Bigg Boss 7th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Sid becomes a charming man for girls

Bigg Boss 7th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 4
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song Kya Karun oh ladies. They all dance together.

8:45 AM
Eijaz says I haven’t got a single item so I am going to get one thing. Sarah says I want my items too. Jaan says he wants to get too.

9 AM
Eijaz asks Nikki if she wants something today too? She says yes, I am missing my ex-boyfriend so I want to wear his T-shirt and shorts. Sid, Hina and Eijaz laugh at her.

9:15 AM
Rubina is in the house. Sid stops her and asks what she is doing inside? Rubina says it’s not written that she can’t be in the house. Sid says you are a rejected inmate so you can’t be here. Rubina says I will come inside when she wants and he can’t stop her. Abhi laughs at them.

Sid tells Rubina that she can’t keep coming in the house. Rubina says I will leave when Bigg Boss asks me to. Sid says I am your senior and you have to listen to my orders. Rubina says I was outside in the rain and no senior was worried how I was adjusting on the couch. Sid says that’s not his problem. Rubina says then she won’t listen to him till Bigg Boss orders her to.

10:30 AM
Hina tells everyone to decide what they want to get today. They have to choose 7 items. Nikki says I want 2 items. Jaan, Sarah and Shahzad want 2 items each too. Hina asks Rubina if she wants anything? Rubina says there are more people here so give it to them. Sid taunts Rubina that she is very nice. Hina says they have to decide for 7 items in total so someone will have to compromise, it’s upto them. Nikki says I am not backing out at any cost. Eijaz tells her that she just wants a shirt and shorts because she is missing her ex? All deny giving anything to Nikki. Nikki doesn’t agree with them. Hina says I am ready to give 2 items to Sarah. Sarah says I love you Hina. Abhi counts the stuff that all want. Rubina says we can do voting and Nikki asks her to stay out of it.

10:45 AM
Rubina tells Nishant that they are just giving attention to Nikki for no reason. Nishant says she doesn’t leave a choice.

Pavitra tells Eijaz that you should stay away from Nikki as she doesn’t give importance to anyone but herself.

11:30 AM
Nikki tells Gauhar that she was missing someone so she wanted those items. Gauhar says can’t you wait till tomorrow? Nikki says what if I am missing someone else tomorrow? Gauhar laughs. Nikki says I am not going to back out.

Rubina tells Hina and Pavitra that they shouldn’t have to do compromise daily for Nikki. She says there are people who has not gotten a single thing. They should be on a priority. Gauhar asks Pavitra to try and talk to Nikki. Pavitra says Nikki is creating issues for no reason.

11:45 AM
Gauhar tells everyone that you all can’t leave these 7 items, you won’t get food today if you don’t decide on the items. Hina says fair enough. Abhi claps.

Gauhar tells Sid that they won’t get food today. Sid whispers that’s nice.

Jasmin says we won’t get food. Hina says now Sid will come and say that they can’t use the bed. Jasmin says I will lie in the garden now.

Shahzad tells Nikki that if you leave your items then everything will be easy. You should open your mind, open your key in your brain and not somewhere else. Nikki says I am like this and I am happy. Pavitra says you can adjust, I can give you some shirts. Nikki says I have requirements too, I took others items. Pavitra says you can adjust for today. Shahzad says Nikki has got 4 items whereas there are 11 people. Nikki says so what? Eijaz says we all will be hungry because of you.
Hina tells Sid that Eijaz has a soft corner for Nikki. Not in that sense but he likes her.
Nikki tells everyone to give up for her. Shahzad says we are giving up for you daily, you are stopping everyone’s food. Nikki leaves. Shahzad says she think she is Madona. Pavitra says if we eat then all will be punished? Gauhar says all will be punished. Pavitra says then all will be punished when I eat.

Sara comes to Nikki and says sometimes you have to listen to others. You can’t always keep talking about yourself. Nikki says I don’t want to give up on my things. Jaan says you will become a bigger person if you give up. Nishant tells Nikki that I can give up easily. Sarah asks Nishant to stop. Nikki says I will not take things tomorrow and leaves. Sarah tells Nishant to not give up for Nikki, she wants this only. Nishant says I can give up my item, it’s a small thing. Nikki left her items yesterday. Sarah says don’t do it. Nishant says I have done it already.

12:30 PM
Nikki comes to Nishant and says I want clarity from you. Eijaz comes there and says Nikki has to give up otherwise no one will eat. Nikki says let me talk to Nishant. Eijaz tells Nishant that you are not sacrificing today. He tells Nikki that you have to give up or we won’t have food, he leaves. Nikki asks Nishant if he is giving up for her friendship or because of food for all? He says for food and your promise to not get things tomorrow.

Hina says I have just promised Sarah to get 2 things. Jasmin tells Pavitra that we can have negotiations with Nikki, she has given up for others too. Rubina says she is playing a game to take advantage of. Jaan asks Nishant how many items he wants? He says 3. Nishant says I am ready to give up for food, I don’t want people to be hungry. She has agreed to not ask for anything tomorrow so I am fine. Nikki says I have taken a stand for myself. Eijaz argues with Nishant.

12:45 PM
The freshers try to count the items and try to go against Nikki. Nishant is ready to sacrifice but Abhi doesn’t agree with him. Nishant says I don’t understand why all have a problem when he is the one sacrificing.

1 PM
Hina asks Eijaz why he is fighting when Nishant agreed to give up? Eijaz says because she will keep repeating this if we give her leverage like this. She is going this because she is getting away. All are bothered and didn’t get food because of her only. She is a crazy girl.

1:45 PM
Bigg Boss says we all want to win but sometimes we help others by sacrificing to move ahead in the game. We saw this when everyone gave away their jewelry to Abhi. There were 4 rejected inmates and 3 entered the house after winning a task. Only Rubina is rejected and has to live in the garden which is difficult. We are giving a chance to Abhi to give up his immunity for this week and make Rubina accepted in the house. It’s his decision now if he wants to bring Rubina in the house or protect his immunity. Rubina cries hearing that. Abhinav thinks and says my decision is no. I am not giving up my immunity. Rubina wipes her tears and nods. Bigg Boss says Abhi has denied his wife Rubina’s entry so she will stay in the garden till their next orders. The seniors have seen Rubina in the house, it’s your responsibility to stop her. Sid says she listens but doesn’t agree to something. You will have to be careful when blinds are up. Rubina says I didn’t use any furniture. Rubina says I never used furniture, I am not even leaning on anything. Please clarify it to me. I am sure that I didn’t use any furniture. Gauhar says you shouldn’t lean on it. Hina says I didn’t see her using it, it’s okay. You should not use the inside of the washroom. Rubina says I want clarification from Bigg Boss. I am not smart like others so I want clarity as people find loopholes and make their own agendas. Abhi asks Rubina to calm down and wait. She says I am calm. Jasmin says what about food? Nikki says I am not backing away. Rahul tells Nikki that she should understand. Nikki says I want my shorts.

Sid tells Hina that Nishant is not wearing a bikini but nobody is pointing it out, they don’t see her putting in efforts. She thinks she is a big star so it’s easy. Hina says it’s no impossible to wear the same clothes for a week.

Abhi tells Rubina that they will try to break, don’t break. Abhi tells Rubina that you are strong. Rubina says BB is the best.

Jasmin tells Nikki that if you compromise then we will have food. We have been thinking about you daily but we are hungry because of you. Rahul asks Nikki that you should think about others for once. Jasmin says you look bad on TV that you are making others hungry for your shorts? You are wrong.

2:30 PM
Jaan tells Nikki that you should understand that I can give up my items for your shorts. Nikki says people don’t want me to get my clothes because I am getting clothes for 3-4 days but I want my clothes daily. Jaan says it can’t happen daily. We are 11 people and 7 slots. Nikki says I have no friends here. Jaan says I understand but if you can compromise today then this matter will be solved today. We are fasting today because of you. Nikki says I said no once. Nikki tells Jaan that she finds Sarah irritating.

Sarah tells Pavitra that Nikki is looking at the camera and saying that everybody is talking about me. Pavitra says she has seen all seasons so she is getting crazy. Rahul says she is playing a character but doesn’t know what she is doing.

4 PM
Sid tells Nikki that if you give up today then you can get 2 things tomorrow. You are not looking good like this. You can get things tomorrow. Nikki says okay. Sid leaves from there.
Nikki comes to Nishant and says I am ready to give up. Rahul says what? Nikki says you all have food. Jaan pulls her closer.

Sid tells Gauhar that Nikki agreed to give up. Nikki is smart. Nikki comes there and tells Hina that I am ready to give up today. Pavitra says Sid made her listen. Sid says I have talked to anyone I want to. I made Eijaz listen too. Pavitra says Nikki gave up because Sid said so. I am just telling it, I am not pointing at you. Sid says I have made others listen too.
Eijaz says Nikki has done the least she could. Nishant says it’s good.

Sid tells Pavitra and Abhi that I don’t care if you eat or get things, don’t point at me. Abhi says she was not pointing at you. Sid says no one is closer to me here, I know Pavitra, Jasmin and Abhi here. I don’t know anyone else. Hina tells Pavitra that we have decided 5 things for BB Mall. Sid tells Abhi that this is your game, not mine. If it was my game then I would have done my work. I did my work in my season, you people were on a stand-still so I decided for you. Pavitra says sorry. Sid says I don’t need to play.

4:30 PM
Sid tells Gauhar that I don’t feel anything for any girl here. Gauhar says what is attractive to you? He says personality and connection. Gauhar says you had a bond last season (Shehnaz and Sid). Sid says we had a good connection, she was vulnerable, people were using people. She was very easily available for that, she didn’t have that exposure and got this big stage. I saw that and felt like protecting her, we are good friends.

4:30 PM
Eijaz reads the instructions that Abhi is safe and it’s time for another task ‘Sid Island’. We have turned the garden area into an island and an owner is a dashing person Sid. All fresher girls are going gaga over Sid, they have to woo Sid to make chemistry with him. All girls are competing against each other. The girl who woos Sid will win this task. Gauhar and Hina will give the tips to the fresher girls, they can choose which girl they want to help. There are cafe, garage and tattoo parlor. There will be 3 rounds and one girl will be eliminated at each other round. At the end, Sid will choose a winner between 3 girls. There is a scoreboard. Whoever is eliminated will be in the canceled section on the board. In the first round, Sid will make a tattoo on girls but the girls’ objective is to woo him. In the second round, Sid will use his ATV while girls will be cleaning the ATV to make a music video with him. All girls have to show their chemistry with him. In round 3, the remaining 3 girls will be a waitress with a tray and glasses. They will have to protect their glasses and drinks. They will keep holding the trays and they won’t be able to sit down. At the end of 3rd round, whoever has more drinks and glasses will win the last round and will be safe from nominations.

4:45 PM
Sarah asks Nishant how guys get impressed? The sensible guys. Nishant says if you do something fake then he won’t like it.

Hina tells Nikki that you can wear a jacket and when he asks for the tattoo so you can take off your jacket and then tell him to make a tattoo on your back or on your leg. When there is an ATV then use the hose and mud on yourself, play with him and make yourself wet. You are good at it. In the third round, wear bold lips.

5:15 PM
The buzzer plays, Sid is in his parlor. Pavitra comes there and says I like tattoos a lot, wild aminals kind. Sid says nice, I will make it, where? Pavitra says I want on my thigh but then I can get it on my ribcage. He says sure. Pavitra starts taking off her shirt.

Gauhar asks Jasmin to put in efforts as there is no excuse that you know him from before. She says no I am going to put in my efforts.

Pavitra is taking her shirt off and says I will be more comfortable. Sid says right. Pavitra says I like tattoos a lot. She shows him her rib area. Sid shows her fake tattoos. She likes lizards tattoo and lies down. He asks about her tattoos. Pavitra says I never had such a pretty guy to get a tattoo from. You are wild and rugged and I like it. Sid says it’s a deadly combination.

Abhi says I can tell you how to impress a Shukla. Jasmin says both Shuklas are completely different.

Nikki is wearing a coat to cover her shorts. Jaan asks about it. she says it’s a surprise. Sarah says he is just curious.

Pavitra gets a tattoo and asks for his fee. He says anything you want. She gives him a hug and a kiss. She leaves and shows her tattoo to everyone. Hina jokes with Sid that this is your creativity? You are useless. All laugh. Sid asks her to go away, don’t beg around here.

5:30 PM
Sarah asks Sid where did he learn? Sid says my mom was a tattoo artist. Sid makes a fake tattoo on her arm. Jaan says Nikki is ready for this. Sarah tells Sid that I am a bashful person. Sid says are you doing something wrong? She says no, I just take time to open up. She shows her tattoo. Sid says you were not here from your heart so it took time to reach to me.

5:45 PM
Nikki comes to Sid. All cheer. Nikki says you are a s*xy tattoo artist. I don’t like tattoos but it’s you. He shows her the tattoos. She likes Scorpio and says I am like that. Sid says who did you poison? She says a lot of people today. She asks him to make a tattoo on her back. She says I am a strong ally, I am taking a stand for myself every day. I think Sarah is a donkey, her mind is slow.
Hina says these girls are just worried to get saved. Gauhar says I will never go to a tattoo artist like him.
Nikki tells Sid that I am always taking a stand for myself, I don’t want to listen to anyone but you made me listen. I think my mind works more than Pavitra. Sid makes a Scorpio tattoo on her and says it’s very pretty. Sid says whatever you said was true. Nikki thanks him and leaves.

6 PM
Jasmin comes to Sid and says I am lucky to get my first tattoo from you. Sid says you can always stay here. Jasmin says I don’t mind. Sid says you don’t have a mind.
Shahzad tells Eijaz that Sid must have told her that she has done her work and now she can give up so she did. Eijaz says I don’t think so.
Jasmin asks Sid you are single? Sid says you want me to become single? I will give you commitment. She says promise? He says I promise. Jasmin says look in my eyes and promise. He says I promise. Jasmin laughs.

Shahzad asks Hina that should I take the risk of getting involved in the task? I want to save Sarah. Hina says Sid doesn’t have a choice, anyone with more liquid in the glass will win. There is nothing written about boys in the task.

6 PM
Rubina is getting a tattoo on her leg from Sid. She says you have a lot of fan following. Sid says I am on your feet. Rubina says I am honored, do you have a girlfriend? Sid says I have no girlfriend, you shouldn’t listen to gossips. Rubina laughs and thanks. Sid says thank you Bigg Boss for giving me this opportunity.

6:30 PM
Sid tells everyone that I want to eliminate a person who might have not understood the task. I am not selecting Sarah as she said she is not comfortable. Sarah says I am accepting it. Sid says I am sorry. She says it’s okay. Sid says all other girls are going ahead.

PRECAP – Pavitra tells Rahul that you should clean the washroom. Rahul says you are not the boss of this house, I don’t taunt your food. Pavitra says I will slap you if you taunt my food. Rahul says don’t make food, I don’t need it. Pavitra says people like you should die of hunger.
All fresher girls romantically dance with Sid on the ATV. Jasmin and Pavitra get cozy with him. Hina cheers for them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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