Bigg Boss 8 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 37 (continued)
Puneet had to convince Karishma and diandra to put their makeup kits in store room but they didn’t give it so that puneet fails in task. Ali comes to Karishma and ask her to give make up kits, karishma says why? Ali says he has got the task, if he do it only then another person can go in booth, Karishma goes to puneet and ask where did you reach? Praneet says how will task move forward when you don’t give up make up kits, Ali says to Karishma that talk to Puneet, Puneet says nothing, god bless you karishma, leave from here, Karishma leaves, she comes in lounge and says that he has much ego, didn’t talk to me, ok sit whole night in booth.

Gautam comes to talk to Karishma, karishma says did i take anyone’s help in task, i went to puneet but instead of convincing me, he ignored me, Gautam says task will not move forward, Gautam says lets go and talk to Puneet. they take Karishma to puneet.
Puneet says to KArishma that put your make up kits in store room for once otherwise i am sitting here, Karishma ask will you take guarantee of my things? Puneet says do it once, he ask Karishma to do it for him. Karishma says ok i am doing it, she goes. Puneet ask praneet to say to Upen to convince Diandra.
Gautam comes in store room and shows make up it of Karishma, he says first villain of this house has put her kit here, i will not diandra villain, i am not understanding what to call her, she is very clever and mad, she is not convinced.

Gautam says to Praneet that we are praised every Saturday even then other group of house think we are negative, Praneet says don’t think about that, to be frank, you are at wrong too, whenever anyone approach you, they say that you give negative vibes, look play fairly, all says that you have negative approach, you always b*t*hes about everyone, we have had enough, you are not same gautam, you are very negative, Gautam says nobody can see me smiling, they are irritated from me, i get good words from Salman Khan, if inmates think i am wrong then i don’t care as audience are liking me, Praneet says but you are living with those inmates only, gautam says don’t talk to me from now on, you are making me unhappy, i am happy person, i don’t give damn to them, Praneet says you say negative things always, you always say that she thinks about you like that, he thinks about you like that, Gautam says all thinks about me negatively, Praneet shouts that let them think but why you make issue, Gautam says you are saying i am negative, yes i am negative and i am happy.

Day 38
sond band gaya patta.. plays, puneet is still in phone booth. she and Karishma goes in store room and puts her make up kit in store room. Diandra comes in garden and says to puneet that task is still stuck? he nods, she says i thought it will go forward, i have put my make up kit in store room.

Man on call talks to puneet and says congrats you have done the task, ready for next task, puneet says yes, man ask with whom you are emotionally attached, Puneet says Gautam, Praneet and Pritham, he ask whom you trust? puneet says Praneet. Puneet says i wont make anyone else sit in booth, its my request to not make anyone else sit in booth, puneet gets emotional and cries. man says whom you dislike in girls the most, Puneet says minissha, man says minissha have to go to store room, she will bring dustbin from there and bring to you, there is one queue card in it, minissha have to bring it out of dustbin and give to you but she cant empty dustbin, she cant throw away the garbage, Puneet tells this to minissha. Minissha goes and brings the dustbin in garden with help of Upen. Puneet says now you have to bring out the card, minissha opens the dustbin and its stinging, Puneet says i am sorry, minissha says no problem. Minisha says look what we are doing for you, how much we love you, man says to puneet on call that see work of bigg boss, you used to nominate this girl and what she is doing, Puneet says i am.. very embarrassed, minissha is doing all this for me. Minissa takes out garbage and goes in dustbin to find the card, Puneet says see in garbage bags too, Minissha goes in corner and keeps looking for queue card in garbage, Puneet cries seeing minissha doing all this for him, he says i am very sorry. Minissha finds one card which is wet between very filthy things, Man says to puneet that congrats minissha have done it, ask her to take dustbin back to store room, puneet tell this to minissha, minissha takes back the dustbin, puneet says to man that you made me realize my mistake, i am feeling very low, i will sit in minissha’s feet and will says sorry to her for whatever i said wrong about her.

Man ask puneet who works very less in house, Man says Sushant doesn’t work and he is lazy, man says call Sushant and give phone to him. Sushant comes, Puneet gives phone to Sushant. Man talks to Sushant and ask are you ready, sushant says yes.
Puneet says to upen that i am going to take bath. Man ask Sushant who understand you very well in house, Sushant says Upen.
Puneet talks to minissha and says god bless you, minissha says we all are one, Puneet says what you did for me, nobody can do it, he folds his hand, minissha says no, Puneet says i have nominated you four times and said wrong things about you, about your character, minissha says if it was gautam, even then i would have done it, Puneet says god bless you.
Man says to Sushant that now upen will do task for you, if he fails then you will be nominated for next week, you have to convince Upen that he shaves his hairs and becomes bald, Sushant call Upen and kisses him, he says you have to do a difficult task, you have to shave your head, Upen says not possible, he goes out, Man says to Sushant that you are failed in first task, Sushant says yes, he says now select anyone else for this task, Sushant calls all men who are not bald, Sushant says to men that anyone of you can become bald? all says no, Gautam taunts that Upen is best fried he should do it, if i was sushant’s best friend i would have done it, they go from there.

Upen stops Gautam and says why were you taunting me that i am best friend and i should shave off hairs, Gautam says don’t speak in English, Gautam says lets sit and talk, Upen says why are you giving comments on me, Gautam says i said that his best friend should do it, Upen says don’t show style to me, Gautam says i talk like this, Gautam says you do something first then talk to me, i have no grudge against you, Upen says why did you say about me and Soni, Gautam says this is bigg boss game, use some brain, what comment did i say? i said that his best friend should do, why would i do it for him, he nominate me every week, if he was my best friend i would have done it for him but he remains with you.
in garden, sushant says to karishma that why did gautam pass cheap comments on Upen.
Arya and Praneet comes to Upen and Gautam, Gautam says you both go out, we wil solve, Upen says talk infront of them, Arya tries to say something, Gautam says you shut up, you are of no one, you keep changing your group, Arya says talk to me with respect, why are you misbehaving, Gautam says why are you coming inbetween, Arya says did i say anything to you, Arya says why are you so childish, you keep yourself in problem, Gautam says i can handle many of you alone.
Ali comes there too, Ali ask Gautam to stop it, Upen is angry on Gautam and says don’t try to become hero, Gautam says you are fighting with me on Soni thing, Pritham says there nothing like group in house. Gautam says i was talking in normal tone, Upen says why did you taunt me, Karishma comes there too, Upen says lets go from here, they leave the laundry area.
They all come sin garden area, Upen says to Gautam that you think you are hero of house.

Man says to Sushant that you were unsuccessful in first task, now lets talk about second task. give two names you wanna nominate, Sushant says Puneet as he put me here and Pritham as he is strong contender, Man says call them both here and convince them that anyone of them say in camera with will that he is ready to nominate himself for next week, you have limited time for this task. Sushant calls Puneet and Pritham. Pritham comes there first as puneet is in washroom, sushant says to Pritham that anyone of you will self nominate themselves, Pritham says i will talk to Puneet, sushant says you have limited time otherwise you both will be nominated.
Pritham goes to talk to puneet. Puneet says why should i, Pritham says why should i, Pritham says ok if we both are nominated, Puneet says i have done the task, we will not be nominated.
Puneet and Pritham comes to sushant, Sushant says anyone of you have to nominate himself, Puneet says i have done my task so why should i nominate myself, Sushant says you are right, sushant says if you don’t agree then you both will be nominated, Pritham says ok let it done, we will nominate ourselves, let bigg boss nominate us, we are not doing this task, sushant is tensed as he lied about both will be nominated.

Sushant is frustrated with phone and puts phone back, he says i am done with this and doesn’t complete the task.

Praneet says luxury budget task “phone booth” is finished, it was rule of task that person who had phone in his/her hand, he or she will be nominated but you will be give chance to connive other to do the task and save you from nominations, Karishma was successful in task, Puneet is also successful, Sushant was unsuccessful and also he left the phone inbetween task, he broke the rule so he is nominated for next week.
Minissha says to Upen that now i will show my real self to Puneet, he said in phone booth that he unlikes me the most, now the respect for him is gone, minissha says he is doing this with us, what will his children say, Upen says no, he was just playing game, Praneet comes there so minissha leaves. Praneet says whats her problem with me.

Minissha says to Praneet that i did a lot for Puneet, i had bleach in my hairs but i didn’t say to Puneet that i have to wash it, no, i started the task, i went in dustbin, i had put my hands in dustbin, i did so much for me. Praneet says why did you stop seeing me, minissha says i was emotional so i stopped saying anything. Praneet says fine and leaves from there.


PRECAP- Puneet gives Ali work to clean the garden alone. later Praneet ask Ali to wash plates. Ali says all are giving me orders. Praneet shouts who is giving you. they shout on each other. Gautam and Upen are contender for captaincy, they have to do the task. Karishma says to Pritham that upen is more sensible so i want you to vote for him. Praneet says to Upen that i am with you

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Soni were together and nw that soni has left bb8 then Sonali is being with Upen

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    Gautam ab kuch jayada hi ker rahahe…..

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