Bigg Boss 8 25th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Bigg Boss 8 25th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 95
Merry Christmas
Song merry Christmas plays, inmates come in garden and find christmas decorations, its all fake snow falling in house, they all dance and enjoy, bigg boss say them merry Christmas, inmates thank bigg boss.

Sonali says that gamer and non gamers, please set your beds, Upen ask her to shut up, Sonali says I need candy break (cigarette break), Sonali says gamers, Upen says yes Sonali play game on back, Sonali says shut up patel and fry egg, don’t burn them, focus on eggs, she leaves, Pritham says you made her run, Karisham says she run when someone talk against her, Ali says she say that she never lie, she lie on face.

Dimpy says to Sonali that we take out frustration on each other as we don’t have other option, Sonali says no Upen is like this from before, Dimpy says don’t think about it, Sonali says he is taking snapdeal costumer of week too much seriously, and you think I take these things seriously, Dimpy says that’s nice, I try to not take it but end up taking things seriously, sonali says no I don’t.
Karishma is in washroom area with Upen, Dimpy comes there and says we have to clean toilet on Christmas day, Dimpy says to Upen that Sonali was talking about you that you take small things seriously, how will it work if he gets angry on small things, Upen says she taunt me so I get angry, Dimpy says don’t take her seriously, Upen sys she can do everything in camera but I cant, Dimpy leaves, Upen says to Karishma that Sonali came to me yesterday, she asked where is my hand, I said that I am sleepy but she asked me to get up, was flirting with me, held my hand. she just try to find content only, , she was trying everything, Karishma says she has no mind of her, no stand she have, she cant even give proper reasons towards nominations, you cant take her seriously, Upen says but she become sweet when she have to borrow things from you and Dimpy, Karishma says yesterday was her birthday so I made her hairs, she didn’t even give back my earrings, see this is problem, Upen says she is fake, when she came to me and put her hand under my blanket, I respected her and didn’t say a word, she cant understand that I am not interested in making angle, Karishma says girls get to know about man in seconds, then she asked me should I go, I said please.

dimpy reads task, “secret Santa”, inmates have to pick a chit from bowl, and whose name is written on chit, they have to gift that inmate and gift should be their personal gift, they will not tell name written on chit. Upen goes first, he pick a chit, then Sonali goes and pick a chit but then she change chit and pick another, it has Upen’s name, Karishma says Sonali you are cheating, Sonali says I didn’t cheat, then Dimpy gives chit to all inmates.

all inmates are seated, Sonali opens her gift and its leather jacket which her secret Santa(inmate) have gifted her, she smells it and says I feel its of Gautam, I think he thinks that I don’t have jacket and I like leather that’s why he has given me this and this is very good, Karishma says how sweet Gautam, Gautam sys reason is that she likes leather and once her jacket torn and also yesterday was her birthday, sonali thanks him, then Prithma goes, he picks a gift and find a jacket and scent, Pritham says Ali have gifted me this as I borrow this from him everytime, Ali says you look good in this jacket and also you said that you like smell of my scent so that day I decided to give it to you, then Upen goes, all say wow Upen you have got gift wrapped so nicely in red ribbon, color of love, Upen says color of danger, all laugh, it is chains and jewelry for Upen, Dimpy says Sonali when you have so much jewelry then why you keep borrowing things, Sonali says I have given you all owls pendent, because you are wise, and I always wear owls as it brings good luck to me and I want Upen to get that good luck too, all claps for that, Upen kiss Sonali on cheek for gift. then Dimpy opens her gift and it is cream smooth sensation, Puneet have given her, Dimpy says he has given me so that I protect my skin, she thanks and hug him, then Karishma goes, she reads on her gift that love you, your smile, don’t change, she opens her gift and it is Upen’s family photograph, Karishma says thanks, she also get stone in gift box and says it is lucky stone of Upen which he has given me so thank you sharing positivity, she hugs him, then Ali goes, Ali keep opening wraps, his gift have many wraps, Ali says only Dimpy can to this kind of joke, he finally finds gift box and it has tissue papers and kajal, he says thanks Dimpy, black color is good luck sign, they laugh on him, Dimpy says I had to show hatred in my love for you, I had to show my animosity in my friendship Ali, Gautam opens his gift and its a T-shirt, he says its very nice, I think Pritham have given me, it is new t-shirt so he hug him, Puneet takes his gift and says this packing only Karishma can do, he reads message on gift that Mayg God bless you, lots of Love and success, small little to protect you always, he opens gift and it is GOd’s idol, all says wow, Karishma sys I had nothing, Puneet hugs her. all say merry Christmas, Puneet kisses idol and hug KArishma again, she says I had nothing but I knew you will like it, Puneet kisses her forehead.
Dimpy says to Ali that you always apply black on others so I gifted you kajal, Ali says black girl gave me black thing.

Pritham says to Ali that my father made me fool in childhood a lot that Santa will come and will gift you, I used to get sweets but I would say that christens get gifts and I sweets? I used to write letter to Santa but would think what is his address, I asked one christen and she gave me address of California church, I wrote letter in hindi that I never got gift, I didn’t get gift even then and I got angry with Santa then when I grew up, I came to know that my family fooled me.

bigg boss says to inmates that’s it time for judgment day, first she will choose for reward. Sonali says all were nice in my captaincy, Karishma says Upen was awake too in task, Sonali says I have already given a gift to Upen so I wanna gift Dimpy now, Dimpy hugs her. Sonali gives reward to Dimpy, bigg boss says reward is that Dimpy will choose who will take punishment this week,, Dimpy, Sonali and Karishma laugh, Sonali whisper in Dimpy’s ear to say Ali’s name. Dimpy says Gautam. , Dimpy says Gautam always point to others that they don’t follow rules but he himself break rules. bigg boss says before punishing we wanna ask Upen what Santa say when he goes to gift others, Upen says ho ho ho, Bigg boss ask Sonali that in Marathi too it is said, sonali says yes ho ho ho means yes, bigg boss says till next orders, Gautam will follow every rule of Dimpy and will say everything yes to dimpy, Gautam says yes bigg boss, Dimpy laughs and says to Gautam that please pack my suitcase, Gautam goes to that. Dimpy says Sonali will handle Ali.
Upen gives gift back to Sonali, Sonali says I didn’t choose him for reward, Ali says he did many things, he made food and was awake whole night in task s he should have been rewarded, Upen says I saw reality now, Sonali laughs and says girls power.

Karishma reads task. there will be Christmas talent show task., talent show name is “bigg boss talent show”, inamtes will be given chance to showcase talent. Karishma and Upen will become puppets who will showcase Puneet and Gautam relation in house in fun manner. Ali and Pritham will do stand up act, Sonali-Upen-Gautam will do dance, Dimpy and Puneet will do poetry on house situations, Gautam will host show, their will be guests too. Sonali says its party today.

Sonali and Upen are practicing for dance, Upen ask Karishma to choreograph a little, Karishma shows him steps, Karishma and Upen dance, Karishma ask Sonali aren’t you practicing, Sonali says you are dancing with him, Karisham says I am setting fro you, you both dance, Upen says sonali will not do choreography, she is not listening, Karishma ask Sonali to come, act will be destroyed, Sonali says I don’t want to dance with him, Karishma says Sonali come please, Upen says leave her.

Ali ask Upen what happened to Sonali, why she is silently sitting in room, Upen says she said she is not going to dance with me so I said fine. Sonali comes there and says I don’t wanna do, Ali says you are captain you have to co operate, sonali says I was doing practice but something else was going on there, Ali ask to solve matter as task will be destroyed, Karishma says Upen and Gautam both will dance with her, Sonali says I don’t want to dance with them, I was with Upen but someone else was asked to choreograph, Ali says
Karishma why did you come? Karishma says Upen called me, Upen says Sonali said to me that she doesn’t want to do that so I called Karishma, Sonali says I came to dance but then Upen asked someone else to choreograph, Karishma says he asked you two times to cheorogrpah but you showed no interest so he called, you are presenting it like I came inbetween, why do you have insecurity, Sonali sayus I am not talking about you, Ali says to Sonali and Upen that both prepare performance, Sonali says I am not doing anything, she leaves, Karisham says she is insecure.
Ali comes to Sonali and ask her to do the dance, Sonali says Karishma is coming inbetween, I ignore her and not even talk to her.

music starts playing, all inamtes come in garden, guests Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu comes there, they meet all and say merry Christmas, Bipasha says we have come to promote our film Alone, lets start the show. Gautam starts the show. he calls Upen and Karisham first. Karishma acts like Puneet and Upen acts like Gautam, Upen says I don’t like this Karishma, when she go out she will slap herself seeing herself on Tv, Karishma says look Simba, she is tall but have no mind, Upen says this Upen have hindi English problem, he will slap himself when he go out, all alughs, Karishma says lets steal milk, all clap for them. Puneet hug Karishma. Gautam says next is Ali and Pritham. Ali acts like Pritham’s puppet and says my girlfriend ran away with Karan sing grover, Karan laughs, Pritham says last week was good, Ali says get this Bipasha, all laughs, Pritham ask him to be silent, Pritham acts like Dimpy and cry. Ali ask can I sing for Bipasha, Pritham says be silent, Pritham says there is one guy who don’t know anything, all he do is sing We love we love Gauti, then Pritham acts like Upen, don’t thont me, I swear on mother, all laughs. I will ask Bipasha If she will come with me, all clap for Pritham and Ali. then next is dance performance of Upen and Gautam. first Upen comes and throws his jacket, song bachna ae haseeno plays, Upen takes off his shirt and is bare body, he brings Dimpy and Karishma on stage, then Gautam brings Bipasha on stage, they dance on song. then song Desi boys plays. Gautam takes off his shirt too, Karishma brings Karan on stage, he takes off his shirt too, all cheer, three boys dance bare body, Upen goes from stage, then Gautam and Karan dance, they then hug, after dance Pritham ask Karan from where can I body like you? all laughs, Gautam says now superb director writer Puneet will come and alongwith him will be Dimpy and Ali. they start poetry.
bigg boss ki qaid mein parh hamary lali,
Kaam kar kar ke hath main parh gaye hain chale
neend uri chain gaya
larr larr kar dimagh pe parh gaye taale

for Dimpy
rote rote baat mawa leti ho tum
doosrun ke kaan prhawa deti ho tum
or tumhari is yuk yuk se bhek gye sare
please laga lo taale warna bigg boos ke bhi parh layengy laale
Ali barks to imitate Dimpy.

Karishma says now Karan should perform too. Bipasha says with a girl, you can dance with all girls or can choose, Karan choose Sonali, all cheer. song Katra plays, Karan says I am being the lucky boy, Karan and Sonali do romantic couple dance, all cheer and clap for them. Bipasha says our movie is releasing on 16th January, Karan says there are two Bipasha’s in move one bad and one good. now you have to tell who is little devil here, who is mischievous, Ali says we have little devil who provoke others that is Dimpy. Dimpy says the little devil here is Upen who is not seen, Sonali says for me little devil is Gautam, Bipasha says he is wearing red too like me, the devil, Sonali says he is handsome devi, Gautam says for me Puneet but we saw a devil in Upen too last week, Karishma says for me the real devil of house is Gautam, not sweet but real and number one devil, Gautam says I like it, Upen says for me it is Sonali, she without any reason can slap and beat, Ali says slapped me, aae kantala and slapped, all laughs, Sonali says even then he doesn’t understand, Bipasha and Karan greets everyone and leaves.

PRECAP- Pritham says to Sonali that you should set example first by not breaking rules, Sonali says but I cant help, that is what I am, Pritham says you were shown sleeping, Sonali says where? Ali says Upen saw you sleeping in candy room, sonali says he is lying, Upen says no she was sleeping, Sonali says Ae hello when did you see me sleeping, Upen says talk with me rightly, evevytime you try to find some content. later Gautam holds a rod and say Ghajni has come, Upen ask what Ghajni are you? Dimpy ask Gautam to not do this, Gautma ask Upen why so aggressive. Later bigg boss says that confession room is open for sometime, the one who come in first will be contender for captaincy, Ali goes in room, bigg boss says to Ali that you have to tell other name for captaincy too, Ali says Sonali should be other contender.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  2. What a plan man!!!Ali you know sonali will never be choosed as captain so you gave her name.
    Well would like to see you as captain again..!!
    Epi was interesting 🙂

  3. krantiveer patel

    intelligent gauti… Dont miss chance to dance with bipasha… What happen to karishma?? Does she have something for gautam in her heart??.. May be LOVE…

  4. Ali chose sonali as another contender for captaincy haha smart 😉

  5. Upen behaving like a parrot… repeat a sentence again nd again… “Content cahiye”. Stupid.. nonsense.. useless.. nd really U-pain.
    Love gauti.

  6. Hahaha…
    Same thing happened in last season too.. In last month or say last week’s ppl changed their attitude.. last season Tanisha did nd this time krishma doing same.. reason behind doing so.. very well known to all.

  7. We love we love gauti

  8. we hate we hate gauti…!!!

  9. uPAIN such a pain..jaane Kb khtm hoga

  10. seriously. wat ali told abt dimpy is correct.. she’s a double dholki.. am really getting irritatd juz bcuz of dat damn dimpy.. cheapo

  11. We love we love goaty potty. ..mehhhhh ..gautham stuuuuupid aadhmi of bb8

    1. Please clear kro.. gautam gotty or potty hain ya aadmi ???

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