Bigg Boss 13 14th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sid and Asim’s ugly fall out

Bigg Boss 13 14th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 46
9 PM
Sid asks Asim why he was shouting at him in front of all? Asim says you keep saying that I am uselss, I kept telling you that don’t focus on Vishal only, you don’t listen to us, you are not a captain as others are making you brag about it but you did a mistake, why didn’t you fill Vishal’s cave? You say that we lost because of you but we lost because of your strategy, I respect you but I am not scared of anyone, we are not here to marry someone so why listen to everyone. Sid says okay, fine I wanted to make you lose the task, are you done? You are stronger than me. Asim says Vishal played well but you didn’t listen to anyone, you gave everything to him, I was laughing at you. He just talked to you and you gave the chance to him. Sid says I don’t want to talk to you anymore, it’s not important. Asim says you keep saying no one important to you. Sid says I asked them to stack Arhaan’s cave but Shefali and others didn’t listen so I didn’t say anything. I don’t have many people with me like Devo’s team. Asim says that is no logic.

10 PM
Arti is crying. Devo hugs her. Arti says I don’t want to win. Rashami comes there and hugs her. Arti cries and says I am tired, I don’t want to do it anymore. Rashami says you hear indirect words from me but stop it, you are strong, I know that, stop about that Sid too. Arti says I will play alone now, I won’t remain silent now.

Shefali asks Sana why one task created a problem between Asim and Sid? Sana says Asim saw me not performing and Sid was with me so he was angry at him.

Sana asks Sid what did Asim say? Did he say something personal? Sid says I wanted to bring him on the right track, I told him about his problem, he is not a good man, he doesn’t deserve to be with someone but I let go of that every single time. Sana says they will take advantage of this now.

2:45 AM
Vikas tells Asim that Vishal told me that he will raise curtains for me so he became my target, now he says that he is my fan and all that but he can’t be trusted.

Day 47
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song Rand de basanti. They all dance.

9:30 AM
Kisari tells Sana that you were roaming around. Asim jokes that Sana is not seen anywhere. Sana says I don’t talk to you anymore, I will make the people laugh that I like.

Arti tells Sid that don’t do this, don’t stop talking. Sid says Asim thinks that I am boosted because Salman said that I am the backbone of the task and now I think I am the captain of the task. He also kept it in mind that he can’t trust me so he is not normal with me.

Sana is washing the dishes and says I am in depression. Kisari says you are too cute for that. Sana says you are irritating, stop with these rubbish lines. Kisari says what happened to her? Asim says she will keep roaming around you, you sit down and she will leave you. Sana sits with Kisari. Asim asks Sana to wash the dishes. Sana says you have to clean the bedroom so go there. Asim says it’s Sid’s duty as well. Sana asks Asim that Sid is your target? Asim says I am doing my work. Sana says you changed your side yesterday and you taunt me? I am happy with the person that I am talking to.
Sana comes to help Sid with the bedroom cleaning. Sid asks Sana what Asim was blabbering? Sana says he was talking rubbish. Asim comes there and says I didn’t say anything rubbish. Sid says I am not talking to you. Asim charges at him and says don’t show me your hand. Sid says you are lucky that I talked to you. Asim says I just told her to not tell me about the bedroom cleaning. He tells Sana that I can raise the hand too. Arti asks Asim why he is getting angry? Himanshi asks Arti to let them be, let them solve this issue.

11:30 AM
Asim tells Sana that I was joking with you and you brought Sid in that? Sana says you started it. Asim says I will keep talking.
Himanshi tells Arti that Kisari started all this. They brought Shukla in this fight without anything. Arti says you don’t know anything about the past, he is disgusting for me and Sana. We have been here for a longer time so we know things. Asim comes and says there are two groups here only. Sid says don’t touch me, don’t do this again, stay in your limits. Asim says you keep sitting here alone. Asim says I know what you are. Asim says you stood for yourself and not for others. Sid says I know who is standing where. Asim says I heard you talking bad about others, you don’t listen to others, you think you are the right one.

12:30 PM
Paras asks Rashami if she is cooking? Rashami says no Arhaan is cooking, he doesn’t listen to anyone. Arhaan says I am cooking and you are saying all that? Rashami says you don’t listen to me then, she leaves. Arhaan tells Paras that I need time and space to understand things.

Shefali tells Bhau that Asim has a problem. Himanshi says Arti is provoking them both.

Arhaan sits with Rashami and says camera is capturing everything and I don’t want your image to be tarnished. Rashami says but you can’t walk out every single time, you are upset with me all the time. Arhaan says no, I am not. Rashami says you don’t care but you are showing attitude, you are not talking to me. Arhaan says let’s not destroy this friendship, you do things here as you want here and I will do things which I feel are right for me here. Rashami says you are wrong in this, you keep blabbering in everything.

1 PM
Arhaan sees Mahira and Paras sleeping. He teases Rashami and asks her to sleep. She beats him. Arhaan makes fun of her nose. Rashami slaps him funnily and says you are irritating me. Arhaan says sorry.

Paras, Mahira, Bhau and Vishal are sleeping. The alarm plays two times. Devo sleeps too. Shefali is doing her makeup and doesn’t wake them up.

Bigg Boss asks Rashami to wake everyone up and bring them to the living room. Rashami calls everyone. Bigg Boss says becoming a captain is a prestigious thing but you have duties too and important part is to make everyone follow the rules but all the contenders of the captaincy are sleeping and if they can’t follow the rules then they don’t deserve that position. Seeing this behavior, we have decided that we are canceling the captaincy task and there will be no captain this week. Shefali’s captaincy ends here and no one will use the captaincy room now.

Asim tells Vishal that you can’t sleep after the alarm plays.

Rashami tells Shefali that I am keeping the boxes for myself and Devo of yogurts. Shefali says I need the bigger one. Rashami says you are the captain, I don’t know where the other box went. Shefali says I don’t care.
Rashami comes to Devo and says I gave 3 boxes to Shefali to keep in her room but now she is saying that she has 2 boxes for us, she is a ******. Bhau says don’t curse in front of me.

Sid asks Sana how you feel when fights happen in your house? Sana says I feel proud.

Rashami tells Shefali that give her box back to her. Shefali says where will I search it for? Rashami says I kept it in your room, I don’t know about it. Shefali says you can take the bigger box, this is not good, you shouldn’t steal the food like this. Rashami says we don’t say anything to anyone, you are a captain so you should keep an eye. Shefali says I am giving my stuff to you, you people have the habit of stealing. Rashami says you don’t see others? You are a captain and if you can’t keep an eye then it’s useless.

2:15 PM
Vishal says so many people sleep here without any reason. Bhau says my name was mentioned too. Vishal says I am not talking about you but if you think you are part of this then fine. Bhau says I want to understand. Vishal says you sleep in the daytime too. I was just saying that all sleep here.

Sana says to herself that our friendship is good, I am happy now, they can taunt me but I don’t care about others.

Bhau tells Shefali that I thought he is talking about me. Arti says we slept for 15-20 minutes only. Vishal says Bhau doesn’t even wake up when buzzer plays. Bhau says if I don’t like the song then I don’t wake up. Vishal says if he doesn’t wake up after the song plays then I won’t wake up too. He leaves. Bhau tells Arti that you are confused. Arti tells Bhau that I can see everything, you call me confused but I am not. Asim tells Arti that you called yourself confused in the tag task.

2:45 PM
Shefali asks Bhau that you don’t have to answer anyone if you are sleeping as you take medicines. Bhau says that Arti is going gaga over Vishal. Asim says I don’t even talk to Arti.

Shefali tells Asim that we don’t like you fighting with Sid. Asim says I don’t like it too but he keeps saying to go to hell.

Sana talks to Arti and Sid that Asim is getting the new company. Sid says he thinks he is too cool.

6:45 PM
Paras reads the task of the luxury budget. There will be two teams in the task. Team A will have Sid, Arhaan, Shefali, Asim, Bhau, Himanshi and Sana. Team B will have Arti, Rashami, Devo, Paras, Mahira, Vishal and Kisari. There are two houses in the garden, you have to make the house and paint the papers for the house. Teams will try to stop each other from making the house. Two persons from both the teams will make the house at a time. Shefali will judge the task too, the team which makes the house more will win the task and the luxury budget items.

7 PM
Vishal tells Rashami that we can do this task in a fun way too.

7:30 PM
The task starts, Vishal says only two people can paint at a time. Sid and Asim make the house for their team. Mahira asks Sid to move away please, I want to look at the task. Sid moves away. Paras takes Mahira from there. Mahira tells Paras that you need a passion in the task which others show. Paras says you want me to be aggressive with others? Mahira says you don’t want to win. Paras says then looks at others. You want people to clash. Mahira says I am asking you to be passionate about the tasks, you are stopping me too. Paras says I am asking you to not go near Sid.

Paras comes to Vishal and says let’s tear their house, we will save ours. If we can’t save ours then don’t leave theirs standing at any cost.

9 PM
Asim tells Sana that you want to temper with the task? Sana says I want to make it interesting, we won’t get a lot of the luxury items. Asim tells her that we will protect ours, you go there.

PRECAP- Sana tears other team’s house. Mahira is shocked. Devo tears Sid’s house. They all break each other’s house frames. Rashami says Sana shouldn’t have started it. Vishal says they started it. Bhau pushes Devo away and she gets hurt. Bhau hugs Devo and says sorry. Devo pushes Bhau away and says what will I do with your sorry? it has hurt me. Bhau is shocked.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this task was not done because you people broke the house frames also. Task was not completed so we…

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Since 2 days I am not getting time to watch BB so only reading written updates. “Thank You” @Atiba.
    I hate it that Sid’s group not liking Asim anymore. I hate shehnaz too now. Paras is getting little better now. Mahira is same chic chic, why did Debo & Rashmi came back again?? useless people.

    1. Does this not prove that the show is all a out pitting each other against each other for high trps. Is salman so taken by the money he’s getting for this crap cricus
      Every weekend he takes their class really salman just see how much they take notice of u. They doing the same shouting pushing swearing. So what did mahira learn from last weekend ka var nil as she pushed sbesafi then she will say mine kuch ni kiya really dumbo. Let’s see if she gets eliminated on weekend. I want to know why did the b*t*hes return after eviction. I can say I have not taken to big boss 13 like Alll others seasons I use to be ged to the TV when bb was on but this time can say no.

  2. Good morning to all fellow commentators,
    It is disheartening to see team Sid’s team is spliting and divided to the evil plans of team rashdevoparas… In any team there shall be one captain / leader to lead it and others should follow suit with confidence and trust in him or her, here trust deficit causing all the problems, and asim seems to be easily carried away with the opponents sweet talks and start questioning Sid leadership. After all he is a senior member of their team and have much experience than others in his team, so it would be better they listen to his advices. He never let his team members down infront of others, and never shy away from protecting them too….. But it looks like their bonding is badly affected as of now… but i still feel they will reunite soon like before to demolish the demons gangs of rashdevoparas.

    Come on Sid, Asim, Sana n’ team, it is time to stay united and dont let you down by infighting but stay strong and keep going…. we the majority viewers are with you, though few haters may keep barking at you. it is quite natural for them to behave like that bec of jealousy and let us not worry about them or keep talking about them… Go for glory guys… 🙂

    1. i din’t think there any need of captain in teams.the team members all are equally important and your so called leader is not letting others to input their opinions and if they are he is trying to quite them and if anybody in their group didn’t agree with them then he will argue with them and doesn’t understand their pov that why arti maintaining some distance now because she needs to stand up for herself and play individually and as far as sana she just wants to be in all over the place which isn’t a bad thing she just interact with whole house

    2. Biased salman

      Haters keep on barking….but lickers keep on licking…….#andhbhakt

  3. Everyone is here for themselves but only few realise it and so did Asim..the fight was not gud atleast from shuklaji’s side …if he wants to remain alone..he can , why can’t Asim be..I really hate people when they target him and also Sid .he’s just authoritative..his friendship brings a Constitution with him of friendship..u can’t deviate, u can’t guide him too..#hinakhan ??

  4. Biased salman

    Those people who brag sid asim friendship..let me tell u one was never a friendship in the first place…it was always a convenient friendship as asim was humiliated by Salman in the beginning and also paras made fun of him…so automatically asim sided to shukla who loves to dominate……so it was not by choice but circumstances…asim now released it that’s why he is behaving like that….

    There is a one person in this group who says rashdevoparas succeeded in their plan but when did paras instigated asim against shukla …I have never seen….so don’t rant unnecessarily…

    Also those who like shukla ..stay with hum for one day ..u will come to know…he can’t stand strong people

  5. Hi ya all,

    Its been a long time i visited this site and let me tell you am missing my old gang. Are they still here? Apoorva, airplanes, xyz, alfy, noor and some others.

    Well coming to this season, its a disaster.

    I would like to put some points,

    Sidharth shukla isn’t innocent and doesn’t let anyone put their opinions of their team. He wants everyone to discuss and care for him only. If one of his team member have different opinion then itself he says i don’t want to listen to you and you can go to hell these type of dialogues. First when Arti put her points, he reacted the same way. And now in Asim matter too he reacted the same way. And the people who are saying that rashmi team instigated Asim, well point to be clear no one talked with Asim on this point. Even Paras said stay out of their matter. We don’t need to involve ourselves.He can’t talk politely with anyone who wants to have normal conversation. He keeps on giving sly smirks.

    It was all Sana’s doing, she unnecessarily involved in their fight and made it so big. She should have shut her mouth rather than going to bedroom to help sid in cleaning the bedroom area. So blame Sana people. She isn’t innocent. A 26 year girl can’t be that innocent. Come on stop rubbish. She is the cunning and dirtiest player.

    Arti is weak, might be she get eliminated soon. Asim has a fan following, he can surely survive without shukla. Himanshi, i don’t know she is somewhat sensitive. I don’t think she will survive enough in bb. Kisari also is weak.

    Well coming to another gang, lets have a brief output which I observed.

    Rashmi- she is supporting to her friends, she trusts everyone easily in her gang. She never doubts anyone in her gang. She irritates Shukla and shukla also equally targets her. So stop saying that only rashmi targets shukla.lets not forget In that demon task Shukla targeted Rashmi. They keep targeting each other. “Thaali ek haath se nahi bajti”

    Devoleena – she is loyal to Rashmi and their friendship is great. She keeps on passing judgements about other ppl without any proper reason. I find her good when comes to task,in other days i found her very irritating person.

    Paras – game player,i can see changes in him in aggression and he knows how to use his connections at which time in the task.

    Arhaan can stay some more days depending upon the relationship he share with rashmi and there is nothing much about him.

    The wild card vishal is playing good, he keeps on impressing both the teams but eventually he will select one team which might be shukla’s one and it will cause more hurricane cause vishal doesn’t like to listen and act on it. He has his own opinion and he will keep it forward which will again make shukla angry.

    One point to all the people who keeps comparing shukla and areesanth in one frame. Sreesanth is far better than shukla, he knows how to talk normal with people, he even shared jokes with other peoples like romil, somi who are not his teammates in previous season. He was aggressive only when ppl talk abt his career and in tasks. He has a genuine reason to get aggressive, we all know gis history. While coming to shukla he doesn’t know how to have a polite conversation. He wants his teammates to talk with him only, even if someone just sat for 5 minutes with other team he starts pucking fights with him. Remember when devo, rashmi came to house, Arti sat with sana and devo juat for 10mins, shukla started sating that she changed and we shouldn’t trust her and what not. That girl was just having a conversation, she didn’t backbite about him. Shukla likes to control ppl, he doesn’t want anyone of his teammates to talk with other ppl while paras teammates doesn’t restrict his gang.

    Everyone has a right to talk with every person. We are living in the same house its nothing wrong. While coming to tasks and some secret things you discuss with team but shouldn’t restrict your ppl to act according to you.

    And before you come bashing me, i will tell you clearly i don’t hav any favourites this season. I kept the points very fairly just because you are shukla’s fandom tou don’t get to abuse anyone you like and this includes for paras fandom too 🙂

    1. I completely agree with u Cutie pie on every view point of yours. Couldn’t have put it in better words. Same with me, I also don’t have a favourite this season. I am just observing each one of them and maybe after the second finale, things might be a bit clearer:)

    2. ????♥️♥️

    3. damn my thoughts are also same and when i said them some are saying that we are bashing sid come on why can’t people see it he is controlling and didn’t want to be questioned by his team mates
      very well said and i do agree with all your points but i think vishal will take paras team if any choice arises

  6. I guess Asim agreed in first instance that Vishal shall win coz they had no option .. Sidh was right but when bigg boss played by putting 2 tunnels than game changed .. Arhaan was energetic far much than Asim .. why Sidhath is blamed when Asim didnt play for himself ..

  7. I don’t want to see Sid Asim friendship breaking…
    They do have disagreements..but that could be sorted talking alone…
    Really disappointing to see Sana, arti trying to drift Asim and Sid apart… It’s just a small cut and they are scratching and making it a big wound… himanshi, Shefali and bhau (wild cards n new members) are showing more maturity than these two… Right now team is more important. Let them sort it out…what is the need to get in between their fights…
    Moreover Asim was with Sid when he was getting negativity from all over…at that time sana jumped to other side n arti decided to play alone…now that Wkw is done n Salman said Sid to be the ‘back bone of show’ , both Sana n arti are competing to be closer to Sid… And for that they are trying to cut Asim apart from Sid… idiotic decision…a friend at bad times is always countable and Asim is that true friend ..
    For yesterday’s task, both Sid n Asim were right…Asim could not come out as his cave was very well packed…Sid from the other side thinking ‘a tall man like arhaan can do that, then it’s possible for Asim too…’ Vishal put seeds in Sid’s mind on Asim’s loyalty… arhaan did the same with Asim…
    Paras understood that giving importance to Sid is increasing his popularity…he is completely ignoring him after Wkw…which is good as player…
    Sid is playing with a long term vision and Asim playing in the moment…both are right…
    Captaincy doesn’t matter as far as u are getting the perks of it… it’s not about the big room… By making any team member of Sid group, Asim can get saved from nomination and Sid can get saved from house hold jobs (Sid being lazy)…

    1. Exactly
      Agree vth u word by word

  8. Simran sharma

    Absolutely correct cutiepie

  9. @Jisha cant agree more… 🙂

    To Sid haters, we are aggressive too in criticizing about rival gang, but we are not abusive on them, as well not on the fellow commentators who are supporting rashdevoparas n’ co, but rivals are not only aggressive but abusive too, which show their class …..

    Anyway who care about such people, we dont have time to stoop to their level to comment, we are talking about beautiful relationship which Sid n’ Asim team had with their team mates, which is slowly getting deteriorating due to the venom spread by the rival gang… it is out of pure jealously nothing else… we care about Sid n’ team, and we dont care and not willing to talk about others too… Sid n’ Asim has huge fan following and that is the testimony of how good these two are…. Sid ex-girl friend Sheffali still enjoys his friendship and wants to remain with his team only, that is another testimony that he is not unbearable as some trying to portray him desperately… 🙂

    We wish to see sid reunites with asim soon and give their best till the end along with their team members.. 🙂

  10. Everyone is missing to see the confused arti’s dirty game.
    She cries and takes sympathy of rashmi debo…then goes and sits vth Sid to ensure Sid asim’s friendship breaks completely.
    She is most untrustworthy and dangerous person to b friend with.
    Sana is also double dholki and instigating fight but Arti’s U turn after Vishal’s entry was too much.
    She looks nothing but despo!!!!
    Rashmi is little better to watch this week otherwise i was not able to tolerate her at all in earlier episodes…
    Debo needs to b thrownout…she is blowing out of her capability.
    Shefali is strong. himanshi ll b out as not getting much involved
    Kesari is hopeless and boring
    Bhau is chalak lombdi and always takes a easy route out to not perform any task like sana. Both the entertainers hv minimal contribution in task.
    Paras is playing smart and better from last few weeks.
    Mahira is garbage!!!
    Sid is mature smart guy and frustrated vth brainless people around him.

    1. fair analysis of about everyone… appreciate it Muskaan. 🙂

    2. Thanks RjR 🙂

  11. Either shukla’s mindset is really twisted or he was lying when he was giving reason to asim as to why they didn’t fill arhaan tunnel well and later when he was talking about his argument with asim to arti he presented it completely off, Asim not once said he was jealous of him all he did was plead him to do was listen to other groumates opinions while shukla interpreted it completely opposite and it wasn’t like asim wasn’t clear with his words for him to misunderstand he deliberately trying to make himself seem lonely as that gets sympathy.

    As himanshi said sana & aarti were the reason that bedroom fight happened between asim & shukla, Aarti seems on a mission to cut off all shukla’s ties first she instigated him against sana then asim now she was shown to b*t*h about shefali’s loyalty to him, if it’s a game plan then I think it’s a toxic one but it suits shukla who is a control freak.

    That dahi fight was cringy as it was already established that debo steal food so she could be the one who stole the dahi cup and shefalu was unnecessarily blamed by rashmi.

    To be honest I dislike majority of contestants.

  12. A bunch of Psychos?

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