in incidents, Nora says people do get revengeful in tasks. Nora says people are like Nora will break his heart and that Nora used him, i am come on he is 28years old guy, he cant be that fool, Mandana says they are like you stole him from others.

Gizele comes in house, Rishab hugs her and gives her kiss, she asys you are looking hot in new look. Gizele says Keith is normal? he is dancing and all, Gizele asks where is more family? Gizele says to Mandana that only one week is remaining, control yourself.

Gizele says to Yuvika that you were mentioned in whole season, Yuvika says i liked it, she asks if Nora is insecure with your presence? he says i dont know, Gizele says Prince must be confused, you and Nora are wearing same colors too.
Nora says i havent faced such an awkward situation.
Gizele comes to Mandana and says lets talk, Mandana dances funnily infront of her, Gizele smiles. Bigg boss ends silent disco task.

Gizele says to Prince that now Yuvika and Nora are at sametime, Prince says remember i killed you with my kiss? Yuvika asks what she thinks? Gizele says Yuvika is Prince’s true love, i can see it in Prince’s eyes, Prince hugs Yuvika, they laush, Yuvika says he loves someone else, Gizele says Yuvika why you didnt melt? you could have stayed more, Yuvika says i couldnt respond so soon, Prince says we was understood, there was nothing, Gizele says you could have made her stay more in house, Prince says she didnt stay, i dont know what was seen outside.

Bigg boss says to Nora, Yuvika and Gizele that its good to see you back, we wish them and they can leave now. Gizele says Bigg boss its just four days, let me stay here. Prince says to Nora that we will meet outside, Nora asks if he felt bad when she was evicted and he proposed her on screen? Prince says no, Nora says as we had already talked earlier about it so i didnt answer there, it was awkward, Prince says i just said my heart, Nora says i thought it was just game, he says no i just wanted tell you what i feel, she says i didnt say i love you back, he says i love you is big thing to say, Nora says people took it way too ahead that i didnt respond you back and i ditched you, he says nothing like that, Nora hugs him, he gives her kisses on cheeks, Nora, Yuvika and Gizele leaves.

Bigg boss asks inmates to decide whose performance was not entertaining in silent disco task, he or she will not be part of Bigg boss’s ‘festive dinner’. Mandana says i wanna give Rishab’s name as he was not entertaining, Rishab says i wanna give Mandana’s name, she stopped alot in dance. Rochelle says Rishab was distracted by outsiders, Rishab says even Mandana was distracted. Keith says Rochelle and Rishab had same kind of dance but Rochelle had more looks on face, Keith says to Rishab that i am sorry, Keith says i am saying sorry as you are not listening, Rochelle asks Keith give her name if he wants, Keith says no, i know who i want to choose, i have to give your name Rishab.
Prince gives Mandana’s name as she stopped in dance.
Rishab says they think, i was not entertaining, they still underestimate me. Prince coems there, Rishab says i dont know why Keith always follow Rochelle? i feel bad that he acts like dog, Prince gives him hug.

Rishab says to Rochelle that why didnt you think that Mandana was less entertaining? Rochelle says Mandana entertained. Rishab asks Keith, Keith says she had put more energy in dance, Rishab says i will enjoy after winning show, Keith says dont take it personally, Rishab says i will as i just didnt work on expressions. Rishab says why you always just listen to Rochelle? do you really think yourself that i was not entertaining? i entertained as much as i could, Keith says i have taken decision, Rishab taunts that Keith was most entertaining, right, Keith says dont insult me, even i could say why you didnt choose me in tasks before, you can go to dinner, Rishab says you are calling me that i am not entertaining, Keith says i didnt say that, i said compared to Rochelle you were less, Rochelle says he didnt follow me as we didnt even discuss it, Rishab says this happens everytime, Rochelle asks Keith to give her name as she doesnt wanna get into this, Keith says why should i when i think Rishab was less entertaining.

Bigg boss asks inmates who was least entertaining in task? they say Rishab, Bigg boss says so Rishab will not be part of Dinner. Prince says dont do this. Rochelle says even Mandana’s health is not fine, she is not even present here, Prince says i wont eat dinner.
Lounge is decorated. Rochelle says we should have given Mandana’s name.
Rishab is sitting in bedroom. Mandana is lying in her bed, she is crying.
buffet is presented to inmates, Rochelle cries, they dont eat it.

bigg boss says to inmates that we are not surprised that you people are regretting your decision, take that dinner and put it in store room. Rochelle says sorry Bigg boss but we cant eat it against humanity, you could have listened out request, we cant treat people like animals. rochelle and Prince puts food in store room. Prince says they took so much time to decorate this, Rochelle says but how can we eat it? we did our task, we are here as we did tasks.

Rishab says to Keith and Rochelle that you are back tracking your words, if i was in your place, i would have eaten food and would have hidden it for other person, you walked back, you decided to pick me out then you are not standing by it, Rochelle says we were feeling bad for you, Rishab says dont be, we would be eating in hotel after 4 days. Prince says we didnt do it for you but for us, we felt bad, Rishab says i just said that i didnt like you people underestimating me, Prince says if your mood was right then we would have eaten but we didnt eat because of us not because of you, we are human and cant eat by taking out one person, Rishab says i reacted and it was not wrong, Rochelle says you were not wrong but dont tell me next time that i am back tracking my words, i stand by my words, Keith says we felt bad to eat like this, Rishab says fine, make rice now.

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PRECAP- Tarot card reader comes in house. Prince asks her if he will win? she asks if he talking about game or life? Prince says both, i wanna take relations from here and keep them intact, reader says its not easy to keep relations intact, you have to work on them. Rochelle asks her about her marriage, reader says its not cake walk, i see problem in your relation coming in future. reader says to Mandana that it seems like your love life is not fine, Mandana says maybe my partner’s perception about me has changed after this show, reader says you didnt get much news about your partner. There will be Midweek eviction this week and one inmate will leave house.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Ummm prince this can really affect ur voting this yuvika and Nora thing …. Ab to TU phas gaya

  2. oh sath sath update ab samjha

  3. but fir bhi itna fast kaise im still wondering╯﹏╰

  4. Rishabh has gone mad. Didn’t like his attitude

  5. For the 1st time I feel Keith should go out now! Just coz bb advised him to be on screen doesn’t mean he should act like this. And Prince-Rishabh friendship is something I am liking now. When they all lost their support systems, their friendship & individuality is coming on screen

    1. Manuel Ferrara

      Ya both were being pulled apart from each other by their mummies,now mummies gone boys full on !

  6. Prince is sch a jerk he will definetly not gong to win.. Mandy u re the winner of the show

    1. Adress de do …burnol bhej deta hun..

      Vote For Prince

  7. Welcome prince

    Prince will win the show.☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  8. quick update..

  9. Every prince haters who thot that,, prince tho phas gaya nd uski band bajegi etc.. how do u feel now. ?? LOL.. 😀
    Ppl who wanted him confronted by both the girls are u happy ? ROFL..
    I am glad BB brought both yuvika nd nora togethr.. It was soo imprtnt to clear some things to few ppl out there…

    Now yuvika says,, if i had stayed, i wud hv responded.. Shows she liked prince.. Poor yuvika,, had to leave at crucial time.. But nywaz,,, finally its nora nd prince.. Nd yuvika knows it nd is ok with it…

    Gizele,, good try…LOL..
    I liked how yuvika reacted to it.. Love u yuvika.. You know what,, u shud go out with rish.. 🙂
    WELL No one talked to gizele much.. Mandy too..

    Till now my fav wer,, rishab nd prince (60:40)
    Now its still rish nd princyyy,, but the percntge changes to (50:50) 🙂

    1. Atiba.. You are really fast…. Thats commendable… ???
      But there are soo many small mistakes today,, vch is actually making a big impact all togethr..
      Ppl who depnd on this written update are sure to get some wrong perceptions today..
      But having said that,, i know yours is a tough job… happens.. 🙂

    2. True and I really admire the way she posts update exactly on 11:30. All best wishes to her n to you too shreya. When you posted rishab n prince convo the other day (so much patience)

    3. Subhashitha K S

      Rightly said shreya

    4. @blue… Thank you.. I appreciate that u appreciate it.. 😀
      Actually i din want ppl to miss out on that convo… 🙂 rish nd prince being my fav.. ?

      @subhashitha.. Thanx.. Welcome back.. I wish neeru gets bck soon.. Atleast on fridy as she promised… I used to enjoy ur conversations with her…

  10. well done prince and rishab is playing nicely….both deserve to be in finale

  11. gud epi…full f fun n al r njoyd..mndy keith n prince did task well…evn i felt d same rishab ws lill dwn tody compared to othrs as he ws nt intrestd in task n was bzy in flirting wid yuvika 😉 😀 bt i
    lyk ur fun loving side rishab itz k it doesnt matter 😀

    vote fr mndy♥♥ hoping fr mndy ll win title♡

  12. ROCHELLE love forever!!win it babe

  13. Is it true that Rochelle got the highest votes last week?? I liked her only in yesterday’s episode to be honest.. Hope Mandy or Rish doesn’t get eliminated tomorrow.. Even when in between their fights that bird incident was so cute 😛

    1. Check

  14. Tarot card reader predict mandana wina the show check on khabri now

  15. Jab bhi google par prince write karo to aata hae ‘search instead of Be***h’

  16. What a justice by keith, roshel,& Mandy at first three of them have chosen rishab as the worst performer, and when prince refused to be the part of the feast, they also followed the same way for achieving votes.
    If they really wished to sacrifice for rishab,they may have not ganged up altogether and had blamed rishab. It is obvious to feel bad if someone is called ‘not entertaining’ just before 4 days to finale, its not rishab’s fault not to attend the feast if he is not invited.
    Instead of fighting if all the housemates would have refused the feast showing humanity to one person who is not able to enjoy the feast, it would have seemed much better.
    It looked really that keith,mandy, rosh, prince was just pretending to feel bad.

  17. Rishab have no sense how to talk and behave most ensure man in entire bb serious

  18. rishab will win the show…..guyz vote for rishab….

  19. After 10:30pm all tharkala fake fan stop tweeting coz public uska maja jo le rahi good .my ranking :1.mandana2.risab3.tharkala4.roce no more keith honeymoon is over

  20. I hate nora. Seriously on her interview she sed she and Prince are only close friends. And now she is why are u juggling between me and yuvika. Like seriously she does not suit prince. Yuvika and prince are best couple. How can she say I wasn’t playing game. When she came in the house she sed that she is here to give love to rishab and prince. So it was her plan . Rishab didn’t get trapped in her game but prince did.

  21. Yuvika such a sweet heart. Her brightening smile gives positive vibes always.
    @harshal @subhadhita n others welcome back.
    You guys re- entry to the forum exactly like today’s episode.
    @bebo where are you?
    @tedd howz ur health now? (Meanwhile I fell sick n recovered, but, still asking. Lazy Winters, I agree)

    1. @Blue Happy 2know u r fine .dear no mood to comment 4 diz boring show juzz waiting to watch the comic end on finale .

    2. yup, but this week is bit fine.
      Tv is so boring these days….content…put it in blender…serve…again put in blender…serve…
      Youtube channels are more entertaining than tv

  22. Manuel Ferrara

    Prince was adamant on his point as always,he clarified that the relationship with yuvika didn’t mature subject to circumstances and time whatever & somewhere he has feelings for both the ladies somewhere and he feels insecure too.But not everything can be blamed upon prince,I mean the way he got a seductive support possessing him outrightly just after yuvika left with vague reply to his proposal,it’s coherent.
    As for now he looks dismayed regarding his nightmares(sarcastically) that Nora will be infidel enough to dump him.
    But still I am elated that prince kept his stand and didn’t loose the poise after both ladies visited together.
    But I personally find yuvika trustworthy and genuine over Nora.If Nora is to dump prince do it now,don’t spoil his life .
    Where prince went wrong was at being disheartened and hopeless for yuvika.


    “Mandana fans burn in envy as prince is acquiring top spot in voting with Rishabh following him (HELLYEAH !!)”


  23. I think Keith will go out tomorrow. Prince, RIshabh and Mandana should be in top 3

  24. If prince wins it then it will pose serious doubts on people’s intelligence…… Most boring season ever in bb history

  25. shirley brown

    I still feel Mandana is a winner. She looks not only ravishing with her beauty and attitude but she is intelligent fun loving and very genuine.
    Keith and Rochelle need to be out this week.
    Mandana should emerge as winner. she also was the best entertainer in the silent disco tast

    1. “Mandana is genuine.”
      You are hilarious ?

  26. Today’s episode was good…
    Yuvika is so cute…
    I think Rishab overrated as one of them had to be declared poor performer.. but that doesn’t mean he is bad.. his reaction was also right as it’s near finale…
    Anyway Rishab u r going to win.. don’t worry..
    Midweek Keith will go out tomorrow..
    After sunny leone episode I am thinking rochelle was purposely kept for that car wash team decides everything..
    @ subhashita..
    Hi.. Ya. . Bb kannada is getting more and more interesting funny and enjoyable day by day..
    My favourite is anand coz of his talent participation accepting his mistake and optimum involvement in others matters.. and secondly pooja for her innocence and honest play..

    1. Subhashitha K S

      Ya anand has great talent and is very sensible.
      About pooja I m really confused.sometimes I feel she is really innocent and I feel bad for her for the way Aiyappa is treating her.I feel sad that she is not able to understand his double game and cant understand how she will feel when she realises the truth and at the same time It always makes me doubt that how can pooja be so dumb that she is not able to understand what aiyappa’s intensions are even after so many people telling her so many times and she herself watching him from the secret room.
      This confusion of mine is for both pooja and shruthi.
      Either both pooja and shruthi are very innocent (pooja) and nice person (shruthi) or they are very very good actors that they are able to handle and potray there emotions as they want for three long months.
      I some how get convinced that shruthi is very nice person and she is not acting but pooja I cant completely agree.
      So I feel its better that Anand wins as he deserves it.

    2. Rightly said..
      I hate ayyappa coz he is way too practical and doesn’t care about others emotions..
      Especially pooja.. he would have told her that he is already engaged and we can just be friends. . But he is hiding it from her and giving her hope that he ll have same feelings one day..
      I also sometimes doubt poojas innocence.. whether she is really infatuated with ayyappa or just acting.. I think after secret room she is acting.. if it’s acting then she is very good actress.. it feels real.. if it’s real then she ll be heartbroken once she comes outside..
      About shruthi I am sure she is acting.. she is a great actress.. I salute her patience.. obviously she wants to win this show for her career comeback. .
      I liked Wat shruti said to pooja about fire in the eyes after her daughter came inside house.. it was genuine.. I think she 8s divorcee.. she has to support her family.. it’s not that she is content abd don’t want money or opportunities.. artists know only one thing and they rely on their talent.. after certain age it’s difficult esp fir women..

  27. Joke-ladki wale(prince ke parents se)-aapka beta kya kam karta hae prince parent-bhi wo sara din ladkiyo ko propose karta hae

    1. Aur aap yahah comment ke naam par spam kar rahe ho Sara din

    2. Sorry for thàt . I shouldn’t have replied 🙂 good day buddy 🙂

  28. Lol! This HM’s are really funny nd obsessed wt mandana in a twisted creepy sorta way! So had they voted mandana as d least entertaining it wld have been cool nd they all wld have eaten? Ryt? Yet in all these mandy couldn’t care less if she was voted or not! Talk about courage under fire!! Pretty bold and audacious a woman, they just all appear insecure and childish

  29. Bloffy movement(mandana)-chal chidya nikel ja yaha se,aaye se right le -le

  30. Subhashitha K S

    Hi everyone (Neeru,Harshal,joyee,tedd,santu,gaurav,siva,manuel,tracy,anu r and many others)
    Hope to see u Neeru back again atleast on fri and sat.
    Didn’t want to comment seeing the bashing going around in the forum but thought let me only start with comment among all of us who were commenting previously.
    Hope to see u all again this week

    Yesterday’s precap was really misleading as always.But happy after seeing the episode.
    Prince got a very good chance to clear the misunderstanding /confusion/ questions that people had about prince-nora-yuvika. Nice that everybody got to see what would happen if prince nora and yuvika met each other at once. so guys now please stop blaming prince.

    And though I am prince fan I always thought that prince-nora relationship is just for camera but for the very first time I felt prince feelings were true.Don’t know there relationship will workout or not but felt feelings are true (atleast from prince side)

    It was cute how prince was jealous when nora was talking to rishab (and also felt yuvika was also little jealous when prince was dancing with nora with green dupatta or something-don’t know how many of you observed)

    Liked yuvika very much.She is sweet as always.Liked when she asked rishab to stop teasing prince as now he is in relation with nora (ya in a fun way). Also when she clarified to gizele that past is past and now prince is with nora.Liked the way she have accepted it and clarified it.Really love her. Yuvika , Digangana , Vikas, Keith will always be ones whom I will like and remember for ever. Kishwer – Suyash – Prince are the trio who will always be my fav and will love them for there relationships (bro-bro, sis-bro and couple)

    Loved Prince and Rishab. They were and are always a good friend (I dont why there fans fight – some of them). And there disagreements and small fights have never changed there bond thats nice and good.

    Rishab’s attitude towards keith (Even I feel from what they hv shown us rochelle and rishab were weakest and what keith pointed out was right) and taunt was not required and
    He neither acknowledge the gesture housemates showed towards him.If he wanted them to have the dawaat he should hv asked them to hv it before bigg boss asked them to keep the food back.
    whatever its really very small matter and at the end of the season when its only 4 days to finale I just want to ignore these things.

    And all prince fans Please keep Voting PRINCE.

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