Bigg Boss 13 20th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Asim and Sid get into a heated argument over Rashami

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Bigg Boss 13 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 113
11 AM
The inmates wake up to the song chaliya. They all dance.

11:45 AM
Mahira asks if they are making the tea? Paras says I don’t want to eat parathas from her hand. Mahira says you don’t say anything, I will eat. Ask her to wake up and make breakfast, she wanted me alone so now let me deal with her.

12 PM
Rashami asks Paras to cook the parathas, I will make them. Paras says I am making bhurji so I am not helping you. He leaves. Asim says Paras is running away. Mahira says ask Asim to not talk in this matter. Paras comes to Asim and says why are you talking on Rashami’s behalf? Asim says Paras is running away from his duty, Rashami’s finger is hurt. Paras says I have made the tea. Mahira says Rashami can’t take a stand for herself. Asim dances around and argues with Paras. Asim says Mahira won’t let Paras move ahead. Mahira says Rashami can’t say her words now. Asim runs behind Mahira and says how dare you to touch me? Don’t poke me. Rashami laughs and says Asim you are enjoying this? He laughs. Sana comes there and says Arti was sleeping. She came running here when she heard you all fighting. Sana mimics Arti standing between them and watching their fight. Rashami laughs.
Mahira tells Paras that why didn’t you argue with Rashami? Paras says they are showing their personality. Mahira says I just want to clarify the things.
Rashami tells Arti that this fight was useless. Rashami says yes.

Sid asks Sana to change her bed as Paras and Mahira shifted to 3 person’s beds. Sana says I don’t want to change it. The camera can see everything, it’s just a few days. Sid moves away and says don’t do it. Sana says why did you ask me to change my bed? Sid says I am not comfortable, don’t irritate me. Sana says what’s your problem? Sid says I don’t like it, I am not comfortable with this. Sana laughs and says don’t make your pure image now. Sid says I am not joking, this will become a problem, you are a nice girl.

2 PM
Sid tells Sana that I have an attachment with you but I don’t like people like you, I have ignored a lot of things thinking that you are childish but you are not. I stay away from people like you. Sana says why you are reacting like this? Did I talk to Paras? I take care of you, I am ashamed of beating myself for a word, you can fight with me all you want. Sid says I beg of you to not do it, you are very nice and I am very bad. Stop this. I am playing a game, I used you so leave me. Sana says nobody can use me, I don’t have any game. Sid says don’t clear right now.

2:15 PM
Sana brings paratha for Sid. It falls over him. Sid leaves from there.
Sid comes to the washroom and tries to control his anger. Sana comes there so Sid leaves go from there.

2:45 PM
Rashami asks Mahira if she wants paratha? Mahira says you will make me eat from your hands? Rashami says I will make you eat baby. Mahira says I like that I can talk to Rashami as Asim is not here. Rashami says you miss him so much. Mahira says you talk about your issues only, we will talk directly. Mahira leaves. Rashami asks Sid if he wants paratha? He says thanks, I don’t need it. Rashami asks why he looks sad? He says nothing.

Mahira tells Paras that people didn’t question our relationship before, why they are doing it now? Rashami flipped so much.

8:30 PM
Asim asks Paras to help Rashami, she is making food. Paras says why are you telling me? She can tell me directly. Sid tells Shefali that Rashami can tell Paras herself, why Asim is talking on her behalf. Asim tells Paras that I am just asking you to help her as she is not asking for it. Mahira says if Paras talks for me then you have a problem? Asim says I am not wrong.

9:30 PM
Sana tells Vishal that the people here are interesting. Vishal says my girlfriend left yesterday. Sana says did it hurt you? Will you meet her? Vishal says I will meet her once. I still love her. Sana says she loved you. Vishal says I couldn’t come out of it.
Shefali asks Paras to end it with Akansha. Paras says she should do it after seeing all that. I enter in controversies. Mahira says you can have your problems with you but if your girlfriend has an issue then don’t do this with me. Paras says I am not playing Bigg Boss with her, I don’t want to live with her, I have my feelings so you don’t have act great.

1:45 AM
Asim tells Sana that Mahira needs Paras in this game. Sana says she won’t leave him, she is clever, she can’t suffer without him. Asim says no one will entertain Mahira without Paras. Rashami says I like Mahira but I expect maturity from Paras. Sana says Paras is playing a game. Asim says Paras won the last show by hurting the foot of a person whose foot was already hurt. He can go to any extent.

Day 114
9 AM
Paras says coffee is gone. Arti says I drank coffee for two days. Asim says you should keep your coffee quota with yourself. Mahira says all ration is there in the open Arti so you don’t have to listen to these people. Asim says blah blah blah.. lakri ki khati… Mahira says Asim like an aunty. Asim says you want footage. Mahira says you are still in the bed or in the gym all the time. Asim says I don’t do gym at your house. Mahira says don’t go on my family, you have no manners.

10 AM
Mahira asks Sana what happened? Sana says Sid is not talking to me, I don’t like going to him all the time. I want to talk to everyone here. Mahira says he will be fine soon. Asim talks to Mahira and says I didn’t go on your family. Mahira says you shouldn’t tell me that my father didn’t bring the gym here. Asim says I didn’t say that.

10:30 AM
Arti tells Asim that you shouldn’t involve in Rashami’s matters. She can take her proper stand. Sana says Arti you are doing the same, talking in someone else’s matter. Asim says the duties are for this house so I asked Paras to clean the shelves. Paras comes there and says I did clean the shelves and Rashami didn’t tell me anything. Asim says Rashami asked you to work but you didn’t. Paras says you will tell me to work? Rashami doesn’t have a mouth? Asim says yes, what can you do? Paras says you are fake. They both argue. Sid looks on. Paras says you have no standard. Asim says now you will talk about your money and houses which you don’t have? Where is your expensive perfume? You have no standard. Mahira says he is taunting our families. Vishal says he didn’t taunt anyone. Sid says Asim is taunting since last night. Asim says Sid you have no issues of yours? Get lost from here, I don’t like to talk to you. Sid says you are house captain? We all are working. Rashami can talk about her duty, she has done more work and is a senior person.

11 AM
Sid tells Rashami that if you want help then you can talk to Paras directly. Asim doesn’t have to talk on your behalf. Rashami says I asked Paras 4 times but he didn’t listen. Sid says we have no captain so it’s your and Paras’ problem. Rashami says Paras is poking me for no reason. Asim says I just asked Paras to help Rashami and clean the shelf. It’s his duty. Sid says I am talking to Rashami. Asim says you are talking about me. Sid says you are not that important. Asim says you are talking to me for Paras now. Sid says who are you to talk on Rashami’s behalf? I will tell you about my things? You keep changing your words. Asim says now you are talking on Paras’ behalf to Rashami? Go and think. Sid says this guy is a class. Asim says thanks. ,,

1:15 PM
Sana tells Arti that I curled my hair because Sid doesn’t like it. Arti says to do something for yourself. Sana says I like curls that’s why I did it. I straighten my hair for Sid but now he will call me.

2:30 PM
Paras reads the task for the elite club membership. There are 3 horses and any three inmates can sit at the start. When the buzzer plays, they can change the place on the horse. There will be 4 buzzers and each time, the inmates on the horses will mutually decide who will go down and who will take their place. At the end of the task, the three inmates on the horses will become a member of the elite club. Asim is already a member so he is not a part of this task and will be a referee in this task.

3 PM
Sid tells Shefali, Arti and Sana that we 4 will try to sit on the horse and then we will keep rotating. Paras says we should have at least 2 inmates from our side.

The buzzer plays, all run to get it. Arti, Rashami and Mahira sit on the horses. Asim tells Rashami that keep holding onto your horse.
Sid tells Paras that tell them to not agree with Rashami, we are in the majority.
Paras tells Arti to not agree with Rashami. Arti says I don’t want to give my place to Vishal.

3:15 PM
The buzzer plays. Rashami says there is no mutual decision so I am giving my place to Vishal. Vishal sits and turns around. Sid tells Asim that Vishal got down from his horse. Asim says he didn’t. I didn’t see it. Sid says you can’t make your own rules. Asim says keep barking. Sid says are you done? Do this outside and… Asim says I am doing my task, get lost from here, I am doing my work, he didn’t get down, move away from me. Don’t threaten me. Don’t worry, I will meet you outside. You don’t have anything to do here so you are poking me. Shefali says he did get down from the horse. Sid asks Vishal. Vishal says I didn’t get down. Sid claps and says this is cheating. Shefali says Asim is lying. Asim asks her to move away. Shefali says Rashami should stop Asim. Mahira says to stay away from Asim, he is deciding for everyone here. Sid leaves from there. Sana says I want to sit on the horse too. I am not in any team, I am an individual right now. Mahira laughs.
Sid asks Rashami if she saw Vishal getting down from the horse? She says Asim didn’t see it, I saw him getting down but he was just changing the position. Asim didn’t see it, I will talk to him. She leaves. Paras tells Sid that you shouldn’t be too aggressive. Sid says he touched me lightly so I won’t take it lightly.
Rashami tells Asim to hear her out. Asim says not right now, you can listen to him all you want. Rashami says I am not saying that. Asim says I didn’t see it so that’s my decision.
Paras tells Sid that he is instigating you.

4 PM
The buzzer plays again. Asim asks who is going down? Arti and Mahira choose Vishal. Vishal gives his place to Rashami. Sana talks in English. Arti says you always pretended like you don’t know English. Sana says Arti is fighting with everyone today.

4:30 PM
The buzzer plays again. Mahira and Arti choose Rashami. Rashami gives her place to Vishal.

Asim tells Rashami that Sid is coming back to me as his entertainment has ended. He is instigating me and said that my father threw me out. I told him that I wouldn’t talk to him so I can control myself, he came to me to fight.

Paras comes in the kitchen. Sana is there and says I am your sister? Paras laughs and says I can’t call you my sister. She says fake sister then. Sana says you come to when I am alone, you are good. Paras says we are with you, Mahira has always been with you, why you change your side? Sana says I am not on anyone’s side. Paras says support Mahira. She says I will.
Rashami tells Asim that you don’t have to listen to Sid. Rashami says I don’t want a fight with him. Asim says he was trying to convince you. Rashami says I called him to clarify that you were just asking for the duties.

The buzzer plays, Arti and Mahira take Vishal’s name. Asim says Mahira is strong so she doesn’t need immunity. Vishal gives his place to Rashami. Bigg Boss says the time for the task has ended. Rashami, Arti and Mahira become a member of the elite club.

4:45 PM
Sid tells Arti that this task was great, you all jerks should win now. He stops Rashami and says my calm suggestion to you is that never come in-between my fight, we both push each other so you can hurt yourself. Rashami says I was not trying to stop you. Sid says it’s about temper so never come in-between. Rashami says I didn’t have a wrong intention. Sid says I know that’s why I am saying this. Rashami says Sid that on a personal level, I am just asking you to keep your hands on your back. Sid says he is touching me and I will blast, you know that. Rashami says you can control as a mature person. Sid says he pushed me first and I won’t take his ******, I will break his face. Asim passesby and comments that he will do the same. Sid says Asim I would love to see anything you can do. Rashami leaves.

5 PM
Sid tells Paras that I will give the footage to Asim as much as he wants.
Rashami says to Asim that Sid called me and said to not come in-between his fights for my safety only. Asim says did he say… Rashami says let me complete. I just asked him to be a mature person and don’t push you. Asim says he has pushed me many times. Rashami says he said that you pushed him first and he will answer back. Rashami says all I was saying to not be physical as you are important to me. Asim says he was trying to attack you before and now he is concerned about you? Did you forget him tearing Arhaan’s shirt? Did you forget everything? He was always behind you and now you are giving him suggestions?
Sid tells Mahira that he can taunt others’ families but nobody can talk to him.
Rashami tells Asim that right now Sid is disturbed because of Sana, you know this. Asim says I don’t care about his feelings. I am going through a lot of stuff. His low is low but our low is nothing? We are all missing our families, love and everyone. I will not meet anyone, I will not meet you and Vishal. I will meet only one person who is dying to meet me, that is Shukla.

Rashami tells Asim that these are just the last few days so don’t do any mistake. Asim says I am sorry. Rashami says I was just asking him to not be physical. Asim says he doesn’t like you taking a stand for me. Rashami says you have to go up now. Don’t argue with him.
PRECAP- To get to the second stage of the elite club, the members have to sacrifice a few things. Hina Khan is there too. Mahira asks Rashami to apply mehndi on her face. Paras says I want Rashami to trim her eyebrows. Sana says seriously? Vishal says I want Arti to cut her hair short. Sana asks Arti to do everything. Asim tells Sid to count from 1 to 10 to calm down. Sid glares at him. Asim says we will talk later. Sid charges at him and says what are you trying to do? Asim asks him to move back, sit down. Someday is here. He asks Sid to stop staring, a guest is here. Hina looks on. Sid says Bigg Boss punish him right now. Bigg Boss asks Sid and Asim to come to the confession room.
Bigg Boss asks Sid and Asim what they want? Sid says I am done, this guy is poking me to no end. I am leaving this show right now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Yesterday’s comment section was absolutely ridiculous. Seriously guys, grow up. Keep it mature. You hate some contestants, you like some… but stop putting other people down for that. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There is more hate in the comment section than in the BB house.
    I have been saying it forever! Mahira and Paras are the BIGGEST bullies in the house. They overlook what they say to people and how they treat people but always scream and yell about how they are treated (Mahira mainly). Hypocrisy at its finest.
    With most of the comments, I agree with them. Mahira is very ungrateful, also, Rashmi, Asim, and Vishal didn’t start anything… the audience has said it from the beginning that Mahira is in the game because of Paras. She has been saved by Paras many many times. I don’t understand why BB is keeping her in the show. She has been in bottom 2 or 3 since the start. Every time she is in bottom 2, it’s as if BB decides not to have any eliminations. Or tries to do whatever they can to save her.
    Also yesterday, did anyone notice how uncomfortable Karthik was with Shehnaaz? This is what I mean, this behavior is unacceptable. It is not cute, it is creepy and forced.

    1. I totally agree with you Pari. Paras and Mahira are in a relationship but in denial. Yet they blame everyone and say why people don’t see its only an attachment. Paras does nothing, absolutely nothing, Mahira – her tone needs a reality check. Salman Sir I salute you. They are jealous of Rashmi – actually jealous. Aarti does not bring anything new to the table, just picks up on other peoples fights and makes it like she is fighting for justice by screaming on the top of her voice. Shefali was getting better but I don’t like her back biting. She hears from one group by befriending them and then comes and tell Mahira / Paras and Sid. Where is here maturity. Vishal is a nice guy and they taunt him and put him further down. He was the first to console Mahira when she was sobbing but Mahira never spares a moment to hit back at him and profess he is weak. If Mahira is not weak then why is Paras asking Sana to support her. Mahira needs to leave the show as she is breaking a home and sees nothing in it. She is encouraging Paras for her game.

      1. I agree… Shefali is probably the biggest backbiter in the house. She runs to Paras and Mahira with news, but little does she know…. they will definitely use it against her.
        Also, I agree with the Aarti statement. She doesn’t put anything new on the table, she is only visible when people are fighting because she involves herself

      2. RESHMI is full of garbage. She keeps acting innocent. She knows how to play with her words. She has said super mean stuffs. One day she said she won’t give water to Sudharth even if he was dying and other day while she was crying on family day task, then Sidharth was the one to give her water.

    2. You are absolutely right about shehnaz and yes Vishal, Asim & rashmi didn’t start anything yesterday but they came in between when Mahira is talking to Salman. Mahira is giving answer, so let her complete and then react. But they cutted her in between and never allowed her to talk anything more. These trio used Mahira’s inexperience in arguments to the core and as usual Mahira couldn’t be heard what she is saying other than screaming to put up her words. So obviously Paras will enter the conversations if they are purposely doing it, to prove they are right. It’s called support only.
      Mahira is inexperienced and Little immature and the housemates are trying to exploit it more in their favour and she’s becoming a bully in front of them. That’s why Paras is badly needed always on behalf of her.
      Bigg boss is a game where everyone tries to take advantage of others who are weak.

      1. Then this goes for everyone. No one in this house is ever given a chance to talk. Not just Mahira. In fact, Mahira probably interrupts the most. Point is, her points are invalid. It is what it is, as an individual… she is not shown. She is lost in Paras’s shadow.

      2. Clearly, shows that you are Mahira’s fan
        she is immature? like really…… inexperienced, like REALLY?

      3. Asim started the fight by talking on someone’s behalf while he has same problem with Mahira

    3. Agreed.
      Mahira should have been evicted way back.

  2. Today, Mahira started it. Instead of being petty, maybe she should try to focus on herself and play for herself and herself only. So many people have told her that she is no one without Paras, and she still doesn’t get it. The audience has always questioned their relationship.

    Wow Sid is finally taking a stand against Shehnaaz. I wonder what was suddenly the reason but its good that he is drawing the line. She is not childish, her behavior is way too creepy.

    Almost every sanchalak in this house has been biased and unfair. Paras, we all know is the most unfair sanchalaak ever. What is wrong is wrong. What Asim did was definitely unfair. It was good to watch everyone get along, but clearly the producers enjoy the fights because I am sure majority of the audience does not.

    After seeing the promo, like today’s episode, it is something I am not looking forward too.

    1. Asim was not unfair here.
      If he didn’t see Vishan getting down then why should he disqualify him?
      I agree that Asim was not a good referee but he definitely was not ‘unfair’.

    2. @pari are u jealous of mahira lool shes not as bad as ur making her out she is irratating at times but ir going to a next level masla kya hai?

  3. It’s not right time to say this but needed to applaud some things personally.

    Sid himself and his fanbase are of next level really. They both amazes inside and outside the house.

    Sid inside the house is unleashing his skills each one namely romantic, courageous, flirty, funny, aggressive, terrific, emotional, caring, protective and sometimes he also shows his disgusting, high sarcastic, egoistic attitudes too. He is an all rounder himself and never falls short of anything. He is an outstanding crowd puller always even when he is ill also.

    His fanbase outside the house also comes with such innovative ways to promote him like They do start
    trendings in twitter(#winnersid, #chartbustersid),
    make Fan trailers (like Kabir Singh, Malang, many more such),
    Max promotes the positive side of Sid rather than focusing on showing others negative,
    Celebrities also actively takes part in the promotions.

    Sid is showing his consistency inside the house and his fanbase is also showing the same enthusiasm outside the house too. So no wonder he is always a trending contestant inside & outside.

    1. Team SIDhearts. Yes bro. What a massive promotion,a big record created and that too fairly. Needs applause really.

    2. Did you forget the biggest twitter trend for any season of Bigg Boss?
      It is #ViewersChoiceAsim.(6M+ tweets)
      Sid’s trends have never crossed even 3M tweets.This is what Sid has achieved even after having a better PR system.

      1. Get your facts checked in reality.
        1st Sid fans started and Asim fans followed it with 6M tweets that too spam accounts. Then Sid fans did it again with 11M plus tweets and set a huge record.

      2. Your comments are always in favour of shukla but you pretend as If you are mahan

      3. There is a huge difference between pretending and being self. And my favour will always be with, what i believe to be realistic only. No one prove wrong as right or right as wrong. It’s only one’s perception to choose which is right n wrong.

      4. Rajjo

        But I guess in recent Sid’s trend crossed that 6M+ tweets #chartbusterSid… If m not wrong

      5. #ChartBusterSid got only 3M tweets and that too with Sid’s celebrities status, celebrity friends and his PR agency.
        Asim has none of them and still got 6M+ tweets,this is the power of Asim fandom.

    3. Cs7 im a sid fan aswell but today sid came between asim n paras fight and if u come in between fight u have to accept some poke feom master of pokes asim

      1. I agree to you bro. Sid came in between but only to settle the issue and not rupture it. But the opponent is a PRO in this, can’t help but engaged in a fierce argument. You can see the shifting of focus completely to another end.

  4. Rajjo

    Sorry guys I was not present… Actually I didn’t found this weekend ka war interesting whatever the reason maybe…
    Talking about today’s fight between Sid and Asim I feel its like one on one. Earlier Sid pushed Asim today Asim pushed Sid. Umar(Asim’s brother) was right that both are of same personality aggressive and short tempered.
    What I found is today both were at fault but their fight was the result of whatever happened with them in the past Asim being sensitive can’t get over the past grudges as he said before also ” Ek sorry bol dega to mai maaf kr dunga kya jo usne mere family ke liye bola uske liye”. So whenever an argument takes place between them he gets remember all those things that Sid has done to him. Obviously no one can get over it easily especially when you are with same person inside a house. It can be his frustration also of not getting shown up.
    And Sid we all know is full of aggression and yesterday he said also the he doesn’t like to be defeated hence when someone denies his words he gets irked. And today we can see straightforward that his point was right. He also can’t get over the irritating behaviour of Asim while fighting. Also he got the taste of his own medicine. Sid’s voice raises so much that it irritates person in the front and he blabbers very much(what’s the need of going on Asim’s father). He doesn’t take care of anyone at that time even he doesn’t listen to anyone he is uncontrollable. Three and half months passed he is also getting annoyed he was ill also.
    When these two fight na then their fight looks completely off from the game as they make it personal. One is आग and other one is शोला. I want to add the wordings of Rohit Shetty that “who started first who poked first who abuse first forget it it will be good that if one is shouting other should not get into it, fight will be off by itself”…

    Coming to “sanchalan” it happens everytime in every task its not new. Biasness towards their friends whether its Paras, Madhurima or others… So whenever a task happens a fight is ensured as there are two teams here. Why one will keep quiet if fair sanchalan is not taking place for them it needs a raise of voice…
    Many of you will agree with me and many will not. guyss these were point of views it can be wrong or cannot match with your thinking but no offence to anyone I just wrote what I felt if you feel I am wrong somewhere you can correct me.(I am saying that because I know I can be wrong as I haven’t followed every episode).

    1. I read almost every comments daily. And you have written well but the fact i realised in this page is, nobody is going to listen. They have already prefixed in their mind and won’t even care for it what’s being said and only the thing they notice is that in whose favour it’s written and how to oppose it. Never bother about reality. Always go by the favourite only.

      1. Rajjo

        Actually its human mentality that if we like some personality we get attached to them as they are our family member.. but the only thing that I think is support your favourite ones but don’t fight with other’s fans for them as this is a show only finale ends everybody will be back to their work…

      2. Rajjo

        But it happens dear in every Bigg Boss season…

    2. Bang on!
      I agree with all your points.

  5. I’m not understanding 1 thing..this season is teda so it means tede season mein no rules..kuch bhi kro..why bb has kept some shitty people inside till date..what r they doing, getting ND giving to the show

    1. I do understand your pain buddy. Why are they keeping such people who only pokes and instigates ? And acts like cry baby later, after getting bashed very badly. Is that only a game ? Like seriously. Everytime same routine, getting bored to watch. Do something new man.

      1. Yeah you are right Sid Shukla should be kicked out of the show.

      2. I think Mahira pagal hai and manners to hai nahin usme

      3. NOEL ji aap na Bigboss unseen undekha dekh lijiye… Mujhe toh unseen undekha mein asim behad Accha lagta hai. . Bas BB13 ko sirf asim kab fight kare wo hi dekhana hai.. Entertain kare toh nahi dikhata aur kehte hai dikh nahi raha.. Arrey bhai BB Mein toh camre lage hote toh sanchaalak kyon ki pata he sab ek dusre ka dushman he.. Time ke basis pe karo na kisne jaldi kiya task aur koi kisike task bigadega toh usko direct nominate karo.. Baas Bigboss ko faltu ka jagda karwaane hote he housemates ke bich

      4. Jia Ji. This is bigg boss. Not savdhaan india. Promote your fav contestant, nobody stops you. And what Asim does is not entertainment, it’s just pulling others legs for an argument. If they show all that, sure you will only hate him first. Asim self accepted that it’s his strategy.
        And for your kind information, i do watch all unseen too everyday. So i have my views very clear depending on what they are showing.

  6. U r totally right pari. Rashmi roti hai to drama karti hai jab mahira roti hai Toh wo kya hai. Hard bar no elimination ke bajah se wo show mein h. Aaj asim didn’t take her father’s name although she did drama and shukla supported for footage. Asim, paras, mahira & rashmi ke bich mein baat ho rahi thi shukla kud gaye aur bola rahein h wo mujhe poke kiya. Shukla kahan individual h jab Ki aajkal paras & mahira ke har baat use acha lagne laga h. Cheap paras using Akanksha’s money for his benefit aur bol raha h wo broker jaisi kaam kar rahi h. Stop using her money bhikari.

    1. Rashmi is right how ?
      She is just more experienced than Mahira and more popular celebrity that’s it. Otherwise Mahira is nothing less than rashmi.
      If you compare both from beginning, Mahira is always seen with Paras and she has proved something which she is worth of and day by day she has improved a lot. She has showed her true friendship,loyalty,fights with shukla initial days, her childish behaviour sometimes, her friendship with Shukla and shehnaz later. Mahira is evolving somehow and is never deprived of attention or fake nature. Now Mahira is something out of nothing and is improving a lot.
      And rashmi is seen with Devoleena initially and she has shown nothing much except the celebrity status and her dumb game without any planning and execution. She is more selfish at times in friendshio too. Believed in fake hopes of Paras. Fights with Shukla which are crazy for audience at that moment but bored later of the same pattern repeated. Result is both are evicted initially. What’s her game in it ? Except the celebrity status votes.

      Next again she entered the game with Devo only and continued the same old plot. Nothing new except that Arhan, she thought can fight with shukla more but Arhan wasn’t in mood to fight vigorously to save his image. Plot destroyed and he was also eliminated since peole expected some fights with shukla. Devo also turned flirting towards shukla and Rashmi’s game became so weak that she started begging others to not nominate her and become safe for next week. That’s her position at that time. She could have been eliminated but saved only bcz of her celebrity status.
      Rashmi felt so weak that she tried to be in friendly terms with even Sid to save herself from elimination. That’s her game. But suddenly arhan made a comeback and proposed her. She became high on feelings and started her high tone voice game. Locked horns with shukla, had terrific fights and is in safe zone. Some twist came like Arhan’s revelations and she had to leave him but she didn’t only to get survived in the house & used Arhan to fight Shukla. Selfish game.
      Again Arhan is evicted and became so close to Asim in between just to get in safe zone. Started using Asim too for fighting with Shukla and no need to tell where she is now.
      Where is her game in this entire season ? She always needed someone to get in the game. At times Devo, Arhan, Paras,Asim. Where is her individuality and how can she question Mahira weak or say that she is zero without Paras ?

      And in between same Sana too. She used Paras and Shukla image and survived the house with childish drama only. Is that real personality ?
      Asim himself used Shukla initially in the name of friendship else he is also a zero and could have been eliminated if not is in good terms with shukla. Later he got the plot and is ruling now with his poking and instigating techniques. Otherwise what is he in the show other than yelling loud and showing off his body ?
      Since rashmi is much irritated, explained much about her. Now judge who is what in the show ? Everybody are same and it’s not fair to call only Mahira zero. At least she is real other than these so called strong players

      1. Mr.Neol …mahira is zero and wil remain zero..son will be evicted from the house….irritating lady ..rashmi and sana 100000 times above that blah blah voice

    2. And back b*t*hing, sugar coating, two faced are the only the wonderful skills of rashmi, which she has presented to the show. And these points are strongly raised by Mahira only, so started targeting Mahira and made a mockery of her. Rashmi beautifully manages to manipulate and purposefully tried to align her all tags to Mahira which she denied. Yes actually Rashmi is jealous of Mahira, you may deny all these claims but if you notice in detail only, you will get to know. Mahira herself never targeted Rashmi and she only retaliated to her in game and when rashmi went personal, she also went personal. Tit for tat, but rashmi shows her experience and escapes criticism but Mahira gets bashed. That’s only happening now a days.

      1. I don’t think Mahira is better than Rashami. Mahira is very immature and has added nothing to the game except negativity. If she is on TV, she should know how to respect other people. She even gossiped behind Rashami’s back during the first final and Rashami was trying to save her. It’s Mahira who wants to assign all these tags to Rashami. Rashami definitely whispers, but she does not gossip more than any of the other contestants. She is always accused of complaining against Shukla behind his back, but I have even seen Shukla telling people not to talk to her and badmouthing her. But, no one comments that.

        Rashami has had a respectable presence in this show. She never had a true friend in the house and she still survived. Everyone always left her and went to Shukla and even though they left, she is still there.

        As for Mahira getting bashed, I’ve never seen her getting bashed by Salman. Even this week, he bashed Paras, not Mahira. Mahira is only there bc of Paras and no elimination weeks. She is weak and has been consistently in the bottom since the beginning.

        Moreover, Rashami definitely does not escape criticism. I don’t know what BB you’re watching, but Rashami gets yelled at every week for reasons pale in comparison to others. As for jealousy, there’s no reason for Rashami to be jealous of an immature 22 y.o.

      2. Sorry @Noel but your views are hilarious saying that mahira is jealous of rashami is the biggest joke. Just because she is in sid’s team you are praising her. Do you really think mahira n arti should have reached till here. If you actually beleive that arti is strong n rashami is jealous of mahira n she is shifting her tags to mahira then you r watching wrong bb. Even some sid supporters wont agree to ur points. I would just advise u to stop judging people on the basis of their behaviour with sid either with him or against him.

      3. @Anjali
        I expected your reply for sure but not in this manner.
        So tell me what’s rashmi contribution to stay in the game this far other than her celebrity status, back b*t*hing, manipulation, sugar coating, opportunistic friendship and crying. Describe her in the game, i showed my version which i saw. Prove your version of her which makes me realise i am fool to make views about her like this ?
        Rashmi herself accepts few skills of her and her misjudgement on some issues. But you never accept it. She clearly shows her views and what’s her intention behind it, but you loyal fans never realises it.
        I repeat rashmi has shown nothing other than her status and some experience. Mahira is way better when compared to her in my POV. Atleast everyone are having some clear opinions about her and can judge. What is rashmi ? Has she shown anything real personality ? How many celebs came and told this live ? Did she ever focus on it ? And when one can’t do it her own, how is she fair enough to judge others and criticize others on same issue ?
        You may find it deep down way far going, but it’s the reality.
        As for Mahira’s argument i got a point that, when there are many people who are living around similarly like her situation, why only she is getting criticized a lot ? Just bcz she is unpopular and a kid when compared to others. Who gave this right ? Is it fair ?

      4. @Dear Noel just tell me one incidence where you have seen rashami backbiting mahira. I will tell you thousand incidents where mahira is seen backbiting abt rashami. For me top 4 are asim sid rashami n sana. Mahira is for sure in bottom 2. You may also agree with this. As far as criticism is considered many people dislike her cos of her irritating nature. In bb it doesnt depend what u r outside your personality inside house is judged n appreciated no matter how unpopular you r n the best example is asim himself. Asim is less popular than mahira but he gained a lot of support outside. I agree that you r a sid supporter n that is the reason why you dislike rashami but supporting mahira just because she is with sid is not fair. Do you think the way she was shouting that she hates rashami is justified n was anything else than jealousy. Mahira duslikes rashami cos once COTW pointed that rashami called her weak but that was for the first n last time. Now mahira is supposing that rashami b*t*hes abt her but thats not true

    3. Instead of Arti,Shukla should be given the tag of getting into other’s matters.

  7. Good that Sid has realised what was portrayed to him indirectly and took an action immediately which is going out of hand. That’s why his IQ level is high as Vindu said. And he uses his brain much more than his aggression even when it is at peaks. That’s why he never looks much wrong even if he is so uncontrollable. Best thing is that, he gives double what the opponent gives and never slows down for the sake of other people or to look clean. He is clear always what he is doing and stands on it and keenly observes every minute thing at that time also. So no doubt people go crazy for him, even when it looks odd to support such a personality. Mastermind Sid.

    1. Rajjo

      Hii @CS7, how are you???
      This page is getting boosted… Flood of comments… Quite looking like 1 month remaining inside the house and outside too…

      1. Hey. Doing good. Missed your presence yesterday. Good to see the comments section being so busy, can see people how they are judging and what they are capable of. Reality is too far in this section. Hope it comes like a rain after today’s episode.

  8. Hypocrisy at its best. Most of the peoples who comments here constantly trying to prove that salman bb colors fans all are biased towards Sid like he is son in law of them. & blo*dy goon Asim & Rashmi are saint. They cant see fault in Asim.his game is only to instigate Sid & get reaction.

    1. Asim only pokes Sidd and become shirtless he dose not know any thing else i dontknow from which side people find him handsome while he is poking and fighting his face looks like a mouse just watch it clearly i know in india pakistan white colour is known as beauty but not in the foreign countries. its features .

    2. Yes this is the game. Like Rashmi said Sid needs to be the mature man, mind his business and not come to Asim. Always Asim is pulled up or pointed at for provoking. Why get provoked, choose to ignore….Sid does not have any content of his own, he befriends someone and makes it his fight with Asim or Vishal or Rashmi. Show he is a better person and then you can say is a saint!

  9. I didn’t get one point in yesterday’s comments section. Is Mahira being saved by paras or bigg boss team ? Have a clarity.
    Statement will be said as “without paras, Mahira is zero”. But clarifications will be like she is saved from eliminations by bigg boss team. Who will get the credit ?
    And so called ex housemates gave their clarity next and said Paras SUPPORTS Mahira very much. From the beginning of the show, if anybody’s bond is stronger means its only theirs. Everyone is having some support at times but persons changes.
    And notice one thing, if we are in bad company we get influenced the same how much ever we try to get rid of it. So she couldn’t develop the argument skills till now and fumbles same like Paras. Its obvious but she has some valid points even though she screams, takes her stand on that only, never deviates from topic, never gets carried away to different level unless the opponent does.
    She is immature at times but always shows her real nature and most importantly never fakes. So she may be wrong for everyone but opts for her age which the HM’s take advantage of.
    It’s my POV and it’s not based on single incident.

    1. @CS7 Mahira’s age is not less, she has right to vote. 2nd point is she is nothing without Paras as she made exact friends and enemies as Paras and barely tries to differ. She had no valid point as 2 previous members told she is in game because of Paras and she did put blame on Rashmi. Though Paras himself has told her ki she has been supported by him while fighting, SS told her same. Even her mom and Paras’s mom told her same. Listening all of them too, bill ladki be Rashmi par fara. Asim ke against hai but there is no reason from her side. Ironically aaj wo dikhana chahti this Rashmi ki aawaz Asim hai but uskly bhi she went to Paras tu ye bolega abhi. Her flip on Vishal after Paras came was not justified, in a way she behaves as if Vishal ne ushe romantic angle par use Kiya, bcoz Paras told her. Secret room se bhi Paras ne ushe bachaya. She flipped on her friends named Vishal and Rashmi. Aur ek jhagra hua tha Paras and Mahira ka unki feelings ko lekar and clearly uske baad dono me apne hi rishte par flip mara aur burea se mara.
      If all this is for game from her side, good game but if not then she has no game.
      Aaj Jo Jo bol rahe Thea ki Asim kyun Rashmi ke mamlea mein kud raha hai, all of them including SS kishi aur ke mamle mein kud rahe Thea.
      Suru se saath mein rehna dosti Sachi hai nai jatata. Even if they change status of their relationship always toh flip hi hai.

      1. The way Mahira screamed at Rashmi was not at all right. I did see Salman sir’s face he was not at all happy. This girl was taking out all her frustration on Rashmi with no reason. She could not take all the lashing that was coming her way this week so she blurted. Rashmi has always maintained her cool and spoke well to Mahira, but this Mahira is just nothing. She cannot be seen in the house always hair on her face and sitting with Paras, does she ever associate with anyone else. She really needs to leave….

      2. OMG !
        So only rashmi has the right to scream loud in the house when she is emotionally high or down. If other person does it, then it’s not worth seeing and is disrespectful. What a logic !
        I see Salman’s many reactions and notices his gestures too. And in what tone he delivers his views. There is a lot to watch in him and realise.
        Rashmi is so cool to watch just bcz she is so beautiful and glamorous. Needs to be appreciated for such sarcasm. And the entire world knows Rashmi’s art of sugar coating, so don’t need to point always.

  10. Sid is telling Asim not to speak for Rashmi and yet he is speaking for Paras and Mahira. He is double faced. No one gives him importance, he tired to be funny with Madhu in the sense speaking to her in a funny way for footage. He does not need this. Be upright, true to yourself, don’t hurt anyone, do what is right and you can be a winner. He and Aarti comes into every fight and make it their own as they have nothing of their own to offer.

    1. Like seriously shukla needs importance or footage ? Get your facts right, madhu appreciated Shukla after getting evicted. She enjoyed it. If there is anyone in the house, who is real means that’s only him. Shukla doesn’t need importance, he commands importance. Huge difference.
      Asim completely shifted his focus to shukla rather than the original topic he is arguing till then, when shukla entered the conversation. What’s your take on this point ?

      1. Yes so true…Sid doesn’t need importance, as he commands importance and is the most popular potential winner. I live in CA and don’t watch movies or indian TV. But do watch BB India version as I am more familiar with Big Brother. From what I see as an audience looking at the inmates in BB 13 I find Sid best and playing a fair game and takes stand at right places. I love his patience and tolerance when Sana tempts him but he remains firm and knows his limit.

      2. Exactly buddy. If people are viewing bigg boss this season means almost 65% is due to Shukla only. There are huge fans and anti fans for him. He is a superstar now in the television and we know what they has to face. Huge uproars and some negativity too. Handling the status is also an art. And he masters it.

    2. Are you watching different BB 13 episode… either you so naive to understand what they are talking, and how they are behaving…. or simply come here without watching the episode with prefixed notion to demean Sid… mind it Sid not needed any elight club membership to protect as in the case abuser asim not any footage too.. he is the complete show provider and millions of viewers would love to watch him, though some hypocritical fans like you keep complaining out of sheer jealousy of him fame and following…. T-rash & Abuser should have been shown door by now…. If you keep watching the filthy motor mouthed abuser exclusively for an hour you will go mad and stopped watching tv… such a pain abuser asim is….

  11. Normally, I don’t come this early here. But today I just had to come due various and obvious reason
    1st Mahira Girl you need footage for that you get into any argument if it has to do with her or not. And by chance; If anyone says your name OH GOD that’s the end of the day; such innocent in front of Salamanca OMG (in Devo style) oh yes girl when you come please read and check the twitter #mahiraisinBBbecauseofParas
    Someone show her the really like PLEASE a caller please call and say it!
    2nd Sid and Asim again it was dragged too and way much. At least Rashmi was honest to say that she saw Vishal Standing and she will talk to him. And Asim did not purpose I feel because when Paras can be baised and Shifali can be baised why can’t Asim not taking Asim side but check and think the reality.
    3rd Sid use the trick which Karan have asked, yes he is disturbed because of Sana, he is matured enough to handle it now. Cmon he choose to get close and pamper Sana and now when she flips everyone have problem, making her the little cute kid was a mistake because she is SMART and knows how to get and gain attention.
    Lastly, How can Mahira ask Rashmi to remove her eye borrows that was cheap
    If ever Rashami said that, Mahira would have cursed her so much lik literally cursed her.
    Everyone single person gossip, bully, b*t*h, but no one is there to accept the fact. Glad Rashami did.

    I really like the conv between Sid and Rashami
    Two matured people spoke with so much of maturity
    Seriously guys get into a team and play together yet like opponents
    You both can handle the house and be the King and queen and need not any other.

    Sid needs control his anger, like really Sid
    Asim needs to poking and one is already poked
    Mahira needs to shut up and zipp up, once out see the reality after sometimes you might actually need to beg for small roles like hardly seen or known type
    Shifali needs to pull her socks up and stop running behind Asim because I feel running behind Asim she might leave house and Mahira get to say again (Damn)
    Sana is smart but needs to flipping and attention seeking if not she might even bid good bye
    Rashami’s maturity is good but begin so humble and good might be a back foot lady wake up.
    Paras you choose to be with Rashami and help her as team, if you can team up with her now, forget about the career because she begin a TOP TV Celebs is humble I personally don’t know TV actors will work with a person so much attitude
    Vishal nothing to say feel bad for him stay strong don’t go back to Madu you will find better
    Arti one of my fav after Sid and Rashami, all to say to her is that… playing game is decent way! But take stand when you need or have to. A silence support is also nice and don’t choose a team because playing alone is nice and atleast you are fav house mates too

    1. Since your view looks wiser to me, i have a suggestion for you. Don’t go by the promo and deliver your views. Wait for the episode and give it. Rest of the view is very good.

      1. It is not going by the promo I believe just an overall suggestion.
        and clearly Mahira said to remove eye borrow, so asking to do that is even not good. so, let see what Rashami ask Mahira to do, and if Rashami removes the eye borrows or not, and who put the house into the head and cry and curse and call bigg boss and blah.blah

    2. Shasha dear trust me you got my words rightly. the same thing you said about Siddharth and Rashami is the same thing I want them to do.vIf they are with each other they can easily rule on the house without anyone.

    3. @shasha… i liked your comment almost except the portion of Rashmi… though at times i liked her a lot, still she carries so much hatred and venom against Sid… she displays it quite often whenever she gets an opportunity… wherein Sid is far matured in that way…

  12. Mahira has no brain. Only screams🥴 Paras is stupid full of himself. Sid is big head 🥴🤔

    1. When you write something bad about others, you should write whats good also. Otherwise it’s waste of your view and looks baseless.

    2. so as far you Asim is saint and rash is an angel am i right…. pathetic appraisal… 🙂

  13. Guys its true how such cheaters are they…

    Now i m watching recape episode of yest… #shukla mom given a tissue paper… Agar khali hota to fek deta na.


    #shukla kept this tissue paper in his pocket.

    Oh god how shame.. Cheating kar k he aage bhad raha a dusre k dum pe

    1. Bigg boss eye is always focused, so don’t worry about rumours and spread fake expectations.

    2. you think you are good at story telling… go and write somewhere where people will buy your writings… so mean and naive.. 🙂

  14. Wow saurav aap andhe ho.. U couldn’t see who started fight first. Idiot Sid ke footage chahiye tha tabhi to fight mein kud pade. Aur bolte ho poke kartein h

  15. Shukla should get out of the house. But bb ko trp chahiye

  16. Mahira n paras were again plotting to create a fuss on rashami’s duty. Mahira is nothing without paras’s supportbut instead of taking a stand for herself she is busy proving rashami wrong n questioning her individuality. Paras always has an excuse to skip duty n now mahira is also asking him to not do his duty jusf to troble rashami. On the other hand when everyone was discussing abt mahira rashami said that she likes her n wont comment on her but ungrateful mahira never leaves a chance to backbite rashami. Arti raised the topic unecessarily which created a fight. Asim was right he just asked paras to help rashami as they both r partners. Also it was nice to see that sid had started to distance himself from sana. In the fight betw sid n asim both were wrong. Asim took vishal’s side which was unfair but it had not been for the first time every sanchalak does cheating to make his team win n biggest example is paras himself. Sid was also wrong az he brought asim’s father in the fight which was not needed. Like salman said on wkw they shouldnt bring out things which they talked abt when they were friends. It doesnt matter who pushed first cos both pushed each other. Both of them were wrong. Rashami n asimconversation was also nice glad that he apologised her. The way rashsmi was trying to stop both of them was commendable cos paras n shef were more interested in instigating than diffusing the fight. Lets see what punishment bb give to both of them as both were equally responsible. If arti mahira n rashami are contenders for elite club membership then rashami is far more deserving than both of them. Finally in promo the way paras n mahira were asking rashami to apply mehendi on her face n to shave her eyebrows actually shows their standard.

    1. Rashmi should definitely come and personally appreciate you. Way too much loyalty. I am reading your views daily. Solid supporter of rashmi.
      Yes Rashmi is being clean from few days but we can’t forget the old rashmi and her acts.

      1. I completely agree with u bro
        #i am sid lover rashmi is playing safe in front of sid and that bullshit asim

      2. @NOEL dude you need to seriously step back. Not necessary to comment on everyone views, if you are so interested then just keep your views separately and leave. No one is asking for your judgement for their views. Its so irritating reading your replies to everyone. Peace out. Like you, they also have their views and they are keeping it. If you can’t take anyone talking against your siddharth then don’t read comments

      3. Dude, do not tell me what to do. My business is my business and it’s none of your regards. I have an intention behind doing so like that, when you can’t get it just back off.
        And cheers for letting your feeling out. Am just waiting for such reply and you delivered it.

      4. Yes @Noel i am a solid supporter of rashami since the beginning of the season. I have supported her when she was right but i also pointed out her mistake this is what a true fan is. Not like blind supporters of sid who try to cover up sid’s agression by words like targetting, poking, instigating etc. You cannot forget her mistakes as if sid doesnt make mistakes.

    2. Rashmi now a days is like running a marathon. She kept her energy stored till the last mile and is using it now on the last mile. But it’s way too much late. She may rise a few positions but surely cannot reach top spot.

    3. @Anjali I agree ki Asim and SS dono galat hai but jish game mein provocation ko violence se bura potray Kiya gaya toh convincingly udhar Bahar milne ki threatening toh kuch nai hogi. Paras ne aaj ek baat boli wo logon ko apna standard dikhane ka mauka deta hai, he has shown his standards by talking about a selfless girl who is caring for his everything. So for me, him asking Rashmi to trim her brows is not big thing. Contestants were criticized last season for cutting hair of other team members, when they even didn’t do that. SS is all concerned about Rashmi being hurt and then when game starts Rashmi ko nai banne Dena hai member and all. I am glad that this girl is so important to him. Sana is playing for herself now and SS realized it so distanting away from her, good game but should have had done bit cleverly.
      Sana ke paas dimag hai, Aarti ko decide kar diya. Aarti uske pichea pari jab dekh liya ki Salman aur SS Sana ki side nai, yaar sahi time ka toh dam rakhti. Pehle bolti ye sarea points Aarti.
      One week from now and Mahira ki jo game ushe par bhari parne wali hai wo ushne socha nai hoga. If not inside house, Bahar toh zaroor. Aur Bahar kafi hua bhi hai

      1. You r right @Hope sid definitely instigated asim by talking abt his father n threatening to meet outside. Regarding the fight i saw it again on voot n now some points r very clear. Vishal surely got up from the horse but asim denied it cos they had only one horse which rashami n vishal were shifting it was clear that due to majority only they have to leave horse. If vishal was disqualified rashami had to give it to someone from their team n she would also had been out of the race. Again although his sanchalan was unfair sid’s reaction was definitely over the top his threatening n talking abt his father instigated asim also when they were arguing paras shef mahira all jumped on asim but this will not be consdired as targeting. I was just waiting for today’s episode to see what punishment they get as vishal madhu both were caged. Lets see what they do as both were responsible in fight.

    4. How Paras could send personal note to her GF and ppl here are trying to say show scripted nai hai.

  17. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Typical smoker attitude of Sid… Follow my words or get ready for a fight…
    Extreme emotional alterations… Why he started (mild) chats with Asim and Rashmi last week… for game or moral realization?
    It’s evident that Sid is bothered by Sana… But I’m glad for Sana… She should move on and play solo now… Enough of her confessions and support… She didn’t even receive a concrete response…
    Blind followers of Sid expect tons of maturity from such an inexperienced girl… Hence makers avoid promoting their equation now… It seems as if Sid actually used the love angle for the game… No wonder he has a long list of GFs… If not let’s enjoy the NEW Vishal-Madhurima, Sid- Asim, where former wants to quit the show because of later… Pity

    PS. I’m surprised when some viewers blindly follow Sid or Asim. Are they supporting aggression as the only solution?

    1. Everyone backbites in the house, but the point is that Mahira constantly makes herself look real. She’s not. Like I said, she bullies people the most and she definitely talks shit. Also, everyone is jealous of everybody in this house.
      You are getting way to aggressive dude. Everyone is entitled to think what they want and support whomever they want. Clearly you are a Mahira supporter, but stop trying to bash other peoples views so they can agree with you. No one is arguing, everyone is laying out what they perceive. @noel

      1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

        You should type @noel in the 1st part… I thought you’re implying me as Mahira supporter. Funny!

      2. Exactly what i want to say. Promote yourself to any extent but never degrade others just to promote yourself. This is the basic point which i got obsessed with. If someone does against this, i can’t control myself. So here i am to portray the same. No one comes in favour of Mahira here, so everyone started like free n bashing her the most. Support your fav, nobody has any problem. Anyway that’s only my intention. And peace !!

    2. your expressions are typical hypocritical, not want to see the full picture, not willing to see the things in right perspective, but keep finding fault with pre-conceived notion and keep demeaning straight forward Sid (though bit unreasonable aggressive at times) and keep holding torch for Abuser-in-chief, shameless stripper asim… they way he keep shouting, nagging, putting the tongue out like a ferocious dog. while he keeps barking it is so pain to watch such a nagging fellow he is.. but seriously speaking he is just a puppy in front of Sher Sid… His ultimate aim is to get rid of Sid.. and the only way possible is to make him bash this filthy character, so that Sid will be kicked out like madhu from the house….. So so cheap and mean his plans are…. T-rash often helps him with her own instigation, but surprisingly she is trying to act smarty offlate knowing that otherwise she will loose her fan base and image too…. shameless characters and their hypocritical unreasonable followers…. Normally i dont keep answering like this, but today i felt like i shall do….. Im sorry if i was little ruthless in my reply, as offence intended.. .. 🙂

  18. Paras and mahira r pathetic …always paras saves her be it captancy task or elimination task(secret room)…and paras has no values yaar ..his girlfriend is doing so much for him and insted of saying a thank you he says that he will repay the amount….no one can be so mean yaar…

    1. Guys please dont support paras and mahira…both r not at all worth it

      1. 🙏🏻🙏🏻Hope both paras are mahira are evicted..mid week eviction kar do if i see mahira’s and hears her voice i feel like🤮🤢

  19. Guys please dont support paras and mahira…both r not at all worth it

  20. If Mahira says ki Asim ki game gym and larna hai toh Mahira ko dikhne ka aur game khelne ka Kya matlab samajh aaya, Rashmi ke pichea parna?? Does she want to give her that much footage.

  21. Shasha , dear trust me you got my words rightly. the same thing you said about Siddharth and Rashami is the same thing I want them to do.vIf they are with each other they can easily rule on the house without anyone.

  22. There’s nothing wrong with Sid…he is a jolly intelligent guy. Its only Asim who feels threatened by Sid and Asim seems to be hating Sid so much that you always see asim talking behind Sid b*t*hing or looking for reasons to fight. Situation for Sid gets aggravated more when Sana the flipper and game player irritates Sid. its high time Asim and Sana leave Sid in peace and keep away from him but both Asim and Sana know well to remain in the game and be noticed or footage is thru popular Sid.

  23. There’s nothing wrong with Sid…he is a jolly person full of masti and intelligent guy. Its only Asim who feels threatened by Sid and Asim seems to be hating Sid so much that you always see asim talking behind Sid b*t*hing or looking for reasons to fight. Situation for Sid gets aggravated more when Sana the flipper and game player irritates Sid. Its high time Asim and Sana leave Sid in peace and keep away from him but both Asim and Sana know well to remain in the game and be noticed or footage is thru popular Sid.

  24. These contestants seems to very vindictive and are determined to get revenge. The clash of different age groups is interesting to watch, but some of the contestants’ behavior is just horrible.

    Mahira and Paras are just horrible and self-serving people. Their behavior is hypocritical. They accuse others of plotting against them, but are doing the same thing.

  25. Talk about everyone’s over the top reaction, as a referee Asim has to be impartial all he had to say was I didn’t see Vishal get off and all Vishal had to say was I got off just to sit the right way which I think shouldn’t disqualify him from the task anyway. Even Sids reaction was over the top and even if he didn’t agree with the decision he should have accepted it, none of the tasks have had impartiality.
    I’m not a fan of Rashmi but lately I’ve warmed to her and Shefali was my favourite woman contestant but I think she’s been making little comments that instigate like yesterday with Mahira against Rashmi.
    Mahira and Paras I can’t stand at all, they both annoy me so much and the pure hatred I saw on her face against Rashmi was disturbing and also she over did her comments in front of Karthik and Sara whereas everyone else kept it light. She seems to really hate Rashmi and Asim and it makes her look really ugly

  26. Hey guys chill don’t fight for any of the contestants bcz we don’t even know wt they are going to do once they come out as in the history of bigg boss we have seen the bestest friends turn foe outside the house and foes turn friends so let everyone have their opinions and don’t fight…. Today’s episode showed what paras and mahira are… They are bullies…. Whole day mahira was ranting and dragging the same thing…she can say anything to anyone ( not giving content, aunty, she even said to Sid budha n all) but when someone else does that she is like don’t u dare… Remember Rohit Shetty task also… She is not a kid… I think if u are old enough to take Ur life decesion u are not a kid… Yes u can be immature but she is on a different level…and yes she was saved by paras on the pehla padaav and when she and paras were in bottom 2 no elimination…so BB also saved her to give some filthy content… Asim did not take her father’s name…she first said ki hair colour there Ghar SE Aya n then Asim said to kya dumbbell there ….then he stopped realising he was about to take her father’s name … He stopped he did not say…. He said there gharwale laaye.. she has always mocked every contestant…yes Rashmi did talk behind backs but tell me the name of one contestant who haven’t done that…it’s just Rashmi is highlighted… Nd every body is getting involved in others matters as well… Can u beleive Aarti was the one advising Asim not to talk in others matter…lol… BB house is a place where everyone talks in others matter because they think this is going to be shown as taking a stand… I have never seen advising mahira to respect her senior artists in the house…. Anyways she’s just like paras only… She knows she’s getting footage with everything… Asim n Sid fight ….one word ugly… I don’t know what grudges they hold for each other….their fight is next level….I hate them fighting…and the whole house takes an advantage of that…. Asim definitely overreacted… He should have been fair.. n Sid too pushed the topic alot we have seen unfair sanchalan previously …both should have controlled… N I guess Asim is a bit immature when it comes to dealing with such stuff he takes it way too seriously… Now again wkw is going to b about this… Top 5 Sid, Sana, Asim, Rashmi,paras… I hope this ends soon I m bored with no elimination… I wish Devo was still there in the game..


    1. Rajjo

      Completely agree with you @Aadhira… bigg boss was like please continue the fight we want some more content… Its three and half months passed I seriously feel that everybody is frustrated right now plus the race of being in top 5 is quite visible hence these type of fights are evident now onwards…
      Sid’s irritation with Sana can be clearly seen he is annoyed but the reason is actually not clear… She was asking for it also.


  28. Nilam upadhyay

    Asim is not good human being he always instigate sidharth sir for advantage since few day Salman sir had told him you r not active and he started playing a dirty game his only one target is sidharth sir

    1. @Nilam…Simple yet perfect reply… your views are very well expressed… appreciate it Nilam…. 🙂

  29. dear everyone its nice to see a supporter of the irritating voice…..some new entry …how could someone be fan of mahira

    1. Agree with u @megho earlier when i saw some voting trends where mahira got some 5k votes i used to wonder whether they r fake but now i understand there r people who r supporting even mahira.

      1. Seems like Mahira is nothing in front you. At least treat her as a co contestant girls.
        Anjali, i saw you rushing towards the rescue of rashmi whenever someone talks bad, insults, criticize her. When this is justified from your end, how can you say like this about Mahira ?
        Megho, don’t the tone of others irritate you ? How can you be so harsh even for a girl ? Bigg boss is about all, not a single celebrity. And every individual has some value in the house and outside too.

      2. @noel what is the tone of that girl…she wil b evicted in coming 2 weeks …..

      3. Oh really !
        Well fine, you will have no business to promote then. And you won’t have soft target to unleash your anger upon. Happy me & sad you !!

  30. Asim you are such a worst player and looser. You are not worth to be an elite member. You are worst amongg all the contestants of bb13. Plz stop poking Sid for your footage.

    1. I read asim lost his elite club membership after fight vth sid
      Good job bb
      I hate hai big lipless mouth….he cant remain decent for more than two days….disgusting asim

    2. @ajaz well said buddy.. this filthy motor mouthed abuser is absolutely unworthy to be in the elite club… and we all look forward to his exit soon… such a pain to watch his filthy ugly face while fighting… shameless character often flaunting his bare body which is another pain to watch…. Sher Sid has got a better body than this puppy…. 🙂

    3. what else Asim can do he only knows fighting and hw is very very insecure from sidd that is what he have been tell from long time that he want to get Sidd thrown out of the house , believe me he is not a friend to anyone just using the people for his convenience.

  31. Asim is a looser as he has nothing better to do than poke his nose or instigate someone in the house. If Paras is not helping Rashmi who the hell is Asim to delegate?? Let Rashmi speak up. Do not understand why Vishal says he still loves Madhu n would meet her once even though he was badly bashed with a pan n slippers. Sana says she has curled her hair as Sid prefers her with straight hair n Aarti says u have to please yourself first but Sana takes an offence to her valid remark. Basically everyone is getting on each other’s nerves being stuck in the house. Idle mind is a devils house.

  32. I used to like rashmi since naach balia 7.when i saw her in bb house i supported her.but i think she should concentreate on given tasks and do bb house duties properly.but she is way better than other contestants and i like her very much.

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