Bigg Boss 17th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rakhi, Aly and Jasmin become the captaincy contenders

Bigg Boss 17th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 75
3 PM
Rubina reads the task. The duck task will continue,

The next foud ducks will be Mannu, Eijaz, Aly and Abhi. Rakhi will be the referee. Arshi says I will be the feeder. Rahul V says I want to be the feeder. Rubina says I want to be the feeder. Jasmin says I will be fair. Rahul M says I will be the feeder.

12:30 PM
Kash tells Arshi and Rakhi that we will have to play together here. The winner will be against Rakhi in the captaincy task so make the winner who is on your side. Arshi says you are wrong Kash. Kash says don’t insult me, I am just saying to choose the person who is on our side. Arshi says Mannu will not support us, Aly and Eijaz will support us so choose from them. Kash says don’t make Abhi and Mannu win the task.

Aly tells Mannu that we won’t tear things around. Rahul M says you should be a biased feeder. Mannu tells Eijaz that I want to win. Aly says I want to be the captain. Mannu says he can become the captain.

3:45 PM
Rakhi says I don’t about your strategy but give chance to each other. Eijaz says they can touch the ducks but don’t touch each other. Rakhi says yes. Rubina says the strategy is changing today. Rakhi tells them to not fight. Rubina says to Jasmin that now they won’t touch each other? Eijaz says yesterday’s referee was not fair. Rubina says yesterday he was saying that it’s a strategy to grab someone but today it’s wrong. Arshi comes there so Rubina says there are 5 ducks. Rakhi asks them to fight with each other and die, we will see then. Aly laughs. Arshi tells Rubina that you called me a duck? Have you seen your body? Rubina says I didn’t take your name. Rakhi says I was in the pond too so she called me duck. Arshi says she is filthy. Eijaz tells Rubina to not shout in his ear. Rubina says not my problem. Eijaz says don’t be a Nikki. Nikki says don’t taunt me, you are so cheap. Eijaz says yes I am. Arshi tells Rubina to not mess with me, I can use the words that you haven’t heard, don’t body shame me. Have you seen your face? I will kick you if you body shames me. Abhi says Arshi use your mind, don’t fight with her for no reason. Arshi says I have given her last warning to not body shame me. Rubina says you are disappointed to not find any reason to fight. Arshi says I am giving you the last warning. Rahul V tells Rubina that you can call people ducks and it’s not your issue. Arshi tells Rakhi that she called me a duck. Arshi tells Rubina to shut up. Abhi asks her to not misbehave. Arshi tells Rubina to think before talking, I am respecting you but you don’t want it.

4 PM
Arshi tells Rakhi to discuss before announcing the winner. Rahul V asks Eijaz to mind his own business. Eijaz says I am minding my business, you are a non-sense. Rahul V says you are so cheap, you are messed up. Eijaz says your attention freaks me out. Rahul V asks him to get lost. Aly laughs. Rahul V says you were showing your maniliness on women, you don’t respect women. Eijaz says you are a ******. Rahul V says you are a messed up guy and you have told your stories to gain sympathy. I thought you were genuine but you just spit lies. You are so cheap Eijaz. Eijaz shouts at him and says get lost. Rahul says try and touch me. Eijaz says I didn’t touch you. Rahul V says I want you to touch me. If you touch me this time, what you did with Jasmin that day was wrong and I can never forget it. Eijaz says you left the house because you are a coward. Rahul V says you are scared to see me back, I have comeback to show your reality. You are so cheap. Eijaz asks him to think about himself. Rahul V says you change your friends so easily. Eijaz says what can you do? I am messed up so what can you do? Rahul V says he is useless. Aly tells Eijaz that we are not kids. Rahul V says you are a weak person, you attacked innocent people like Shehzad, Jaan and Shardul. He asks him to not spit on his face. Eijaz asks him to get lost. Rahul V tells Mannu that sorry you became his friend but he is so weak, you know how this man is. Eijaz says you ranaway from the show so you are weak. Rahul says I left on my condition, why did you want me back in the show? I have come to show your reality. Rahul V tells Abhi that I hope Vikas comes back because Eijaz alleges him so badly. Eijaz asks him to control his words. Rahul says I don’t need any damage control. You are a damaged piece, you are a messed person. Eijaz says get lost. Rahul V tells Eijaz that I don’t need to watch my words. Arshi says no one will curse in front of us, innocent people.

4:15 PM
Rakhi asks them to decide who are the feeders? Rahul M says I am the feeder. The duck buzzer plays, Rahul M tells them to be normal. He throws food at them. He gives food to Abhi, Eijaz, Mannu. Arshi says he is biased. Rahul M says Abhi made my hair so I will give him food. Rakhi says no one is fighting. Eijaz runs at Abhi. Arshi asks them to do something. The buzzer plays and Rahul V throws food at them. Abhi and others collect it. Arshi says we played openly unlike them. Rahul V tells Rakhi to not let them put food in their pockets. Abhi says everyone played nicely today, I am surprised. Jasmin says because Eijaz wanted to look nice today. Eijaz asks her to keep her aggression for her task. Jasmin says he is not fighting today because there is no girl, he would attack girls only but he knows boys won’t spare him so he is not doing anything. The batch ends. Aly tells Arshi that we don’t have to fight all the time. We played nicely. Rakhi collects its food in their buckets. Rahul V counts the food items with Rakhi. Abhi tells Rubina that Eijaz got scared of Aly and I. Rubina says that’s why he picked up on Rahul V today so he didn’t have to fight with you both. Nikki says Aly has the most. Aly wins the task and Jasmin hugs him. Rakhi says Aly Goni won the batch. All clap for him. Rubina tells Rahul V and Jasmin that I will support anyone who wants to be the captain but I want Abhi to be saved. Jasmin says I promise you that. Rahul V says I won’t promise you something that I can’t commit.

Rakhi tells Kash that their game was so boring. Arshi says they have not to mind. Kash says it was boring.
Rubina tells Jasmin that Aly is on our side but don’t promise Rahul V that you will save them.

Jasmin tells Rahul V that Rahul M or I will win this round. Rahul M says I will save Abhi, he is my friend. Rahul V says if you people are on one side then I will play for myself.

Arshi tells Kash and Rakhi that I like you both and Eijaz is my friend. Then I like Rahul V. You both are important to me. Rakhi says I will never nominate you again.

5:45 PM
Nikki tells Mannu that people are taunting him a lot today. Mannu says if we talk then they are making fun of me more. They are misbehaving with you but teasing me a lot. Nikki says I don’t care. Mannu says you are looking like people said you are. You flipped easily. Nikki says how? Mannu says we were playing the task and we decided that Eijaz will become the captain but you keep finding issues in friendship. You can talk nicely about the issues. Rakhi comes there and smirks at them. Mannu says talk? Rakhi dances dramatically in front of them. Nikki tells Mannu that Rakhi is sweet but curses a lot. She leaves from there. Mannu goes with her. Rakhi tells Kash that they are having an affair. Kash says we are the neighborhood’s aunts to keep an eye on affairs. Rakhi laughs.

6 PM
Rubina reads the instruction that the next three to become ducks are Rahul M, Jasmin and Rubina. Eijaz will be the referee. Rahul V won’t play the task as he is ill. Abhi says I will become the first feeder.

6:15 PM
Rakhi asks Rahul M to keep the respect. He says they are girls. Rakhi asks him to not run away from the task. Kash says I want to be the feeder. Abhi says to me too.
Jasmin teases Aly that he is very happy today because of the victory? Kash says I want Mannu to be the feeder. Abhi says it’s a small thing. Kash says I don’t want you to be the feeder. Rahul M sits on the duck and says it’s so soft. I want a bean bag like this.
Arshi tells Rahul V that I won’t give food to anyone if they don’t impress me.
Rahul M tells Rakhi that I can easily win against these girls. Jasmin says we have done these tasks and we can easily take you Rahul Jee. Rahul M asks Rakhi to not make them angry. Rakhi asks Rubina that Arshi is coming to feed you. Rahul M says don’t let Arshi destroy my game. Rahul M says she won’t let me become the contender. The duck buzzer plays, they all stand up. Nikki tells Rubina that they didn’t add me in the innocent batch. Eijaz asks Aly and Abhi to get down from the pond stand. Abhi says you are so insecure. Aly says what has happened to Eijaz? He is going crazy. Eijaz asks Rakhi to get down too. Abhi goes and stands on the stand with Rakhi. Eijaz takes the feed and says all have to get down from the stand and then the task will stand. Abhi says Rakhi and I are not leaving. Rakhi says everyone was standing here when I was the referee. Eijaz tells Rakhi that he might get pushed and fall down, please understand. Arshi asks Rakhi to leave. Rakhi leaves. Arshi gives the food to Jasmin. Arshi asks Rahul M to do something. Rahul runs behind Jasmin. Arshi asks them to run. Jasmin runs away from Rahul M. Arshi gives her food. Rahul V enters the pond with a duck. Eijaz says it’s not allowed, your back has pain. Rahul V says I can take the food, it won’t sprain my back. Eijaz tells Arshi that I have disqualified Rahul V. Bigg Boss tells Rahul V that we decided to not make you part of the task because of the doctor’s orders so you can’t play. Eijaz tells him that you don’t understand the task sheet? Rahul V says do your work. Eijaz asks him to get lost. Rahul V laughs at him. Eijaz asks him to play like a baby. Jasmin, Rahul M and Rubina are collecting food. Rubina is filling Jasmin’s pockets. Eijaz tells her to use her pockets only. Rubina says okay I will. Rahul V mimics Eijaz. Eijaz says he is falling in love with me, he is obsessed with me. Rubina says I am a good duck, I don’t body shame. Arshi says you are a cheap woman. Rahul M asks her to stop it, my pants are wet now.
Mannu starts feeding them. Rubina takes the food from Rahul M. All laugh at their funny fights. Rahul M takes the duck head and runs around. Mannu says people should grow up their fathers otherwise they become like Rahul M. The batch ends. Eijaz says Rahul M is disqualified. Jasmin won this round. All cheer for her. Jasmin hugs Rubina.

Eijaz says Rakhi won the first round, Aly won the second round and Jasmin won the third round. Aly says I will become the captain. Jasmin says you don’t love me? He laughs.

8:15 PM
Jasmin tells Nikki that Eijaz-Mannu is a group. Nikki says I don’t understand Eijaz, when I try to talk to him he says he is not in a mood. I don’t take him as a friend as he doesn’t take a stand for me. He just wants to win and I don’t think he can win now. I am mentally disturbed that I want to quit the show. Abhi says are you crazy? Jasmin says you have to fight here, you have gathered strength. Nikki says I haven’t heard curses like these before.

Kash tells Arshi that the biggest mistake is to not take tasks seriously. Rahul V says I played tasks very well but I slipped in the shark task and I was scolded so much. Rubina didn’t do anything in this task, she was just standing in the corner. Kash says I don’t want someone boring to win the show.

8:30 PM
Kash tells Rahul V that Mannu predicts every week. He thinks Rubina will win the show so he is always nice to her. Rahul V says if he thinks Rubina will win then fight with her, what will you get by becoming her friend?

Eijaz tells Jasmin and Nikki that Eijaz is sitting with Arshi’s group so I am spending less time with him. I told him that we might grow apart like this but he didn’t take me seriously.

Arshi tells Rahul V that I want to enjoy the show and people to remember me.

11:15 PM
Nikki tells Mannu if they should take Rahul as a friend? Mannu says I can’t become friends so suddenly. Nikki laughs and says I am asking you generally. She says I will make alliances, I will be sweet with everyone. Mannu says then kiss Rakhi. Nikki says ewww. Rakhi is singing kabhi kabhi lagta hai. Arshi ends up laughing. Nikki tells Mannu that they have to come here all the time. Mannu says don’t give them a response. Nikki says I have to respond. I get irritated.

11:30 PM
Arshi teases Rakhi’s way of walking. Rahul V laughs at Rakhi singing funnily. Arshi asks Nikki to smile. Nikki says I am not upset. I am like this. Arshi says you are stale? Nikki says we saw who is stale on the weekend. Arshi says you think you can poke me? You are crazy.

Day 78
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song tune maari entry. They all dance.

Arshi tells Rakhi that your friend Rahul M doesn’t sit with you all. He is with Rubina’s group. Rakhi says so my friends will end. Arshi says he can cheat Rakhi easily.

Nikki tells Mannu that there is no friendship with Eijaz. Mannu says he calls you in the top 4. Nikki says he is sitting with Rakhi and Arshi who have cursed me so much and he is laughing with them. Mannu says if Eijaz leaves them and comes to me then he will be insulted, he knows that that’s why he is not coming to us.

Kash tells Rahul M that Nikki is commenting on the three of us. You are part of Nikki’s team. Rahul M says it looks like you three are cornering Nikki. Rahul M says what advice can I give her? Kash says you can leave her. Rakhi says Jasmin answers back clearly but Nikki becomes rude. Kash says I don’t have the patience to fight with a girl who is half younger than me. Rahul M leaves from there. Rakhi says he won’t hear anything.

10 AM
Rahul V tells Jasmin that Rubina wanted Abhi to be saved so why did she not become the captain? Jasmin says she doesn’t want to be the captain. Rahul V says then why she fought so much with me in the king and queen task? Jasmin says I always want to be the captain and I don’t trade off this kind of deal. I hope you understand that she leaves. Mannu comes there and tells Aly and Rahul V why Rubina doesn’t want to be the captain? She performs every task for her fans but she is not taking the stand because she doesn’t want to be involved in the household chores, she is not wrong. Rahul V says Rubina’s game will start when Abhi leaves. Mannu says she is thinking that if he is still here then the game didn’t start.

11 AM
Rahul M tells Eijaz that I want good ironing of clothes but I want someone else to do it. Nikki says I can help you. She holds his pants and helps him in ironing. Rakhi takes the iron and helps him. Nikki says she is so insecure. Rakhi tells Rahul M to not take her help. Rahul M says I can ask for anyone’s help. Rakhi says I am your 12-year-old friend but you have made some other group. Jasmin says who presses the jeans? Rakhi says he just wanted Nikki’s help.

12 PM
Kash tells Jasmin that there are too many clothes but I haven’t done it, Nikki knows it’s her duty but she is not doing it. She is not doing her duty. Jasmin says you can simply ask her to do her duty with you. Arshi says I will ask her.
Arshi asks Nikki to go and wash the dishes with Kash. Nikki says I will not.
Nikki goes and washes the dishes. Arshi says she is washing them now? Kash comes there and ignores her. Nikki leaves from there. Kash says she washed 3 dishes and left, this is not done. I won’t do it. Rubina says we don’t do duties out of free-will. Aly says Nikki is going cheap in our eyes. She is like this only, it’s only one duty and she can’t even do that?

4:15 PM
Rahul V reads the captaincy task. The three contenders will have one cage in front of them and there is a snake inside. Rakhi screams and panics. Rahul reads that there will be rats thrown in the cage. The three inmates have to put the snake in their necks. Jasmin says I have done a lot of this in Khatron Ke Khiladi. Mannu says this is unfair. Rahul reads that the inmates will feed rats to the snake, the inmate who has the most blood on their clothes will win the task. You have to feed at least 4 rats to the snake and take their blood on you. You have to be smart about it. Rakhi says I am not doing it. Kash says we will feed the rats to your snake. Jasmin says you can wear full clothes. Mannu says Rakhi don’t take the risk. Rahul V tells Aly that they are being favored as they did KKK. Aly says Indian snakes are different, even I am not doing it.
Rubina says this is all a drama and we were fooling Rakhi. Rakhi reads the task and says this is something else. She beats Rahul and he hugs her.

4:45 PM
The curtains raise and they see many jails in the garden. Nikki says this task happened last season also. Aly says we will have to find keys.

PRECAP – Rakhi, Aly and Jasmin are in the jail. The inmates have to get keys for them. Rahul asks Eijaz to get lost. Eijaz charges at him. They both fight. Rahul V tells him that he is useless.
Rakhi says they are sitting in corners. They just want to do the nasty. Nikki says we all know what kind of work you have done in the last 14 years, you are filthy. Rakhi says she wants to become famous by kissing Mannu just to copy me. Mannu shouts at her to not spit filth, how dare you say things like these for me? Rubina says house environment has become so filthy.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Jasmin and Abhi were annoying from beginning, however, Aly and both Rahul have joined them in it too. This show has been disgusting because they dont know how to respect each other. Jasmin and Rahul v are being supported for no damn reason.

  2. Didn’t I tell you that Jasmin is annoying? She thinks that giggling and blushing like an innocent teen would work. Did you hear her tell Ally, “You don’t want me to win?” When Sallu uncle was playing a trick on Abhi, saying that he was evicted, did you see her cry more than Rubina? I thought it was hilarious that Jasmin was crying, Abhi was comforting her and Rubina’s mouth was left open and Ally was watching in wonderment! She is conniving. Wait until Rubina goes home and looks at this clip. She’s going to have a fit!
    Sallu uncle and Shetty uncle have her on the show as a decoration , which is why they pamper and play up to her. I would rather Rakhi win instead. I used to like Eijaaz but he has become predictable and boring. Kash is a mess and so is Arshi. Nikki will be the surprise. Watch and see.

  3. Arshi eats like a horse πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

    1. Who are you to comment on what and how she eats? I bet you dont even have the body of a super model so dont comment. Have you seen Rubina stuffing her mouth with food and eating like an animal? The camera focuses on each person equally when they eat. Rest of the members are on diet like Kashmeera said she doesnt eat paratha or flour and jasmine does not eat rice! Do not body shame people. Look at yourself in the mirror first. Arshi is a celebrity and earning well, but you are nothing compared to her. Every single contestant including Arshi has their negative side but ever comment on how a person eats or what they look like!

    2. Basundhara Basumatary

      My God, do what you preach, you were pointing out that how can a person comment on something like that and the very next moment, you started doing that thrice fold in your following sentences. Hypocrite.

    3. I think you are arshi fan!!

    4. Jasmin is nice and I hope she wins

    5. Basundra I was just quoting an example. Examples of what other viewers have said about other contestants. Learn proper English and what is proper quotation first then comment. You are a hypocrite because you are the one shaming a person, me, who is standing up against body shaming. So get a life really and dont act like a bully. You are definitely one of those paid pr bots of Rubina. I am not scared of you nor will I bow down to you! Same on you Basundra imagine how you must be treating your family and friends! You have some serious issues and need psychological assistance!

    6. Pro Mehrab:
      my English is not good
      I meant eating loudly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are undrestand?
      Not the amount of food or the appearance of a person’s body
      You are angry and this makes life difficult for you
      Judging your job

  4. Wao. Abhinav is so cute, hot and decent. Such sweet cutieeeee 😘😍😘😍😘😍😘

  5. Wao, Rakhi is so entertaining. I’m loving her. In this season now I want someone to win and that is Rakhi Sawant

  6. Last yr big boss contestants had some decency and were fun to watch unlike this year. Most of the contestants have bad lang and spill out filthy words. Worst is rahul v. Rubina has the biggest ego prob and several times salman told her she is doing good, which is making her a big show off too. Just waiting for the day when rubina, rahul v, rahul m and abhinav gets eliminated….rest are all fine and dont mind anyone winning but honestly, rakhee is entertaining and really feel she wins the show this time.

  7. Re entry of Rahul Vaidya is bit annoying. His game is planned now and is in wrong direction. Nikki looks bit uncomfortable but my whole heart goes to her. Rakhi is entertaining but language needs correction. Rubina is playing well and I love manu Nikki friendship. Love to see this angle

  8. Rahul v mouth is filthy with his foul words aimed at Ejaz. It’s a shame he gets to that level unnecessarily. He was not supposed to b in the duck task yet he came in n when Ejaz told him he is not part of the game he charged at Ejaz. He likes to poke his nose where not required. Rubina says this house has become filthy but she starts poking Arshi. Big boss should ban swearing in the house. Rubina n Abhi r both boring.

  9. Listen up people. When you’re a celebrity, we admire and praise you and we support your movies and shows. WE MAKE YOU. If we comment on the way you behave and look, it is our privilege. We have that right. It’s definitely a trade off. So if you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen! I used to admire Abhinav, but after the episode when he took forever to console Jasmin who was using the spotlight conveniently, and Rubina stood there with her mouth gaping, I thought, what the heck! Wife comes first, everyone else after. That one is using Aly and all the men who are drawn to her waif like behavior. Next comes Kashmera. They won’t boot her out because Salman is a family friend. I don’t care much for her either. I hope Rahul V wins. I think insulting people, which is the premise for the show, must have gotten to him, hence his walking out when he did. By doing so, his fans felt badly for him and because of the attention he garnered, the makers brought him back. In exchange, he’ll do what everyone does – lambast until finally there is only one. People who can’t see through others, don’t make it your job to opine. Oh, as for Ally, he’s playing up to the attention. Not to say that he’s not a good player. I think he does have a back bone and his best days are those days when he stands up to Jasmine. He knows she’s a manipulator. So, there – in a nutshell. Do what you want to do, like cha cha says. It’s your right.

  10. Jasmin is nice and i hope she wins

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