Bigg Boss 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update: A rift between Sid and Hina-Gauhar increases


Bigg Boss 16th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 14
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song banda mein bachelor. They all wake up and dance. Hina hugs Gauhar.

9:15 AM
Sid asks who had yellow pee today? All laugh. Nikki says some guy must have done it. Nishant says I had yellow pee. Nikki says it might be Eijaz also. I asked him but he ignored. Sid says you should confront him. Nikki says it was more than 2 drops. Hina says enough with this information. Sid asks Nikki to check everyone going in the washroom and see who has yellow pee. Nikki says I have a doubt about anyone, I caught that person once but I don’t want to say the name. Sid says tell us. Nikki says it was Eijaz. Sid calls Eijaz. Nikki tells Eijaz that on the first day, you used the washroom first day and there was some pee on the toilet seat. Sid says there was some pee on the seat today also. Eijaz says aim and shoots right then.

9:30 AM
Eijaz comes to Nikki and says you know who is civilized here? I clean the slab every time I used the sink so you think I won’t clean the toilet seat? Nikki says I just thought it might be you. I might be wrong. Eijaz says tell me next time.

9:45 AM
Rahul tells Nikki that sometimes we don’t have matched energy. I tried to sit with them but there was no vibe match there. Nikki says I had a friendship with Jaan but now I find that I don’t have a matched mindset with Jaan. He is lazy, as a friend he is a good guy but he is child-like, I can guide him. I was a friend from before so it’s fine.

11 AM
Jasmin talks to Rubina and says that all think cooking is easy, I am not going to make food from now on. I don’t want to talk as they bark. If they bark too much then we will make our own food. They don’t respect our cooking. Abhi says we will talk to Pavitra. Jasmin says I don’t want to talk to her, she leaves. Abhi tells Rubina that they start taunting from the morning only, I can’t function like this. Rubina says you should know how to filter them out.

11:15 AM
Jaan asks Nikki to sing for him. Nikki says I don’t know how to sing my brother. All are calling me your best friend but I am not your best friend. We are still trying to know each other as friends and siblings. Jaan says I am not your brother. Nikki says protect me as a brother. Jaan says I can protect you as your boyfriend. Nikki says of course you are my brother. Jaan says we are not friends anymore. Nikki says I am your sister now. She teases him and asks him to sing hanste hanste (related to siblings). Jaan says I sing many songs for you. Nikki says if you sing this then I will consider you my friend. Jaan says remember this.

11:30 AM
Nikki asks Jaan to sing. He sings Hanste Hanste for her. She claps and hugs him. Nikki says we will be friends till the end, I won’t hurt you and make you cry. Jaan laughs and hugs her. Nikki says I will break the face of anyone who says anything against you.

1:30 PM
Gauhar tells Nikki that you are not chopping anymore so you have to give your duty to someone else. Nikki says I gave my duty to Rahul but he doesn’t listen. Gauhar says you have to make them listen.

Gauhar says I will have to take a stand now. Nikki says Rahul is coming to talk. Abhi says we have to spoon-feed Rahul. He asks Gauhar to take a decision. Gauhar says I won’t be here all the time to take a decision for you all. Rubina says when I was trying to take a stand against Nikki, you said that she has privileges. Gauhar says but she is still the part of the house. Nikki says Bigg Boss didn’t stop me from anything. I think I don’t have to do any duty. Hina says BB won’t spoonfeed you. Nikki says then I think I am right, I can’t force anyone to work. My friend will work. Rubina we can’t cook if there is no chopping done. Nikki says it’s your problem. Abhi tells Rubina that you can’t argue with a block-head. Nikki says don’t play a couple with me.
Nikki comes to Rahul and asks him to come and chop. Gauhar asks Rahul to come and chop. It’s around 12 PM and nobody will get food. Rahul says sorry it slipped my mind. Gauhar says if I lock up the kitchen then no one will get food. You people are not listening. Rahul goes and starts the chopping. Abhi tells Gauhar that he will make her food.

2:45 PM
Nikki tells Jaan that they are just talking about duties. Jaan says they are making it a rally against Nikki. Nishant says they are jealous, she gets privileges like other seniors. Nikki says Abhi doesn’t say anything when someone says bad about Rubina. Jaan says he should correct his better half. Nishant says they are a weird couple. Nikki says they don’t take a stand for each other. Jaan says they take a stand on illogical things.

Jasmin comes to Jaan and says you know people make fun of you here. They call you Nikki’s remote control. Hina says you can have friends in this house but you can have different opinions here. Hina says couples come here and have different opinions but it’s okay as they love each other. Jasmin says right now it looks like you are her robot and follow her. Hina says it’s okay to listen to your friends but don’t lose your identity. Jaan says I know.

4:30 PM
Bigg Boss says today’s time of the task is starting. The first competition is between Jaan and Abhi. Rubina asks Abhi to win.

Abhi and Jaan start collecting the balls in their baskets. Nishant guides Jaan. They both collect the balls. Abhi puts his basket under his shirt. He moves away from Jaan. Nishant asks Jaan to block the pool area so Abhi can’t run. The buzzer plays and the task ends. Hina counts their balls. Nikki says Jaan didn’t run. Hina says Abhi has more balls so he wins this task. Rubina hugs him. Rubina says I will wear Abhi’s shirts now. Hina hugs Abhi.

5 PM
Nikki tells Gauhar that they shouldn’t attack first? Gauhar says collect the balls first.

Abhi tells Jasmin to attack Nikki and break her basket. Jasmin says I will beat her if she attacks.

Nishant tells Nikki to grabs Jasmin’s basket and runs. You break her basket and she will start crying. Nikki says she will have a strategy too. Nishant says break her basket in the start only.

5:15 PM
Bigg Boss says it’s time for the last competition between Nikki and Jasmin. Nikki has already her stuff so she won’t have any benefit in her winning or she won’t lose anything if she is defeated but it’s about showing her spirit to win. Nikki jumps and thanks Bigg Boss as she gets her things anyway.

Hina tells Nikki that it’s her choice to make Jasmin the winner or win herself. Nikki says BB is so nice to me. They both start collecting balls. Hina cheers for Jasmin and asks her to be quick. Nikki grabs Jasmin’s baskets and throws it. Jasmin grabs her and tears her basket. Hina asks Jasmin to not choke her. Jasmin throws Nikki’s balls. She protects her basket but Nikki tears it. Jasmin breaks her basket and throws it away. Rahul asks them to try to make their bag. Jasmin grabs Nikki and doesn’t let her have her bag. Hina says take the baskets and run. Jasmin and Nikki are grabbing the bags. Jasmin says you should your personality. Pavitra cheers for Jasmin. They are both fighting for the bags. Jasmin tells Nikki that I am not an animal like you. They are both trying to snatch the bag from each other. Nikki says we should have balls in the basket in the end right? Hina says yes. Hina asks Jasmin to take it and run. Gauhar hints at Jasmin to talk to each other. Nikki says it’s about the competition, let us fight. Pavitra asks seniors to not guide them. Gauhar says I can say anything I want, nobody can stop me. We are here to guide you all. Pavitra says it’s your work so you can talk. Jasmin tells Gauhar that I was playing fairly. Nikki says there was nothing fair. Jasmin says we are not going talk to a trash person. Jaan asks Nikki to focus on breathing. They both fall down. Nikki tells Jasmin that if I get hurt then I will not spare you. Abhi says BB should end it.

5:30 PM
All are cheering for Jasmin and Nikki. Eijaz says Jasmin is smart. Shahzad tells Jasmin that you have this chance only. Eijaz says Nikki is using her full body, she is smart too. Abhi asks Jasmin to not let her add the ball in the bag. Hina is hinting at them. Sid says let them be. Hina says I am favoring Jasmin, let me do what I want to. Sid says I am just telling you my point of view. Jasmin grabs the bag and hides it under herself. Nikki tries to get it. The buzzer plays. Nikki has 4. Gauhar asks them to calm down. Nikki says *****. Pavitra asks Nikki to not use those words. Jaan says you won Nikki. Gauhar says Nikki had 4 balls but she didn’t have the basket, she just had a piece of the basket. She asks Sid if this is a basket? He says it’s not a basket. She says I will consider Jasmin had a torn basket but it was a basket. Hina says Jasmin had 3 balls in the basket. Gauhar says I am not favoring anyone but Jasmin’s ball was in the basket. Sid says both are nets, Jasmin didn’t have a basket also. Both are torn. This is a draw for me. Abhi says Nikki was holding the balls in her hands but Jasmin had balls in her net which can be considered as a basket. Nikki says but it was my basket’s net. Sid tells Abhi that I am not saying Nikki won. You shouldn’t be biased. Jasmin tells Sid that I had a basket and balls were inside. Gauhar tells Sid that she had a bigger net. Jasmin had a photo and basket from both sides. Sid says she had to add in her basket only. Abhi says how do you know it was not inside her basket? Gauhar says technically it’s not a basket. Sid says then it should be a draw. Jasmin says I had balls in the basket only. Sid says but Gauhar didn’t see it. Sid says Hina was favoring Jasmin. Hina says I was telling what I saw, I was favoring her in the games only. Sid says you should have been unbiased as a referee. Hina says don’t tell me what I have to do. Don’t tell me how to play. Why I shouldn’t favor Jasmin when she was playing. Sid says no one is stopping you. Hina says then stays silent. Sid says I didn’t come here to stay silent. Hina tells Sid that I saw the balls in Jasmin’s bag, I told that to Gauhar but you blamed me that I am one-sided. I don’t care who wins, you can draw it if you want. Sid says you were favoring her all the time but you are unbiased? Hina says the balls were in her basket but I don’t know whose basket that was. Sid says it’s unclear so I will make it a draw but I will stand by your relationship. When I was a referee in my season, I didn’t save my team and would make other team win if they were clear winners. But here it’s unclear. Jasmin is my friend and I don’t know Nikki at all but since I am a referee, I wouldn’t want to cause harm by taking a wrong decision. I wouldn’t have taken my victory if it was a wrong decision. If you don’t know whose basket that was then how can you announce Jasmin as a winner? Gauhar says you are saying that they didn’t have baskets left as it was torn?

6:15 PM
Gauhar tells Pavitra that basket means all 4 rims have to be intact. Sid says there was no basket there, it was torn. Rubina demonstrates that even if it’s torn, it’s still a basket. Eijaz says but the question is whose basket is that? Nikki laughs and says this is Rubina’s mind? Jaan asks Rubina whose basket is that? Tell us that.

Gauhar tells Sid that if Jasmin had two baskets then who would win? Sid says she would have won if she had a net. Hina says but she does have a net with her. Sid says Nikki had net also, it doesn’t matter who has more net with them. There is no basket so there is no judgment. Gauhar says there is a clear basket with Jasmin, Sid is just shouting and screaming. Hina says exactly. Gauhar says he keeps shouting. Sid says answer me.. Gauhar says you just yell, you don’t have a conversation with anyone. Hina asks Sid to talk in a lower tone, can we talk? Gauhar says I don’t want to talk. You both can make a decision. She says both have worked hard on this task. Sid says then you can’t favor one. I am saying that they both didn’t win. Hina says they both had pieces of the basket, Jasmin had two balls in the basket. Nikki says I had part of the basket too. Gauhar says yes, you had part of the basket. Sid says Jasmin had part of the basket also, who said she had a complete basket? Gauhar says my winner is Jasmin. Hina says my winner is Jasmin. Sid says fine, we have come to a decision. Jasmin has won. Jasmin looks on.

6:45 PM
Bigg Boss says after a lot of thinking, Jasmin has been announced as a winner. She can take her things from the BB mall. Hina hugs Jasmin. Jasmin thanks her. Rubina says women’s power won today. Sid says how do women power come here? Stop bullshiting and degrading women, there is no women power. Jasmin tells Sid that it’s over, you are making me stronger. Sid says she is saying that I lost against women? It was not a fight between and women. Hina asks Sid to relax. Sid says women’s power doesn’t come here. Abhi says she wouldn’t be here if there was no women’s power. Sid says she is here because she is strong. Jasmin says I am a strong woman that’s why I am here. Sid says so Nikki is not a strong woman? Jasmin tells Sid that you are taking this to the wrong side. Rubina says both women fought so good that’s women’s power. Sid is wrong. Jasmin says Rubina said for both of us. Sid says she saw that I walked back off my point and thinks that I lost to women. Rubina says he is trying to prove himself right by twisting my words. Sid says I don’t want to even argue with you, ******. Hina tells Sid to stop it, you are being judgemental. Sid says this show is about opinions and judgments. Pavitra says men and women are equal in this house. Hina says that’s not the point of discussion. Gauhar says Rubina called them both strong as they are both women, Rubina was not wrong. Gauhar says she didn’t say women’s empowerment. She just hugged Jasmin and said women’s power as both women fought strongly. Abhi says we also say men power. Sid says it’s a social term. I misunderstood so anyone can I write about it.

7 PM
Nishant tells Nikki that everyone saw everything. Nikki says they made her winner because Jasmin didn’t have clothes. Nishant says they were favoring Jasmin because she didn’t have clothes. Nikki says Sid has always been my favorite as he is unbiased but they are girls so they thought Jasmin needed more things.

Abhi tells Rubina that Sid is a wall so don’t argue with him. He will scream at the top of his lungs and you won’t be heard. Rubina says but I won’t let my words be twisted.

Nikki comes to Jasmin and says well played, all the best. Jasmin says I can’t talk with you as your mouth is filthy.

7:30 PM
Hina tells Nishant that Rubina didn’t hear Sid saying anything. Nishant says she is lying. Hina says as an experienced person, I am telling you that if two women are taking a decision then you should let them be. If a woman says women’s power so what is wrong with that? Nishant says Sid did back down as you both took the decision. Hina says there were a lot of situations where Sid took the decision and we didn’t agree but we went with him. Nishant says but he felt bad when he backed off and someone taunted women’s power. Shahzad comes there and says you taunted me the same way. Nishant says we will talk tomorrow with Salman about your words.

7:45 PM
Nishant tells Sid that we men curse each other but if a woman curses someone else then it’s wrong? Sid says it’s not wrong to curse here and someone is backing off because you are cursing then you are winning. Nishant says Rubina said that she didn’t hear you when you felt bad about her comment about women’s power. Sid says she lies through her teeth.

8:15 PM
Eijaz says to the camera that I agree with Gauhar’s point but I don’t find it right. Rubina’s comment was not to cheer for the girls but to taunt someone. I lost my cool too.

Hina tells Nikki that you gave a tough fight and I wanted to cheer on Jasmin in the task because she doesn’t have anything. We are very fond of you, there is nothing against you. As a sister, I want to advise you that don’t abuse here. Gauhar says yes, be yourself but don’t abuse. Nikki nods.

8:30 PM
Nikki asks Jaan why did Rubina start demonstrating a basket structure? Jaan says she can confidently say duffer things. Nikki says only Abhi understands her. Rahul says most illogical stuff comes out of their mouths.

8:45 PM
Hina sits with Sid and asks how are his babies? He says all fine. Hina says I am still steaming from y face. Rahul mimics Rubina. Sid and Hina laugh. Hina says you are really good with mimicry.

10:15 PM
Gauhar reads the instructions that they were living in lockdown before the show. Are you missing salons? You can get silky hair now. There is a task ‘BB hairstyle icon’. All 4 freshers will try to style their hair to win the icon. They will become a character. The fresher boys will choose the titles which include Miss Drama queen, perfect khiladi, Nautanki and Miss. Confused. Each boy will give their title to a girl and then help them to get ready. The seniors will ask them questions and will choose a winner. Nishant and Abhi will help the girls in getting ready.

10:30 PM
Jaan says I am giving Miss. Drama Queen to Nikki. Eijaz says Pavitra the title of Miss. Perfect Khiladi. Shahzad gives Jasmin Nautanki tag. Rahul gives Rubina Miss. Confused tag.

10:45 PM
All girls get ready as per their tags.

12 PM
Rahul welcomes everyone to ‘BB Style Icon’. He says 4 girls will walk the ramp now. He says the first girl to ramp has confusion in her mind all the time. She is Miss. Confused. Rubina walks the ramp and dances around. Hina and Gauhar cheer for her. Rahul cheers for her too. Hina asks Rubina if she agrees with her tag? Rubina says if Rahul has to paint his thinking on the canvas then it will look like my outfit now. He is confused but I am confident to walk the ramp, I reflected on your thinking with my outfit as a woman. You are Mr. Confused.
Eijaz comes on the stage and says I want to welcome Perfect Khiladi(Player) which is Pavitra. Pavitra walks the ramp and seductively dances. She gives her a mask to Eijaz and poses. Eijaz says her hair perfectly straight. She has all the qualities to win BB. All clap for them.
Jaan welcomes Miss. Drama Queen which is Nikki. Nikki funnily dances on the stage. Drama Queen song plays as she hits Jaan with her belt. She applies the hair product also. Hina and Gauhar laugh.
Lastly, Shahzad welcomes Jasmin as Miss. Nautanki. He says poetry for her. Jasmin dances to Tareefan song. She dances like a crazy person. All clap for her. Jasmin says I agree with this tag as it’s entertainment and I am an artist. I am grateful to be in this field.

Sid tells Gauhar and Hina that I think Pavitra is the winner as she danced and used her hair too. Hina says I agree. Gauhar says she was good with her hair and style. The seniors go the inmates. Gauhar says the Style Icon is Pavitra. Pavitra screams and hugs Eijaz. She gets a sash.

Day 15
11:30 AM
Rahul talks to Gauhar as he is chopping. Sid says there are two people in the kitchen. One can chop and others can cook. He says Pavitra and Jasmin can cook and chop. Gauhar says Rahul has stand-by duty to chop.
Eijaz asks Abhi if he wants to have a discussion on chopping? Abhi says I have talked a lot about this. Eijaz says what’s your stand? Gauhar tells everyone that cooking is not just making food, they have to chop also. Rahul has the other two duties then he has to chop also? Sid says Jasmin and Pavitra are not fighting over chopping also. Jasmin and Pavitra divide cooking and chopping easily. Abhi says I am chopping also, I am doing my work. We can clear this now. The cooking department will chop also. Rubina says so I will chop today and someone else will cook. Sid says anyone who can’t make food will help in chopping. Pavitra says it’s not a resort.

Episode Ends.

PRECAP – Rubina tells everyone that people are helping in chopping, two people can’t cook and chop together. Pavitra says to Rubina that you can ask anyone to help you in chopping. Gauhar tells Abhi that I have asked you to help in chopping. Sid tells Rubina that you will cook and chop now. Rubina says you are being unfair. Gauhar says I have been telling that we need help in chopping but Abhi and Rubina don’t listen so don’t turn this around.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Some people r just being masterminds nd using other nd other r getting used. Women in this season have a strong r just involving themselves in groupism..Nishant, jaan r just roaming around Nikki or pavitra..if Nikki nd pavitra will become BFF it would be no surprise for me. Ejiaz nd Rahul raised their voice nd took stand which irked pavitra as she wants to rule bb house nd that’s why she’s making a grp of dumbs who would become her pawns nd she plays from behind so if in future anything goes wrong boys get blamed coz girls toh kafi smart hai but men r not using their full potential. It’s all her strategy pehle Rahul phir ejiaz nd then coz they can raise their voice in much more bold way she’s giving all false reason to satisfy others nd getting emotional nd all.. dramatic queen….#ladyparas
    Why bhalu couldn’t take anything when sara was evicted he had a role in it so what is girls took a call..u can never talk to him.. he’ll listen and nod as if he’s agreeing nd thinking about it nd will make u uncomfortable by continuesly shaking his shit head nd then will try to impose his pov on u nd when u will still not agree with him then he’ll yell, panic nd sit with angry bhaisa look😁😁😁😁

  2. waah nikki waah.. koi tujhe support kre toh unbiased .. and kisi aur ko suppprt kre toh biased?? what a mentality.. you really are a one heck of annoying irritating good for nothing.. jitna udhna hai udh le jab tak sid hai.. uske baad tujhe kaun bachayega? yeh jaan. jiska khud ka koi stand ni hai.. jh iski agee piche pagalo ki tarah ghumta hai.. sara ki jagah nikki ya fir iss jaan ko jana chahiye.. tab yeh unbiased and fair hota

  3. Amal

    Is safe to say that, the only person who knows these inmates is Rubina. She’s playing with them and also knows how to speak 😉She’s my favourite this season 💋

  4. Sid is always sniffing Nikki
    Now Nishant is bc she’s the favorite

  5. Women say this is the power of women, but they are constantly running after the man to calm him down. It is funny and it is not acceptable. Strong women, but everyone is looking for the same man who is oppressive and rude in front of women and considers himself superior to women. Do Indian women always have to follow their men to calm them down? In my opinion, it is better to change this kind of Indian culture in Big Bass. Let the man sing to himself and murmur and shout. Why do you insist on calming him down?

    1. So true..bhaunkta hai sid to bhaunk lene do ..kya jarurat hai use itna pacify karne ki.??jarurat se jyada bhav dene ka result hai ye..sid ki baat nai mani inlogo ne to Ab dusri bar lekar chath gya..He is actually a pig’s shit.

  6. I think Rubina should raise her voice only if it’s a serious issue, otherwise her point may lose its value and the impact eill be much lesser,adding to it she may look like like fool to others.
    Especially when Sid doesn’t like her naturally whole lot of ppl naturally start hating her.
    She should realise that whether her raising a point is working against her or helping her to look like illogical or duffer as other group call her.

    Not everyone’s point is heard in bb.
    Better to do tasks and kitchen duties well and garner good name.
    Otherwise she will waste lots of time by making herself look like a fool.
    I feel jasmine and Pavithra are getting stronger day by day,
    I was surprised when Pavithra said “if nikki is not cutting vegs,better u do ur duty & ask our help,we may cut it”.she was sorting the issue and ruby was little bit dragging .

    I expected ruby to sort out the issue soon,but Pavithra did it.

    In this way ruby can’t gar er genuine sympathy from the audience I think. Her hard work in tasks and duties should speak a lot about her than raising point on every issue.
    No big complaints about jasmine ,Pavithra &Ijaz.
    Only ruby should tone down a little bit.
    These three women are my likables.

  7. I hate Rubina..useless good for nothing

  8. I haven’t really taken time to watch BB14 may be because I wasnt a fan of Sid… and me seeing him part of this season I lost interest… I just always come here for updates and so far after reading all the previous updates I really feel that sid hasn’t changed and he’s instead tarnishing the ‘little’ good name his fans had had for him.
    so far I like Rubina…. Pavitra is playing an underdog she’s not bringing herself out… she wants to look good in the books of the seniors… Am not A Jasmine fan though she’s putting Nikki in her rightful place…. Nishant and Jaan are like a Nikki’s puppet… Eijaz can do well if he opens up… Rahul is confused…

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