Bigg Boss 13 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Salman exposes Paras’ game

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Bigg Boss 13 18th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman watches the clip of Vishal and Madhu’s fight. Salman says this week was interesting, thanks to them.

Salman comes on the stage and welcomes everyone. He says I enjoyed this week’s show. It is incredible to see their real personalities. He connects the call. All greet him. Salman greets Madhu and Vishal in jail. Salman says Madhu was provoked, throwing water is an insult to water, people walk 20KM to get water in the village. I enjoyed this week to see everyone’s personalities. I talked to the team, we have thrown out the people who were violent. For you both, they said that it’s your personal matter, you people are here like you are in your house. If any boy likes Madhu then he will know that Madhu curses, she can beat that person. For Vishal, he can poke, he can curse and doesn’t respect women. I saw your fight, it started with water and nobody listens to Bigg Boss. I did not find anything wrong with happened but we have some rules. Salman asks Sid if he didn’t witness it? Sid says no. Salman says Rashami asked for tea and it started from there. Salman says Madhu should have enjoyed beating his bum but you were angry which went wrong. Salman says they have asked me to make a decision, let’s ask the inmates. Sana says if Madhu is not talking, Vishal keeps trying to come to her and ask for love, he wants content. Salman asks Vishal what’s his problem with the word behenji? Vishal says I have. Salman asks Sid who is at fault? Sid says Vishal knows Madhu’s weak point. They are both wrong. Rashami says Vishal wanted to make the tea for me and Madhu called him behenji and then they started the water fight and it escalated quickly. Salman says Vishal you were enjoying the romance with water. Madhu says he can’t take a joke. Vishal says she can snap easily. Salman says let me show you the frying pan shot. He plays the clip of their fight. Vishal throws water at her, Madhu hits Vishal with a frying pan and shouts at him. The clip ends. Arti says it was not funny. Salman asks Sana if she finds it funny because you slapped Sid also? You did it again with Sid, do it outside the with Sid and see then. Salman asks Madhu. Madhu says I should have controlled myself. Vishal says I shouldn’t have got angry with that word. She doesn’t listen and keep taunting me. Salman says we have some rules so unfortunately, we can’t show this on TV, we have decided that Madhu has to leave this house today. Please take care of yourself. Madhu will go alone out of this house. Madhu leaves the house. Salman asks Vishal if he is happy now that she was insulted and is out? I told you to not do this, I told you to take care of your girlfriend but you didn’t respect her at all. You say filthy things, if you had respected her then she would have done it too, you know her and she knows you too. You poked her. Vishal says we poke each other. Salman says if you don’t want her out of the house then why you keep asking to throw her out of the house. Sana says she was nominated because of him but still she forgave him, Vishal kept provoking him, that girl is right at her place. Rashami says we sit together, Vishal doesn’t talk much to her but Madhu taunts him a lot. Vishal has some personal triggers related to his childhood but Madhu keeps triggering it. Vishal says she calls me behenji like a curse. Sana says Vishal has made sure to throw her out of the house. Vishal says Madhu’s tone was not right with that word. Sid says Vishal has called me a woman and all that. Vishal says I didn’t say that. Salman says all call Sid an oldie and a woman. Rashami says I said it once only. Vishal says it was our personal matter. Sana says Vishal is wrong too. Arti says they don’t respect each other, Vishal keeps poking her even in jail. He didn’t leave her alone. Vishal says I couldn’t take her taunts anymore. Salman says you wanted her out of the house and she is out. He asks Vishal to come out of jail, he does. Salman says now we will see Vishal’s personality. He ends the call.
Sana tells Mahira that Vishal was wrong too, he wanted her out of her from the first day. Mahira says no he didn’t want that, my best friend was Vishal’s girlfriend that’s why I am saying that.
Vishal tells Sid that she used to snap on me. Sid says you had a funny relationship, it was madness but she was in love. She wanted to come back and you said no. Paras says Vishal didn’t want her back. Asim says Vishal never clarified that to her. Vishal was wrong.
Sana tells Mahira that I won’t hit Sid from now on.
Sid tells Paras that Vishal knew how to poke Madhu. Vishal says she was taunting me last night too. Sid tells Vishal that she always tried to find strength from you. Rashami tells Sid that she wouldn’t take a joke from Vishal. Sid says to Rashami that we had a fight and then I maintained my distance but Vishal didn’t. This is not normal. Vishal tells Asim that I love her so much, if she loved me 50% of that then she would have respected me. Asim says if she didn’t respect you then stay away.
Sana tells Sid that what Salman said to you? Sid says nothing.
Asim tells Vishal that Paras is taking your stand just to show that he is with you. Paras says he can’t ignore his ex. Shefali says Sid and Rashami ignore each other. We ignore Shefali. Sid says to Paras that you are ignoring Sana these days because of bond breaker Mahira. Paras says I didn’t have a bond with for 3 years. Mahira says you all look Arti to me today.

Paras says Vishal has patience to bear her. Sid says Paras is talking too much today, he will tell everything to Vishal. Paras says I understand his feelings. Sid says Paras is heart’s doctor. Paras says I have experienced this shit. Sid says you are calling Mahira shit? Mahira says I am not his girlfriend, I am his friend. I am not his love. Paras says she is my love.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call again. He asks Vishal how he is feeling? Vishal says I didn’t want her to leave. Salman says she is out of here and most probably out of your life. Salman says Mahira’s mother said that Arti and Sid’s couple look nice. He shows their photoshopped pictures of them married. Salman says all like this except Sana, all laugh. Salman says Arti is involved in every fight. Let’s see. The clip plays and Arti is seen eyeing everyone in the house. All laugh seeing the clip. Salman says Arti is like oxygen, present everywhere.
Salman says someone is coming, he asks Asim to close his eyes. He says Himanshi come. Asim opens his eyes to see a random woman on the stage. Asim laughs. Salman asks Asim if he is in love for the first time? He says yes. Salman says it’s true that Himanshi didn’t marry. I told you to not flirt with her but you carried that forward and fell in love. Asim says but she told me that she didn’t love me. Salman says if someone is committed then you shouldn’t have feelings for that person, she was of someone else. Her fiance saw all that on TV and he broke up with her, he said that it’s not allowed in their family. You got involved in their relationship. Himanshi talked to someone and said that she is in love with you. Since you love her, it’s your duty to take care of her, be nice to her, make it right. Asim says I will.
Salman says to the inmates that some guests came into the house.

In the house:
Bigg Boss asks everyone to freeze. Karan Singh Grover enters the house. Arti cries and hugs him. Karan says you are doing great. You are making everyone proud. Arti says I love you, I miss you all. Karan comes to Sid and says if you get angry too much then touch your fingers lightly. Karan says my wife likes Asim, Arti and Shefali. He asks them to take care. He hugs Arti and leaves.

Vindu enters the house. He tells Paras that you are good at the show. Be a rocket. He hugs Sid and says you are good. Vindu tells Rashami that we want you back in the game. Vindu asks Mahira to use her mind and stay away a little from Paras.

Sana says why is Gautam not coming? Sid says he will come. Bigg Boss asks them to freeze. Gautam Gulati enters the house. He comes to Sana and sings that Shehnaaz muhje fida hai. He hugs her. Sana blushes and passes a kiss at him. Bigg Boss asks Sana to release. Sana runs behind Gautam and hugs him. Gautam falls down and says she has brought me in a corner. Sana says I like you so much. Gautam says people like you so much. Sana kisses his hand. Gautam says Sid is watching. Sana says I don’t care. Bigg Boss asks Sana to freeze. Gautam says this season was amazing. Bigg Boss asks Sana to release. Sana runs and hugs Gautam. She asks him to support her. Gautam says Paras she is cute and like a sister. Paras says right. Gautam says I would like to dance with her. Sana dances on dil diyan gallan with Gautam. Gautam brings her near Sid. They hug each other. Sid tries to control his laugh. Sana kisses all over face. Gautam dances around Mahira. Paras laughs. Gautam says everybody take care. He hugs Sana and leaves. Sana thanks Bigg Boss and smells her hand.

Sana is still smelling her hand and makes Sid smell it. Sid says what would I do? Sana says don’t touch my hand. Sid laughs. Sana makes him smell Gautam’s perfume. Arti sees it and tells Rashami that Sid is cute, don’t know how he bears with her. Rashami says Sid likes these weird people.

On the stage:
Salman connects the call again. Salman says Karan came to meet Arti. Arti says yes, he said that I am doing good, don’t use more brain. Salman says because you don’t more brain than that. Salman says Karan gave a tip to Sid. Sid says yes to lessen my aggression. Asim tells Salman that Himanshi told me that Chao won’t have a problem, he is an open-minded guy so I think she fell in love with me and broke up with him. Salman says you think that I told you the truth. Salman says Vindu gave a suggestion to Rashami. You got emotional about the family task. Rashami cries and says I am grateful for the things her. Salman says Gautam came here and you didn’t leave him, what if Sid had done it with a girl? Your father came in the house and said some things about Paras. Do you know what Paras said about your father? Paras says I didn’t like his comments. Salman says he is someone’s father, I would have remained silent. Your mother also came and said some things. Paras says I asked her to not comment on others. Salman says she said that many girls can come and go but she will bring the final girl for you. Paras says those were not her words, I got this T-shirt before. Salman says your mom said those were her words only. Salman says Pearl came into the house and what you said to him? Paras says I told Pearl that if Akansha is comfortable then tell her that it’s a game show. Salman says you used the word ‘pawn’. Paras says never. Salman says you said that Mahira is a pawn in your game. Paras says I can bet that I didn’t use Mahira’s name. Pearl can say all that. Salman says you are playing a game. Paras says Arhaan said that Akansha was sad about my game. Salman says she didn’t say anything, let me tell you. Lives are more important than games. Salman says the food that came from your families, for your Akansha sent it, your mom doesn’t live in that area, she took all the food that you like and sent it. Akansha sends all your clothes and perfumes. Paras says because I don’t have anyone in Mumbai. Salman says so what is this game? Paras says Mahira knows everything. Mahira says I know his girlfriend is outside, I don’t this seriously. Salman says what you are doing is not friendship. Paras told Akansha that he might play the game in the house and she shouldn’t take that seriously. Paras says I told her that I might like someone in the house because I didn’t have a good relationship with her. Salman says then clarify about lying about the big house and cars. Paras says I don’t have any car or the house. Salman says Akansha is supporting you for a lot of time. Paras says she doesn’t want to leave me and I want to leave her. Salman says then why taking her support? Paras says I don’t have many friends because I am a straight-forward person. Salman says we can see that, those perfumes are not free. Paras says I know she is paying my rents. Salman says the yellow shoes that you sacrificed was gifted by Akansha also. Paras says ask creatives to not say all those rubbish things. Salman says there are no creatives behind this, she has called me up to find out what is happening. Rashami asks Paras to calm down. Paras says I won’t take this, what is happening? Salman says this is not for Akansha but for Mahira. Paras says we are friends, I don’t have to clarify everything. Mahira asks him to calm down. Paras says I have to clarify the blames. Salman shouts at him to not use this tone with me. Paras says this is my way of talking. Salman says then don’t use it on me. Do you understand the intentions? He asks Sid what is happening with Paras and Mahira? Sid says I think Paras likes Mahira. Paras says I am already in a relationship with Akansha. Rashami says if you are in a relationship then you have to maintain certain respect, that is what Salman Sir is trying to say. Paras says don’t me about these things. I do love Mahira, we are friends. She knows everything. Rashami asks Mahira. Mahira says you all are over-reacting, I have been saying to Paras to not kiss or touch me. Salman says you said that you like it when he kisses you. Mahira says we understand the touch of a guy touching us, he is a family to me here but people can take it the wrong way. I know about his girlfriend. Rashami was joking about us the other day. Paras has never said anything to me. Salman says if Paras has problems with Akansha then why take things from her? Paras says I will pay her off as Bigg Boss is paying me well. Salman says there is nothing worse than this, she was with you because you needed her support. Paras says I wanted to leave her but she said that I would get the limelight and wouldn’t give her time and all that. I have a designer and she acts like a broker to manage it. Salman says this is rubbish, I have told Mahira to see if he is playing a game or being real. Paras wrote a letter to Akansha when he was in the secret room. Paras says I just listed down the things I wanted and the creatives said she was crying so I wrote ‘sorry’ there. Salman says what creative? Paras says the person that manages our clothes. Salman says she is not creative, she is a manager. You wrote that you are playing a game and when you go out, you will clarify things. Paras says if I wrote that then I will leave the show right now. I won’t take any money from this show if I wrote that. Mahira asks Paras to calm down. Salman points at him and says you keep your voice down. Should I tell you about your game? He shouts at him and says you have manners to talk. You are this? Paras says no sir. Salman says how can you even talk about someone’s father like that? Mahira was stopping you but you didn’t listen, you are using that tone with me, I have been trying to control. Paras says I didn’t mean to hurt you, I am really sorry. I can’t talk to you like that. Salman holds his fingers as Karan said. Salman lies down. Paras says they are putting blames on me. Salman says Akansha is supporting you. Mahira says there is nothing like that, we are keeping our distance. Salman tells Paras that I can scream but I don’t. I respect you all so respect me back. Should I threaten you? I am just praying that you come out of the house, work hard and be nice. You tell your girlfriend something and then say bad things about her. Paras says I don’t lie. Salman says I wanted to tell this to Mahira. Mahira says I don’t find him fake, he is straight-forward, he is not fake. Salman says it’s simple that if he is playing a game or not. I got to know that he didn’t use the word ‘pawn’ for you. Mahira says even if he is playing a game, he is my friend. Salman says fine. Salman asks Paras that don’t use this tone with me again, I never say anything wrong to you, I am on your right-side, do you understand? He ends the call.

In the house:
Asim asks Paras to not to say anything.
Rashami tells Shefali that Mahira knows? We are not kids. Shefali says I told her to stop sleeping in the same bed.
Sana tells Mahira that I don’t care about Paras, he might have said something about my father, I don’t care, I know my father but I didn’t want this.
Rashami tells Shefali that Paras is in a relationship, she is doing things for him but Paras says love you to Mahira here.
Sid tells Paras that Salman said things that he found wrong, the tone is very important in life… If you use the tone and then say that you didn’t mean it then it can’t justify it because you did use that tone.
Sana tells Asim that I wanted to meet Gautam and now I am over it.
Paras tells Sid that they are portraying it which didn’t happen. Sid says they are talking to you to find out your side of things. You can’t be aggressive. Paras says my problem is that I never asked Akansha to do my work. Sid says don’t involve in all this.
Sana says to the camera that I am sorry if I scared you.
Rashami tells Asim that we don’t know what is happening outside.
Mahira hugs Paras and says we know each other.

On the stage:
Salman says that we tell them about the audience. He connects the call. Paras says I am really sorry. Salman says I can beat you. I did this for Mahira, your tone was wrong and what you said about Sana’s father was wrong. Paras says sorry.
Salman says you all are nominated. I will tell you tomorrow. He ends the call.

Paras tells Sana that I did not like your behavior with Mahira which is why I stopped talking to you. Mahira doesn’t say bad about you. Sana says yes, I have an attachment with you. I don’t want to be connected with you as it will be a problem for me. Paras says when your father came, you and Mahira became fine and it looked like I stopped you both from talking. Sana says leave what my father said, don’t lose your game. I was so happy to meet your mom.

Salman signs off from the show.

Karthik Aryan and Sana Khan enter the house. They act like Sana and Sid. Sana laughs seeing Karthik being clingy like Sana.
Salman says why you people keep calling Mahira weak? Paras talks on her behalf. Salman tells Paras that she can talk for herself. Rashami says let her talk. Mahira says Rashami what’s your problem with me? I don’t even talk to you. You b*t*h about me. I hate you. She shouts at Rashami.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. If not Mahira nobody could have saved paras today. I can say it as perfect payback for paras, how he took care of her from the beginning. She has elegantly handled the situation without any panic and mincing. She may be whatever here after, but for today she is the winner of the episode.
    She took care of her self respect and also took care of Paras. That’s what called true friendship.
    And i was like shocked to see her response in such manner, i personally expected her to breakdown immensely after seeing what’s happening.
    It doesn’t have anything to do with the reality and truth but she became a saviour of him for today.

    1. she is the winner of the episode, must be joking. a perfect joke for the year 2020.
      seriously, it was Sid, who explained him with grace; later on and it was Salman who actually did not make an issue, the ton he spoke, i feel bad for his GF outside. and Mahira saying she knows everything does not make Paras saved to be very honest enough.

    2. People are being like going by an individual only always. Never care for the topic or fact check or have an ear for the both sides. Bluntly go by the individual and then talk about gender equality, humanism, justice, self respect bla bla bla. (Where is the sense in this, if you pick an individual first and later starts judging the topic & ethics)
      Outcome only matters and not the procedure how it went from where to where, what’s the intention behind it, who is using it, who is getting suffered. Nobody in the world will be completely wrong or right. But their tone n actions may portray them completely wrong and never gives an opportunity to show their side. It completely out shadows the other side and shows only one side to the world.
      Have the sense to catch reality rather than filmy style drama of expectation and going by it.

      Bottom line is don’t go by the expectations, prefixed mindset but be in reality and have your facts from both sides clearly and the judge it basing on the facts and not by the individual. It’s not a movie or serial to say one person is completely wrong, it’s real Life and judgement matters a lot.

      1. Best example is Asim-himanshi issue. In three days it took three turns in the mind of people.
        First Parag Tyagi revealed it, but Max people thought it to be a strategy and it’s only to weak Asim game.
        Second Umar Riyaz revealed it to some extent and didn’t give complete clarity. Everybody has their different versions running in mind.
        Third Salman revealed it completely. Max people got clarification qnd still has some questions over the outcome, but truth has been cleared out.
        And finally only Himanshi self can put an end to these questions. Three days, three outcomes. But huge number of questions, huge confusions, emotions involved, fanbases clashed, arguments, strategies, blamings and what more.
        Here people reacted on who is revealing it, what’s their intentions behind revealing, who is going to affect, what is it’s outcome and so on. Our judgement was different on each day with some clarity n facts check.

    3. She was quite because she is in a relationship with man who has a girlfriend and she knows about it

  2. Bigg boss is like love mahal these days. Almost everything is related to love only. And TRP is like – “Am i a joke to you all ?”
    Wonder what will happen to these so called lovers and their characters outside the house.
    Here many people are taking sides of the HM’s and are fighting on behalf of them even after seeing what exactly happened and are having a video reference to prove that. Now wonder how will be the fights, on what basis will they fight, which reference they will believe it to be true, which point they strongly believe and everything will be q question mark only now. Just rumours spread like wildfire and these lovers will have ruined their life on social meadia.
    Personally what i feel better is, just to avoid such topics and will not take any side. What we need till the bigg Boss house only matters here. And expect our fav HM’s also do the same thing inside the house.

  3. Kaaheka expose aur Kaaheka gussa… Trp Trp and Trp only

    1. exactly – so many BB shows he has hosted not in any one of them he has entered the house like he has in BB13 for who and what for trps . Truth is Sana could not cope with being a good and fair Capitan because she was carp at it . cleaning kitchen the and bathroom , pls what was he trying to prove. by how much did TRP’s increase by I wonder for that episode ..god help any man that gets involved with will be only sulk sulk as not enough attention is given to her. she wanes stardom at any cost does not shy away how she gets it. she is a chipku like a chewing gum.. Sid keep away she will try your patience you will be the one with a bad name.

  4. Yesterday Max people said like Sid is encouraging Sana, he is also using the love angle, he is also loving her truly, he is spoiling his game, he is looking bad with her and so on.
    You may have n number of views, but only matters is what’s his actual intention and what he is doing actually. And he is very clear and on his toes everytime tolerating her. She gets irked for the slightest remarks and does all bad things in the name of being hurt and repents it later after all the damage is done. She will not spare anybody to get attention not even her parents, Salman, upbringing, life etc. Everything is game only for her, there is no difference between what to say n what not to say. She can easily destroy anybody in the name of game and never gives a thought also for what will be the consequences. Such a split personality that nobody can guess when she cries, acts, laughs, serious.
    So what can you expect from Sid ? Stay away completely or gradually avoid her or tolerate her few more days ? And what will happen to all the patience he kept till now with her ? He never crossed limits and can say like, he is a Pro in relationships. It sounds wierd but we all know what he is capable of and how many he had seen in his life. But that’s all different and this is different. He is damn clear in his mind and is aware of his game.

  5. Sana is an idiot…from day1 she was all abt paras only

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

      That was a simple attraction.
      Sana was attracted to Paras, without even knowing him personally.
      Sana has a better understanding, bonding, attachment, etc. with Sid.
      Where I’m not sure the romantic feelings are mutual or not!
      Sid worked in the industry for a decade. He knows how to act, and draw cameras in his favor.
      Where Sana is clueless. Yet she competes well with him.
      I think Sid may win the trophy (known face, supportive fanbase, celebrity friends and promoters, etc.); but Sana will win hearts.

      1. Nevervthis lady sana could nevervwin hearts..her behavior was so cheap when gautam gulati entered the house

      2. Souryabrata Mohapatra

        Oh! Sorry,
        Correction- Sana may win the majority of hearts…
        You did see her behavior when Gautam entered…
        But I think you ignored the shot when she asked Sid to smell Gautam’s perfume in her hand.
        Do you even judge such a naive girl?
        She’s inexperienced, I would say, unaware to formally deal with Celebs, unlike Sid…
        However, opinion varies from person to person…

  6. What a mess
    Shehnaaz is by far the most ridiculous person. She has an attachment with someone that has insulted her over and over again? Insulted her dad too? Wow. Hats off Shehnaaz.
    Mahira and Paras do have more than a friendship. 100%. Salman did good trying to clear it out because Salman definitely knows Paras is playing a double game. But we will only know once the show is over. Mahira is definitely irked by the subject.
    Whatever happened between Asim and Himanshi is confusing because Asim knew she was in a relationship but continued to like her (attachment happens which I understand), but Himanshi was in a relationship and kept talking about it on the show. In this, Himanshi is more at fault

  7. Today’s episode was like ego n attitude everywhere. Nobody wants to become less and revealed all the unnecessary things on national TV. It just spoiled the image & respect of some people n their families in the society. Nobody on earth would like to watch such instances for the sake of TRP. In the name of TRP, some people’s private life is getting exposed and we shouldn’t encourage it. If this is bigg boss, then i hate watching it and regret it for life. But to be true, all this is beyond bigg boss which is being forced to witness.

  8. Seriously I can’t get over how cavalier about his girlfriend who is doing so much for him and his mom. He spared her no respect on the national show and never did before. I have seen Akansha’s interviews and she did support him all the time. Well its their personal business and shouldn’t have been brought up on the show but Akansha has been fielding lots of abuse from the people on social media and it was a genuine question by Salman. I hope she moves on from this idiotic Paras.
    And I am seriously tired about how people keep on pointing out Rashmi for b*t*hing. Honestly, all of them does it. I just find it annoying now. Get over it and find a new mudda.
    Apart from that the way Sana behaved was quite cringey and makers of course tried to make it funny but well they were not successful.

  9. Souryabrata Mohapatra

    Did you notice something?
    Makers are trying to explore whether the feelings are mutual between Sid & Sana or not.
    Because it’s possible, Sid is acting. He worked in the industry for a decade. He knows how to use media, and draw cameras in his favor. But Sid releases stress and alters emotions via smoking. He’s well experienced, unlike Sana. Her feelings are dramatic but natural.
    Sana did confess, But Sid didn’t give a concrete response. No girl would like to cling to a guy who dislikes her feelings intentionally.
    Sana-impact did switch his mode from ‘aggression’ to ‘comic’. I also think she extracted major TRP for BB13. It seems she’s real.
    I think Sid may win the trophy (known face, supportive fanbase, celebrity friends and promoters, etc.), but Sana will win hearts.

    PS. Sana was attracted to Paras, where she’s now attached to Sid. Attraction and Attachment are different, know.

    1. She said attachment, not attraction….. dnt speak on her behalf

      1. Souryabrata Mohapatra

        Do you think she holds a degree in English from Oxford? Is it even important?
        Do you remember, she once said to Debo that ‘She’s a bit Characterless’… Do you actually think she’s sensible using English? She’s naive and inexperienced.
        I’m not saying on someone’s behalf. I typed as I felt.
        Opinion varies from person to person.

      2. I am Punjabi We followed Sana for years…. she is not innocent.. u only know her from bb we known her for years

      3. She knows the difference btwn attachment n attraction…. she is not that dumb

    2. Sana was winning heart but she is irritating,she can get too close with any goodlooking man😠so desperate

      1. Yaha par aur koi he jo CS7 ka part skip karta ho while reading comments?

      2. I don’t think she is desperate is she just exicited to see her role model

    3. Only one question. Whats your opinion on Sana ? Is she a child mentality or completely alright or needs some guidance or focussed on game only or acting like real ?

  10. First of all, I don’t get why personal lives and relations outside are being discussed on the show by a love guru type host. Makers came up with idea of sharing bed and now contestants are preached about morality. Like how Asim was told as if he was reason for breakup. Bhai rishta tut sakta hai toh acha bana hi nai. Adults can decide about their lives and it’s their choice to move on or stay in a relationship. But having said that what Paras GF is doing for him, his response to that as if he will payback is wrong, that’s being thankless. Mahira took his side but them saying moms ke kehne par samajh aaya galat hai, is wrong. Apna sahi galat sabko malum hota hai. Paras told wrong about Sana’s dad POV, he should have had avoided saying that. but not needed that he accepts his blames kyunki bachi toh Sana bhi nai hai. Parents too should watch when blaming someone, life experience jyada hai unke paas and he knows his daughter. Paras nvr forced himself to either girls. And at the same time no one can force Paras to think and say positive about Sana’s dad. We don’t respect every elder that we meet but he should have had been quite which he was before her dad. Haan baad mein bhi chup reh sakta that, jo nai raha. But that nvr means ki personal life nikal do public mein. That’s what I feel. Show is show and kishi ki personal life jitni ishe season mein discuss ho rahi nai honi chahiye. As relationship ke baare wo do loag hi jante Hain.

  11. about Sana, I only have nothing to say; she is smart, she is straight forward. But more important, she wants attention. May be during childhood she is not the attention she wants now that she is getting, she wants it to be hers no matter what, if she do not get she get frustrated, this does not occur in over night, she needs time, and one support system for her to overcome, it may take time.

  12. Madhu’s eviction was much needed. Vishal should be given a second chance. In their fight both were wrong but violence is definitely a bigger crime than instigating. Salman gave a befitting reply to sana when she was trying to defend madhu. Paras is cheap who he used his gf for financial support before entering the house but as he had got fame now is denying it. He made it very clear to his gf before entering the house that he may create a love angle in this house as these kind of angles are liked by the makers n attract trp. Further as salman said he sent a letter to her via hospital stating that he is just using mahira for game. Akansha is paying his house rent, sending money to his mother, buying clothes n accessories for him, sending food for him n he is accepting her help. He had tried to prove that he wants to leave her but she is not ready to leave her. To clear this akansha released their personal chats proving that their relationship is sorted n mutual. Even after knowing this mahira is a fool to support him. I think in the promo mahira is frustrated because of this incident n bursted on rashami just to vent her anger out. Asim n himanshi topic was unecessarily brought out. Himanshi’s breakup had nothing to do with asim. In earlier seasons also their were contestants who were engaged but had feelings for each other srishty n rohit but none were blamed. Even salman said it is good to have feelings for someone. Even if asim was wrong i dont believe he had been the cause of her breakup cos if it is so himanshi would have not sent her msg that she is waiting for him. They edited the part where vindu called asim chuslet. I also said it earlier that vindu shouldn’t be called as he called asim terrorist. Gautam entering the house n sana jumping on him was disgusting n vulgar. I have never seen rashami b*t*hing abt paras mahira. Everyone in the house b*t*hes n gossips about each other but only rashami is blamed as salman pointed it out wkw. Whereas it had always been paras n mahira who b*t*h abt her behind her back

  13. Good morning folks,
    At last Salman exposed Paras cheap tactics and it was disgusting to see Paras trying to justify his acts, pathetic it was…. I wonder how Mahi still defending him, like it or not she behaved much more mature than stupid paras and never let him down infront of salman, HMs and people on TV highly appreciable as good friend, but definitely he does not deserved such friendship….

    Definitely Akansha does deservers someone far better than Paras and such a kind hearted girl who still gives her best for the betraying bf … so pity… She will get her best in due course….

    Whatever justifications Asim fans may say, but right from day 1 himanshi told everyone that she is engaged and showed the ring too… and while the fact remain so he used all his antics and induced her and gone overboard with her to make her fall for him and now trying to prented he is not at fault but himanshi… a respectable family cant accept this kind of dramas which is being watched by millions and there is no wonder the marriage called off…. He not only broke the marriage but the boys’ family and himanshi’s family too would be feeling down and out…. we cant appreciate such marriage breaker’s act just bec we love him… He will pay for his acts….

    happy to see madhu exit, but Vishal is not a holyman as he pretends deserved to be punished equally bec he was misusing her for his advantage which is highly unethical too…

    now the fight to the finale getting heated up… it would be intresting to see who is going where…. i continue to root for Sher Sid to win the crown… go for it Champ you have millions of followers and millions of twiteratis tooo rooting for you…. there may be few haters here and there but who cares…. 🙂

  14. Mahira is so worthless. Hate this girl. Now she is shouting on rashmi. Hell with her. Rashmi must leave her on her own. Stupid she is loosing people who are on her side.
    Sid n rashmi r on the track now. Thankgod

  15. Hi, i have been ardent fan of bigg boss n salman khan.. But getting personal details on national television is not right.. You are making a joke of people and their families.. Talkin about paras, he taking shoes n clothes from someone is his personal matter, u cant humiliate someone on national television.. What arhaan n rashmi had could have been told privately n not on national television. It is humiliatinh to arhaan S n rashmi S family..

  16. Paras was truly disrespecting salman. His tone n attitude were really rude. That was the reason why salman had to raise his voice. Akansha had shared on twitter that his yellow shoes were limitex edition shoes worth 1.5 lakhs which was gifted by her but he denied it. Calling her girlfriend broker just showed how cheap he is. If for instance he wants to leave akansha n she is not leaving her then why is he accepting the gifts sent by her. Rashami was right paras has a gf outside then paras n mahira should maintain a dist inside. Mahira was looking like a fool when she was saying that she knows everything about his gf but still doesnt have a problem by paras kissing her. Regarding sana n sid matter i will definitely say that by making sana jealous of shef or arti will increase the problem sid should take some immediate step as barely 1 month is left n sana is spoiling her game.

  17. @[email protected]@reema
    i didn’t understand what is the problem in shahnaaz?? Shahnaaz is sweet,smart,attention seeker. and the people who say is vulgar,ridicolous..etc i want to know what wrong she did??
    i know some time she not behave wise but

    1. @Abhinav i dont have any problem with sana. The way she is behaving is either fake or she needs medical help. Cos no sane person will behave like this on national tv. She was hitting herself n on being questioned she said that her mother used to do that n she found it nice so she is copying it. The way she had been forcing herself on sid n saying blackmailing him by saying that she will hit herself if he will not say i love u was crazy. Do u really find that behaviour sweet. Her wikipedia profile says she is well educated n studied in an english medium school n later went to a well known university for higher studies. She is just behaving cute for cameras. Any 5th standard kid will also know that 7+6 is 13 but she is just acting to be dumb. The way she was disrespecting her father by saying that he is also a flipper etc do u really believe it to be an innocent act. She is 26 yr old girl even 12 yr old r more mature n sincere than her. The way she was cuddling with sid n then with gautam do you find it innocent act or mere friendship. Even after knowing this if you are still falling for her cheap tactics then it is your mistake.

  18. but she is nice. and about kissing gautam is not vulgarity it all was fun only all enjoyed it. and people who say’s this is vuglar,cheap there mind set is bit low so please be high. And they also shahnaaz direspect her father can u justify how??

  19. but she is nice. and about kissing gautam is not vulgarity it all was fun only all enjoyed it. and people who say’s this is vuglar,cheap there mind set is bit low so please be high. And they also shahnaaz direspect her father can u justify how??

  20. she respect his father the way she listen to father is good not like “bunty and bubly” i.e. Paras and mahira the way they talk to their parent look’s that they overruled them. So kindly don’t say [email protected]@muksaan @anjali

  21. This mahira really got on my nerves! She is the most irritiating contestant in this season. She think she is a beauty with brain but the truth is she don’t have anything. I have to say that eventhough Paras is a total looser but he is more clever than mahira. Even after hearing the truth about Paras, she still take a stand of Paras. She can’t play her own game. All she can do is b*t*hing about others, standing behind Paras and interfere in all fights. About sana, i don’t know about her feelings to sid is real or not but all i can see is that she might have a crush on sid and being with him 24/7 make her think that she have fallen in love with him. As we all know that she is immature and being clingy is her behaviour. I’m started to love rashmi-asim-siddhart connections.

  22. @souryatorata said it right that she is inexpirenced abt how to behave celebs who give attention to her but she was irrtating. She has soft corner for paras.she know that paras speak wrng with her but she forgive she is nOt fake like other.REAL AS CLEAR

    1. Souryabrata Mohapatra


  23. @anjali
    then u tell why me, people and celebs like her….
    i don’t know what tatics shahnaaz is using but this thing make me and people happy. If u follow show this much then u know that she can be top 3. so talking about other why people not like mahira

  24. not liking mahira,rashmi,shefali they donot act like dumb please tell?

  25. Paras was actually supposed to be bashed today for commenting on Sana’s dad. But he was bashed for all the nuisance he has done since the beginning of bb13, when in actuality he should have been bashed right then and there instead of today. It just doesnt make sense to me.
    But there were certain good points that Salman tried to raise indirectly. Like when he said that how would it look if a male contestant threw himself upon a female guest, just like how Sana did with Gautam. He also spoke about Sana hitting Sid. The way Sana is behaving lately is not good at all. I always cringe when I see her onscreen.

    Sana always seems to know in advance who is going to come. She predicted Himanshi’s entry and today Gautam’s. And once Arti had guessed Vishal’s entry. I am unable to understand this.

    Paras’ bashing was very much required. But not today. It was required long back only. Paras seemed very shocked when Salman called him out. And he talking about the creatives and acting defiantly to all the accusations hints towards him always being aware of the “script”. But sadly Paras is of no use to the creatives anymore and they have ditched him for good.

    I heard that Himanshi might come back as wild card. Nooo! I dont want that to happen. I think Asim is well off being away from Himanshi. Especially now when everything seems so suspicious.

    1. I think Paras was called out because of the convesation he had with his mother. A lot portion of it was edited out. When her mom that statement that ’36 Aayengi 36 Jayengi, Par Teri Wali to Maa Layengi’ seemed aimed towards Mahira and his girlfriend Akansha. There was lot of uproar about it on social media. That’s why Salman raised the topic about his behavior and I guess one thing let to another.

  26. Ok so according to @abhinav n @souryabrata forcing someone to kiss you is attraction n attachment, hitting oneself is sweet gesture, saying ” mere baapu ki bahut auraton pr nazar h… ladkiya usko line deti h… ” is funny, slapping a man who is tv star is love, acting to not know basic maths is genuine n by doing all this things she is winning hearts then it is your choice u might find her real but actually she is losing her plot n weakening her game. She has turned into irritating from entertaining. If you want to support her its okay but accept her mistakes also. The truth is that she has become an obssessive lover which is dangerous n you might feel sidnaaz scenes entertaining but actually for most of us it is vulgar.

    1. Totally agree with you. I think everybody knows that she just want people to see her as a cute girl but to be honest for a 26 years old girl and behave like that, its kind of weird actually. There are some differences of being naive and pretend to be naive. But can’t blame her though. Its her way to win the show and most of the people seems to be like it and i’m not one of them.

    2. 100% true…. they dnt want to believe it bc she is the fav. Some ppl dnt want to beliebe anything

  27. Hamko english nhi aata

  28. @Anjali she not said auratho shahnaaz said lakdiyo.(auratho sound cheap)and she said in funny way not seriously.and i think that sid take as child or etc whatever. So he only kiss her on forcing it doesn’t look vulgar.

  29. @Anjali i think shahnaaz has that bond with sid that they both can slap/pin down each other so it is their personal they handled it well as we saw things shahnaaz is not losing content and she also not lacking in her game. anjali tell why people like her

  30. @anjali
    can u tell your favourate two housemates and i ask everybody to tell their two housemate if u can

  31. @anjali
    tell your two favourate housemates. And i ask it from all to name your’s two favourate housemates.

  32. Was so happy that Madhu is out of the house. She was so cruel to Vishal that she broke the pan hitting him so hard. She was never sorry for her ruthless behaviour. Hope Salman does not have to deal with this kind of contestants in future seasons. Sana is fake with her attraction towards males. Bet Gautam was shocked when he was pinned down by Sana.

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