Bigg Boss 15: Netizens outraged with the elimination of Umar Riaz; ‘Public stands by Umar’ and ‘No Umar Riaz No BB15’ trending

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 witnessed one of the most shocking evictions of the season. Bigg Boss’s decision after the public’s opinion of eliminating Umar Riaz from the show has brought shockwaves. Umar’s fans are furious over the decision and are slamming the makers of the show calling the decision unfair.

Umar Riaz, who is one of the most promising contestants on the show has been winning hearts with his stint in Bigg Boss 15. Umar who was once known as just Asim Riaz’s brother has earned a mega fan base all across the world.

Umar has been evicted from the show in spite of him winning the ticket to finale. The reports of Umar’s eviction from the show, are doing rounds on the internet and the fans are mighty upset with it. Comments like “rip bigg boss, nonsense show” and much more are making rounds on social media.

Umar’s brother Asim Riaz also reacted to the news and tweeted, saying, “Well played @realumarriaz Love you bro”, followed by other former bb contestants like Himanshi Khurana, Manu Punjabi, Andy Kumar, Akanksha Puri, Shefali Bagga, Kishwer Rai expressing their disappointment for the show, backing Umar on Twitter.

With the show being extended for another two weeks, do you think Umar will be called back in the show?

  1. Silent Reader

    What’s the point of getting audience to vote if they never want to listen and just hand the trophy to their colors ki bahu.

  2. Make that cry baby your winner… glorify her…bcz she can’t win nothing on her own… initially I was really sad…but now I feel it’s nice that Umar is out of that toxicity…SK really hated him…even being played so well he never uttered a word of praise for him…& One thing your conspiracies & sudden awakening on Honda is well seen…go to hell with this pathetic show…. abhinav…vidhi…now umar

  3. How is it possible?
    An actor who has a lot of fans and he is funny and lovable.
    It was just a little rough and that justifies it.
    Big Boss You made the biggest strategic mistake by doing this.😜
    How tasteless builders you are
    We love you, Omar Riaz
    I wanted Omar and Pratik to be friends
    Like the friendship of Pratik and Nishant

  4. I stop watching becoz of umer riyaz nee

  5. Salman should be more factual as a host instead of being so outrageously biased . I am an all season big boss viewer , this time salman has definitely gone tangent. Umar has won hearts , a very real man .. irritating and aggressive at times but this is real human. Umar pushing Pratik to ground was seen but pratik splashing a bucketful water behind his back was not taken as aggression . That was indeed a provocation and physical abuse . If punished, both should face same consequence.
    Karan has been less of a man, unfortunately fallen to a very negative and fiercely competitive Teja. When she was losing her real self came out ! crying, blaming ,throwing tantrum – annoying and negative but and as soon as she was given the tkt to finale she was howling in joy and suddenly became so loving again. She brings out the worst of Karan who appears a gentleman. She is the most fake and unreal human being in the house. Truly insecured. Shamita has read her right. Instead of bashing Karan , Teja’s real nature should be discussed . A chugol khor . Shamita is very decent and elegant. It shows. Nishant is another true winner. Anyway people are not stupid and I am sure will not get biased.

    1. Varshni

      I felt even Umar , shams and Nishant were real but unfortunately BB is removing all strong threats to tej first they have eliminated Umar and I m sure they won’t select shams as winner and nish also I think they will remove saying he got less votes

    2. Tens is a very manipulative and is destroying Karen.s game. She is very controlling and annoying.

    3. Teka is a very manipulative and is destroying Karen.s game. She is very controlling and annoying.

  6. Umar riaz is truly deserve contestant in BB15….. It is very unfair decision of big boss….. We stand for u Umar riaz… You are truly deserve to be in the finale…. Love u umar riaz❤

  7. Zaighem Ali and Kulsoom Ali

    Who the he’ll is Salman to tell Kundra off what did he do to Ashwaria and many others besides Salman praises Rakh my god what taste Rakhi hasn’t done anything apart from being childish even children will laugh at her Rakhi looks and behaves like a Hijra EUNUCH NOW FOR Devil imean Devolina if freaking things swearing Being aggressive and talking in English and nothing said What is Salman and his whole team so ignorant Salman did same to Asim who every one thought won that year Now he targeted Umar Shame on you Salma Apney Girebaan mai mooh daal kar dekho tum kya ho you keep on threatening participants that you will stop them from getting jobs if they don’t agree with him Yaad rakho Roti Rozi done wala Allah hai so door mark salman bhagwan na bano Unar Riaz you are a winner by Miles from Zaighem Ali in London

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