Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Vaishnavi is enlighted to get music lesson from Devi Saraswati

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Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Devi Saraswati tying a holy thread to Vaishnavi’s hand. Vaishnavi folds her hands. Devi Saraswati touches her face. Devi Parvati comes there and ties the thread to her hand. Jai kali plays….Devi Lakshmi ties thread to her hand. Jai maa plays….They bless her to have Mansa, Vacha and karmaya’s gyan and fulfill the aim for which she has born. Devraj Indra, Mahadev, Narayan and brahmadev make an appearance there to bless her. Vaishnavi sees the thread entangled in a thick bracelet like thing. She says how did this happen? Devi Lakshmi asks her to get ready for more surprises. Devi Saraswati asks them to believe them like a bird’s baby. Vaishnavi asks about baby’s bird. Devi Parvati says baby’s bird is not certain if it could fly, she says when it flies, it has a believe that its mother will hold him if it falls down. She says first lesson will be taken by Vidya/Devi Saraswati.

Loknath tells a man about his wife. Matsarya enters Jatashankar with his evil powers and affects Loknath and other men standing there. Devi Saraswati asks Vaishnavi to have full trust and says we will close our eyes now. When she opens her eyes, she finds herself in the heaven and asks where we came? Devi Saraswati says gyan is the only power here. Vaishnavi asks if this is true. Devi Saraswati asks her to have faith and not to question her, says you will know everything one day. Devi Lakshmi tells Devi Parvati that Vaishnavi and Saraswati are in the brahma log. Samrudhi comes out in the balcony and sees Vaishnavi looking here and there. She gets doubtful. Devi Saraswati looks on.

In the brahma log, Vaishnavi tells Devi Saraswati that she is looking to her as Devi Saraswati. Devi Saraswati says it seems like Tridevis are sitting together in this lotus. She tells her about the 7 surs..and the Gods related to it. She says music is dependent on this 7 sur. Vaishnavi says Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa….Devi Saraswati says Sa is a symbol of Agni Dev, Ga/Gandhaar is devi Saraswati’s power, Maa is a sign of Mahdev, Pa is sign of Devi Lakshmi, Dha is Narayan and Ni is for Surya dev. She says this earth is made of brahma and tells more about it. She says Rishi, Gandhar, Mahipal/Devraj Indra are born. Vaishnavi asks if she is talking about her senapati Mahipal? Devi Saraswati says no, Devraj Indra. She says then Praja and Dharma are born. Vaishnavi understand her teaching. Devi Saraswati plays music on the veena.

Vaishnavi receives enlightment and then she finds herself back in the Palace. She asks where is that place, lotus and veena. Devi Saraswati asks her to have patience and experience it and asks her to have faith. She asks her to think that life is music and music is life. Vaishnavi asks when we will meet next. Devi Parvati says when you realize that time has come for your another class, we will come to teach you education. Vaishnavi sees butterflies and plays in the garden. Devi Saraswati says Vaishnavi’s happiness made everyone happy. Devi Lakshmi says Vaishnavi is experiencing music everywhere. Moor thinks very soon everything will be finished and affect all the villagers with Matsarya. He asks them not to leave anyone. He asks matsarya, to fill everyone’s mind with jealousy and hatred. He says my game will start now. He laughs and asks Matsarya to show his power.

Precap: Vaishnavi tells Samrudhi and Ratnagar that she will eat only fruits and dal chawal. She will not have royal food. Samrudhi asks if her Gurus taught her this. Vaishnavi says they taught music. Samrudhi comes to the tridevis.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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