Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kajal Decides To Support Family

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Dil Yeh Ziddi Hai 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kajal tries different blindfolds with a hole in it to see through while performing drama. Naani chats with her. She finds a black blindfold with unseen holes and selects it. Rashmi asks her to study well and not roam around. Kajal nods yes. Rochak reaches and plays bike horn. Naani says her vehicle came. Kajal runs out forgetting her blindfold. On the way, she tells Rochak that she will rehearse with Anshuman today. He says Anshuman is interested in Sonia. Kajal says nobody will look at Sonia. She gets blurry vision and gets tensed, then remembers she forgot her blindfold and insists Rochak to drop her back home.

Rashmi’s brother jogs on road when a beggar lady stops him and begs. He scolds her and walks away, but stops hearing her voice and realizing she is his wife. He scolds her and she says until he agrees to help his sister with 2 lakhs, she will continue begging as she cannot let Rashmi grab both house and bakery alone. Husband agrees. Rashmi tells naani that she couldn’t find loan to rescue her bakery. Naani asks her not to worry, she will find help. Brother and his wife walk in says they are ready to help and touching their feet offers 2 lakhs cheque to Rashmi. Rashmi denies accepting it. Brother yells she is arrogant from before. Wife tries to convince Rashmi and naani, but Rashmi doesn’t budge. Brother yells at her more, snatches cheque from wife and walks away.

Kajal hears their conversation and fumes on Rashmi for not discussing her problems with her, says she will work as a guide again and earn money to support family. Rashmi says she doesn’t have to do that as she is renting rooms and may get advance soon. Kajal walks away saying until then, she will support family. Rashmi calls her friend who says he has informed agents to find tenants for her. Kajal entertains tourists as a guide and earns money. She walks towards college when a helmet borne biker flirts with her. She scolds him. Biker reveals he is Rochak. She scolds him and says she forgot her blindfold again. He says he got it as he knows she would forget. At college, teacher waits for Kajal to start rehearsal and gets angry. Kajal reaches. Teacher says if she was late for even a minute, he would have removed her from play. Kajal apologizes and practices lines. Sonia cross legs her and makes her fall. Anshuman helps Kajal and asks her not get nervous and practice her lines well. Kajal tries to pick her blindfold when Anshuman bends down and picks it, he finds a hole in blindfold.

Precap: Anshman scolds Kajal that she is cheating her character and until she is serious, she will not achieve anything in life. Kajal blindfolds herself and tells family that Anshuman thinks himself as great actor, she will remove blindfold only after drama finishes.

Update Credit to: MA

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