Bigg Boss 13 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Asim and Siddharth get into an ugly fight

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Bigg Boss 13 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 52
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song mangalam. They all dance and enjoy it. Rashami says who is getting married? My groom left the house.

9:30 AM
Sana asks whose duty was to clean the dishes? Nobody helps me. Mahira says it was Paras and Himanshi’s duty. Sana says I am not doing it, I am not cleaning the dishes alone. Himanshi tells Asim that I don’t like Mahira ordering me around. Sana says to Asim that keep your friendship with you and make them work, she leaves. Himanshi says I am ignoring her so ask her to shut up.
Sana tells Paras that nobody helps me when I help everyone.
Himanshi tells Arti that Sana doesn’t mince her words.
Mahira tells Sid that we all do the work. Himanshi says I didn’t say no for helping her. She got angry. Sana says I don’t need to find topics like you, are you mad? Himanshi says it was your mistake, I was offering you the help.

10 AM
Rashami tells Mahira that I don’t want to do the rationing. Asim says why? Rashami says you people have a problem with me so let Paras do it. She leaves. Asim asks Sid to take the duty. Sid says you keep changing people. Asim says Rashami backed off so I can’t do anything. Sid says then ask Arti, you want to become a hero.

11 AM
Rashami says who will make rotis? Sid says find someone else to make rotis, Arhaan was making it. Rashami says nobody is doing their duties so I am not making the food. Sid says you were saying that it was not a duty and you were making it for your team with Paras earlier so you keep making it. Rashami says I am chopping the veggies right now, you have to enter in every conversation. Sid says I am not a liar like you. Rashami says die then. Sid says I don’t have small thinking like you, you say small and cheap things. Rashami says you keep saying those words. What do you want to say? Sid says you are not that important, you took my name for the work. Rashami says I took Vishal’s name, why are you so jealous? Sid laughs and says jealous of you? Sana says she is trying to find a point to fight, if not Arhaan then Vishal.
Arti tells Asim that Sid is taking Sana’s side who change her sides anytime she wants, Sid is wrong. Vishal is angry with him too that’s why he is on my side.

Asim tells Rashami that I can knead the flour for you. Rashami says I am not making the roties, I used to make the food alone, Sid used just cut the veggies and think he did a lot, it was just one work. Sid pushes Asim away and says what one works? Asim pushes him away and says talk while keeping a distance. Sid shouts at Rashami and says you think you know everything? You are my tail, you follow everything I do. Rashami says now I must be seen in the show.

12:15 PM
Rashami cries and tells Arti that I don’t want to take this matter away, he was pointing at my character. Arti says I am with you on that. Rashami says Sana was saying that I am finding the reasons to fight.

12:30 PM
Arti asks Sana who said to Rashami that if not Arhaan then Vishal? Sana says Sid said it. Arti says you can’t point at her character. Sid comes there and says we didn’t mean it that way.

Rashami asks Vishal that you respect me right? They are linking my name to you. Sid and Sana come there and tease them that they are sitting together. Rashami says these are aunties. Rashami tells Vishal that doesn’t let this happen, it’s about my image, I have things to handle after this show, please respect it. Vishal says you are my friend, we will talk later, don’t give them the importance.

1 PM
Vishal comes to Sid and says I am telling you personally to not link my name like that. Sid says she is commenting on me, I am not talking about you. Vishal says I don’t like my name to be linked. Sid says I want to show her side too, she can cry and act innocent, she has been doing it for years, this doesn’t concern so I will keep saying it.

1:15 PM
Shefali reads the task. Bhau is a landlord, this house is his property, his daughters are Sana and Rashami. Sana is a spoilt brat, romantic and is very naughty. Sid and Paras like her, Sana is confused about them. Sana spends time with them but her parents are confused about whom to choose between Sid and Paras so they have called their families to meet. Paras’ family includes Mahira, Devo, Vishal and Kisari. Sid’s family includes Arti, Himanshi, Shefali and Asim. Whoever becomes the groom for Bhau will win. Bhau, Sana and Rashami will choose the groom. At the end of the task, the winning groom’s family will be a part of captaincy task. Rashami, Sana and Bhau care about their values so there is a board that has their likes and dislikes written. Sid and Paras’ family will try to make them happy. Both the teams will decorate their mandap too, you have to protect it from others too. When Shehnaz’s voice plays.. Bigg Boss says we listen to Shehnaz everyday. Shefali says sorry it says Shenai buzzer. All laugh at her. She reads that when Shenai buzzer plays, all will gather in the lounge and there will be three buckets of flowers that Bhau, Rashami and Sana will give to the team that they think is better suited at that time. Bhau, Rashami and Sana won’t do any work.

2:45 PM
Sid tells Asim that we will be calm, don’t get angry.
Paras tells Vishal to become a character. Vishal says I will be your mausi.

Paras tells Rashami that I am with you. Rashami says you change your sides in front of Mahira.

Sana tells Sid that I will make your team win. Rashami might be against it but I will try.

Paras tells Devo that Rashami is miffed that I didn’t save her but she will support us only.

Bhau gets ready in a sherwani as a king. Sana helps him and gets ready too.

Sana tells Bhau that what we decide will be against Rashami but we can choose the captain, I want to become the captain too. Sana says we will make them dance. I will make them say that I don’t change sides.

Paras tells Mahira that small things matter for captaincy. Mahira says why does it matter now? Why are you making it an issue? You want to stay away? No one else matters to me. Paras hugs her and says okay.

Rashami tells Bhau and Sana that I want to be saved. Bhau says you are strong. Rashami tells Sana that I went out because of that only. Sana says Paras won’t make you the captain if we choose him. Rashami says I know so I want to captaincy to be between us only.

3 PM
Paras tells Sana that today’s game is different. Think about it.

Play starts. Paras and Sid’s family come to meet Bhau. Paras hugs Sana. Vishal is dressed as a mausi. Sana says Sid please impress me. Sid says Asim is my brother. Sana says I want a hug. Sid hugs her. Paras hugs her tightly. Bhau says my daughter is mischief. Vishal kisses Paras’s cheek as he sings. Sana asks Sid if I change my sides? Sid says no, you follow your happiness, your thinking is right. Rashami says don’t be emotional. Sana asks Paras to say that I don’t change my side. They all repeat that Sana is not a side changer. Sana says to do something that I like. Paras takes off his shirt. Sana says I like this and hugs him. Sana asks Himanshi to dance. Sana dances with Himanshi on a Punjabi song. Kisari says poetry. Sid says poetry too. Bhau says make us happy by showing how flirty you are. Start with belly dancing. Sid says you need a balance in life. Sana says I want a flirty guy. Sid says I will dance with you. She funnily dances with Sid. Vishal jokes with Sana.

5 PM
Sana asks Asim to cut the fruits for her, I want some oranges. Sid asks Asim to give her oranges. Asim says I am bringing them, why are you getting angry? Sid says I asked her, what is wrong with you? Asim says why are you getting angry since morning? Sid says you are a ******. Asim pushes him back. Sid pushes him hard and says don’t you dare push me. Vishal and Himanshi run to stop them. Sana tries to pull Sid back. Sid says you are a *****. Bigg Boss asks them to control their anger. Rashami takes Asim away. Sid says he was saying rubbish. Asim says I wanted to cut apples first but he ordered me to cut oranges first, you want me to cut your ******. Vishal takes Sid away. Paras tries to calm Asim. Asim shouts at Sid that you are scared now, you are saying rubbish. They charge at each other. Vishal takes Asim away. Sid tells Paras that I tolerated him saying he is a brother but he is pushing me away.
Paras tells Rashami that Asim was not cutting it for Sana. Paras says Asim started pushing him, Sid was not at fault. Sana says we were having fun. Paras says Sid knows that you won’t choose him so he is doing this.

Sid tells Arti that he used to follow me everywhere and now he is charging at me as two people have talked to him?

5:30 PM
Asim says Sid said that Sana wanted oranges but I was cutting the fruits for Sana. He is a loser. Arti says don’t do this Asim. Asim tells Sid that he is a piece of shit. Arti asks Asim to calm down. Asim says he takes off his anger on girls and thinks he is a man. Sid says you are changing your side? You say rubbish about them. Asim says so you will make me win here? Why so much anger? Sana hugs Sid and tries to calm him. Asim says you are a piece of ******. Sid says you are shit. Asim says you caught my collar and was choking me so you are not an elder brother now? I just asked you to not be angry. Shefali says he was just telling you about Sana’s demand. Asim says he was misbehaving, he touched me first. Sid says don’t touch me or else I will break your face. Sid tells that Mahira is a witness of everything, Asim thinks that I am jealous of him. Asim says you follow Sana only, your aggression is useless. Sid says aww.. I am dying. Asim says half your life is gone so leave it. Sid says we have three days for him to shout.

Arti tells Himanshi and Shefali that Asim is doing it because of a built-up, Sid has passive anger so Asim has a problem, Asim knows that Sana is not trust-worthy but Sid doesn’t listen to that.

Sana tells Paras that Asim doesn’t trust me, he has a problem when you sit with me. Paras says don’t get in this, don’t get involved in them. Sana says I am neutral at this point but I care for Sid a lot. Paras says I am standing for you, I can change the game but I need a placard and you are that placard, start trusting, show your trust. Stop changing the sides. Show your trust.

PRECAP- Asim tells Sid that you are going to blast. Sid says you won’t be saved if I blast on you, I let go a lot. Asim says we had to bear you. Sid pushes him away.
Shefali tells Arti that if Sid says that Asim wouldn’t move without him before so he thinks that we are fueling this fire? We have broken their friendship? Sid is saying a lot. Arti says mess has been created.
Sid tells Sana that they are going on Asim’s side too.
Himanshi and Shefali talk to Asim. Himanshi says we have moved from Sid’s side, we are a group now.
Sana asks Rashami if she will get married? Rashami says you are better a widow if you get families like these.
Sana comes and breaks mandap. Arti says Sana can’t do that. Sid asks Sana if she has gone mad? Arti says she is doing a drama now.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hasn’t bigbboss kicked people out for simple nudges in previous seasons?Then how come this shukla keep getting away after pushing someone so aggressively? Asim almost got disbalanced two times by this psycho’s push and there were even scratches around his left collar bone, if bigg boss wants to save their legitimacy then they need to take some action against this phata baans who only wanted puppets not friends…

    And aarti is ridiculous with her double faced talks..

    1. Esha sahitha kodali

      This is totally wrong.Not only Siddharth but asim is also wrong in this’s simple matter of fruits and they started this ugly fight this is wrong.

      1. Asim was talking to him in really pleading tone when he came like a saand and snatched those apples from his hand, he maintained calm it was shukla who abused asim’s father first and invaded his personnel space by coming close to his nose and shouting, asim only nudged him to remove him from his face while shukla pushed him with force even grabbed his collar and scratched his neck…I don’t know how can people defend such behavior? It’s toxic

  2. I would love group made up of asim rashmi himanshi shefali & vishal…these five have top 5 waali baat and they are considerably less annoying & are quite positive compared to rest of the contestants

    1. I agree. They become strong if they form a group. Sid is a psycho and have a ego which can’t be bared.

  3. What was shukla’s problem?asim told him there weren’t any oranges and he didn’t want to return empty handed so he was cutting apples instead but no shukla can’t resist fighting in every task, even though arti was hypocritical all throughout episode she said one thing right shukla didn’t go batshit crazy over asim cutting salad he went nuts cause he wanted to hit asim for last few days there was pent up anger against asim that he so wanted to release and he took this chance to do it, since asim isn’t a mute punching bag anymore and raise his opinion like a normal human being shukla can’t digest it+++ Paras wasn’t playing game by instigating shukla against asim he just relish in b*t*hing about him LOL it’s his favorite thing to do+++sana saying to paras that he shouldn’t have stopped asim & shukla fighting & she was enjoying it shows what kind of person she is

    1. Apparently he planned this fight beforehand, there’s footage of him trying to talk asim into it but asim told him off yet he still went ahead with his cheap plan and provoked him, thrashed him abused him and made everything ugly, he’s as much an attention seeker as shehnaaz and since the footage he was getting from task wasn’t enough to him he deliberately fought with asim to hog all the attention and to still be topic of discussion this wkw

      1. You are blind

      2. I’m not actually, asim was preparing his breakfast when it happened, that clip is doing round on twitter…he came up to him and asked to fake fight to vent out frustration thy both have been holding onto but asim refused..

    2. Omg… you are right!
      Yes Sid was wrong because Asim was doing his job. Hes just way too obsessed with Shehnaaz its kind of creepy

  4. Kya jhand task the yaar ye? You could read the cringing on rashmi asim & mahira’s faces, shehnaaz dancing with sid was chepadpan her hugging paras was again vomit inducing

  5. Now paras mahira devo will form a group with Siddhartha shukla they have already started to shift their loyalty and their target will be asim shefali rashmi & himanshi…

  6. Okay ugh didn’t siddhartb used to call shehnaaz her bachchi? Bhau even said he treats her like his younger sister hehe what’s bb trying to promote? Incest?did they get influenced by game of thrones? Anyways this task and siddharth & shehnaaz behavior change towards each other is filthy, you can’t expect audience to enjoy romance between two people from which one used to treat other as a daughter or sister……..whateves it’s official I definitely don’t like sidd and bb should take action over the way he abused, physically & verbally, asim asap. Vishal trying to break asim & sidd off from killing each other in his mausi avtar was the funniest thing this season

  7. Clever Fox himanshi in beginning she need Sid now she k owe Asim like her she want to make her own group so that strong contestant vote out like Sid !!!!!!!!bravo she is more clever yah. Fix.i don’t like her at all.furst she try to break Sana and Sid friendship and now she is trying to break Asim and Sid..I just hate her.i want her to get her out.faje,jealous of Sana.

    1. Sweetie if you haven’t watched all the episodes yet, then I recommend you watch them. Himanshi friends with both Asim and Siddarth but she even said that she values Shefali and Bhau more than those two. Sana has done nothing but plays dirty tricks so far. Sana is literally the definition of an opportunist. She takes advantage of others’ emotions and uses that to her benefit. I’m sorry to say this but Sana needs a man to survive this show. One day it’s Paras and the other day it’s Siddarth. She doesn’t have her own stand in the show. Sana thinks that being dumb is cute but in reality, it looks so stupid because there is a difference between having a playful nature versus trying to hard to look cute and innocent. Also, about the fact of Himanshi breaking Sid and Asim’s friendship, but let me remind you that Sana was the one that added fuel to Asim and Sid’s fight. Asim is over Sana at this point because he realizes what type of person Sana truly is.

    2. Shehnaaz is fake. Kabhi yaha kabhi waha. Shes obsessed with Paras. Sid is a psycho.

  8. I think Paras and Sid will link up and become a group…. and they will be STRONG.
    I feel bad for Asim in a way because Aarti is right about one thing…. Shehnaaz isnt trustworthy. She shows her loyalty to everyone so you never know who she will go to. And Asim does not like that

  9. omg… after a fun filled few days there come the nasty twists and fights… Sid being already tagged as angry angressor from the beginning it is easy for anyone to throw muck on him and fuel the fire and then pretend innocence and portray him as nasty rude fellow… was Asim a saint from the beginning?, he is another aggressor kept fighting so badly with paras team from the beginning too.
    Now after Salman called him HE man he tries to show his mussle power to his elder friend Sid…. this development started ever since Rashmi returned back and slowly counselling Asim to her side and that is what provoked Sid and now with girls around him, and with He man tag his behaviour changed badly and the way he way abusing Sid without giving respect to his age and seniority is bit odd, and now try to form his own gang to show his supremacy…. ‘
    my respect for Asim is gone, and i will still support Sid only, as i dont find anything wrong with him in this recent fight and it is unnecessarily started by Asim, who thinks he can become a superhero by opposing Sid, but soon he will realise he will be looser…
    Sid you dont need such friends particularly Arti who is such a dangerous girl cunningly fuel the fire all the time and the mother of all unnecessary fights…
    Sid haters may keep taunting you, but you have big fan base who wont let you down… we are with you… go for glory..

    1. Agree with u

      1. Welcome Swati

  10. Honestly these fights btn Sid n Asim seems fake…all of a sudden ram Laxman started fighting like anything…n for every small small things, they are yelling at each other…
    Last week Asim got appreciated for fighting n standing for himself… secondly they both know that Sid is the backbone of the show (as per wkw)..both are thinking y to give attention to paras n mahira… instead they can encash it themselves…
    All of a sudden they fight like hell, yet they save each other in nomination..(Sid saved).. similarly Asim rushes and push back Sid to make sure that he doesn’t hit anybody and get eliminated… They push each other (so called physical fights) but won’t complain about it so that the other person doesn’t get eliminated…
    Sid is way too mature for this game…I agree he is damn rude n toxic while talking…but he completely understands the game…Asim too has turned player over the period…
    Good for them n want to see one of them winning…
    Vikas did the same once to save priyank…

    1. Their fights aren’t fake, sid has been physically abusing asim since last few weeks even in unseen undekha videos he has pushed him really hard in front of everyone but asim kept taking it all and whenever it got out of hand tried to politely sort it out with sidd however sidd took it as him rebelling and harbored foul opinions about him which he fully unleashed in this episode over a stupid topic that he exaggerated just cause he wanted to vent out..

    2. Good analysis Jisha… as usual as you are.. πŸ™‚

  11. Koi secret task hoga iss season mein yaa nhi..50 episode have passed but not a single task is assigned πŸ™„πŸ™„and I want arti to be out this weekend….Asim left his side..but arti is now all alone…she’s nowhere to be seen..also she doesn’t have any fan following either so let’s hope she’s out of the show πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ€ž

  12. Hi all… I think majority r with Shukla… Par mein nahi… Wo shayad rashmi jaise kone mein baat mat karte ho… Par wo rashmi jisse baat karte wo (shukla Team) he will ask them what did she talk n he will review it… Example rashmi talked with arti… He went and asked what did she talked… With Shehnaaz she talked he will ask her….
    What all r saying he is aggressive n angry sab uska use kar rahe ho… I think asim, debo, all r angry…. N he is with those who will listen to his words, asks him in everything and they shouldn’t talk in higher tone than him… Agar wo sana se baat kar rahe to poor team baat karna hai.. Agar wo nahi baat kar rahe ho to poora Team nahi karna hai… He has leadership quality with domination….
    Sorry if i hurt anyone…

  13. I wasnt commenting oh well here goes…I only started watching bigg boss this season to escape what’s happening in this country but when rot start to spread it doesn’t leave anything untouched, seeing how siddharth’s ugly ass fans are dragging asim is heartbreaking, calling him [email protected]@@@t? Stone [email protected]@? Wow making fun of 5or 8 million people’s situation over a reality show?these piece of sh*ts are character assassinating asim on all social medias and all D list ‘celebs’ are trying hard to make this fight seem both sided and cursing asim, in my opinion anyone who’s dragging his state, religion and overreaching with their drag have lost all humanity, nothing can be done about this country when people are so hell bent to even not leave television alone from their discriminatory venom..

  14. asim just touched sid because sid uke uper aa raha hain and sid ne dhakka di asim ko ye bol ke first asim ne ki
    i really wish asim ab se alone khele aur winner bane
    sid isn’t in controlling his anger because asim is starting to put his views more strongly and evolving very good

  15. All contestants have their own personalities n to leave in BB house for 3 months with no outside connection can b fatal. Mahira n Paras r so loud, rude n disrespectful. Shefali, Aarti, Himanshi, Vishal, Khesari, Bhau r civil. Rashmi, Devoleena r foul mouth n show off. Sid n Asim r temperamental. Shehnaz is not sure who to b with n fluctuates.There always b clashes so all should play individually.


    As per the task of BB, Sid & Paras has to fulfill the wishes of Sana (bride) for winning the task. Whatever Sana wished, both of them has fulfilled. Lastly, Sana wish to have oranges by Asim & ask Sid to fulfill it. Accordingly, he went to Asim for fulfilling this task. Since, Asim is not liking Sana, instead of Oranges, he starts to cut Apples. So, as per the attitude of Sid & his loud voice, Asim felt insult in front of others. And then the fight started & became worst one. When you were in a task, no one has to bring their personal opinions on the task, else everyone has to fight according to the task only. However, since beginning of this season, not a single task was completed because everyone is bringing their personal thoughts against their rivalry instead of concentrate on the task. As per my view, Asim is wrong this time.

    1. Asim is wrong becoz he started the fight a bit but he clearly said that their r no oranges and he doesn’t want to return empty-handed so was cutting apples…why Sid accelerated the fight to such an extent…both were insulting themselves in front of others

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