Bigg Boss 15’s Vishal Kotian shares why he is upset with Shamita Shetty

Bigg Boss 15’s Vishal Kotian, who recently got evicted from the show finally talked in detail about why he is so upset with Shamita Shetty. Vishal developed a special bond with Shamita during his stay inside the house. They called themselves brother-sister and always vowed to support each other.

However, Vishal’s loyalty towards Shamita was always questioned by the guests and wild card entries in the show. Talking about it in an interview with ETimes TV, Vishal shared, “I am very upset with Shamita Shetty and I still maintain that. So many people came inside and told Shamita that she should not trust me. Rajiv Adatia, Neha Bhasin to Raqesh Bapat, everyone instigated her against me but she still chose to stand by me. Even if God comes and says that I had ill intentions about her, we would not believe it. We have that bond. And I am feeling bad that she is getting targeted because of me inside the house. I’ve never b*t*hed about Shamita. There’s a difference between backbiting and discussion. I am not Nishant Bhat, I am Vishal Kotian and I’ve brain. I have the ability to change anyone’s mind with my discussion. Housemates were jealous of me and that’s why they called me a betrayer. Main show mein accha tha bura tha jaisa bhi tha but Vishal Kotian tha. You could like me, hate me but you can never ignore Vishal Kotian,” said the actor.”

He added, “I’ve told in all my interviews that Shamita Shetty is my sister and she will stay one. I have too many complaints from her and if I go inside, I’ll definitely ask her. During one of the incidents, Shamita had asked me why is Tejasswi my priority and I told her clearly that she helped me during my weak moments and that’s why she’s my first priority. But after coming out of the house, I learned that during her game, her priorities were Raqesh, Neha, and Rajiv, I came at the 4th number. If I go inside again, I’ll ask her when I was in 4th position when it comes to priority, why can’t I keep you my second priority,”

Talking about the times when Shamita left him alone, Vishal said, “I am also going to ask her, I accepted you with the whole heart as my sister. You were dominating, had OCD issues but I accepted you the way you were. Why didn’t you accept me the way I am. Ek baar kandhe par haath rakh ke bol deti Vishal Tu jaisa hai Mera Bhai hai.. whenever people blamed me, accused me, cornered me, you left me alone. You left me alone when Rajiv, Raqesh came inside. You called me your brother, how could you leave me alone?”

When asked if Bigg Boss has been biased towards Shamita Shetty, Vishal says, “Yes, I feel the game is easy for Shamita Shetty. If you bring my four friends, my girlfriend, and my brother, things will get easy for me inside the house. And I am not the only one saying this. The world is saying this. Just because she’s my sister, I won’t shy away from accepting this. In the house, because of Shamita’s medical condition, she was given gluten-free food and this is the truth and I am not saying anything new. But there’s also a side that she always offered me her food but I did not have it because my other housemates were hungry as there was no ration. She as a sister was always concerned about me. I understand providing gluten-free food is a medical condition but not providing food is pushing towards a medical condition. This was happening. Woh Meri behen hai toh main sacchayi se muh toh nahi modd sakta na…”

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